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Your home, right in the middle of hell.
Your home, not too far from hell.
Your home, a good distance away from hell.
Your home, with a door straight into hell and an evil lair.
Your home, with a door straight into the oblivion.
Your home, just a door away from Leviathan.
Your starting place. A long way to hell.

The Chief Engineer is the head of the engineering department, responsible for making sure the station is powered, equipment is functional, and wise-ass engineers aren't trying to run the engine backwards. They start with special gear and EVA access to help patch up hull breaches quickly and safely, or to go on wild adventures and get lost in the dangerous depths of space.


As the head of the engineering department, the CE will most likely find himself building, repairing, or breaking something at some point during the round. In addition to regular engineering equipment, you get a set of magnetic boots to protect you from space wind, a flash to keep your unruly subordinates in check, and an aurora belt to hold your tools and protect you from extreme temperatures. You're also free to help yourself to anything in EVA, such as the RCD, though you also start with one in your office.

Engineering Radio Channel

The chief engineer has access to a headset with a radio channel used solely by the station's engineers, miners, mechanics and quartermasters. The engineering headset has a yellow stripe on it. To use it, simply type:

  • say :e If I catch you idiots goofing off in space, I'm gonna throw you into the furnace.

This message won't be broadcast over the normal radio channel. However, someone standing close to you can hear messages on the engineering frequency.

Standing Operating Procedure

Start & Maintain the Engine

The first thing you should do is go to Engineering and check whether the engine is being started. If it isn't, you should obviously start it, and get any nearby Engineers to help you. On most maps, this means the thermo-electric generator, with the big exception of Oshan Lab, which uses the geothermal capture system. In any case, if you don't set up it up, the station will gradually lose power and begin failing. The lights will go out, doors will stop responding, and life-saving technologies, like cloning and communication links, become nonfunctional.

Set Up the Solars

After setting up the engine, go configure the Solar Arrays if someone hasn't already, unless you're a station that doesn't have them. These should be online at all times, even if the engine is running and generating power. If some idiot and/or traitor manages to set engineering on fire, you want the station to be powered until the AI can call the shuttle. Setting the solars should not take you very long; there's no wiring involved, and it usually only involves pressing buttons to make numbers go up. You may also ask the AI to do it if you can't be bothered to hotwire them. Also, keep in mind that the solars can be put out of action by snipping a single wire, so keep an eye on them and mend their wiring if required.

Repair the Station

It's also important to ensure the station stays intact and fix any damages and breaches that occur. You have a rapid construction device that makes repairs a breeze, though there are a few things it can't fix. In addition to the aforementioned magical RCD, you also have a vast stock of construction equipment and supplies in Engineering Storage, access to the Mining Department & the Cargo Bay to replenish it all, and access to the Mechanics Workshop to replace any lost electronics.

Manage Cargo & Mining

If you've the time, help the Quartermasters churn out a profit in any way you can, whether it's by activating the PTL, mining asteroids for ore to sell, or just throwing some funds into the Shipping budget. Feel free to suggest a gimmick to do or participate in one they're already doing. If there aren't any QMs, fill in for them if someone's requesting a crate from Cargo.

Speaking of mining, you should lend the Miners a hand as well. You don't have to suit up and mine asteroids with them if you don't want to (though it's often preferred). Just finding asteroids on the quantum telescope or handing them extra medicine is often just as good. At the very least, check up on them from time to time to make sure they haven't died of radiation poisoning or suffocated in Space/the Trench.

Supervise Mechanics

Keep an eye on the Mechanics. Make sure they aren't setting up traps in the halls or trying to build some sort of horrific lag-machine. Beyond that, they usually don't need much direction or aid from you and can typically run themselves perfectly fine. Feel free to scan some devices on your own or experiment with MechComp.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. As a chief engineer, you can expect to see the following:

Make sure all furnaces on the station are active at the end of the round.

This is simple enough. The default load of furnace fuel you start with is often enough to last you through the whole round, or at least a good 45 minutes of it. Should you need more, don't forget that you have access to the Mining Department and all the char and plasmastone obtainable through it. In addition, the furnaces can accept many, many other types of combustibles: wood planks, weed, paper, clothing, people...

Obviously, this objectives encompasses any furnaces in Engineering, but it also considers any that might be in the Sauna. If you're on Cogmap2 or Oshan Laboratory, don't forget about the furnaces in the Research Outpost.

Syndicate CE

As a traitor CE, you can do one of two things, depending on what your objective is. One option is to simply deny the station power by never setting up the engine and disabling the solars - which will cause a complete power failure after around 30 minutes. If you are in the mood for real mass destruction, get the engine to produce so much power that the APCs shoot lightning at nearby people, and electrified grills and airlocks shock people so much they explode! Note that doing this as an non-traitor is a bannable offence, so if you do have to produce a lot of power, please keep it reasonable.

Remember that the furnaces are the best hiding places for bodies - toss them in, and nothing can ever recover them.

As CE, you are authorized to enter the AI upload. You don't even have to go through the trouble of hacking in to subvert it to your whims! As boss of the engineers and mechanics, you won't raise any suspicion in keeping a close eye on the technical staff who have the abilities to undo your troublemaking.

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