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A fun little out-of-game system that rewards you for in-game time with funny out-of-game money for cosmetic things like shiny top hats, funky instruments, and the ability to go limbless. Consider it one of the many ways Goonstation thanks you for spending your precious time here.

Earn It

Spacebux earnings follow a simple rule:

(Part-Timer or Full-Timer Modifier * Base Spacebux Wage * 2) - Penalties + Bonuses

This differs somewhat from what the game itself shows you. The in-game Spacebux pop-up that appears on round-end displays (Part-Timer or Full-Timer Modifier * Base Spacebux Wage * 2) as simply "Base Wage".

Part-Timer or Full-Timer Modifier

Roughly a percentage of Base Spacebux Salary based on when you joined the round, or, in another way, how much time you'd spent playing through the round. If you join before roundstart or within minutes after, essentially sticking around for the whole round, you get the Full-Timer wage, and your Modifier will be 100%. In other words, your Base Spacebux Wage will be unaffected. If you join 8 or so minutes after the round starts however, you get the Part-Timer wage, which will reflect the amount of total round time in which you were present relative to the total length of the round. For example, if you join at 10 minutes and the round ends at 20 minutes, your modifier is 50%.

Base Spacebux Wage

The Base Space Wage all these modifier and penalties change is based solely on your Job, and, coincidentally, it happens to match the in-game credits payouts the job receives (but not always). In other words, the Unionized or Pawn Star traits will not affect Spacebux earnings and neither will the station payroll running out or you getting a raise or pay cut. If you transfer out of a job, you'll get the Base Spacebux Wage of your original role. As with in-game salaries, generally, the harder the job/the more responsibilities it requires, the higher the Spacebux wage.

If you die, regardless of the circumstances of your death, you'll get the Base Spacebux Wage of your original Job. If you're cloned, scientifically/magically revived, absorbed into a Changeling hivemind, and/or choose to Respawn as a Animal, you'll still get the Base Spacebux Wage of your original job.

Base Spacebux wage per Job
Job Base Wage
Captain $2400
AI $1200
Cyborg $600
Head of Personnel $1200
Chef $150
Bartender $150
Janitor $300
Chaplain $150
Botanist $300
Rancher $300
Chief Engineer $1200
Engineer $300
Miner $300
Quartermaster $300
Technical Assistant $150
Head of Security $1200
Security Officer $300
Detective $300
Medical Director $1200
Roboticist $600
Geneticist $600
Medical Doctor $600
Medical Assistant $150
Research Director $1200
Scientist $600
Research Assistant $150
Staff Assistant $150
Clown $100
Mime $100
Boxer $150
Barber $150
Mail Courier $300
Lawyer $600
Tourist $100
Musician $150
Radio Show Host $300
Salesman $300
VIP $2400
Inspector $1200
Test Subject $100
Spy Thief
Gang Leader
Whatever salary your job has.
Nuclear Operative $1600
Blob $1600
Wraith $1600
Wizard $1600


As of now, there is one main penalty: Did Not Escape. While there is technically a penalty based on Station Grade, it doesn't actually take any Spacebux away now. Traitors, blobs, wizards, and all the other Antagonists do not suffer any of these penalties here regardless of whether they escape or live. They also keep their held item.

Did Not Escape

This penalty takes 75% of your Base Spacebux Wage if you didn't make it to shuttle or weren't at CentComm at the end of the round. Unlike with certain antagonist escape objectives, the game actually tends to be pretty consistent on what counts as having escaped. Being in the CentCom area outside of the shuttle counts as having escaped, so you don't have to stay or wait on the shuttle in order to qualify. If it ever messes up, kindly report it to the coders via the Bug Report button in the top left of your game window.

One thing's for certain though: Did Not Escape doesn't factor in whether you were actually alive or not. If you die and your corpse was dragged onto the shuttle, you'll count as having escaped and won't get the penalty. Same business if you die on the shuttle, but aren't gibbed. If you are gibbed, or, as a borg, blown apart on the shuttle (or really anywhere), then you don't count as having Escaped and will get penalized. However, if you're absorbed by a Changeling, you'll count as escaped, so long as said Changeling escaped.

