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General Items (handheld)

Item Image Description
Backpack2.png PersonalSatchel.png
MedicsBackpack.png MedicsSatchel.png
Your main storage space. You can move objects inside it around by click-dragging their sprites. To take it off your back, drag and drop it to an empty hand. You can also rearrange them around by click-dragging their sprites. The satchel is functionally identical.
Fanny Pack
FannyPack.png FunnyPack.png
A backpack you can wear around the waist. Unlike the majority of regular belts, fanny packs can be used to store guns and other normal-sized objects.
Your secondary storage space, which can hold up to seven tiny or small items. One of these spawns in every backpack and fanny pack.
Nice and classy hand-held storage case. Filled with paper sheets and a pen by default. Doubles as an excellent bludgeon.
Illuminates dark areas. Found in emergency toolboxes and the warehouse, among other places. Small enough to fit in a pocket or on your belt. Multiple light sources on your person will stack, lighting a larger area with greater luminosity.
Emergency Glowstick
Also illuminates dark areas, almost as brightly as a flashlight but with a sickly green tint. Just click on it in-hand to snap the stick and create light, but don't fuss around with it afterwards. Often found in Emergency Storage.
Candle.png SmallCandle.png
Like the flashlight, but a little less bright and infinitely more stylish. They also heat the air around them a bit and never go out, which makes them surprisingly good for cleaning up pools of liquid. Can be found in the Chapel and sometimes the Bar, and Cargo can order more of these via Candles Crates.
Paperbin.png Paper2.png
Use a pen on it to write stuff, examine it to read. Click on a noticeboard to pin it there. You can also hold the paper up to a camera to discreetly send messages to the AI. Click on it in-hand to fold it into hat, paper ball, or a paper airplane, click on it again to unfold it!
Sticky Notes
Like paper that can stay on a wall or floor tile. Put the sticky note on the surface first, then use a pen/pencil/marker/whatever to write on it.
Used for writing on said paper/notes, or leaving graffiti on the floor and walls. Variants include the sleepy pen traitor item and I-pen to leave infrared messages that can only be read with the help of Meson Goggles.
Crayon box.pngCrayons.gif
For writing large letters and symbols on walls and floors, like you used to do in kindergarten!
Hand Labeler
For labeling things, of course. Simply click/activate it in-hand to set the label text, and then click on someone or something to add the label. Putting nothing for the label text lets you remove labels. Whatever you put as the label text will be added to the name of the object, in parenthesis. You can usually find one of these in various office supply closets scattered through the station, the Morgue, the Operating Theater, the Chef's Catering supplies locker, or a Belt Hell station.
Rubber Stamp
For adding stamps to paper of course. Click on it to set your choice of Approved, Rejected, X, Void, and Current Time, the latter of which will add the current "shift"/round duration in minutes and seconds.
In iconic red! If you have a stapler in your off hand and a piece of paper in your active hand, and click on another piece of paper, you'll join the two pieces of paper together as a booklet, with actual pages and such. Not suitable for limb reattachment.
Used for cutting hair, removing unsightly bandages, wrapping things for gifts, and/or shanking people to make them bleed.
Razor Blade
A glorified knife for trimming (or growing--don't ask how) facial hair. Excellent for shanking people and spilling their blood everywhere.
Also known as probability cubes to brobocops.
Water Bottle
Get the space dust out of your throat.
Spray Bottle
Versatile liquid-spraying device with a capacity of 100 units. Some of the bottles (such as the janitor's) come filled with space cleaner, a strong cleaning chemical that doesn't leave floors wet. Spray bottles can be used with other liquids as well, and scientists therefore covet these items because they can delivery nasty chemicals into people's faces with them.
Sometimes used by jerks to kill the chef's only friend. You can also hide these in containers such as backpacks or emergency boxes to make traps for unsuspecting victims! For the ultimate party gag, try to combine them with certain other items...oh, the possibilities of a single mousetrap! Make sure to arm it by clicking on it in your hand before putting it down!
Station Bounced Radio
Essentially a handheld transceiver. Less versatile than a regular headset, but it can be clipped to your belt. Found in every emergency toolbox and can be manufactured by robotics fabricators. Cyborgs use these to talk over the radio.
Fire Extinguisher
Useful for firefighting, as an impromptu jetpack and the weapon of choice for seasoned greyshirts. Just remember to disable the safety first and that against any fire which is still being fueled, you won't make much progress. Once emptied, you don't necessarily have to refill it with regular foam either...

