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Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Requirements: None
Access Level: Ranch, Hydroponics, Maintenance
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Captain, Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Raise and breed chickens for recreation/novelty, food, utility, etc., nurture them and look out for their needs
Guides: This page, Guide to Botany, Chemicals, Chemistry
The Ranch, a little plot nestled at the end of the game den, in the station's northwest.
The Ranch (and your neighbors' farm) out in the station's northeast, just east of the Bar.
The Ranch, a cozy little plot out west, above the local saloon.
The Ranch, a modest tract in the south, above the sheriff's office.
The Ranch, a vast expanse in the northern parts of the station, above botany.

Yeehaw, welcome to the Ranch! As a Rancher, your job is to look after and breed various animals in the Ranch. Currently, only Chickens are implemented for this; however, others may be developed further down the line. With a little love and attention, the Rancher can harvest produce and items not available otherwise, and also provide an alternate way to producing chemicals and ore.

The main aspect of Ranching is breeding and evolution. With the correct feed, affection and time, your flock can diversify into useful (and cute!) Chicken breeds, that can produce alternate goods or fill an alternate purpose. Chickens are closed source, and as such, their mechanics are still being discovered.

The Ranch

Your workspace is most of the time located directly attached to Botany, or very, very close. Botanists do not have access to your exclusive Chicken Club, so if you need assistance feeding them, you may have to lock the door open if you plan on leaving for a long time. You do have access to Botany, as you require specific feeds for your Chickens. You can either grow the plants yourself, or plead in despair as all of the trays are claimed for weed.

You have the following equipment available to you within Hydroponics and the ranch.

Hydroponics Equipment

Again, you have access to Hydroponics and all the equipment therein. The Guide to Botany page explains what each item does and delves extensively into the science of cultivating crops, but here are some key pointers relevant to your job:

Ranching Equipment

Now you're in the thick of it. Here is a table of tools, machines, and other useful objects you can in the Ranch. It also covers items you spawn with.

Item Image Description
Chicken Carrier
Chicken carriers are used to house and transport your feathered friends. Each one has enough room for a single chicken, and even though they might look too big, they can fit in backpacks. Your rancher's belt comes with a few, the Rancher supplies locker in the Ranch always has one, and you can get some more at a GardenGear vendor.
The chicken pens in the Ranch are enclosed by railing, specifically, reinforced railing. That's important, because chickens can go through regular railings but not reinforced ones. If you want to expand your chicken enclosures, you can construct more reinforced railing.
Nesting Box
Within each chicken enclosure is a nesting box. Unlike the Egg Incubator these can be dragged around. You can click on them with a screwdriver to secure a loose nesting box to the floor, preventing it from being pulled around, or unscrew a box that's already been screwed onto the floor to allow it to be pulled around once more. You can find more at a GardenGear.
Feed Grinder
Place any edible snack items into the feed grinder, and watch it turn them into feed bags after a short delay. Feed bags have enough food for ten feedings and will automatically biodegrade when empty. To feed Chickens, click on a tile with the feedbag. You can also click a Chicken with the feedbag to hand-feed them, which requires them to stand still for a second.
Chicken Egg Incubator
Any eggs placed in the Chicken Egg Incubator will hatch after a short time. You can move this around, but it's a little more complex:
  1. Remove the incubator structure with a wrench, giving you some incubator parts and a regular nesting box.
  2. Unsecure with a screwdriver to allow it to be pulled around. (To pull something, Ctrl + left-click it. Press the PULL button on your HUD to stop pulling.)
  3. Move the box to the desired location and secured the nesting box to the floor with a screwdriver.
  4. Click on the nesting box with the incubator parts (if it hasn't been secured, you'll just hit the thing with the parts) to get the incubator back.

Alternatively, you can just take the incubator off and put it on another nesting box you've set up. Also, you might not expect it, but the entire thing can be scanned and constructed by the Engineers via the Ruckingenur Kit.