Also, if the round type has another end condition besides the Escape Shuttle docking at CentCom, you don't get this penalty. For example, if you played a Revolution, Nuke, or Blob round, you're exempt from this penalty. If you're the AI, regardless of the round type, you're exempt as well.

In addition, being in cryostorage counts as not escaping. So does being a Ghostdrone.


Crew Objective Bonus

You can earn bonuses to your Spacebux payout by completing your objectives. For every objective you clear, you gain +50 Spacebux. If you complete all your objectives, you earn an additional 100 Spacebux. For example, if you're a janitor, and your objectives are to keep the Bar, Medbay and the Brig spotless, and you happen to complete them all, you'll earn $150 for the objectives and then $100. These bonuses do not get deducted by penalties.

Pilot Bonus

On every escape shuttle, there's an extra fancy-looking blue chair in the "cockpit" area, usually somewhere near the shuttle console. If you're buckled into this chair when the shuttle arrives at Central Command, you get a snazzy extra 500 Spacebux. And you don't even have to do any actual piloting!

Spend It

Those Spacebux are only an intermediate reward. These trinkets and baubles are Goonstation's real gift to you for playing. You buy these at a special screen that appears when you decide to press the Declare Ready button to you join a round (and in the case of late joins, right when you're deciding what job to sign up as).

You can only buy one of these per a round, but they'll persist with you so long as you escape on the shuttle alive. If you're playing a Antagonist, went into the cryo unit, and/or playing nuke/blob/any game mode that can be ended without a shuttle call, you'll still keep the held item. Most of these will spawn in your backpack or similar, sort of like an extra trinket item. Nuclear Operatives do not get their Spacebux items.

Purchasable Items

Item Cost Notes
$50 Allows you to draw cute bees and rude graffiti all over the station floor and walls.
Item box.png
Crayon Creator
$2500 The Stephimatic™ one and only. Create any color of crayon you like, satisfaction guaranteed!
Rainbow Paint Can
$1500 Paint everything with a can of paint whose colors shift with each use. The paint starts out red, then orange, yellow, blue, indigo, purple, and then red again--like a rainbow!
Plaid Paint Can
$3000 Paint everything in a random color with a random plaid design!
Sticker Box
$300 A box full of stickers. There are arrows, hearts, happy faces, sad faces, clovers, and...skulls?
$1000 A handkerchief that you can wipe your face and others with, as well as the ability to preform certain emotes into it (i.e, *sneeze). Comes in a variety of 7 different colors. Can also be used a chem rag!
Bee Egg
$550 Contains one greater domestic space bee egg, space mankind's greatest friend.
$150 A harmonica that plays exquisite jazz tunes that really suit a Brig atmosphere. Pairs well with Jailbird.
Air Horn
$800 A loud, obnoxious airhorn, for when honking a regular bike horn just isn't enough.
Dramatic Horn
$400 A bike horn that plays dramatic-sounding sound clips. Can be made into a Chefbot.
$600 Classical brass instrument that allows you to play custom saxophone songs through a piano-like interface.
$700 An excellent companion to the saxophone.
$700 A classic wooden fiddle that plays some nice folk music tunes. Keep away from devils.
Gold Zippo
$500 What's better than flicking a zippo and lighting like a badass? Flicking a golden one and lighting like a rich badass! Otherwise identical to the ordinary zippo.
Drinking Flask
400$ A drinking flask, usually used for storing alcohol. Drink your worries away, on the go!
Toy Sword
$900 Strike fear into the hearts of men, and see them driven before you with this replica cyalume saber. Perfect for miscreants.
Sound Synthesizer
$14000 Just like the ones Brobocops have, available for both humans and cyborgs! Remember that you can click on yourself to change the sound, and click on the synthesizer to actually produce the sound. Suitable for taking the Clown's job.
$2000 If you can find the right equipment for it, you can play to everyone on the server, like a divine DJ! Maybe it has an epic action track! Or a remix of a classic 80s song! Or perhaps it's just the Tetris theme but with clowns and farts.
Oshan Lab, Kondaru, and Nadir have on-site radio stations that can play these things. Other stations don't, but there's a radio outpost in the Debris Field that can.
Sparkler Box
$1000 Box of five sparklers, which make pretty lights when lit. Fun for parties and other celebrations!
Dabbing License
$4200 Nifty card worn in the ID slot that keeps track of amount of dabs, brain damage and limbs lost through dabbing, and number of times you've dabbed over someone while wearing this. If you're dab that cannot naturally dab, also lets you dab! Proof you abandoned God. Dabs are done through the *dab emote, which works like all other manually-inputted emotes.
Clue Scroll
$3500 A scroll containing a hint for one random ingredient in a random secret chemical recipe! Each hint can only be read once, so feel free to sell it to others.
Pixel Pass
$5000 A pass that allows you to place an additional pixel on the central command memorial canvas at the end of round, as long as you have it on you at round-end. Place your first pixel, then click on the canvas again with the other pixel pass to place it down. Note that you can have multiple pixel passes, obtained by totally legit methods.
Alternate Jumpsuit
$1500 You spawn wearing an alternate version of the jumpsuit associated with your job; if your job spawns with special outerwear (e.g. Geneticist), it'll also become the alternate version. It'll have the same design, but the colors will be opposite/complementary to the usual ones or otherwise just plain silly. The Botanists get red jumpsuits with blue stripes, the Chief Engineer, Engineers, Miners, and Quartermasters get purple uniforms, the Head of Security and their Security Officer underlings get blue jackets, things like that.

