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Wearing a uniform is necessary to keep on your ID, anything in your pockets, and anything on your belt slot. Removing your uniform will dump all that to the ground in a pile. You can quickly and safely change uniforms by clicking the new uniform on the "INV" button.

Item Image Description
Uniforms Misc.gif
Comes in many different colors and styles depending on your job.
Generic Jumpsuit
Comes in many different colors, including white, grey, black, and all colors of the rainbow and then some. The Brig has prisoner orange versions, Biohazard lockers have white ones, and Crew Quarters and Locker Room usually have lockers of these in a handful of colors. Can be manufactured at a Personel Equipment Manufacturer or Uniform Manufacturer.
Psychedelic Jumpsuit
Trippy. A frequent Novelty Clothing Crate inhabitant.
Chameleon Suit
Uniforms Misc.gif
Can imitate any other color of jumpsuit. See Syndicate Items.
Pride-O-Matic Jumpsuit
A pride jumpsuit for people of all stripes, literally--it can become other pride jumpsuits. You can click on it while it's in your hand to cycle through all the pride jumpsuit patterns. It's brought through Spacebux, which you can keep through rounds depending on certain conditions.
Rancher's Overalls
Here's a reading comprehension test: who wears the rancher's overalls? The [[Rancher|Rancher(s)], of course. Spares can be found in "Rancher's equipment" boxes.
Barman's Uniform
Uniforms Barman.gif
Available in the Bartender's closet.
Chaplain's Uniform
Uniforms Chaplain.gif
Proper attire for every religious matter.
Construction Worker's Overalls
ConstructionWorkersOverallsOrange-32x32.png ConstructionWorkersOverallsYellow-32x32.png
There are two "construction worker's overalls" variants, one with orange shirt (right), and one with a yellow/tan shirt (right). The former appears in the Construction Equipment crate from Cargo. Worn not by the Construction Workers in the Construction Game Mode (who wore engineer jumpsuits), but by the version of the Construction Worker job that was bought back years after the Construction game mode's discontinuation, before becoming discontinued itself.
Security Jumpsuit
Uniforms Security.gif
Security officers can chose from a wide variety of colorful uniforms, some more relaxed than others.
Chief Engineer's Jumpsuit
Uniforms CE.gif
Found on the chief engineer and in their locker in engineering.
Head of Personnel's Suit
Uniforms HoP.gif
Found on the head of personnel and the locker in their office.
Research Director's Suit
Uniforms RD.gif
Found on the research director and the locker in their office.
Medical Director's Suit
Uniforms MD.gif
Found on the medical director and the locker in their office.
Captain's Jumpsuit
Uniforms Captain.gif
Found on the captain and the locker in their office.
Head of Security's Uniform
Uniforms HoS.gif
In addition to the one worn by the head of security, a spare can be found in their office. On rounds with no HoS, there is no way to access this item short of emagging the HoS' locker.
Clown Suit
Honk honk.
Clown Dress
A dress for clowns, honk! Found in the Clown's quarters, naturally, amongst spare clown gear.
Cursed Clown Suit
Standard equipment of cluwnes. Cannot be removed by its wearer by standard means.
Owl Suit
Mailman's Uniform
Available in either Disposals or Routing Depot, depending on the map. Does not have the effects of its Syndicate counterpart.
Barber's Uniform
Available in the barbershop.
Cosby Sweater
Icon of a beloved 80s T.V. dad, and his dark downfall.
Athletic Shorts
Available in the gym, and starting equipment for the wizard.
Swim Trunks
Available in the gym.
Wrestling Pants
Also available in the gym. The official pants of the Space WWE.
Medical Scrubs
See Medical Objects
See Medical Objects
Black Suit
BlackSuit.png / BlackSuitDress.png
How formal. Can be fabricated at and from uniform manufacturers and found in formal wear closets, which typically spawn in the Barman's office and Stock Market Room.
Mortician Suit
Worn by the retired head surgeon. Available in the medbay morgue.
Lawyer Suit
Uniforms Lawyer.gif
OBJECTION! *slams table dramatically*
Can be found at the courtroom. Comes in multiple colors. Click tables to slam them dramatically while equipped.
Tactical Turtleneck
The garment of choice of infiltrators. Available in black and slightly darker black.
Safari Suit
See Syndicate Items.
Bowling Suit
Perfect for when you want a striking outfit. See Syndicate Items.
Athletic Pants
You can't play Syndie American football without wearing these pants.
Predator Suit
Standard Predator garb.
Trash Bag
TrashBag.png / BiohazardBag.png
For when you literally feel like trash. Can hold an item when worn, but only one. You'll have to take it off to get the item back.
Something to wrap around your body to wear it as a jumpsuit. Will also prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces (mostly water, not space lube or a comparable mess) if placed on the floor, for example near a shower stall.
NASSA space suit
A spaceworthy jumpsuit with no slowdown! Wearing this means you can forgo the standard space helmet and spacesuit combo, freeing up a slot to show off your snazzy hat or stylish outerwear. Found only in a few fairly hard-to-reach places out in the Adventure Zone or Novelty Clothing Crates.
From the revolutionary spaceproofing technologies of the NASSA suit comes...let's not beat around the bush, it's a space bikini. It won't protect you from Space or even the Pool or ocean water, but it's perfect for when you want to be close as possible to being naked but find athletic shorts and trunks too tacky.
Plumber's overalls
The overalls of strange men who crawl down pipes and beat up innocent mushrooms. Wear it with a plumber's hat for an interesting interaction with toilets.
Striped Shirt and Jeans
The outfit of a man who was never really meant to be in Space.
Diver Jumpsuit
SealabUniform.png / SealabCommanderUniform.png
The required uniform of crew members of NanoTrasen's underwater sealabs. The diver orange version is for regular crew; the captain's blue version (which is confusingly called "captain's jumpsuit") is for Command staff.
Vault 13 Jumpsuit
War. War never changes. Neither does this communal fallout shelter uniform. Doesn't provide radiation protection, contrary to what you might think.