Rancher's Belt
A belt, just for you! When you join as a rancher, you spawn with this rancher's belt, which fits "small" and "tiny"-sized objects and has seven slots. Four of those are occupied by a basic fishing rod and three chicken carriers. You can put other things, of course.
Rancher Boots
For vaultin' lickety-split. The western-style Rancher Boots you start with make you climb over railings of all types twice as fast. This stacks with the Athletic trait, and with both the trait and these boots, you climb railings thrice as quickly. If you need an extra pair, the Rancher supplies locker has one, in the "Rancher's equipment" box.
Basic Fishing Rod
A fishing rod is for fishing, of course, though not always in a sea. See this section below for more details. It can stabilize and shrink white holes too, because funnies. It spawns on your rancher's belt. Another one can be found at the Ranch in the rancher supplies locker, and depending on your luck, there might be an off-site ranch somewhere in the Mining Level which also has a rod, among other things..
Spatial Interdictor
Wow, a machine! When activated, the interdictor will protect both you and your chickens from those pesky radstorms. To activate, simply walk up and click on it with an open hand. Just make sure everyone is in its radius! Does other things too, which you can read about here.

Rancher Supplies Locker


Every ranch contains a Rancher supplies locker with, who would have guessed it, ranching supplies. (Don't need a high-falutin' edu-ma-cation to know that.) Specific contents are shown below. It includes a lot of spare starting equipment, like another set of overalls, a second chicken carrier, and an extra copy of the Ranch Field Guide, so this locker might come in handy if, say, you've hired a Staff Assistant as a ranch-hand and need to outfit them for their job. Besides that, there's some more ranching-specific items, such as a box of chicken eggs (for getting White Chickens!, a sponge for cleaning up the farm, and...a chicken mask?

The Rancher supplies locker requires Ranch access to open, so you need not worry about rustlers runnin' off with your supplies.

List of Contents:
Item Quantity
Ranch Field Guide 1
Basic fishing rod 1
Rancher's equipment (contains 1x black gloves, 1x civilian headset, 1x PDA (Botanist version), 1x Rancher Boots, 1x rancher's overalls, ) 1
Baby monitor 1
Chicken mask 1
Chicken Carrier 1
Syringe box (contains 7x syringes) 1
Produce satchel 1
Watering can 1
Sponge 1
Egg carton (4 eggs) 1
Knitting Supplies (contains 1x shears, 1x drop spindle, 1x knitting needles) 1
box of nametags (contains 7x nametags) 1



Bawk, bawk! Chickens are feathered friends that provide cluckloads of fun and plenty of Eggs, and can also be butchered directly into chicken nuggets, if you're willing to perform such a fowl act. All the Chicken breeds can also provide unique Eggs. But, most importantly, they are cute and ex-hens-sively pettable!

Chickens are under what's called "closed source". That means that while you won't find much info about these feathered friends on the public GitHub, you're free to share info about them with others. Because of this there may be information yet undiscovered, or mechanical values that are yet to be determined. Why not experiment?

Getting Started

To start raising Chickens, you first need to put an Egg into the Chicken Egg Incubator. Every map either has an incubator lying in a dedicated Ranch department room. As for Eggs, one always spawns on each Egg Incubator expressly for Chicken rearing. If you need more, it's usually easiest to ask for some from the Chef or order a Meat, Eggs, and Diary crate from Cargo. It's also possible to start with an Egg as a trinket or even grow your own.

After sitting in an incubator, Eggs become Chicks. Chicks eventually grow up into either a Hen or a Rooster. Both can eventually die of old age. Injecting ageinium makes chickens age twice as fast.

Almost all the time, your Chickens will grow up into Hens. Hens occasionally lay Eggs if there is an available nesting box around; there are some in the GardenGear, and the Eggs should be cleared out every so often because Hens do not like nesting boxes overcrowded with Eggs. Eggs are an important ingredient in many dishes, and given that each Egg can become a new Hen, they are essentially a renewable, theoretically infinite source of Eggs. Hens are quite passive; if you attack them, they tend to just try to run away.