Remember, click on a tile, with the safety off, to spray out the foam or whatever's inside and apply it on the turf tile. Click on a person, on either setting (it'll automagically turn off the safety if it's on), while on help intent, to spray them with the extinguisher. Click on them with any other intent, on any other setting, to apply the extinguisher to the face or body area of choice.
Gas Tank
These large tanks hold up to 1013 kPa of gaseous elements. By default, they contain an air mixture (white), O2 (blue w/ white stripe), N2O (white w/ red stripe) or plasma (special sprite). With the exception of the latter, they can be worn on the back slot. Compatible with the connector port of air pumps, air scrubbers, tank transfer valves and gas canisters.
Emergency Oxygen Tank
Works like a regular gas tank with a fourth of the capacity. While these start off nearly empty, they are small enough to fit in the belt slot or in a jumpsuit pocket. They spawn in emergency closets and occasionally in the boxes of backpacks of new arrivals.
Fuel Tank
This small tank has been designed specifically for holding flammable compounds. Consequently, they contain welding fuel by default. Essential component of flamethrowers. Often found in Pod Bays.
Cigarettes and Joints
Cigpacket.png Cigarette.png
Cigarettes come in a couple of different flavours. Regular packages can be bought from vending machines, and joints are created by using a sheet of paper on a cannabis leaf or any other herb. The explosive variety is available to traitors.
Zippo.png / GoldenZippo.png
For lighting your cigarettes, heating beakers or making a light source by attaching it to your belt or pocket slots. Most certainly ranks cooler than an igniter, and any self-respecting detective would agree. Standard steel ones are sold from cigarette vendors, while snazzy golden ones can be brought via Spacebux or earned as arcade prizes.
ECigarette.png / MediVape.png
Creates a roughly 5x5 chemsmoke cloud using 10 units of the chems in the e-cig. By the default, the black ones from the cigarette machines only accept nicotine and THC, while the MediVapes from hacked NanoMeds share a whitelist with the hypospray. Vape clouds can transmit over phone lines. Don't ask or think about how.
E-Cigarette Refill Cartridge
Refills an e-cigarette with nicotine, so you can keep vaping. VapeNation
Miners and botanists have their own type. Drag and drop suitable objects onto a satchel to stuff them inside, for example ore or produce. They also interact nicely with tables (drag & drop), crates, mail chutes and other pieces of machinery. Satchels can be stored on the belt or in jumpsuit pockets.
Water Balloon
WaterBalloon.png Balloon.png
Water balloons can be filled with helium or any other reagent and burst when thrown at somebody. Endless amusement.
Wrapping Paper
The means for making presents, often found in the Bar.
Easter Egg
A mysterious rare egg you can open up to receive a RANDOM PRIZE OF SOME SORT! Woo! Usually, it's just a shitty Cosby sweater, but you can get anything from a powerful mystical object to a BFG!
A Christmas/Spacemas version of the Easter Egg, found in the Debris Field and in the wake of jolly holiday spirits. You can make your own using wrapping paper and scissors, though it'll just have whatever you wrapped up instead of a random object.
Toy Figure
These come in little capsules you can get from the aptly-named capsule vending machine. You may even find rare or special editions! Collect them all! Try smacking them together on different intents!
Toy Sword
A replica cyalume saber, available as a arcade machine prize and Spacebux item. It doesn't retract like the real thing, but it spooks paranoid spacemen all the same. In fact, it's so spooky that it's considered minor contraband.
Russian Revolver
A special gun specifically designed for Russian roulette fun! Click on the gun while it's in your hand to reload it, click on the gun to spin the chamber, and click on yourself or any tile to point it at your head and fire. (No, you can't fire it at others, doofus.) Found in every Barman's office and Mixology supplies closet.