Item Image Description
Body Armor
Armor.png / BodyArmorGannets.png / BodyArmor2Gannets.png
See Security Objects.
Suicide Bomb Vest
See Murder.
Makeshift Armor
See Construction.
Cardboard Box
CardboardBoxes.gif CardboardBoxClown-32x32.png
Tactical espionage aid that's a zero-emissions vehicle. Can hide identity under certain cirumstances, but blinds you unless you cut out eyeholes with wirecutters. Tacticality can be augmented by adding a moustache and/or drawing a face on it with a crayon (neither action can be reversed). There are many variants; Medbay's Head Surgeon sometimes appears as a box, the Clown can get a unique variant, and there is a Captain version in a Martian derelict. Plain boxes appear in a few odd places, and you can build your own by deconstructing certain crates with a wrench for cardboard sheets and using them to make a box.
Captain's Armor
Offers slightly more protection than the normal body armor. Captain spawns wearing this, naturally.
Captain's Coat
Offers slightly less protection than normal body armor, but offers better thermal protection. The cold resistance is equivalent to a regular winter jacket, essentially making this the Captain version of it. Found in the Captain's equipment locker.
Bomb Disposal Suit
See Security Objects.
Heavy Armor
See Security Objects.
Class II Radiation Suit
See Engineering Objects.
See Medical Objects.
Armored Biosuit
See Construction.
See Engineering Objects.
Armored Firesuit
See Construction.
Paramedic Suit
See Medical Objects.
Armored Paramedic Suit
See Construction.
Space-American Football Pads
You can't tackle people if you aren't wearing these (and a bunch of other stuff) ! See Syndicate Items for more info.
Space Suit
Available in EVA. Protects from the vacuum of space and offer minor protection from heat and cold. Will slow down your running speed indoors.
Engineering Space Suit
See Engineering Objects.
Captain's Space Suit
As above, but green! Found in the captain's quarters. Lets you move at regular running speed.
Red Space Suit
As above, but red! Also does not slow down your running speed indoors. Red suits are standard equipment of the dreaded nuclear operatives, and being spotted early in the round will result in frenzied cries of "SYNDIES!" and "REDSUITS!"
Commander's Great Coat
Spawns on the Nuclear Operative commander. Offers more than twice the bullet and melee resistance of regular red suits, on top of excellent explosion resistance. As the Examine text suggests, it prevents damage from being in Space when paired with a spaceproof helmet--such as the cap they also spawn with.
Specialist Operative Combat Dress
Like the red space suits, down to the lack of a movement speed penalty, but more tacticool and extra protective too. These lower damage from melee attacks to the chest by 4, reduce damage from ranged projectiles (but not throwing items) by 60%, and lessen effect of explosions by 20%, decreasing damage and chance of losing limbs. Comes in the following varieties, each purely aesthetically different from the others:
Specialist Heavy Operative Combat Armor
The extra-protective space suit of nuke op heavy weapons specialists. Comes with excellent explosion, melee, radiation, and cold resistance and above-average ranged protection.
Specialist Operative Bombsuit
Exactly like the standard specialist operative combat dress, but they lessen effect of explosions by 60% rather than 20%, significantly reducing damage and lowering chance of losing arms or legs. Comes with the Grenadier class crate from the Nuclear Operatives' Syndicate Weapons Vendor.
Specialist Operative Firesuit
Worn by syndicate firebrands. Similar to the usual combat dress but it gives more heat resistance and makes you fireproof. It also adds a snazzy pair of purely-aesthetic tanks on your back, presumably for non-existent oxidizer and fuel.
Specialist Operative Medic Uniform
Worn by nuclear operative field medics. This works like one half of a biosuit set, that is, it keeps you from contracting diseases somewhat and reduces amount of chemicals absorbed from beaker splashes, aerosol, and similar, if used in conjunction with internals
Syndicate Command Armor
Extra red, extra protective armored space suit found in surplus crates and sold by the Listening Post merchant. See Syndicate Items for more details.
Industrial Armor
See Guide to Mining.
Industrial Diving Suit
See Guide to Mining
Emergency Suit
Provides a decent amount of protection from the cold, but will slow you down significantly. Use if nothing better is available and try to avoid jumping into space with it. Found in Cargo's Emergency Equipment crates and sometimes spawns in emergency oxygen closets and a few other odd locations.
Civilian Diving Suit
Found in Oshan's EVA room as well as a few airlocks into the ocean. Offers good resistance against cold, reduces chance of contacting contagious viruses, fair resistance against heat, and a tinsy bit of protection from bullet and melee damage, but slows you down both indoors and out. You can navigate the surface ocean floor just fine without one of these, though you need it in the Trench to avoid burning up.
Engineering Diving Suit
Like the regular civilian diving suit, but in orange and yellow.
