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It's time to step into the ring, Wrestler. With five simple moves and some unique perks, you'll learn what it really means to expect the unexpected in the true kingdom of madness, Space Station 13!


The Wrestler comes in two distinct flavors and can refer to either a traitor with a wrestling belt or a separate, somewhat rare Antagonist role that appears in both forms of Mixed and inherently possesses the same capabilities. The latter is often used in Admin gimmick rounds, sometimes for a station-wide tournament or alongside an amusing Critter transformation.

Both roles have the same set of wrestling moves, none of which can be executed while unconscious. All moves marked with an asterisk require manual target selection if there's more than one person adjacent to you.

Icon Name Cooldown
While stunned? While handcuffed? Description
WrestlerIconKick.png Kick* 30 seconds Kick somebody away from you. Good last-ditch move to use if you're about to be arrested or already handcuffed.
WrestlerIconStrike.png Strike* 25 seconds Knock somebody down briefly. Generally employed as a precursor for drop.
WrestlerIconDrop.png Drop* 35 seconds Climb onto nearby objects (when available) and smash onto a prone opponent. Will gib corpses.
WrestlerIconThrow.png Throw 30 seconds Spin somebody around to throw them across the room. Requires an aggressive grab.
WrestlerIconSlam.png Slam 35 seconds Slam somebody into the floor. Requires an aggressive grab, though grappling the target more firmly also increases the severity of the resulting injuries. Neck grab will gib corpses.

In addition to these fixed abilities, there's a variety of assorted actions (both minor and significant) that tie in with various game mechanics, in particular the *flip emote:

  • Chair-flipping into or suplexing somebody deals extra damage, but doesn't stun you or drain any stamina.
    • To chairflip: stand on the same tile as a chair and click-drag yourself over it while on grab intent to climb onto the chair, then flip.
    • To suplex: grab somebody aggressively, then flip.
    • Both moves can be used to gib corpses, or in other words ensure your victims stay dead.
  • You can jump onto tables in the direction you're facing.

Unrelated to the emote:

  • Punching somebody can send them flying a respectable distance.
  • Folded chairs can be re-purposed as a formidable blunt weapon.


  • You can reduce the cooldown of the moves with anything that improves your overall stamina or stamina regeneration rate, such as stimulants (coffee, sugar, meth etc) or permanent enhancements (a cyberheart in most cases).
    • Of course, meth and similar drugs come with other benefits too. They will make you recover from stuns much faster, and some even boost your movement speed.
  • Chain your attacks properly. Kicking or punching somebody away from you can get you out of tough situations, but is less ideal if you want to follow up with other moves. Throw and slam won't do you any good without a firm hold, and are generally difficult to pull off if the target isn't stunned. Drop only works on prone opponents and is therefore best used in combination with strike.
  • Consider carrying a taser or any other type of ranged weapon as a backup. You can feasibly keep two attackers at arm's length, though larger mobs may quickly become impossible to control.
  • The belt (if you need one) retains the functionality of a normal utility belt.


A skilled wrestler can be a force to be reckoned with, however even a novice shouldn't find it too difficult to reliably overpower and finished off lone targets. Taking on the entire station or just a small group of determined and well-equipped enemies can be hard if not impossible without proper preparation (hard drugs!) and an above-average level of robustness. Don't be afraid to break contact if you're unable to handle the heat. There's no shame in retreating if you can live to fight another day.

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