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Radio Lab


Filling the server with honks and farts.



The Radio Lab is a special radio station just east of Arrivals, built for all kinds of brodcasters, amateur or professional. In addition to containing its own office, equipment room, and bathroom, it's decked out with several essential broadcasting machines, including:

  • A broadcast radio. Once the microphone and speaker are on, anybody who speaks near it will transmit whatever they're saying to the entire station in a fun fuchsia magenta pink color.
  • A mixing deck for imitating/creating voices. If you've ever wanted to do a one-man play or "record" the Captain confessing his love of sniffing big smelly butts, this is your machine.
  • A vinyl record player that plays, of course, records, and a tape deck that plays, you guessed it, tapes. Tapes and records can be found in the wooden drawers around the equipment; simply click-drag the drawers's sprite onto yours to access them.
  • A trash bin with famous gnome anarchist linguist Gnome Chompski. Supposedly, he's trying to avoid spooks with black helicopters out to suppress his opinions on war and capitalism permanently, but everyone knows he's just hiding from that one wacky entomologist who thought he didn't deserve that bee species named after him.

The fine art of radio broadcasting is more deeply detailed in the Radio Host page.

Maintenance Information

There is no vent.

The APC for this area is in the southwest.

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