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Security Assistant
Security Assistant
Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: Play 5 rounds, see here for details.
Access Level: Security, Brig, Maintenance, Firearms Carry Permit, Handling of Contraband Permit
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Captain, Head of Security
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Assist Security personnel, learn the in's and out's of Security
Guides: Getting Started, Game FAQ, Space Law, Contraband, Security Officer, this page.
Security, your main base. Just go south from Arrivals, enter the two doors left of the huge fish tank in the hall (Hooty McJudgementowl will usually be at the door—say hi!), and you'll be there.
Security, your main base. Go left from the Bar, past the pool and Crew Quarters, and you'll find it, in all its red and grey glory.
Security, your main base. It's just across the hall from the Bar and a short walk east from Arrivals. If you see two red squares with pictures of handcuffs in them, that means you're at the main entrance.
Security, your main base. It's just a few seconds away from the Bar, specifically southwest of it.
Security, your main base. Located west of Arrivals and east of Cargo Bay, it's almost like Sec's underwater lair.
Security, your main base, directly right of the Bar. That means donuts are literally next door!
Security, your main base. Go south from the Bar, take a left at the Bridge, continue for a bit until you pass the green grass in Hydroponics, and, while you won't see this station's missing architect, you will see the main entrance.
Security, your main base, located in the southeast section of the donut. If you see an arrow and a red square with an icon of handcuffs, that's the main entrance.
Security, your main base. If you're in Arrivals, it's just a straight walk southward.

Welcome to the team, Security Assistant! Nanotrasen is glad to have you onboard. As one of our new trainees, your main task to aid the Security Officers, the Head of Security, and other members of Security. You will often take on the more low-key and less dangerous duties, like ticketing minor crimes or manning the cameras. Since you are geared more towards investigation and coordination rather than combat, you are encouraged to retreat and call for backup rather than fight and make arrests.

The role is specifically designed for players (old and new) who want to get into Security roles, like Security Officer or Detective. Because your duties are pretty low-key, you can learn good security practices without the pressure of protecting the station/ship every minute. Since you're simply a trainee, other people will (or at least should, if they're not jerks) be more tolerant of mistakes, and fellow members of Security will often spare the time to train and teach you. Beyond that, veteran players might still enjoy this role if they crave a relatively chill sec round.

When Can I Play Security Assistant?

Security Assistant requires 5 rounds played. You can play as whatever job you'd like, and what server you played on and whether the server was RP or not don't matter either. The important thing is that a round counts for the timelock if:

  • For both RP and non-RP servers, you connected to the server and declared ready before roundstart
  • For the non-RP servers, you joined the round after roundstart before the 40 minute mark while there was no shuttle on route
  • For the RP servers, same as above but before the 60 minute mark.

If 5 rounds doesn't seem like a huge barrier to entry, that's the point. There's a time requirement in the first place because the role's is a little more intense than more relaxed newbie-friendly roles like Janitor and Botanist, but since it's a trainee role that isn't meant to be too intense, it's a lot lower the requirement for Security Officer, which is 30 rounds. This isn't a knowledge gate; you can still be learning some things! It's just there to make learning other things about this role easier.

By the time you have those rounds, you hopefully have a good grasp of the controls, because if you think trying to learn how to be a good Space Law enforcer is hard, imagine trying to learn it when you don't even know how to put on a pair of shoes or what a Traitor is, much less whether a Traitor should get jailtime or fines for stealing shoes--and imagine how hard it is for your teacher! Moreover, the work environment is somewhat dangerous, since you can expect to see combat and maybe die, and people sometimes have unrealistic expectations of you, both things you probably won't like when starting out.

Basically, the timelock is there to help ease you into a role that, while relatively low-profile compared to full Security roles like Security Officer or Detective that have much more responsibilities, can still be fairly challenging (in multiple ways) and demands more from you than something like say, Chef. It's not about producing someone who has encyclopedic knowledge of game mechanics or an exemplar rules-abiding citizen, but knowing a few things about the game and being familiar with the Goonstation's Rules definitely still helps.