Firework.png / Cloaker.png
Boom! Click on it to prime it. It might explode in a lovely spray of colors and sparkles...or it might just blow up in your face and ruin the floor. Most spawn as trinkets, but arcade machines can dispense purely-aesthetically different versions called decloaking devices.
Sticker Box
Open the box, take one out (you'll need two hands for this), and stick on a floor/wall/door/person whatever. It's that simple! Protip: If you find one you don't like, you can put it back into the box and (hopefully) get a different one! Stickers can be removed with fire. One of these can usually be found somewhere in/near Crew Quarters, and the Captain has a special sticker box in their quarters that has nothing but gold stars.
'BioToys' Sponge Capsule Packet
SpongeToyCapsulePack.png SpongeToyCapsule.png
Take a capsule out of the packet, pour some water on it (or put it in a suitably wet place) , and an adorable Critter will pop out! Available in Sponge Capsule Crates from Cargo.
Camera.png FilmCartridge.png
An instant camera with a replaceable film cartridge (typically good for 10 photos, but can be up to 30). Using it on a person or tile will spit out a picture. Examining the picture will show you the names of all people or things on that tile, as well as anything those people are holding in their hands. The camera can be used in conjunction with thermals to take pictures of cloaked people through the surveillance camera. The Telescience Labs, Captain's Quarters, and Detective's Office all have cameras. The detective has a spare film cartridge in his locker.
Audio log
AudioLogger.png / AudioLoggerV2.png CompactTape.png
A retro audio device for making mixtapes and recording voices, depending on where's stored. In-hand, it records the holder's voice alone; in a backpack or a pocket, a conversation; and in a room, everything said within a range of it.
Lipstick.png LipstickOpen.png
A tube of lipstick for adding color to your lips or writing rude messages on the walls and floors like a crayon. The Chef (or anyone with an oven) can make these just by sticking a capsule and crayon (color of either doesn't matter) into an oven for some time. Click your character (or another person's) and to apply a tinsy bit on your lips. Make sure to stay perfectly still, or there'll be a lot more than a tinsy bit on your face. Permanently.
Baseball Bat
Found, not in the Gym, but somewhere in Maintenance. There's no complimentary baseball, unfortunately, but you play baseball with just about anything with this slugger, because it will deflect anything thrown at you off into a random direction, provided, of course, you can get the timing right.
A super-bouncy ball you use to play Space Basketball, obviously. Careful whom you throw it at though. If they're not ready to catch it (i.e. they're not in throw mode), you might just bonk in them right in the face, taking them out of the game for a while! Has a secret use.
Basketball Hoop
Mount it somewhere by clicking on a wall or similar with it in-hand, and you're ready to play some Space B-Ball! You can score points by throwing a basketball into it from a distance or getting close enough to simply slam the ball into it.
Ouija Board
Allows the dead to send messages to the living. When you're a Ghost, you can click on the board and select one of several randomly-selected words from the pop-up menu. The board will then shake and magically spell out the word you picked for the "benefit" of any living or dead person watching. Great for spooky spectral afterlife pranks.
PinpointerDisk.gif / PinpointerNuke.gif
A little device that points in the direction of an object of interest. The Captain has a red one in their quarters for the nuke disk, the Detective gets a modified red version for blood DNA matches, and the Nuclear Operatives have green ones for their nuclear bomb, with their leader getting an extra red one for the nuke disk.
Vendor Restock Cartridge
A tiny little cartridge that for restocking certain vending machines. When used on a vending machine, it refills all of the items to their original amounts, including any hacked/hidden items.