Security Diving Suit
Same as a civilian diving suit but red, so it'll hide the blood stains. Two of these can be found in Oshan's Secure Hangar.
Command Diving Suit
Exact same stats as the civilian version, except it's blue and spawns only in the offices of Oshan Lab's Captain and HoP.
See Medical Objects.
Lab Coat
Functionally useless, but how else will you demonstrate your knowledge of science? Can be unbuttoned and buttoned to toggle scientific fashionability through a button in the top left. While the regular labcoats are blank and austere, more unique varieties often have special little markings on both the front and back. And there are many of them, each with the same stats but different designs:
  • Labcoat.png Labcoat - The most common type, worn by Scientists, Medical Doctors, and respective directors and found in medical and science uniform lockers.
  • GeneticistLabcoat.png Geneticist's labcoat - Worn by Geneticists. Found in their respective uniform box in medical uniform lockers.
  • RoboticistLabcoat.png Roboticist's labcoat - Worn by Roboticists. Found in their respective uniform box in medical uniform lockers.
  • DoctorLabcoat.png Doctor's labcoat - A reskin available as a medal reward.
  • ScientistLabcoat.png Scientist's labcoat - Another reskin given as a medal reward.
  • GrandAlchemistCoat.png Grand alchemist coat - Still another medal reward, given for those who perform full metal alchemy.
  • OrangeLabcoat.png Orange labcoat - A Discount Dan's-themed labcoat, available from GTMs.
Hard Worn Coat
Required outfit of the detective.
Head of Personnel's Naval Coat
Head of Personnel (natch) spawns with this on Manta. Much less ranged and melee protection than an armor vest, but offers same warmth than the standard command winter coat.
Faded Trenchcoat
Essential for rugged chain-smoking vigilantes.
Overcoat and Scarf
Johnny, please. He had a family. References Johnny Five-Aces, protagonist of Zybourne Clock, an absurd, unfortunately abandoned game project beloved by the Something Awful forums. Often appears in the Information Office and can be bought from a salvage-themed robotic merchant, where it's sold as a "Strange Suit" and goes by the name "Johnny~~".
Winter Jacket
A stylish winter coat, customized in departmental colors. You'll still freeze in space in these, but you won't lose as much heat if you walk into an area with a hull breach. Department-specific ones are found in the relevant uniform/job lockers, while generic grey ones appear in Cold Weather Gear crates.
Hoodie.png HoodieBlue.png
A nice sweater with a hood, in both orange and blue. Perfect for skaters and Casual Friday fans alike. Can sometimes be ordered from a totally radical QM merchant named Josh and is available as a Spacebux item.
Logo Jacket
A surprisingly warm jacket with a logo on the back. Sew-O-Matics offer these in several different colors with randomized logos, while a cerulean one with the Discount Dan's logo and slightly more cold resistance is available from the GTM.
Long Sleeved Logo Shirt
LongSleevedLogoShirtDiscountDansBlue.png / LongSleevedLogoShirtDiscountDansRed.png
A simple overshirt with the Discount Dan's logo. One of the GTM prizes.
Santa Suit
Whoever's wearing this is either delivering presents or delivering a bomb. In any case, wearing this with a santa hat (or similar) provides full space/cold protection, with no slowdown!
Wizard's Robe
See Wizard.
Security Badge
See Security Objects.
Head of Security's Jacket
See Security Objects.
Head of Security's Cape
See Security Objects.
War Medal
This war medal belongs to the Head of Security and appears in their office inside a frame. Extracting it from the frame simply involves clicking on the frame twice, once to get the glass out, once to actually get the medal out. Being a simple medal, it is purely decorative and offers no resistances, shielding, or other stat bonuses. It does, however, have unique Examine text depending on whether or not you are a HoS in-game.
A sheet for a bed. Can be worn over your body, see Construction.
See Construction.
Tiger Stripe Vest
Savage tiger stripes for a truly savage man.
+2 Robes of Dungeon Mastery
Hides most of your body and covers your face in complete blackness, potentially concealing your identity if you take some some extra precautions, though most headwear will still show. Spawns in the Nerd Dungeon to facilitate roleplaying a spooky, all-knowing, and mysterious tabletop game-master...or just a dork in a hood.
Weird Cultist Robe
Spawns in the Chaplain's Religious supplies locker in their Chapel, for pretend occultists or Flockmind worshippers seeking to be teal as their deities. Covers most of the body and completely conceals the face in pitch-black darkness, just like movie cultists. Can hide one's identity, with some effort.
Sneaking Suit
Does not actually aid in sneaking or stealth, but does provide as much melee and ranged damage resistance as an armor vest, as well as a badass eyepatch (don't worry, it doesn't actually block vision). Gang members can order these; it can also randomly be found when opening easter eggs or pulling from Spacemas/Christmas stockings.
Blue Apron
See Botanist