Chicks can also become Roosters, if--and only if--the Egg in question came from a Hen. This means Eggs you obtain from roundstart incubators, the kitchen, or alternate sources won't give you Roosters! Roosters don't lay Eggs, but they do sit on Eggs in nesting boxes, allowing them to hatch, with a high chance of passing on their genetics to the resulting Chick. Roosters are also highly defensive; if you attack a Chicken, all the Roosters who witness it will go after you, just like with Monkeys.

Chicken Tending


All the while, Chickens need food to eat, specifically feed! To get feed, simply insert some sort of food, such as corn, into the Chicken Feed Grinder. Then, put the resulting feed on the floor or hand-feed it to a Chicken my clicking them with the bag. Different feeds may result in different Chickens.

There's more to hunger than simply keeping your flock of fowl alive; keeping your Chickens happy and well-fed has many benefits. Behaviour such as Egg-laying and hatching can be accelerated by keeping your Chickens happy! To see the effects, every time you pet a Chicken it will either ignore you or cluck. If it clucks happily, it would have laid an Egg, or hatched an Egg when it reaches that part of its routine. In other words, if your Chicken is clucking constantly when you pet it, it will lay a lot more Eggs than a Chicken that barely clucks at all!

You can keep your Chickens happy by feeding them their favorite foods and injecting their foods with drugs and alcohol. Petting chickens also makes them happier, though it's not as satisfying to them as a good meal. Chickens born to happy parents will also be happier to start. Conversely, you can make your Chickens unhappy by hurting other Chickens in front of them, making them vomit, shoving them, overfeeding them, and feeding them feed made from their own kind.

To see if your Chicken liked a feed, pay attention to their responses:

  • ChickenMoodletSick.gif - your Chicken didn't like their food or is overfed and is now sick; expect them to throw up.
  • ChickenMoodletSad.gif - your Chicken is sad, either from neglect or a food they didn't really like.
  • ChickenMoodletNeutral.gif - your Chicken is neither happy nor sad, or did not like or dislike their food.
  • ChickenMoodletHappy.gif - your Chicken is happy; they liked their feed or being pet!
  • ChickenMoodletLove.gif - you fed your Chicken their favorite food!

Chicken Breeds

MechanicNew64.png This page is under construction.
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There are a number of chickens you can make; some require you to make other breeds of chickens prior to making them. chickens that have special criteria for hatching, like chemical infusions of feed, have priority over happiness and unhappiness values. What this means is that if you had, say, a white Hen that you wanted to lay silkie eggs, then feeding the white hen apple feed would make sure you'd end up with silkie eggs, even if the white Hen eventually becomes happy enough to start producing brown eggs.

In general, to achieve a certain breed which requires chemical injected or very certain types of feed, the most important criteria is how often the hen in question has eaten that particular type of feed. The threshhold of feeds required depends on the breed in question. This means mixing of different types of feed in a pen is a bad idea if you are working on a certain chicken breed, since they won't always eat the feed required for achieving that breed. Hand-feeding is an option to increase the speed with which a particular breed is achieved, but chickens can be overfed. An overfed chicken pukes on the ground and resets part of your progress besides making a mess and getting unhappy.

If a chicken requires produce from a certain botany mutation, e.g. delicious-looking apples for black silkies, it actually cares for the food type and the chemical of the botany mutation. This means low quality delicious-looking apples with negative potency won't work (no capulettium), but good quality delicious-looking apples or even normal apples injected with capulettium do work.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Please report any interesting findings for experimentation!