General Items (large)

Item Image Description
Tank WeldingFuel.png Tank Helium.png
Rather massive type of container typically often found in the maintenance corridors, tool storage and the warehouse. Depending on their designation, they either contain firefighting foam, water, welding fuel, fertilizer or helium. Water fountains come with a limited supply of paper cups, and welding fuel tanks will rupture if heated.

All tanks support drag & drop functionality for certain targets (beaker or similar receptacle, spray bottle, plant pot, mop bucket) as well as the traditional method of drawing from their contents (using a beaker-type receptacle on the tank). Drag & drop can also be employed to transfer reagents from a beaker-type container to the tank.
Closets and Lockers
GenericCloset.png Locker.png
Widely used around the station. Can hold almost anything inside them, and may be secured by an ID lock or with the help of a welding tool. If you see one of them shaking like crazy, that means a person is trying to get out of a welded or locked closet. Doing flips has a chance to damage and eventually break them open from the inside. Traitors have the option to order a floor closet.

Fun fact: If you use a welder on it while it's still open, you'll cut some leg holes into it. That way, when some nerd shoves you in and welds it shut, you'll still be able to move...kinda.
Personal Locker
A common sight in Crew Quarters and Locker Room. Swipe it with your ID (ID in a PDA doesn't work) to unlock and claim it as your own, swipe it again to close it; now only you and you alone can open it. By default, you'll find a backpack, satchel, extra headset, and, for some reason, a remote signaler, but you can stuff with whatever items you'd like.
CoffinNew.png / CoffinFancy.png
Exactly the same as a closet. These can be found in/around the Chapel, and are meant to have bodies of the dearly deceased placed in them. It's mostly used for hiding murder victims.
CrateNew.png SecureCrate.png
Another location to store things or bodies. And like closets, they can be welded shut or locked. On a productive day, miners might use them to send ore to the cargo bay, or crack open abandoned ones with a multitool for a chance at some sweet loot. If you get stuck, use drag & drop (your mob onto the crate) to scoot around it.
ChairNew.png OfficeChair.png
Haunted piece of furniture. People are effectively immobilized when buckled to the chair. Folding chairs can be folded up and carried around, office chairs moved after unscrewing them from the floor. Both can also be climbed and jumped from, perfect for wrestlers!
Bed.png Captainbed.png
Sleepy? Buckle yourself to a bed and use the sleep in command. To wake up, click the rest button on your HUD. Beds are movable, use a screwdriver on them.
Stool.png BarStool.png
Small stool for decoration purposes.
Table.png LabCounter.png
These can either be regular or reinforced, a corner piece, face a certain direction or stand-alone. Not the most formidable obstacle. The Chemistry Lab gets a special version of these that can store loads of items. Can be used for impromptu surgery if the victim patient is unconscious.
Decorative plant that comes in a variety of forms and species. Shake it, and you might find some nice clothes or useful tools! (or smack whoever's hiding behind it).
More zeerust. To call another phone, click on the phone to pick up the handset and choose one of the locations listed to magically dial it. The phone on the other end will ring and vibrate until someone picks up. Once that happens, you can talk over phone so long as you've the handset in your active hand. To end your call, put the handset back on the phone or just walk away to let the phone cord magically pull it back.
Fixed, wall-mounted communication devices supplementing the crew's headsets. Some are tuned in to the general channel, others are set to a department-specific frequency.
Cell Charger
Cell charger.png
The most convenient way to recharge power cells. It will recharge high-capacity batteries (7500+ PUs) much faster than the APC's built-in version.
This handy device is capable of replenishing the battery of almost any energy weapon, stun baton, small power cell and certain mining tools. Located in security, the cargo bay, the mining outpost and other places. For obvious reasons, access to one of these is usually critical for traitors.
Credit Transfer Device
Credit transfer device.png
So, you want to sell bombs harmless goods at the market? Forget paper money! Just swipe the target (i.e. your) ID first and ask the customer to do the same. He or she will then be prompted to enter the desired amount of credits to transfer. No PIN required! (For better or for worse...)
ATM.png / ATMManta.png
If that isn't an option, one of the automated teller machines can be used to either withdraw money directly or transfer a certain amount to your ID card (required to play the slot machine, but mostly obsolete otherwise). Your PIN can be set from the character set-up menu and is otherwise randomly generated at the start of every round; type "notes" to retrieve your PIN.
Slot Machine
Take a break and relax at Roland's Bar and Space Casino! As mentioned above, you won't be able to start the fun without some preparation. Surprisingly profitable.
Arcade Machine
Found in the Arcade. Defeat treacherous monsters and obstacles to win prizes! Lead on, adventurer, your quest awaits!
Robustris Pro Cabinet
A cabinet in the Arcade that you can click on to play a surprisingly well-built Tetris clone. As the Examine text says:
  • Arrow Left & Arrow Right/A & D move the piece left and right
  • Arrow Down/S moves the piece down
  • Arrow Up rotates the piece.

Upcoming pieces are displayed on the right, with topmost being the next immediate piece. Your current score is in the top right, with the game speed current & high score above it. When you get a high score, it'll prompt you a name, which will be prominently displayed in the cabinet's Examine text; high scores also tracked a BYOND page! An slower, less colorful, and generally inferior version with an inexplicable pause button is included with every PDA.