Robuddy hats.gif

Helmets and hats offer various bonuses, for instance a built-in flashlight or concealment of your face. Some of them are very stylish as well! Certain helmets, and a few hats, prevent people from getting a chokehold on you, meaning a Changeling can't absorb you. Meanwhile, all headgear and masks prevent a Vampire from using Bite victim to suck your blood.

Item Image Description
Helmet.png / HelmetGannets.png
HelmetAlt3.png / HelmetAlt4.png
See Security Objects.
SWAT Helmet
Offers above-average melee-protection. Appears in equipment lockers for the Captain and Head of Security.
Riot Helmet
See Security Objects.
Blast Helmet
See Security Objects.
Siren Helmet
See Security Objects.
Class II Radiation Hood
See Engineering Objects.
Bio Hood
See Medical Objects.
Emergency Hood
The companion piece to the emergency suit. Wear it with that for some more complete Space and cold protection. Found in the Emergency Equipment crate from Cargo and sometimes in emergency oxygen closets and a few other odd places.
Space Helmet
Available in EVA. Protects your eyes while welding.
Engineering Space Helmet
See Engineering Objects.
Red Space Helmet
The iconic space helmet worn by nuclear operatives.
Specialist Combat Helmet
The standard red space helmet, now with a lime and blood orange visor to distinguish all specialist nuclear operatives from the regular ones. A few classes come with unique, purely aesthetic variants:
  • SpecialistCombatHelmetInfiltrator.png - A sneaky red headband for Metal Gear references, worn by Infiltrators
  • SpecialistCombatHelmetFirebrand.png - Worn by firebrands, comes a built-in, nonfunctional filter for extra spookiness.
  • SpecialistCombatCover.png - Named "specialist combat cover", but is still otherwise same as specialist combat helmet, save for the long, static bandanna/scarf. Worn by marksmen.
Specialist Welding Helmet
Unique helmet used by nuclear operative engineers. Protects one's eyes when welding and also has a built-in, toggle-able meson goggles.
Specialist Combat Helmet
Unlike the other specialist helmets, this one in the nuclear operative medic class crate actually does something. Namely, it acts like ProDoc Health Goggles with an health analyzer upgrade installed, allowing you to access health levels at a glance using various icons and Examine people close to you get a more detailed health readout, same as you'd get from an unupgraded health analyzer.
Commander's Cap
Spawns on the head of the Nuclear Operative commander. Same stats as a space helmet, right down to protecting you from Space damage (and Trench damage to some extent) when paired with a space suit. Speaking of which...
Industrial Space Helmet
See Guide to Mining.
Industrial Diving Helmet
See Guide to Mining
Civilian Diving Helmet
Found in EVA and a few external airlocks on Oshan Lab. Protects your eyes while welding and comes with a nifty helmet light. Still not needed for navigating the Trench.
Engineering Diving Helmet
Exactly like the civilian version, but orange, yellow, and located in Mining & Engineering.
Security Diving Helmet
Same as a civilian one but for redshirts. Two spawn in Oshan's Secure Hangar.
Command Diving Helmet
Just like the civilian diving helmet, except it's command blue and spawns in only Oshan Lab's Captain Quarters and HoP Office.
Hard Hat
See Engineering Objects.
Firefighter Helm
See Engineering Objects.
Welding Helmet
See Engineering Objects.
Captain's Hat
Captain hat.png
Everyone knows the wearer of this hat is the true captain of the station. When combined with a space suit or equivalent, provides full cold resistance and protection from Space.
HoS' Hat
HoSHat.png / HoSBeret.png
Nothing says authority like a cool hat, or alternatively a stylish beret. Click on it to switch between the two. Both offer above-average melee protection. If someone's grabbed you, the hat also keeps them from upgrading the grab to a chokehold; don't think about how too hard.
Formal Hat
Part of the heads of staff's dress uniform.
Detective's Hat
Detective hat.png
A hat fit for a man down on his luck and all out of time on a station full of assholes.
DetGadget Hat
Detective hat.png
A hat that can hold many different items, accessible via a code phrase. See Security Objects for more details.
Yes, just like in those digusting pictures of neckbeards. In addition to having a random adjective associated with the meme (like "euphoric" or "sexy"), bees and GuardBuddies actively admonish you for even thinking of offering them this hat, the Detective has one in their office just to show how down in the dumps they are, and if you *tip it, God Himself comes down to...send you early.
Chef's Hat
Chef's hat.png / SousChefsHat.png
What kind of chef doesn't have a big white hat? A bad one. With awful food.
Merchant's Hat
An oversized white sombrero for merchants and salespeople of all stripes.
SunhatBlue.png SunhatGreen.png SunhatRed.png
Beautiful. Sunhats can be brought from clothing booths, which are generally in either Crew Quarters or Locker Room, and Manta's Garbage Garbs store has hat racks with them.
StunhatBlue.png StunhatGreen.png StunhatRed.png