Chicken Evolution Graph


Zeroth and First Generation Chickens

Name Chicken Sprite Egg & Chick Sprite Evolutionary path Favourite Food Prerequisites Description Cuteness
White Chicken
Brown, Glass, Henk, Ixworth, Onagadori, Silkie, Black Silkie Rice Hatch white eggs, from White Hens, the Kitchen, or a Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Crate from Cargo White Chickens lay White Eggs, however, if they are happy they will lay Brown Eggs instead. 5
Silkie Chicken
Carrier Pigeon, Cotton Candy Chicken Synthmeat Hatch Silkie Eggs, obtained by feeding White Hens Apple feed. Silkie hens lay Silkie Eggs, but otherwise behave as White Chickens do. 8
Black Silkie Chicken
Dream, Poultrygeist Delicious-looking Apples Hatch Black Silkie Eggs, obtained by feeding White Hens White Hens Delicious-looking Apple feed, or feed made from regular Apples infused with Capulettium. Black Silkie Hens lay Black Silkie Eggs, and outside of being criminally cute are unremarkable. An apple a day keeps Head Surgeon away! 8
White Silkie Chicken
Coral, Selkie, Snow Synthmeat Hatch White Silkie Eggs, obtained by feeding White Hens Apple feed made from Apples infused with meth. White Silkie Hens lay White Silkie Eggs, and outside of their very existence being a terrible pun, don't have any exceptional properties. Who needs doctors when you can doctor food instead? 9
Phoenix, Shieldmaidhens Peanuts Hatch Onagadori Eggs by feeding Peanut feed to a White Chicken; obtained Onagadori Eggs have no unique effects. Japanese long-tailed Chickens with no unique features other than their stunning plumage. 8
Ixworth Chicken
N/A Tomatoes Grind Tomatoes into feed and feed them to basic hens. Stylish and elegant Ixworth Hens lay pink Eggs, which can be made into feed that stops the aging of the Chickens that consume it. They still eventually stop laying Eggs, and continue to die of old age if taken off the feed, but otherwise should give you a lifelong Chicken buddy that you could sell as a pet or keep around. Their Eggs can also be hatched into cute pink chicks! 7
Henk and Henkster
Balloon, Huoenks, Mime Bananas Feed White Roosters Banana feed, and let the Rooster hatch Eggs in a Nesting Box. Make sure to peel the banana first! Henks and Henksters honk occasionally, and produce Egg?s which are actually water balloons, which are not Eggs at all. 8
Brown Chicken
Gold, Raptor, Spicy, Synth Chilis Hatch Brown Eggs, obtained from happy White Hens. Brown Chickens lay Brown Eggs by default, and behave much like White Chickens. 6
Glass Chicken
Glass BEAKer, Stone, Witchen and Wizter Rice Hatch Glass Eggs, obtained by feeding White Hens Clear Corn feed. (Clear corn is a mutation of Corn) Glass Chickens lay Glass Eggs, which can be injected with chemicals and hatched to become a Chemical-Filled Glass Chicken, or thrown and shattered which creates glass shards. (You monster.) Any Glass Chicken or Chick shatters when grabbed, so DO NOT under ANY circumstances Grab them if you don't intend to destroy them. 7
Glass BEAKer Chicken
N/A Unknown Hatch a Chemical-Filled Glass Egg, obtained by gathering a Glass Egg from a Glass Chicken, and injecting it with 5 units of a pure chemical. Glass BEAKer Chickens have blood that is a pure chemical and gradually regenerates over time up to 50 units. They, however, are affected by this chemical as it's in their bloodstream. This can lead to some amusing, useful, or downright deadly and foolish applications. Extracting their blood will give you a 60/40% mix of blood and the chemical. Glass BEAKer Hens will lay Chemical-Filled Glass Eggs containing their respective chemical. 4

Second Generation Chickens

Name Chicken Sprite Egg & Chick Sprite Evolutionary path Favourite Food Prerequisites Description Cuteness
N/A Unknown Make Henks extremely unhappy. Oh god, what have you done. You spent all that time getting Henks and this is what you do to them? I don't even know what eating one of their Eggs does to you but you absolutely deserve it. If they cry on you, you can join them in their suffering too. 0
Balloon Chicken
N/A Unknown Feed Henks Balloon Melons spliced with some other edible food. Eerie animate chicken balloon animals that come in two variants and lay Eggs in different colors depending on whether the feed contained hydrogen or helium. Helium Balloon Hens are completely inert and lay red Eggs, while Hydrogen Balloon Hens lay red and blue Eggs and explode if you set them on fire. 1
Spicy Chicken
Phoenix Chilis Hatch Spicy Eggs, obtained by feeding Brown Chickens Chili feed. Spicy Chickens are capable of breathing fire and suffer no harm from being lit up themselves, so be careful not to provoke them. They lay Spicy Eggs and can be butchered for Spicy Nuggets. Also they're very cute, and definitely not a Pokémon, and should not be used to set up a private gym in the burn chamber. Bok? 9
Golden Chicken
N/A Unknown Hatch Brown Eggs with an impossibly happy Brown Rooster. Golden Hens lay Golden Eggs! These do not hatch but can be sold for a lucrative profit. Also they're pretty, and a sign of a professional Rancher. 9
Raptor Hen & Tiercel


