Making and Breaking

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So, you got comfortable with the game and now want to renovate the Bar and see what sort of cool stuff you can make with all this glass, metal, and cloth lying around. If this is the case, you've come to the right place. There are various ways to create and destroy, listed below.


The automated way of manufacturing items is by utilizing the fabricators. The fabricators work with all sorts of minerals, which can be gathered by the miners or occasionally bought from merchants, but won't accept them outright. Material processors are capable of breaking down a wide variety of objects and ore into processed material bars and are therefore an essential supplement. The three basic minerals - mauxite, pharosium and molitz - can be acquired by inserting standard-issue metal sheets (steel), cable coils (synthrubber-insulated copper) and glass panels, respectively. However, said supplies may also consist of custom alloys or other materials, and recycling these will yield different minerals.

The quartermaster's cargo bay is special for housing almost all types of fabricators right next to each other. These can usually be trusted to have raw materials left, since the standard miner procedure is to teleport everything they don't need for their own laser drills and industrial space armor into the QM's lap.

Portable material processor

While crates full of metal sheets are available from Centcom, they can't be used directly in the fabricators. Likewise, raw ore is unsuitable for manufacturing items. The portable material processor turns them and other supplies into material bars, which can then be processed to make items with an autolathe. Put the materials on the floor and use drag and drop on the materials to load them in the portable processor. Use drag and drop on the processor to set its output to a fabricator, floor tile or crate. Typically, every department that makes use of fabricators has at least one portable processor at their disposal.

General Manufacturer

Also known as the autolathe. Several of them are available on the station, for example in tool storage, the warehouse and research sector, among other places. In theory, it creates many cheap and useful general-purpose items such as tools and basic construction materials for when you need to plug a hull breach in a hurry. In reality, someone will mail vuvuzelas to every corner of the station before the five minute mark.

Robotics Fabricator

Used to create surgery tools and certain implants, prostheses, parts and upgrades for cyborgs and robots. A pair of these can be found in robotics, conventionally enough.

Medical Fabricator

Found in medbay. Can be used to make surgery tools and other basic medical equipment.

Mining Fabricator

Standard mining machinery. In theory, it turns the ore spoils of miners into more effective equipment and blasting charges. In practice, these are used exclusively to create mishandled mining explosives and blastproof robot armor for Syndicate operatives and other sympathizers.

Uniform Manufacturer

Found in customs, the Locker Room on some maps, and on the Syndicate shuttle, of all places. Mainly intended to help mugged crewmen regain their dignity, it creates a limited selection of clothing. You can rip apart bedsheets and towels from the nearby linen bin to get more cotton for the manufacturer.

Personnel Equipment Manufacturer

Found in the Head of Personnel's Office and sometimes Customs as well, depending on the map. It's like the Uniform Manufacturer, but instead of just making clothes, it can also manufacture spare ID cards and access implants. As with the uniform manufacturer, you can rip apart the nearby linens to get more cotton for it.

Ship Component Fabricator

Located in the central pod hangar. In exchange for devouring tons of minerals, they dispense almost everything you could want or need for the labor-intensive pod construction and upgrade work.

Gas Extractor

Found in Engineering, often in the Cold Loop, and the Cargo Bay on some maps. Converts certain ores and metal into canisters and tanks of gases. Super useful for refilling the thermo-electric engine gas loops , creating plasma canisters for anti-Blob attacks, and creating oxygen canisters for repressurising repaired hull breaches.



You can manually construct quite a few objects found on the station using metal, tools and other items, and most of these objects can also be disassembled in more obscure ways. Refer to this if you want to build an AI upload in the cafeteria or disassemble all COMMaster terminals.


Want to fill the station with tiny beeping vermin helpful robots? Look no further!


Certain objects cannot be disassembled without bombs - that doesn't mean you cannot break them though! In this page, you can find out how to make every soda machine launch Grife-O at clueless assistants.


Certain chemicals can be used for making and breaking things. CLF3 for instance can melt floor tiles, whereas thermite burns through walls. Metal foam is convenient for repairing hull breaches.