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Traits are little things that can make your character unique. See also: Genetics Mutations

Some are purely cosmetic like having a funny swedish accent or getting a fancy hat. Some are debilitating, like starting with an addiction, blindness, or not being able to be cloned.

Some cost points to add on, some take away points when you add them on. The idea is to get to 0 - so if you wanted two positive traits, you'd need to take two negative etc.

Name Point Change Description Effect
Robotic Arms 0 Your arms have been replaced with light robotic arms. Both of your arms are replaced with light cyborg arms.
Green Fingers -2 Excess exposure to radiation, mutagen, and gardening have turned your arms into plants. The horror! Both of your arms are replaced with synthlimbs, organic arms that can be reattached without surgery.
Adamantium Skeleton -2 Halves the chance that an explosion will blow off your limbs. Halves the chance that an explosion will blow off your limbs.
Deaf +1 Spawn with permanent deafness and an auditory headset. You spawn with permanent deafness and an auditory headset.
Swedish 0 You are from sweden. Meat balls and so on. You speak with a swedish accent mutation.
French 0 You are from Quebec. y'know, the other Canada. You have the accent (and curse words) of the Space French Space Québécois.
Scots 0 Hear the pipes are calling, down thro' the glen. Och aye! You speak with a Scottish accent mutation.
Chav 0 U wot m8? I sware i'll fite u. You speak with a chav accent mutation.
Funky Accent 0 Give a man a banana and he will clown for a day. Teach a man to clown and he will live in a cold dark corner of a space station for the rest of his days. - Elvis, probably. You speak the king's English...the King of Rock and Roll! You speak with an Elvis Presley accent mutation.
Finnish Accent 0 . . . and you thought space didn't have Finns? You speak with the accent of the taciturn, knife-wielding Space Finns.
Cat Eyes -1 You can see 2 tiles further in the dark. You can see 2 tiles further in the dark.
Infravision -1 You gain permanent infravision. You can see text people have written with infrared pens.
Short-Sighted +1 Spawn with permanent short-sightedness and glasses. You spawn with bad eyesight and a pair of glasses.
Blind +2 Spawn with permanent blindnesss and a VISOR. You are blind and can only see by wearing a VISOR. Your blindness cannot be removed with mutadone or oculine.
Robust Genetics -2 You gain an additional 20 genetic stability. You gain an additional 20 genetic stability.
Stable Genes -2 You are less likely to mutate from radiation or mutagens. Your mutation chance is halved. Most of the time.
NT Loyalist -1 Start with a Nanotrasen Beret as your trinket. You spawn with a Nanotrasen Beret as your trinket.
Petasusaphilic -1 Start with a random hat as your trinket. Start with a random hat as your trinket.
Pawn Star -1 You sold your trinket before you departed for the station. You start with a bonus of 25% of your starting cash in your inventory. The stack of credits you have on you when you spawn is 125% of its normal value. Does affect initial bank balance.
BEEst Friend -1 Start with a bee egg as your trinket. Your trinket is a space bee egg. Adorable!
Smooth Talker -1 Traders will tolerate 50% more when you are haggling with them. Traders are 50% less likely to reject your haggling offer.
Matrix Flopout -2 Flipping lets you dodge bullets and attacks for a higher stamina cost! Your flips now cost 50 stamina, but every flip now gives you a brief quarter-second period where you dodge all melee attacks, bullets, lasers, tasers, phasers, and everything else the game,for whatever reason, considers a projectile.
Happyfeet -1 Sometimes people can't help but dance along with you. When you dance, you have a 33% chance of making others dance too.
Meathead -1 You can take quite a beating! You suffers from brain trauma, though. You have 150 max health but start with 60 incurable brain damage. You'll stumble headfirst into airlocks often.
Athletic -2 Great stamina! Frail body. You have 1.1x max stamina (220 total) and 1.2x stamina regen (12 regen) but 80 max HP.
Big Bruiser -2 Stronger punches but higher stamina cost! Your punches do 1.25x damage than normal but cost 1.25x as much stamina.
Hemophilia +1 You bleed more easily and you bleed more. You have a 300% chance to bleed more.