N/A Chicken nugget Hatch Raptor Eggs, obtained by feeding Brown Chickens Meat feed. (Synthmeat DOES NOT work!) Raptor Hens lay Raptor Eggs, and are INCREDIBLY CUTE. This is a ploy however, because Raptor Males are called Tiercels instead of Roosters, and for good reason. They will attack anything and everything that is not a Raptor nearby. Yes, this includes you. Yes, this will kill you, and the rest of your non-raptor Chickens. They are exceedingly deadly, fairly resilient, and can put people in critical in 5-10 seconds. If you're breeding these and you're not an antagonist, be very careful.

It is possible to tame raptors to ignore you, if you pet them while they are babies!

Void Chicken
N/A Eggplant Hatch Void Eggs, obtained by making White Hens vomit. Chicken feed is one way of doing so. Void Hens lay Void Eggs, which have two very interesting effects. Consuming a Void Egg will shrink you in size for 10 seconds, causing you to take double BRUTE and BURN damage during this time. This is for a very good reason, because you can run through doors like a Critter during this time. An incredibly accessible and potent Egg, just don't get caught or you'll be in for a world of pain! 1
Stone Chicken
Cockatrice, Coral, Ore Unknown Hatch Stone Eggs, obtained by feeding Glass Chickens any feed that contains THC. (Injecting food with THC before inserting into the feed grinder works, as does splicing Cannabis into other edible plants.) Stone Chickens...ugly on the outside, pretty on the inside. They can be smashed open with an attack that deals 10 or more damage to harvest their geode interior, yielding Plasma Glass. Of course, don't let the other Chickens see...they'll be awfully upset. 2
Ore Chicken
N/A Rice Hatch an Electroplated Stone Egg, obtained by retrieving a Stone Egg and taking it to the Arc Electroplater (often found next to the Arc Smelter) and plating it in a material. To use, insert one refined material Block/Ingot into the plater, and then insert the Egg. Arguably one of the most interesting and harder to obtain Chickens, these Chickens inherit the properties of the material plated in, and will hatch Eggs that inherit this material. This can be used to obtain ores without mining, or create concerningly deadly Chickens. Erebite and Cerenkite are examples of this, as the Chickens will inherit the radioactive and explosive properties of their parent material. Again, if you do this with dangerous materials and you're not an antagonist, exercise caution. 3
Synth Chicken
Robot Unknown Hatch Synth Eggs, obtained by feeding Brown Chickens Synthmeat feed. Synth Chickens lay Synth Eggs, which can be eaten for a stamina boost! 6
Witchens and Wizters
Dragon Magic Fungus Feed Magic Fungus to a Glass Chicken. Poultry farming, courtesy of the Wizard Federation. They're not as powerful as the average wizard, but they have access to a weaker version of Magic Missile that targets only one person. Eat one of their Eggs and they'll share the magic! If you wait for one to die they'll drop their hat. 6
Selkie Chicken
Coral Fish Fillet Feed a White Silkie feed made from Fish Fillets and hatch the resulting Egg in an underwater enclosure. Ah, tuna, the Chicken of the sea. These Chickens can only breathe underwater, so be sure to fully flood their pen before hatching an Egg. Their Eggs can be eaten for the Aquatic Biology buff, which heals OXY damage in water but deals it on land. Perfect for making it to the shuttle on a hellish Oshan Laboratory round. 7.7