A variety of different fabricators exist, each type serving a particular department. See Making and Breaking for more information.
Portable Reclaimer
Processes ores and other items into raw bars/blocks of material. See Making and Breaking for more information.
Vending Machine
CoffeeVendingMachine2.png PDAVendingMachine3.png
These automated shopkeepers dispense everything from soda to monkeys - as long as you have enough money or alternative currency, of course.
Oxygen Vendor
The pinnacle of NT-capitalism. This vending machine will replace your air tanks with a set amount pure O2 -- provided you've the cash, of course. Cost of fill-up depends on both the amount of O2 you want and the size of the container.
Emergency Pod Fabricator
Creates an emergency pod in about 30 seconds. Despite what the Examine text may imply, these things do not require materials and can create pods ad infinitum. Found in Horizon's public pod bay and Testing Asteroid dock
EmptyCanisterV2.png PlasmaCan2.png
Large storage containers of gas. Smaller tanks can be attached to them, to either draw or put in their contents. They can also be fixed to appropriate connector ports with a wrench.
Meteor Shield Generator
Drag it near a window or external wall and turn it on. It'll create a small energy barrier around that area, which busts up incoming meteors. Depending on the settings, the shield may have a radius of one to six tiles. It normally runs on battery power, but if you screwdriver open the cover, take out the cell, and wrench over it a wire, it can use the station's power grid! They are usually stored in emergency storage and other places around the station.
Ship Alert Button
ShipAlertButton.png TeenyTinyHammer.png
The obligatory big red button. Click on it to take out the tiny hammer, then click on it again to break the glass. Press the button to officially declare a station emergency, which will activate all the emergency lights and send a server-wide annoucement with a goddamn annoying surprisingly loud klaxon. Found exclusively in the Bridge.
Cyborg Docking Station
Found in robotics and sometimes other places. Used by cyborgs to recharge their power and make repairs. Also allows people to change the cyborg's name, appearance, module and power cell, and lets the cyborg install upgrades and put on certain pieces of clothing.
Disposal Unit
As the name implies, they are connected to the pipe network and usually lead to waste disposal, though some of them have been repurposed for deliveries to the morgue, crematorium and elsewhere instead. If in doubt, check the label on the device jump into every disposal unit you see without thinking twice!
Transportation Chute
A special pneumatic chute deliberately designed for transporting people. Just click-drag your sprite onto the chute's to ride. No awkward interface, no waiting for it to re-pressurize, just a fast and easy ride to your destination.
Mail Chute
Mail chute.jpg
The local pneumatic post system extends to every department plus several public areas of the station. You cannot climb into mail chutes without wearing the special suit or being a Monkey or Ghost Drone.
Mass Driver
AMDL.gif MassDriver.png
Launches any items, crates, and/or people placed on it at high velocities, often with the aid of an automatic mass driver loader (AMDL). The Cargo Bay uses these to receive and send crates, the Chapel often has one to send off corpses for burial in space, and Belt Hell systems integrate several of these for intra-station transport.
Washing Machine
While you can remove visible stains from clothes by washing them in the sink, you need this machine to remove those ugly piss/vomit/blood/gib/urine-stained modifiers. Just open the door, load your clothes in, and start the machine. You'll have clean clothes within a few minutes or so. Since it's a space washing machine, it also dries them for you. Convenient!
Swirlie machine. You can put in and take out objects into this thing by click-dragging its sprite onto yours. Don't try to put in more than 7 items at a time though--you might clog it! If you're on Goon RP#1/Motives are enabled, stand over this and use the *pee emote or type say "*pee into the chat command bar to relieve your bladder.
Basically a really big chemical beaker with a 400 unit capacity. The taps unfortunately don't work, but you can fill it with chemical reagents just fine provided you've a suitable container. You also click-drag your character sprite onto the tub's to climb into it, thus applying its chemicals' TOUCH effects. Once you're done, just click on the tub to get out, then click on it again with an empty hand to pull the plug and flush out its contents. Click on it again to insert the plug back in and start another bath. Most of these are unfortunately stationary, but legends tell of a mobile one somewhere in the Adventure Zone...
Sprays water onto whatever/whoever's under it, washing away any visible blood stains, removing paint, boosting hygiene, and creating puddles.
Tanning Bed
TanningBed.png TanningComputer.png
A little machine that lets you change skin color. You use the computer to activate it (shame you can't use it while in the bed) as well as set much time you'll be in there and whether it'll wait a while before activating. By default, it makes you a little bit darker, but you can also pry out the tubes with the crowbar and replace them with funky colored ones to get all sorts of Technicolor skin tones. Just remember to wear the appropriate eye protection for the UV rays and dress...very lightly (good thing there's usually tanning glasses and swimsuits nearby this thing.)
Industrial Cryogenics Unit
Shove a braindead player to keep them safe till they get back into the game, or climb in yourself if you have to be away from the game for 15 minutes or more or leave the round entirely to observe. Found in Cog1's Crew Quarters, Cog2's Assistants' Quarters, and the Arrivals area of Destiny, Clarion, Linemap, and Atlas. On those latter four maps, people who join after roundstart also spawn from here.

Objects and Items
Equipment by Department:
General Objects - Engineering Objects - Mining Equipment - Security Objects - Medical Objects - Science Objects
Pods - Computers - PDAs - Implants - Vehicles
Plants & Hydro Equipment - Foods & Drinks
Syndicate Items - Guns - Grenades - Bombs