There's one for basically every job except Captain, Bartender, Clown, Chaplain, Detective, and all the various roles that are late-join only, like Radio Host or Technical Assistant.

AltClownMasksNew.gif AltClownSuitsNew.gif AltClownShoesNew.gif
Alternate Clown Suit
$200 A clown mask, suit, and shoes set in a different color scheme, available in yellow, pink, blue and, purple. Note that you have to join/spawn as a Clown to get the outfit. If you spawn/join as another job, you won't get the outfit, though you will get the Spacebux refunded.
RucksackYellow-32x32.png RucksackRed-32x32.png
$1400 A backpack reskin (i.e. it has no mechanical advantage over regular backpacks) that randomly comes in red or yellow. It's inspired by backpacks from Fjallraven, a company that markets itself to outdoorsy, adventure-loving types—in other words, perfect for Botanists, Ranchers, and Scientists. If you have the Fish medal, you can also use its medal reward to turn it into its satchel version.
$1500 Also a backpack reskin. Quintessentially Space Japanese: modestly-sized, rather inconspicuous, and designed for schoolchildren. If you have the Fish medal, you can use its medal reward to make it a satchel reskin instead.
Travel Backpack
$1600 A backpack reskin that takes cues from Anello backpacks. The "travel backpack" name is simply a style branding; it doesn't provide more space or weigh less than standard backpacks or whatever, but the aesthetics are perfect for Tourists and other people who love Hawaiian shirts and things that blend red, white, and blue together. It has a satchel variant; just use the Fish medal reward on it (using medal rewards is explained here.)
$1600 Shiny small Itabags. The "Ita" part is Japanese for PAIN, because getting these probably causes pain to the backpack and pain to your wallet. Thankfully, the satchel version is cruelty-free and comes with no extra charge. To obtain it, you simply use the medal reward associated with the Fish medal on the itabag.
Brown Backpack
$500 Your standard backpack (it's even just called "backpack" in-game) but in a rustic shade of brown. If you have the Fish medal, you can use its medal reward to turn it into its satchel version.
Studded Backpack
$1500 Your average backpack, but, like, edgier? If you use the medal reward for the Fish medal on it, you can get yourself the satchel version.
NT Backpack
$600 Instead of the dull light-grey backpack, you spawn with a stylish dark matte grey and blue one. You can even convert it into a NT satchel with the Fish medal reward.
No Limbs
$10000 You start with no limbs at all, so you move veeeery slowly unless you have someone to drag you around, have somebody give you new limbs, or hitch a ride.
Space Diner Patron
$5000 You spawn somewhere in the Space/Sea Diner. If you want to get to the main ship/station, you might want to board the nearby Space Pods/minisubs in the parking area. If you're on a map set in outer space, you can also try calling the Mining Shuttle through the mining shuttle console.
Missile Arrival
$20000 Instead of simply spawning in like a normal person, you enter via a "human capsule missile" that crashes into a room with harmless sparks and debris, similar to Oshan. You can end up in any random place on the station, so long as it normally doesn't block teleportation (i.e. you can't end up in Sec, but you can wind up in the Captain's Quarters), and if it somehow "misses" the ship/station, the missile will try to land again. To counter the fact that you'll be suffocating en-route, you also spawn wearing a breath mask and an emergency O2 tank in your backpack.