Snow Chicken
Dreamsicle Chilly Pepper Feed a White Silkie Chilly Pepper feed. To successfully raise a population of one of these Hens, you need to build a pen in a subzero environment - this is most easily achieved by building a pen in the vacuum of space. Just be careful to properly floor the pen or the chickens will be burnt by solar rays instead! Eating one of their cute little snowball Eggs temporarily freezes you so that you leave a trail of ice in your wake, although doing so at room temperature will inflict enough burn damage to drive you into crit. Try pairing it with cryostylane or ice cream for safer use! 9°F
Cotton Candy Chicken
Dreamsicle, Elec-Chicken Sugar Cane Feed a cream-colored Silkie food that's been injected with sugar first. Cream and sugar, heh. Cotton Candy Chickens are energetic birds. They'll occasionally wander into and bounce violently off objects, often running into other Hens or Roosters. This can lead to some amusing albeit undesirable situations where Hens are cowering in fear of a Hen that just ricocheted around your pen while Roosters attempt to hunt it down. Their chocolate caramel Eggs allow you to bounce off walls too in exchange for a little bit of BRUTE damage. Just don't eat too many, or you'll go into hyperglycemic shock! 8
Dream Chicken
N/A Delicious-looking Apples Wait patiently for a Black Silkie to die of old age. A mystical chicken borne from the dreams of death. Consuming a Dream Egg gives a 60 second stasis effect that mimics the Changeling Enter Regenerative Stasis ability that heals all wounds at the expense of knocking you out for a full minute. 9
N/A Unknown Make a Black Silkie unhappy and wait for it to die of old age. For Poultrygeists, death is a restless, fitful sleep. Consuming a ghost Egg grants the Haunted debuff, which summons hostile spirits to come and attack you. These spirits are relentless hunters and will persist even after the Egg buff runs out! These ghosts drop ectoplasm on death, so if you're a MatSci nerd you might have cause to intentionally induce the curse. 5
Carrier Pigeon
N/A Peas Feed Peas to a Silkie. When on the ground, Eggs act like a limited Station Bounced Radio, picking up everything heard around them and transmitting that information to a specific radio frequency with a neat little Egg icon attached to it to let you know it's from one of your Eggs. You can only hear back from these Eggs when standing on the same tile as the Egg, or by eating it, which will allow you to listen and communicate over this network. When a Pigeon dies, they drop an inedible version of this Egg labeled as a "Station Bounced Radio" that can be heard from any spot in your inventory or around you. You can speak into this radio but unless another person is standing atop an Egg, has the Egg's buff or holding an inedible eggradio themselves, no one will not hear you. Pigeons hit by radstorms will often scream profanities into their own laid Eggs which is very amusing. 10
Shieldmaidhens and Fowlcions
N/A Steel Wheat Feed an Onagadori Hen feed with Steel Wheat Eating an Egg from these armored and sturdy Chickens will make you armored and sturdy too, providing 3 melee armor and 0.6 ranged protection that will stack with any other armor you're already wearing. Talk about robust! 6
Mime Chicken
N/A Nicotine Give Henk Chick a Cigarette Eating an Egg from these brooding Mime Chickens will make you into a mime capable of imprisoning others in invisible boxes! ?