From late-night Discord discussions. When worn, this hat creates sparks and briefly stuns shameful miscreants who are out to pat you on the head. See Construction for more details.
Top Hat
Tophat.png / GoldenTopHat.png / PurpleTopHat.png
A fine chapeau for a space gentleman/lady of leisure. Standard black top hats can be found in formalwear closets and made with uniform and personnel equipment manufacturers. Glittering golden top hats can be bought with Spacebux, while the purple versions come with a "Victorian Confectionery Factory Owner" costume set sold by a Geoff Honkington, a Clown-themed merchant that lurks in the Clown Hole/Tent.
For bringing out your inner dictator. Or inner Space Frenchie. Monsieur Stirstir starts out with a special orange one, and there's supposedly an undead robot merchant that sells many versions of these hidden in the Debris Field.
NanoTrasen Beret
For showing your devotion to NanoTrasen. You are guaranteed to spawn with one if you have the NT Loyalist trait, Officer Beepsky has one in a crate in their house, and you can buy some from Thrifty B.O.B., a shady robot merchant in the Trench/Mining Level diner who would prefer that you not ask where it got them.
Generic knit caps available in many colors, including one that rapidly changes between all colors, which you can often find in the Locker Room or equivalent and make with a Personel Equipment Manufacturer or Uniform Manufacturer.
Mailman's Hat
Mailman hat.png
Any true deliveryman needs one to show off how important their package is.
Chaplain's Wardrobe
Turban.png / Formal turban.png / Rabi hat.png
The chaplain can chose from a wide selection of hats.
Wizard's Hat
See Wizard.
Safari Hat
See Syndicate Items.
Space-American Football Helmet
Provides a fair bit of melee protection, more than a standard helmet. Required headwear for Syndicate American football players.
Syndicate Hat
See Syndicate Items.
Very Syndicate Hat
Same traits as the Syndicate Hat but now it's extra illegal, bigger than your inventory slot, and much, much taller. Committing suicide by this hat is also far more explosive. It's better seen than explained, and it's worth seeing, for it primarily spawns through Admin shenanigans or lucky petasusphillic rolls.
T.U.R.D.S. Helmet
A relic of a thankfully bygone era. Provides the same protection as a SWAT Helmet.
May or may not be your own. Available from the roboticist or synthbutt plants.
A hyper-advanced cyborg butt. Available from hacked robotics fabs.
If you are having trouble seeing after wearing this, try carving a hole in it.
A long-time favourite of greyshirts.
Fruit Basket Hat
Like that of lady of the tutti-fruity hat. So tall it goes outside the regular 32x32 character sprite. Available primarily through Spacebux.
Let's face it, there isn't much of a difference between assistants and a toilet.
Bucket Helmet
See Construction.
BucketV2.png RedBucketV2.png
Can be flipped up in-hand and worn as a helmet, dumping out all its contents and obscuring your vision if worn.
Camera Helmet
CameraHelmet.png / SecurityCameraHelmet.png
A video camera you can wear on your head! You can view the feed through either a television or certain camera viewers. Telescience gets a blue one so they can visually scout out their teleport locations, while Security sometimes spawns with a red version .
Paper Hat
Paper hat.png
Made from a piece of paper, obviously. Hold it in your active hand, right-click on it and select fold into hat.
Apprentice Cap
ApprenticeCap.png / RoyalApprenticeCap.png
A more evolved form of the paper hat that may have some actual magic in it! Or maybe just asbestos. It certainly doesn't have enough magic to be a wizard hat though, so don't get any ideas. Rumored to have peculiar effects on mops and brooms when a Wizard is on the station. The pink version is often lurking in the Chapel or wherever tabletop-gaming nerds conglomerate, and the blue "royal apprentice cap" is a GTM prize.
Plumber's hat
The hats of strange men who punch boxes and save princesses. Wear it with plumber's overalls for an interesting interaction with toilets.
Bobble Hat and Glasses
WaldoHatGlasses.gif / WaldoHat.png
The hat and/or glasses of a man you were never meant to see.
2k13 Vintage Santa Hat
Festive cranial adornment for Spacemas, suitable all year-round. Comes with a complementary fake santa beard too. Enchanted with Christmas magic to provide as much as cold protection as the other space helmets. A favorite amongst all Santas, naughty and nice.
Doo Rag
Birthday Hat
BirthdayHatPink.png BirthdayHatBlue.png
A special birthday hat for the birthday boy/girl/thing, available from Party Supplies crates. Comes in pink and blue variants.
Party Hat
A conical paper hat for every occasion, available from Party Supplies crates. Comes in 9 different flavors.
Cat Ears
Found in the Clothing Booth, they come in several differently-coloured varieties. If you stick a headset into them, they, themselves, turn into a headset with the appropriate functionality.
Found in the Clothing Booth, has the same functionality as the cat ears.
Tinfoil Hat
Protects you from psychic attacks from Martians. Really. You are guaranteed to spawn with one with the Conspiracy Theorist trait and can it sometimes get through the Petasusaphilic trait.


