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Evidently, whistles, harmonicas, and trumpets are craftable.

Now listen closely, for creating a Dynamic Instrument Assembly™ can be difficult.

First, you'll need two valid parts to start with to create a Dynamic Instrument Assembly™. Since we are making instruments, let's review what parts we have at hand.

Part Materials
Body 4x Any Material
Neck 3x Any Material
Mouthpiece 2x Any Material
Bell 4x Metal or Crystal
Bag 4x Cloth or Organic
Hollow Rod 3x Metal or Crystal
Cable Fabricator-Made

So, you got your two valid parts? It's pretty simple from this point forwards.

  • Hit parts together to either form assemblies or add them to an already existing assembly.
  • Once you think your assembly might be valid, whack the assembly with a screwdriver.
  • If you suddenly loathe your chosen part list, whack the assembly with a wrench to dismantle it.

That's it, enjoy discovering combinations of parts! As difficult as they are, we're sure you'll find Dynamic Instrument Assemblies™ quite versatile! If you ever need a hint, try consulting this table:

Instrument Total Number of Parts Number of Unique Parts
Saxophone 4 4
Vuvuzela 3 3
Bagpipes 6 3
Bike/Clown Horn 2 2
Violin 8 3