Third Generation Chickens

Name Chicken Sprite Egg & Chick Sprite Evolutionary path Favourite Food Prerequisites Description Cuteness
N/A Unknown Grind a lizard tail into feed and feed it to Stone Hens. An hideous adorable hybrid of a lizard, chicken, and bat. Eating one of their Eggs will temporarily grant you the ability to paralyze other spacemen, similar to other creatures that you may have encountered aboard the station. But be wary around their aggressive male counterparts, as they possess a petrifying venom that will turn inattentive Ranchers into statues! 10
Robot Chicken
N/A Synthmeat Hatch Robot Eggs, obtained by feeding Synth Chickens feed with Nanomachines as an additive. Robot Chickens are a breed you don't want to create comPULSively, as they have a couple of interesting effects. Their Eggs cause MASSIVE EMP pulses that will destroy lights, interfere with firelocks, cyberhearts, equipment batteries, headsets... even Cyborgs! These are not Eggs you want to take a bite of lightly! If you're not an antagonist and you take a bite, do so with great caution. The roosters themselves are an angry bunch, and if provoked will cause EMP pulses when they attack. A great breed to consider if you're having a problem with aggressive Cyborgs. Also the first 3rd generation Chicken to be discovered. 2
Dreamsicle Chicken
N/A Popsicles Have a Snow Chicken and Cotton Candy Chicken swap Eggs with each other and hatch them. Orange dreamchickles! Sweet and sugary Chickens covered with elegant frosting and berry toppings. Eating a Dreamsicle Egg will give you 1 minute of the Sugar Rush affect from the Cotton Candy Egg and 30 seconds of the Snow Egg's Freeze effect. From the moment you eat the Egg, there is also a 5-second countdown until you attain an Orange Dreamsicle High, which lets you rocket off walls. Eating an Egg is also likely to give you hyperglycemic shock. 6
Coral Chicken
N/A Feed that contains THC Get a Selkie Rooster to hatch a Stone Egg. The royal protectors of the ocean. Eating one of their Eggs gives you the Selkie's Underwater Biology buff with a bonus: While the Egg's effect is active you can also summon a flood of water and two Coral Knights. The water is useful for flooding smaller rooms to the point where you can safely breathe in them, however the knights you spawn will attack every living creature besides you until the buff runs out. If you aren't an antagonist, make absolutely sure that your surroundings are locked down and free of civilians before you use this to flood an area! 8
N/A Chilis Have a Spicy Rooster hatch a Onagadori Egg, or an Onagadori Rooster hatch a Spicy Egg. Fiery chickens that renew when they die...literally! A dead Phoenix will leave behind a pile of ash and a Phoenix Egg, so you can start the cycle over again. Eating the Egg gives 9 seconds of a regenerative power that heals BRUTE, BURN, and TOX damage, a well as 60 seconds of the Phoenix Fire ability which lets you use Fire Breath every 10 seconds until the buff runs out. 10
N/A Gold nuggets Give a sufficient number of credits to a Wizard Chicken for it to level up. Majestic dragons that are able to make you tremble by their mere presence! Eating an egg grants a fear aura for 60 seconds. Anyone within 2 tiles of you will suffer from a stacking up fear effect, which causes missteps. Running is futile, so stand your ground and fight the dragon! Above that, grants the Fire Breath ability every 10 seconds for the same duration. 7
N/A Unknown Make Cotton Candy Chickens bounce against each other until static is created, then collect and hatch the egg from one of the effected hens. Proud chickens that have taken ride the lightning very literally! Eating their eggs grants you the ability to conjure clouds that will seek out those around you and fire lightning at them! One cloud is summoned per person in your vicinity. Beware that occasionally an aftershock can effect you after consumption! Make sure not to pick a fight with A Elec-Chicken Rooster or they'll conjure the same clouds that their egg uses on their attackers. 7.5