Item Image Description
Paper Mask
See Construction.
Links with an air supply to provide internals. Can also obscure your identity if you are not wearing your usual ID card. Also acts like a space helmet when combined with a space suit. Comes in two varieties, regular and emergency, but both are functionally the same. Scientists all begin with these, and some are available in Engineering Storage and a few odd areas in maintenance. They also sometimes spawn in firefighting closets and emergency oxygen closets/cabinets.
Breath Mask
Links with an air supply to provide internals. All crewmembers begin with a box containing a breath mask, and they are readily available in lockers throughout the station.
Medical Mask
See Medical Objects. Same as breath mask.
Sterile Mask
See Medical Objects.
Surgical Face Shield
See Medical Objects.
Clown Mask
Honk! Click on yourself on Help intent to honk the nose!
Cursed Clown Mask
Mostly found on cluwnes, this horrible thing cannot be dropped or removed.
See Medical Objects.
Owl Mask
Horse Mask
Imbues its wearer with the power of bad puns.
Skull Mask
Spooky. See Construction.
Wrestling Mask
¡Mucha Lucha! These wrestling masks come in several designs inspired by real-life luchador wrestlers and typically appear in the Gym, often in their own special wardrobe.
It's a ski mask with a fancy name.
Fake Mustache
See Syndicate Items.
Hunter Mask
See Predator.
Different slot, same functionality as the injector belt.
Plague Doctor Mask
Plauge doctor.png
Spooky. Surprisingly functional: performs many of the same functions as gas mask. Sometimes appears in Cargo's Masquerade Crates.


Item Image Description
Insulated Gloves
See Engineering Objects.
Stun Gloves
See Construction.
Power Gloves
See Syndicate Items.
Unsulated Gloves
They look like insulated gloves, but they actually provide no insulation at all, so they won't protect you from electric shocks at all. You can't use them for stun gloves. You can make them by pouring reversium on insulated gloves, you can sometimes spawn with them as an "heirloom". They're also found in a few odd locales here and there, and Pianzi Huandan, a merchant accessible via the QM console, also sometimes sells these as "yellow gloves" .
Black Gloves
Standard equipment for the detective, quartermasters, botanists, and miners. Using a pair of scissors, knife or similar tool on these gives you fingerless gloves.
SWAT Gloves
SWATGlovesSyndicate.png SWATGlovesNT.png
Pretty much identical to black gloves, but they also protect from electrical shocks a fair bit and provide an 20% chance to deflect disarms, which include not only attempts to knock away your weapon but also shoves. Nuclear operatives start with these, and while Nanotrasen Security Operatives start with the blue Nanotrasen variant.
Fingerless Gloves
These don't hide your fingerprints for obvious reasons. Can by made by using a snipping or cutting tool on black gloves.
Latex Gloves
Sold by MiniMeds and available in Medbay, both out in the open and in latex glove boxes, which often have gloves in colors besides white, such as light pink or sea green. Partially obscure the fingerprints of those who wear them.
Cursed White Gloves
Lumpy and uncomfortable gloves found on cluwnes. Cannot be removed.
Boxing Gloves
Concussive Gauntlets
See Guide to Mining.


