Auxiliary Storage

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Auxiliary Storage


Rejects Club


Anyone with Maintenance Access

If you thought Central Storage was filled with losers, check out Auxiliary Storage. While Central Storage is at least open to the Public Market hallway and full of items that are at least interesting in the dorky-but-in-a-good-way sense, Auxiliary Storage is stuck below a bathroom and some maintenance sections between Cloning and Cargo Bay.

What's in this reject of rejects of a room? Mostly lighting and raw materials like wire, cotton rolls, wooden planks, flashlights, and emergency glowsticks, each confined to one crate and in unusually and inexplicably high quantities. Meanwhile, the tables and cabinet have randomized selections. Most of the time, it's stuff like crowbars, wire, and metal, but you might see a toolbelt or an entire electrical toolbox from time to time. Or another goddamn atmospheric analyzer upgrade.

Nuclear Operatives often warp to the nearby QM hangar beacon and go through this room to get to the nearby Cargo Bay and Refinery, both common bomb targets. If you enter this room at the 10-min mark or so, you may find some discarded Syndicate Items. Or several bullets about to strike your face.

Maintenance information

This room has no vent. Even vents are cooler than the items in this room, in multiple senses.

The APC for this room is located in the maintenance area above, just outside the entrance

The power is supplied via a cable that runs under the topmost door.

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