Secret Chickens

Name Chicken Sprite Egg & Chick Sprite Evolutionary path Favourite Food Prerequisites Description Cuteness
Space Chicken
[Secret!] Unknown It's not gonna be easy to find this bird; you might even need to go find some things from space. Killing this Chicken will cause it to rip through dimensions to return to its place of birth. This will cause a similar effect to a flashbang to anyone near its death, and it will reset its anger and happiness; this is the same behavior for all four of the secret Chickens. Only one of each breed of secret Chicken can exist at a time. If a second Egg of a breed is hatched it will be unviable and empty. Additionally, if the Space Chicken is a Hen, the Time Chicken will always be a Rooster and vice-versa. The Space Egg when eaten gives you 10 seconds of rapid teleportation, like Port but much faster, an incredible speed boost, and a silhouette trail as you run around. While this is VERY fun, it does cause sparks as you teleport! Be mindful of welding tanks and fire alarms! 9000
Time Chicken
[Secret!] Unknown Time is really just a twist on space. Follows the same behavior as the Space Chicken. The Time Egg gives you 10 seconds of the same speed boost and the same silhouette trail, but instead of teleportation, you return to where you ate the Time Egg when the buff expires. You are stunned briefly when this happens, and this causes a spark, so don't eat it next to a welding tank or it will explode when you travel through time! Eating cumulative Eggs refreshes this buff, which can lead to some very amusing shenanigans... 9001
Spacetime Chicken and Timespace Chicken
[Secret!] Unknown It's all in the name. These Chickens are CUTIES. They follow the same behavior as the Space and Time Chickens. The Egg effect is determined by the name of the Hen. The Egg effect gives you 1 minute of EGG POWER. This gives you rapid regeneration of BRUTE, BURN and TOX health points, to the point that it can outpace one person beating you with a fire extinguisher. It also gives you X-Ray Vision; Additionally, if it's an Egg from a Spacetime Hen, it will give 10 seconds of the Space Egg effect, and if it's an Egg from the Timespace Hen, it'll grant 10 seconds of the Time Egg effect. These Eggs are incredibly good, and a great get-out-of-jail free card if you're critically wounded. 9999...


Since you spawn with a basic fishing rod on your rancher's belt, you can also go fishing. It's easy! Simply click on a suitable tile directly next to you with the fishing rod in your active hand, sit still, and wait. After some few seconds, something should appear at your feet, depending on where exactly you're fishing.

What counts as suitable tile for fishing? As you might expect, you can click on Seafloor tiles with a fishing rod to start fishing. There is also a fishing portal, that you can't get through, but a fish attached to the hook of your rod can. Both will yield adorable fish. These specifically are the item kind of fish often found in freezer rather than the alive, mobile fish inhabiting aquariums and the seas of Oshan Laboratory and the Trench. You can perhaps use your catch as feed or hand it to the Chef so they can make delicious seafood dishes. But both would deny you the ability to slap people with it.

But did you know you can also use the fishing rod on spatial tear tiles? They will give you space things. Literally, a space thing. Perhaps you will find them useful for your poultry endeavors.

The deep fryer works too--when there's something inside frying. If you try to fish on it while it's empty you'll fry it instead and then you'll really have egg on your face because that thing can't be replaced.

You can also fish in nuclear reactors, because "fission" sounds like "fishing", get it? You specifically need to stick your line in the reactor itself, where the fuel rods and other components are inserted; hopefully, you've bought some form of radiation gear and/or oodles of anti-rad medicine. The fish you can catch are surprisingly normal, but uniquely, you have a chance to fish up a slice of yellow cake, yet another pun.

Knitting: The Video Guide

Get Clucked: Rancher Antagonist

You're a Rancher, and you're an antagonist; what can you do?

Want to infest the station with raptors and make Jurassic Park? Plant some rice, get some monkey meat from the Chef, and make the rice and meat into feed. To get Raptor Eggs, you need to get a White Chicken to lay a Brown Egg, hatch that Brown Egg, and get the resulting Brown Chickens to eat feed made from meat. Receiving rice feed and petting increase chance of a White Chicken giving a Brown Egg, so pet them lots and don't skimp on putting down rice feed. Once you've got a Brown Chicken, let it eat all the rice feed, and then cover the Ranch with meat feed. Pet the shit outta the Brown Chicken too, because that also increases the chance of getting a Raptor Egg. Make sure there is meat feed on all the tiles on the pen. You should get Raptor Eggs soon.

You might also consider putting your favorite destructive chemical mixes inside fragile Glass Chickens that can release those chemistry abominations upon their demise. Or, perhaps you'd be interested in unleashing an erebite-riddled flock of explosive Chickens on the station.

Ranchers who are Traitors can order two job-specific items: the chicken grenade, which creates a flock of aggressive chickens of your choosing (you must provide the eggs yourself), and the Glaucus Fishing Rod, which lets you hook people and reel them around, with the option for disguised lures, ala the dollar-bill-on-a-fishing-rod trick.

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