Slow Metabolism 0 Any chemicals in you body deplete much more slowly. Any chemicals in your body deplete twice as slowly.
Career Alcoholic 0 You gain alcohol resistance but your speech is permanently slurred. You gain alcohol resistance like the bartender, but your speech is slurred.
Addict +2 You spawn with a random addiction. Once cured there is a small chance that you will suffer a relapse. You spawn with an addiction of either: bath salts, LSD, space drugs, THC, psilocybin, cat drugs, or meth. It is possible to relapse.
Strong willed -1 You are more resistant to addiction. Your chance of getting addicted to each of the addictive chemicals is halved.
Addictive Personality +1 You are less refsistant to addiction. You are more likely to gain a drug addiction than normal.
Unionized -1 You start with a higher paycheck than normal. Your paycheck is 150% of its normal value.
Jailbird 0 You have a criminal record and are currently on the run! You are wanted for a random minor and major crime and your status is set to Arrest. Be careful around Beepsky and fear anybody with SecHUD vision.
Clerical Error 0 The name on your starting ID is misspelled. The name on your starting ID is misspelled.
Chem Resistant -2 You are more resistant to chem overdoses. You overdose at 65% higher amounts than normal.
Puritan +2 You can not be cloned. Any attempt will end badly. You will gib once the cloning process is started.
Survivalist -1 Food will heal you even if you are badly injured. Food will still heal you if you are above 10 health.
Smoker -1 You will not absorb any chemicals from smoking cigarettes. You will not absorb any chemicals from smoking cigarettes. You will also spawn with a zippo lighter as your trinket.
Stowaway +1 You spawn hidden away on-station without an ID or PDA. You spawn without an ID or PDA and in a random locker on the station.
Nervous +1 Witnessing injuries or violence will sometimes make you freak out. Witnessing injuries or violence will make you freak out 8% of the time. Doing so will cause a short stun and will make you drop your items.
Human Torch +1 Extends the time that you remain on fire for, when burning. Extends the time that you remain on fire for, when burning, 50% of the time.
Carpenter -1 You can construct things more quickly than other people. You construct things at 2x speed.
Kleptomaniac +1 You will sometimes randomly pick up nearby items. You will pick up nearby items 9% of the time, occasionally chuckling and acting smug all the while.
Clutz +2 When interacting with anything you have a chance to interact with something different instead. When interacting with anything you have a 10% chance to interact with something different instead..
Two Left Feet +1 Every now and then you'll stumble in a random direction. You have a 5% chance to stumble in a random direction when you try to move.
Scared Shitless 0 Literally. When you scream, you fart. Be careful around Bibles! Actually only works on involuntary screaming and not when you use the *scream emote.
Hyperallergic +1 You have a severe sensitivity to allergens and are liable to slip into anaphylactic shock upon exposure. Histamine readily multiplies by itself in your system, to the point where it replenishes itself faster than even diphenhydramine removes it. Be wary of insect stings and other sources of histamine.
Dummy Thick -2 Your buttocks are stubbornly chunky, and they clap together even when sneaking around. Your bumcheeks occasionally clap together when you walk or are dragged about, like in the infamous meme, providing appropriate sounds.

Job Traits

In addition, there is also a subset of traits that certain jobs spawn with. Most give some sort of job-related perk or benefit.

Name Associated Jobs Effect
Medical Training Roboticist
Medical Doctor
Medical Director (sometimes)
You are less likely to screw up surgeries, and when you do, you cause less damage.
Chaplain Training Chaplain, duh You cannot by targeted by various Wraith and Wizard abilities and are immune to various Vampire powers. More details here.
Professional Drinker Barman
Head of Security
You spawn with alcohol resistance.
Security Training Security Officer
Head of Security
You handcuff people faster, escape bucklecuffs quicker, cannot be knocked down by chairflips, and recover from stuns faster than usual, among other things.
Miner Training Miner You can examine asteroids to see what kind of ore is inside.