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What could be worse than a Nuclear Operative or a Spy Thief? Why both at the same time, of course! Introducing the Salvager: a third party, rough and tumble space scavenger looking to steal the sweet sweet copper wire from the station's APCs to make a quick penny. Like a Nuclear Operative, salvagers appear in teams and have their own ship (in this case, the Magpie), but unlike Nuclear Operatives, they make regular returns to their nest, so to speak. Like Spy Thieves, they get (optional) bounties to procure specific items, but unlike Spy Thieves, they're far less picky; they might steal your tools, but they might also steal the walls and windows around them and maybe the door too, because almost everything has some value to them.

Salvagers are an indev antagonist, currently being worked on by Azrun.

That's great and all but what is this place?

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Welcome, to your totally not junkyard spaceship, the magpie! The magpie has a Podbay, Armory, and of course, the trader.

The Podbay has a few premade pods, as well as a special salvager Pod fabricator, which makes pods at absolutely no cost! Which is incredibly useful if you happen to lose your Pod. Below the room is also a few spare welding tools, in case you need to repair any pods. There is also a O2 canister inside the podbay.

The Armory has a few Slam Guns and Zip guns, as well as Pipeshot, .22 LR, and 9 MM ammunition. Better guns and ammunition can be bought via the trader.

To the upper left of the magpie, there is an O2 canister as well as a gas extractor fabricator.

To the upper right of the magpie, is the teleporter, where you come teleported in if you used the handheld makeshift teleporter.

Your gear

As a salvager, you don't exactly get to play with the big boy toys. In fact, you're about as heavily armed as the average staff assistant. Probably less, actually. Don't let that discourage you though, as you still have some makeshift garbage fancy salvager gear that will be useful to your salvaging operations.

When you spawn in, you spawn with a omnitool, salvager rucksack, a makeshift teleporter, and a Salvage Reclaimer, which are all discussed below. You also get a welder and a deconstruction device, covering tool modes your omnitool lacks.

The Omnitool SalvOmniTool.png

Your omnitool has five tools in it, Wirecutters, Multitool, Screwdriver, Wrench, and a Crowbar. Don't underestimate the fact that it's not a Syndicate Omnitool, as your omnitool is very useful. Unlike other omnitools, if used in conjunction with your deconstruction device, the omnitool will automatically switch to the tool needed to deconstruct whatever you are deconstructing, allowing you to rapidly deconstruct machinery.

The Rucksack SalvagerRuckSack.png

Your rucksack is similar to the one the syndicate uses, though now, you have a fancy place to store the frames you stole borrowed from the station. In there, you can store up to eight frames before it becoming full. The frame storage also cannot be removed from the rucksack, because salvager magic.

The Makeshift Teleporter Salvager hand teleporter.gif

Normally, you return to the Magpie by using the Return to Magpie option on your salvager pods, but if you can't do that for whatever reason, this makeshift teleporter is there as a backup. Unlike other teleporters, it takes a very long time to successfully use, so make sure you're in a safe place before using it. Upon a successful use, it teleports you back to the Magpie, expending a charge. To get more charges, you need to insert telecrystals, which the Magpie trader sells. It also rolls a chance to disintegrate completely, forcing you to buy another from the trader. This chance is increased when you only have one charge left.

The Salvage Reclaimer Salvage reclaimer.gif

Lastly, you have another tool made from garbage the very fancy salvage reclaimer. With this tool, you can deconstruct just about anything that is not protected on the station for scrap metal or glass shards, depending on what you reclaim for salvage. The time it takes to reclaim something also varies by what you're trying to reclaim. For instance, reclaiming a door would take longer than a normal ordinary floor tile. The charge relies on a hand cranked system, which recharges 10% per full crank.

The trader


In the magpie is the heart of the salvage operation, the M4GP13 Salvage and Barter System.

If you have plundered some trash salvage from the station, you can hold it out and click on the trader. The trader will then scan that item and tell you its market value. To sell something, the trader functions like any other normal trader and can be sold how you would normally sell things to a trader. The profits are added to a group fund which is shared between all the salvagers.

In addition to selling, you can also buy from the trader. You can buy upgrades to your gear, such as better armor, telecrystals for your makeshift teleporter, and better weapons.

Items the M4GP13 Salvage and Barter System sells

Item Image Price Description
Handheld teleporter to Magpie
Salvager hand teleporter.gif
400 Recovered and repurposed teleportation technoledgy. It works most of the time.
Combat Helmet
Salvager Combat Helmet.png Salvager Combat Helmet Visor On.png
250 The Salvager juggernaut combat helmet is like the industrial space helmet, except it does not slow you down indoors and has more melee resistance (7 instead of 4, meaning melee attacks to the head are lowered by 7). In terms of melee resistance alone, this is better than sec helmets but worse than Armory gear, like blast helmets. Still, this basically makes toolboxes and other items with similar damage almost a non-issue.