Item Image Description
Protects you from flashes and offers minor protection when welding. No longer standard security gear, but can be found around the station. Each Nuclear Operative also spawns with a pair.
(Tanning) Sunglasses
Inferior versions of the above often found in the Pool. While they'll protect you eyes while you're tanning and make you look like Corey Hart, they won't protect you against flashes or other bright lights. They look just like regular ones, so you'll have to Examine them closely to see if they're the real deal.
Security HUDs
See Security Objects.
Optical Thermal Scanner
See Security Objects.
Meson Goggles
See Engineering Objects.
Construction Visualizer
Relic of the Construction Worker and the Construction Game Mode. Lets you see markers placed down by the Floor and Wall Planner and Window Planner and see invisible monsters and invisibility fields created by cloaking devices, chameleon cloaks, and darkness cloaks. Currently unobtainable.
Spectroscopic Scanner Goggles
See Science Objects.
Spectroscopic Monocle
See Bartender.
ProDoc Health Goggles
ProDocHealthgogglesV2-32x32.png ProDocHealthgogglesUpgradedV2-32x32.png
See Medical Objects.
See Medical Objects.
Prescription Glasses
See Medical Objects.
Medical Eyepatch
Yarr! Obscures half the screen, naturally. Using it in-hand lets you which side it obscures. You can also use a screwdriver on it to create a little hole, allowing you to see normally. This should ideally while not wearing the eyepatch, lest you poke your eye out instead. Medical fabs can make these.
See Medical Objects.
Advanced Optical Thermal Scanner
See Syndicate Items.
Night Vision Goggles
Lets you see dark areas much more clearly, albeit with a mild green tint. However, flashes and flashers will stun you longer. Security Weapons Vendors offer these as one of many options under the Utility category, Security's Special Equipment Lockers have some, and a few pairs can be found on the Syndicate Battlecruiser and in the Armory.
VR Goggles
Transmits you to a VR simulation. The public set loads the relaxation area. The detective's set loads up a private office (à la Heavy Rain). The scientist's set loads up the bomb testing simulator.
Noir-Tech Glasses
See Detective.
Yellow Shades
Just like Randy's.
Ectoplasmoleic Imager
Or just ectogoggles if you're lazy. Goggles that let you see--not but touch, shoot, or otherwise interact with--Ghosts, Wraiths, and Poltergeists. Found in a spooky Adventure Zone area.
Peculiar Spectacles
They're peculiar because they're ectoglasses that let you see ghosts of all types, from regular ghosts to wraiths. However, they do not let you shoot them, stab them, hug them, or other interact with them beyond just pointing them. Found in a similarly-ghost themed Trench area and occasionally spawned due to spooky admin-only Random Events.
Custom Glasses
Custom-made glasses made through the nano-fabricator. They're more than simple glasses; while they do not fix short-sightedness, they do protect from Disorient (Eye) stun attacks (e.g. flashes) based on their density.


Walking barefoot will stun for a moment you and hurt you slightly if you walk over glass shards and mouse traps.

Item Image Description
Black, white, brown, orange, all functionally the same. For the most part, they protect your feet from broken glass and mouse traps.
Military Boots
Offers more heat and cold resistance than regular shoes, though not by much, and reduces melee damage to the legs (and due to interesting design choices, chest and arms as well) by 1. More notably, they also make kicking and diving at people do 2 more damage. Security Officers, the Head of Security, the Captain, and Nuclear Operatives start with these shoes.
Heavy Military Boots
See Security Objects. Like military boots, but noisier!
Prevents the wearer from slipping on most wet floors. Exclusive to the janitor, locked away in the Custodial Closet. Not immune to space lube and ice.
Magnetic Boots
See Engineering Objects.
Mechanized Boots
See Guide to Mining.
Mechanised Diving Boots
See Guide to Mining.
Moon Shoes
The latest in trampoline-miniaturization technology.
Cowboy Boots
No self-respecting rustler would be seen without a pair of these.
Expensive-looking boots worn by evil American football players. Has spikes on the bottom for extra hurt when kicking.
Boom Boots
See Syndicate Items
Hi-Grip Assault Boots
See Syndicate Items
Rocket Shoes
See Construction.
Magic Sandals
See Wizard. You can also get these from the chaplain's wardrobe.
See Security Objects.
Clown Shoes
Mock the poor soul who tries clowning without these. When worn, clown shoes have a small chance to make you slip and fall to the floor for 2 seconds; if you're wearing some sort of headwear, it's only 1.2 seconds. If you have dyspraxia (e.g. you are a Clown), you can insert up to 5 crayons into these and make it so the shoes sometimes automatically write the character you set for the crayon(s) as you move. You can remove the crayons by clicking on the shoes with an empty hand while they're in your off-hand.
Cursed Clown Shoes
Cluwnes don't have it easy. Like all other cluwne items, these cannot be removed by the wearer.
Flip, flop. Flip, flop. What possible use could these things have in space, you may ask? For swimming/wading through liquids (and the ocean!) faster, of course!
Glamorous shoes you can buy with cash at a clothing booth. Makes recognizable stepping sounds and has no laces, meaning pickpocket gun has no effect on it, but does otherwise hurt your feet or impede your movement. Comes in white, black, and red varieties. The red variety can also be found from easter eggs, randomly-spawned gifts, and stockings.
Dancin Shoes
These snazzy dancin' shoes reduce the cooldown on the *dance emote to 1.5 seconds, allowing you dance more often. This is an item you buy with Spacebux and can potentially keep through rounds.
Custom Shoes
See Ore Processing