$600 You start with an adorable lunchbox (essentially a reskinned box) with three random foods and a note with a pop culture reference. Yummy.
Lil Bird Ghost Creature
$1000 When you die and choose to respawn as a ghost critter, you will either spawn as a tiny little sparrow or robin. Both are color-keyed, meaning that they'll match your character's colors!
Figures.gif BoogieBot.png
Alt Ghost Critter
$1000 When you die and choose to respawn as a ghost critter, you may start out as a boogiebot or a toy figure.
Golden Ghost
$1500 Your ghostly form is piss yellow brass old gold, with a tasteful golden glitter. Makes fantastic non-human ghosts.
Fruit Hat
$150 Guaranteed to be free of the ghost of Carmen Miranda.
Pride-O-Matic Jumpsuit
$1200 You spawn with a pride-o-Matic jumpsuit, a pride jumpsuit that cycles through other pride jumpsuit color schemes when used in-hand. Celebrate tolerance.
Hoodie.png HoodieBlue.png
$1500 Buy the option to wear casual wear to work, when just finding a tracksuit isn't for you. Game randomly picks between the blue and orange versions.
Stripe Outfit
$1400 A relic of a (gladly) bygone era.
Discount Fake Moustache
$500 Won't hide your identity like a real Syndie 'stache and you can't twirl it, but it'll still provide the same villainous style.
Golden Top Hat
$900 The next stage of cranial adornment, suitable for the modern space-faring gentleman/lady. It even sparkles like real gold!
Dancin' Shoes
$2000 With these suave shoes, you can dance more often, since they reduce the cooldown on the *dance emote.
$6000 A frog that is now yours to keep. On round start, it will spawn right beside yourself and you will be prompted to name it whatever you so desire.
Candy Heart Delivery
$2500 A randomly-chosen crew member in the manifest receives a shipment with a single candy heart (i.e. not a box of them, just one) labeled "candy heart (to: [their name] from: [your name])". It's not sent directly to them. Rather, when you spawn in, the game sends a crate, labeled "special delivery ([their name])", with it to the inbound belt in the Cargo Bay (for Nadir, the crate's in the transcepton array queue.), for the QMs to deliver. If something goes wrong, the game will try to spawn it directly in Cargo Bay, or failing that, a random room on the ship/station.
Alohamaton Skin
$4000 Cyborg only (if you respawn as something not a Cyborg, you'll get refunded the Spacebux.) When you spawn as a Cyborg, you'll look like a certain automaton on vacation. This also turns your *snap emotes (Hotkey: Ctrl + Z) into something weird.
AI Hat
$1000 AI only, as the tin says. (if you don't spawn as AI, you'll get refunded the Spacebux.) When you spawn as an AI, you'll start wearing a neat hat. Draws from list of all possible hats!

Transfer It


Giving your farty spaceperson funny money to someone is easy as slipping on the Clown's banana peel. To transfer your Spacebux to someone, find an ATM and choose to transfer your Spacebux. When prompted, enter an amount and select a recipient, shown as a list of BYOND usernames of everyone on the server. After a confirmation prompt, the Spacebux should instantly be transferred over. Easy as that.

If you don't know the BYOND username of the person you want to grant your Spacebux to or simply prefer a more tangible means of currency exchange, you can also use an ATM to dispense a Spacebux token (shown above) worth a custom amount of Spacebux, via similar steps as above. Thanks to imcoder magic, you can redeem a token simply by clicking on ATM while holding one--no need to mess with PINs or cards. However, that also means muggers can take your token and cash it in themselves, so keep them safe!

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