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Monkeys are most commonly found as NPCs aboard the station, most of which reside in genetics pen and (oddly enough) vending machines in chemistry and the kitchen, but they can be controlled by players. They used to show up in the game mode bearing their namesake, where they were viral in nature and existed to infect humans. This game mode was sadly discontinued because it was shit. It is possible to become a monkey through genetic alteration, by signing up as a test subject, through the abilities of the changeling, the whims of admins, and rare allergic reactions.

Being a Monkey

Being small and hairy is not all fun and games. These are some things to keep in mind:

  • Monkeys can understand humans just fine, but the same can't be said for their speech. Your primary means of communication will likely be paper and PDA messages.
  • Even though it is a jerk move to attack other players without an excuse, monkeys are usually considered fair game. Since monkeys are frequently a changeling in disguise, people are likely to attack them on sight.
  • Likewise, synthetics generally don't include monkeys in their definition of "human". A malicious AI or cyborg may decide to ruin your day.

Abilities and Restrictions

  • Have two hands and can use the same items humans can
  • Can move over tables and racks unimpeded, and hide under tables as well as beds by clicking on them with a free hand. Once enabled, your mob will appear underneath some other objects like clothing and chairs, too.
  • Can use the mail system as a means of transportation.
  • Monkeys tend to be hard to hit due to their smaller sprite and ability to move over or under tables.
  • Can wear the same jump- and exosuits as humans, although many sprites don't fit monkeys particularly well.
  • It is important that you acquire footwear. Without a pair of shoes, exposure to cold will quickly chill monkeys to the slowest movement speed.
  • Last but not least, a superb selection of fart messages. A true monkeys will only communicate through farts and rude gestures.

Special Monkeys

Name Location (Cog1) Location (Cog2) Location (Destiny)
Mr. Muggles Bar Bar Bar
Mrs. Muggles Warehouse Central Storage Port Crew Lounge
 ???? Observatory Crew Quarters Aviary
Albert Telescience Telescience Telescience
Mr. Rathen Engine Engine Engine
Krimpus Hydroponics N/A Hydroponics
Tanhony Market N/A Pool
Von Braun Syndicate shuttle Syndicate shuttle Syndicate shuttle

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