Your Purpose

Your main job is to help other member of the Security team, be it Detectives, Security Officers, or even other Security Assistants, in ensuring the safety and order of the station. This usually entails handling the more mundane (but no less necessary) aspects of Security work, like petty crimes or prisoner releases; certain duties like dealing with top priority threats are best left with to Security Officers and such, who have actual weapons. Specific duties may include:

  • Ticketing/fining vandals, drunkards, and other small-time trouble-makers
  • Setting a person's status with the Secmate.
  • Getting food for other personnel.
  • Manning the front desk.
  • Shadowing more experienced security members doing their job.
  • Searching for evidence in at a crime scene.
  • Looking through the security cameras for a suspect.

Starting Out

When you arrive, you'll be equipped with SecHUD shades, a sec radio headset, and a security pouch with flashes, handcuffs, security whistle, and ONE donut inside. To use the Security channel on said headset, press Y and select the Security channel. You can also press T and add :g before your message. In order to ease you into Security, you don’t have much as the cool stuff that the Security Officers have, but, you will barely go into combat anyway, and you will most likely only be arresting small violators. You should still be mindful and you should not brutally flash someone’s innocent eyes or brig anyone that does not warrant a arrest (which you most likely won’t be doing anyway).

You also start out with an assistant's requisition token which, when used on a security weapons vendor, gives;

  • SecurityBarrier.png Energy Barrier: An energy weapon that will expand and become a shield when activated inhand. Use disarm or harm intent and click a far-away tile to form an energy field that reflects projectiles.
  • Ticketwritersmol.png TicketWriter 2000: An authentic ticket writer which lets you ticket the ticketed with fashion.

You also spawn with a handy Security PDA. Don't be put off by its decidedly 90s interface; it's packed with more useful features than you think:

  • It adds a Security Crisis Alert button to the top left of the screen, replacing the flashlight. Activating the Security Crisis Alert sends an urgent message sharing your location to all Security, Engineering and Medical PDAs.
  • Your PDA contains a handful of useful apps, accessible via the files screen:
    • Secmate Scanner: Lets you instantly pull up someone's Secmate record, without having to go through the desktop's command-line-style menu. Simple click on the app name while you're in the files screen and then click on the person you whose record you want to read. Great if you need to get someone's record but there isn't Security Computer nearby.
    • Ticket Master: Makes tickets, like the TicketWriter 2000, but it can also issue fines. Fines are more punishing than tickets, as they automatically deduct money from the recipient's bank account. Since you're just a trainee, all your fines have to be approved by either the Captain, Head of Security, Nanotrasen Security Consultant, or Head of Personnel; approval in this case means they need to authorize it on their copy of the Ticket Master app.
    • Port-a-Brig Remote: Calls up and sends away the Port-a-Brig, a convenient method of transporting detainees to Security for processing.
    • Security Records: Read Secmate records on the fly.
    • Forensics Scanner: Like your standard forensic scanner but without a search function. Like the Secmate Scanner, you need to click on the app name to activate it; after this, you can click on someone/something with your PDA to gather forensic information.

Operating a Security Records Computer

Secputer.gif Using a Security Records Computer is an overlooked but integral practice all Security assistants should learn to perfect. Procedures in using one depend on your goal, be it searching for fingerprint matches to setting someone to arrest, but the general procedures are to;

  • Open a Security Records Computer
  • Put your ID card into the ID card slot
  • Type in "login"
  • Type in "secmate"
  • If you're searching for someone, type in "02"
  • Type in the name, fingerprint, or DNA sample of your subject
  • Type in the corresponding number for the certain function you want to do with the subject and follow the in-computer instructions.
  • Press "0" until you log out and take out your card.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. Security Assistants can expect to see the following:

Keep Monsieur Stirstir brigged but also make sure that he comes to absolutely no harm.

See that monkey in the Brig with the prisoner orange jumpsuit and beret? His name is Monsieur Stirstir, and, for classified reasons, you need to protect him. When the round ends, he has to still be in the Brig, and he must be alive and perfectly healthy, with no OXY, BURN, BRUTE, or TOX. You don't have to actually restrain him or anything, but watch out: some antags might get an objective to free him! You ought to ask the big boys and their head honcho if that's happening.

Completing this objective for the first time gives you the "Monkey Duty" medal. This unlocks a "Colorful Beret" skin, which gives some snazzy headgear, so you have a fashion sense as keen as the monkey you bodyguarded.

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