In addition to belts, this slot can hold your PDA, most guns and the emergency oxygen tank.

Item Image Description
Fanny Pack
See General Objects.
Funny Pack
See General Objects.
Mini Funny Pack
See General Objects.
Syndicate Tactical Espionage Belt Pack
See General Objects.
Pistol Belt
See Syndicate Items
Revolver Belt
See Syndicate Items
Security Belt
See Security Objects.
Utility Belt
See Engineering Objects.
Aurora Belt
See Engineering Objects.
Medical Belt
See Medical Objects.
Injector Belt
Once provided with a beaker, this fancy belt can be programmed to inject the user with stimulants when certain conditions are met, for example health thresholds or incapacitation. Can be bought from a space merchant.
Mining Belt
See Guide to Mining.
Wrestling Belt
See Syndicate Items.
Trophy Belt
See Predator.
Inner Tube
Lets you move through fluids much faster. A Pool-time essential.


Item Image Description
Radio Headset
Generic headset for assistants and certain other crew members. To speak into it, merely put a semicolon (;) before your words. One can also leave the microphone open to transmit everything within range or turn off the speaker to shut out the world. While the default frequency is 145.9, you may change that manually.
Civilian Headset
Can also operate on the civilian frequency, 135.5. Used by the chef, barman, botanist, janitor, chaplain and other civilian jobs.
Security Headset
See Security Objects. Can also operate on the security frequency, 135.9.
Research Headset
Can also operate on the research frequency, 135.4. Starting equipment for scientists.
Medical Headset
See Medical Objects. Can also operate on the medical frequency, 135.6.
Engineering Headset
See Engineering Objects. Can also operate on the engineering frequency, 135.7.
Shipping Headset
Allows access to two channels: :h goes into engineering, :c into the civilian channel. Worn by quartermasters.
Command Headset
Default equipment for all heads of staff. Starting a message with :h addresses the command channel, :c broadcasts to civilians for the Captain and HoP, :g goes to security for the Captain and HoS. The CE may use :e to talk to his department. The RD and MD can use :r to speak to the research and :m to the medical staff respectively.
Multifrequency Headset
Available in the research wing. Works like a regular headset that can be manually tuned in to channels other than 145.9. It's mainly used to have a private communication channel while doing telescience.
Auditory Headset
See Medical Objects.
Found in the CE's locker. Wearing these makes you unable to hear anything and protect you against some auditory attacks, for example flashbangs (if worn in combination with sunglasses) and vampire / changeling screeches.
See Syndicate Items
Cat Ears
Made from sticking a headset into cat ears headgear, they retain the colour of the headband and the functionality of the headset used.
Same functionality as the cat ears, but now you look like a deer!


Only three item classes can be carried in this slot, namely ID cards, the Dabbing License, and PDAs.


Item Image Description
See General Objects.
Captain's Backpack
See General Objects.
Medic's Backpack
See General Objects.
NT Backpack
See General Objects.
Syndicate Backpack
See General Objects.
Tactical Assault Rucksack
See General Objects
See General Objects.
Captain's Satchel
See General Objects.
Medic's Satchel
See General Objects.
NT Satchel
See General Objects.
Syndicate Satchel
See General Objects.
See Ore Processing.
Gas Tank
See General Objects.
JetpackV2-32x32.png JetpackMagTetherV2-32x32.png SyndicateJetpackMagTetherV2-32x32.png
See Engineering Objects.
Jetpack MKII
See Guide to Mining.
See Science Objects.
Grenade Bandolier
Holds up to seven grenades, grenade pouches, breaching/thermite charges, and grenade launcher shell boxes. In the code, but currently unavailable.
See Murder.
Transfer Tank Valve
Adding wires to a TTV lets you wear it on your back; the sprite changes depending on what's attached to it. Still works as a bomb.

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