Auxiliary Storage

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Auxiliary Storage


Changeling Diner


Anyone with Maintenance Access

A tiny little storage room east of Medbay that is somehow still relevant enough to get its own APC and security camera coverage. In theory, it's meant to store spare medical supplies in case Medbay runs out of them, with the blood bag, the box of IV drips, and all the various pills and medicine bottles and what not on the tables. In practice, Medbay never runs out of medicine, and whatever it does run out of usually can't be found in here. More often or not, it's where vampires or changelings meals end up, making this a spiritual successor to the Observatory.

There's also a DWAINE terminal in here for some reason.

Maintenance information

This room has no vent.

The APC for this room is located further down the maintenance tunnel, close to the Quartermaster's Office and its APC.

The power is supplied via a cable in the Medbay maintenance tunnel that runs under the door.

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