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The Basics

Earning XP

XP is an out-of-game rewards system that gives you XP (that's short for "experience", or rather an abstraction of it) for, basically, doing certain parts of your Job. For example, you'll earn Janitor XP for using certain tools to clean up pools of puke and blood as a Janitor, and you'll earn them only as Janitor. If you do it as a Medical Doctor or Scientist, you won't earn Janitor XP, even though both jobs regularly involve dealing and working with/in messes. While you're unlikely to earn that much without exploits (and there's no point in exploits given XP's practically cosmetic nature), you can earn only a total of 6000 XP each round and are capped to 10 XP every (roughly) minute.

XP is also tracked on a BYOND leaderboard. There isn't a reward for being first or top whatever on the leaderboard aside from bragging rights.

Job Levels

Earning XP raises your Job level. Your job level is one-fifth of the square root of the total XP you've earned, i.e. 0.2 * √(TOTAL XP). Conversely, by simple algebra, that means to get a certain job level, your total XP needs to be at least (LEVEL/0.2)^2 (alternatively (LEVEL*5)^2). Essentially, every level requires more XP than the last.

Level XP Needed
1 25
2 100
3 225
4 400
5 625
10 2500
15 5625
20 10000

Job Rewards

At certain job levels, you unlock cosmetic, quality-of-life-improving, and/or just plain silly rewards. Some rewards are 0-level, meaning they require no XP to earn i.e. they can be redeemed from the start! Otherwise, XP and Job Level have no other in-game effects; levels don't make you do certain things faster or anything.

You can see your Job XP and Job Levels and redeem the associated rewards via the Check Job Rewards command in the Commands tab. You need to be the required job to get the associated job rewards, e.g. you can't get Janitor job rewards as a Medical Doctor for example. Obviously, you can't get job rewards if you aren't actually in-game.

Currently, XP is a work-in-progress. More ways of earning XP and more job rewards are being added, and developers are welcome to suggestions. Do not expect skill trees, XP making you faster/more efficient/better at your job, or anything that would significantly affect gameplay in the future.

Which jobs have XP? Job Rewards?

XP is a little strange. Some jobs have XP systems and Job rewards, but some jobs have only Job Rewards and some only XP sytems.

Job Has XP? Has Job Rewards?
Janitor Yes Yes
Head of Security Yes Yes
Medical Doctor Yes No
Detective No Yes
Captain No Yes
Clown Yes Yes
Botanist Yes Yes
Bartender Yes Yes
Chaplain Yes No
Mime No Yes

Notice how Captain, Mime and Detective have Job Rewards, but no way to earn XP; luckily, all the current rewards are 0-level, i.e. you don't need to have XP at all to unlock them! Notice also how Medical Doctor and Chaplain are in the reverse situation; they have XP systems, but no Job Rewards.

Game Mechanics
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