This helmet also has a thermal vision mode, toggled by the Toggle Helmet Visor ability in the top left. When activated, it greatly enhances how far you can see in the dark and lets you see people behind walls and using invisibility cloaks. However, it also makes flashes and similar bright lights hurt you more, so don't weld with the visor on.
Combat Armor
Salvager Combat Armor.png
500 A suit of Salvager juggernaut combat armor, which is basically Mining's industrial space armor but better. It shares many of the same stats (e.g. explosion resistance, radiation protection) but has better melee protection (6 rather than 5, so it reduces damage of melee attacks to chest by 6) and ranged resistance (2 instead of 1, so damage from projectiles is reduced by 66%). On top of this, it does not slow you down and provides an extra 25% Body Insulation (Disorient Resistance), reducing disorientation caused by certain stuns. Overall, surprisingly protective, given it's a "heavily modified combination of industrial and military combat gear".
Salvage Reclaimer
Salvage reclaimer.gif
100 Replacement salvage reclaimer. Sometimes you lose things and sometimes people take things...
Radio Channel Upgrade
10 Key to retrofit an existing headset to support Salvager frequencies.
Salvager Goggles
SAV Goggles.png
50 Salvager Appraisal Visualizer. Provides a rough estimate of the value of things nearby.
500 A classic means of manual demolition.
Arc Welder
500 Basically a souped-up version of the welder, with some key differences. First, instead of fuel, the arc welder runs off a self-charging battery; it takes about a minute and half for it to run out when running idle and needs about a minute to recharge from empty to full. Second, because it's electric, its special attack releases sparks, exactly like the stun baton, rather than flames. Lastly, when on, it does 25 BURN, higher than the 15 BURN of the regular version.
Customized Zip gun
Salvager Zipgun.png
350 An improvised firearm made from other firearms. Modified for field repair.
Pump action shotgun
1200 A salvaged and rebuilt pump action shotgun
Survival Rifle
1000 Semi-automatic rifle with easily convertible caliber. Starts in .22 caliber.
Makeshift Riot Shield
700 A giant sheet of steel with a strap. Not quite the acme of defense but it should do.
.22 magazine
200 A small .22 magazine for kinetic firearms.
.22 Hollow Point Magazine
500 A small .22 HP magazine for kinetic firearms. Less penetration and more pain.
Rifle 9mm conversion
500 Survival rifle conversion kit to 9mm
9mm magazine
399 A handgun magazine with 9x19mm rounds.
Rifle 5.56x45 Conversion
969 Survival rifle conversion kit to 5.56x45mm NATO. Not available on the Roleplay servers, i.e. only available on Classic.
Rifle magazine
699 A magazine of 5.56 rounds, an intermediate rifle cartridge.
Grenade Pouch
350 Flashbang and smoke grenades.
Ballistic system
3000 A pod-mounted kinetic weapon system. Not available on ocean maps, i.e. Oshan Laboratory and Nadir.
40mm Assault Platform
5000 A pair of pod-mounted ballistic launchers that fire explosive 40mm shells. Holds 6 shells. You can only buy 5. Not available on ocean maps, i.e. Oshan Laboratory and Nadir.
40mm HE Ammunition
1000 High explosive grenades, for the re-supplement of artillery assault platforms. Not available on ocean maps, i.e. Oshan Laboratory and Nadir.
12ga Flare Shells
250 Military-grade 12 gauge flare shells.
Radio Jammer
2000 A device that can block radio transmissions around it. Recovered from a syndicate vessel.
Door Hacker Assistant
Door Hacker.png
500 A device that when connected to a door panel will determine the function of each wire.
Power Sink and Storage
1000 A device that can be used to drain power and sell it back to the M4GP13.
50 A cheap and dirty stimulant drug.
350 A highly effective and dangerous stimulant drug.
225 Rare space-warping are highly valued and needed for continued salvaging operations.

Items the M4GP13 Salvage and Barter System buys

Item Image Price Description
Processed Material Bar
10 This forms the backbone of the salvage economy. We need it today and others will need it tomorrow.
Material Sheets
1 Metal to glass these are common building blocks of many salvaged goods.
Disassembled Frame
100 Machinery and electronics are highly valued and will fetch a decent price. Price subject to source and quality of product.
Robot Parts
25 There are always a number of groups in need of some robot parts.
200 There are several buyers interested in acquiring this item.
150 There are several buyers interested in acquiring this item.
Trinkets N/A Varies The M4GP13 Salvage and Barter System may also ask for items that are found around the station.

Salvage Station 13 - Playing as a Salvager

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Aside from a hard mode traitor, you are one of the weakest antagonists when you spawn in. As you only have the tools to collect salvage, some zipguns or slamguns, and a fairly weak spacesuit. Overtime however, with the more salvage points you collect and save, you can become a force to be reckoned with. With power comparable to a weaker Nuclear Operative. It's important to remember kills aren't the game, salvage is. As the amount of salvage you have directly affects how powerful you are, depending how you spend that salvage.

Sneaky Salvage

It's important to remember that people won't know your presence immediately, in fact if you stay out of sight and in a dark place, then people may think it's a Spief running around instead of a salvage team. Though there is a few things that could give away your presence.

  • You wear orange. Nobody else wears orange. Any robust player that sees orange will automatically assume that you're a salvager.
    • Your pod is orange too, giving away your presence entirely.
  • You have tools that cannot be acquired by normal means, save for supernatural means.
    • Mainly your... Well everything. Your rucksack, makeshift teleporter, omnitool, and salvage reclaimer cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Your zipgun is relatively quieter than most guns, although .22 is weak. Though it can save you in a pinch or allow for quiet takedowns on weaker opponents. Though you'll probably not be able to stand up to certain people interested in keeping the station unsalvaged.

Sometimes though, your early game may just not go your way. Fortunately, you have a decent piece of trash shotgun for defense. The assgun slamgun!

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