Nuclear Engine

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The prototype nuclear engine was located in space west of older versions of Mushroom's Engineering deck, and could be accessed by a retractable air bridge. It served no function and could not be worked with unless an admin spawns the necessary materials, but was still a nice place to stash bodies and loot you didn't want found.

Many of the associated components live on, as setpieces all across the Debris Field and Adventure Zone.

Discontinued Features:
Discontinued Game Modes - Discontinued Syndicate Items - Nuclear Engine - Construction Server - Prison Station
Discontinued Material Properties - Fabrication Units & Looms - Old Constructions - Old Electronics
Discontinued Jobs:
Atmospheric Technician - Barber - Boxer - Chemist - Elite Security - Head Surgeon - Intruder - Lawyer - Martian - Mailman - Medical Assistant - Technical Assistant - Tourist - Vice Officer - Replicant - Spy
Old Maps:
Donut Station - Devstation - Donut Station 2 - Mushroom Station - Chiron Outpost - Samedi
Old Lore:
Chemical Information‎ - A Crash Course in Legal SOP - Generator Startup Procedure (Old)‎ - Job Information - Old Storyline - Standard Operating Procedure