Wizard's Den

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Wizard's Den


The USS Beardtopia.



Please be aware of the special guidelines regarding this facility.

Humble abode of the not-so-friendly wizard. Formerly shared the same Z-level as the main station, but now it's on its own Z-level and has magical teleportation interdiction wards, so there's no chance of some random muggle trying to barge in. The various rooms of this arcane sanctuary are outfitted with various items of utmost importance to Space Wizard Federation members.

  • Bedroom:
    • Various closets absolutely loaded with spare staves and hats and robes of varying pop culture references.
    • A space cat named punny and/or stupid name, often involving a famous 20th century Communist leader with a cool beard and fabulous hat.
  • Kitchen
    • A refrigerator, stuffed with various foodstuffs, including donk pockets. Muggle food isn't so bad...
    • A microwave. Muggle culinary machinery isn't all that bad either...
    • Mugs of mugwort, magical tea heals little bits of every damage type, much like omnizine.
  • Parlor
    • A MagiVend vending machine. By default, it just dispenses staves and blue wizard clothes, but you can hack it for a much wider selection of gear.
    • Spare magical sandals. Not that someone like you would get their shoes mugged, but the thing about Soulguard rebirth is that, as with biological birth, you come out naked...
    • A magical mirror. Doesn't show you who's the most beautiful of them all, but it does show you the goals of other Wizard Federation members.
    • A medibot. Muggle technology isn't so bad...
  • Study
    • A heartwarming note from dad (who, for some reason, calls you son even if you're a female magical user).
    • Bags of EveryFlavor jelly beans. Super sugary and can make great companions if you know a little golemancy.
  • Dock
    • A magic teleportation computer, much like the scroll you start with, but with infinite uses.
    • A MagiPutt, adorned with sweet racing flames. It's not one of those sweet Firebird hotrods, but it is useful for escaping the station without using the teleport scroll. Don't forget to lock it!
    • Emergency suit and internals. Don't suffocate in the hull breaches caused by your own fireballs like some sort of muggle bomber.
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