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Werewolves are savage creatures that can shapeshift between a human form and a humanoid wolf form cursed with a insatiable hunger for fresh human flesh--specifically yours. Originally admin antagonist oddities created for who knows what, these Mixed- and random-event-exclusive beasts went through several iterations before finally becoming the ferocious melee powerhouses they now are. Similar to changelings, werewolves spawn with an objective to feed on a certain amount of crew members, usually 10, sometimes less depending on the population.


So, you somehow ended up as a werewolf? Great! Well, no, not really great. You only have around 7 (perhaps more, perhaps less) minutes before you forcibly turn into a werewolf, so you better get somewhere private quick! You'll know you're about to transform if you start shivering and collapsing onto the floor in weakness. Once you turn, you will howl loudly, broadcasting your presence to practically everyone on the station, but will finally gain access to all these awesome powers:

Icon Name Cooldown (default) Usable while stunned or weakened? Usable while handcuffed? Description
WerewolfTransformIcon.png Transform 90 seconds Switch between your human and werewolf form. While you can shiftshape only every minute-and-half or so, the transformation itself takes 5-10 seconds. During this time, you must be standing still and must not being performing any other actions, lest you interrupt the transformation.
WerewolfMaulIcon.png Maul victim 30 seconds Tear apart and eat an adjacent downed (e.g. unconscious on the floor, in a grab) victim limb by limb, until their body has been stripped of all meats. If you dine on them for at least 20 seconds, you gain some moderate boosts to max stamina and stamina regen, reduce ability cooldowns, gain points for your objective, and, depending on the species and condition of the body, may also heal some or all of your brute and burn damage. Corpses, bodies with less than -150% HP, and monkeys restore less health, with the last not giving any points or bonuses. Obese people, predators, shamblers, and, disturbingly, other werewolves restore more usual. Clowns...do interesting things. The entire feast lasts around 30 seconds, and if you or the victim moves, the feast is interrupted, though you can still get the bonuses and points.
WerewolfTaintedBiteIcon.png Tainted Bite 200 seconds When this ability is activated, all of the reagents in your bloodstream are instantly cleared out and placed in a temporary saliva reservoir. For about 30 seconds, every time you attack, whether it's through an ability or just a regular attack, you transfer about 5 units from this reservoir into the victim.
WerewolfHowlIcon.png Defensive Howl 200 seconds Howl at, presumably, the the Ice Moon, for roughly 15 seconds. Activation of this ability will completely extinguish yourself if you're on fire. During this time you will have a high chance to dodge melee attacks.
WerewolfPounceIcon.png Pounce 10 seconds Jump at someone (or something) up to 10 tiles away in the direction you are facing, attacking anybody in your path and knocking them down onto the floor. Great for getting into melee range or escaping a dangerous situation!
WerewolfThrowIcon.png Throw 30 seconds Grab a target, spin them around, and throw them across the room, like a Wrestler's Throw. Unlike a Wrestler Throw, this does not require an aggressive grab or any grab at all.
WerewolfThrashIcon.png Thrash 40 seconds Spin around, flailing your arms at all adjacent targets, knocking them down for a good while and dealing moderate damage. Useful you're downed and/or getting mobbed.

In addition, werewolf form itself has several useful perks:

  • Permanent thermal vision.
  • Permanent regeneration.
  • Significant stamina boost.
  • Fairly resistant, but not immune to stuns. You could for example weaponize a segway!
  • Shackles and regular, non-silver handcuffs are not a problem, since you can rip them apart instantly.
    • Transformation from man to wolf also destroys them and can be done when stunned, cancelling out all effects to boot. A nasty surprise for security provided they aren't aware of your true nature yet.
  • Almost every door can be pried open, breaking it permanently as if emagged. You can also instantly smash through windows and grills.
    • Wearing an ID card overrides this ability if you could open the door in question normally.
  • Grabbing will always result in an aggressive hold, so you can throw your victim around or suplex them with one click.
  • Disarming somebody will stun and knock them down for a short amount of time.
  • Both disarm and harm attacks can make the victim bleed.
  • Eating hearts and lungs will restore a minor bit of health.

The harm intent in particular has several applications:

  • While you can throw punches powerful enough to propel your victim across the room, it's a somewhat dicey proposition. If somebody charges you with a melee weapon, better use disarm for an guaranteed knockdown.
  • Bashing the victim is a good way to wear down their health and ability to fight back, but be careful not to rough them up too badly! Mangled bodies don't provide as much nourishment.
  • Like shambling abominations, you can deal a lot of damage to cyborgs and critters by punching them. Werewolves are not human, so this is a useful power to have.


  • Werewolves are warded off by aconite (aka wolfsbane) flowers. You can't walk over aconite flowers or pick them up, and if you try to drag one around, you get a good bit toxin damage.
  • In fact, if you get smacked with an aconite flower, you suffer boatloads of toxin damage and lose huge chunk of stamina.
  • Werewolves are also weak to silver, specifically in the form of silver bullets and silvercuffs.
    • Unlike with regular handcuffs, you cannot use your sheer brute force to break out of silver handcuffs. Instead, you have to press the Resist button and stand still for 45 or so seconds, like a regular non-werehuman.
    • Being shot with silver bullets deals extra burn damage on top of the bullet's regular brute damage, and having them lodged in you deals extra toxin damage. Though you can regenerate the burn damage somewhat, you cannot regen the continual toxin damage, which may force you to temporarily revert back to human form to remove the bullets or simply stop the damage.
  • Werewolves can't wear jumpsuits, exosuits or shoes. They still move at normal running speed regardless.
  • Dealing with gun-wielding opponents is a challenge due to the complete lack of ranged attacks. Guardbuddies and Securitrons tend to hate you as well.
  • Werewolves are just as vulnerable to extreme temperatures, suffocation or poisons as everybody else.


Don't overestimate your powers. You may in fact be the weakest of the antagonist roles. Sure, your strength will quickly overpower and maul an opponent in melee, but you're poorly equipped against a mob or any sort of armed response. Furthermore, the wolf-like form is completely useless for stealth and will attract the attention of everybody in no time. It's best to avoid the frequented areas of the station and prey on crew members one at a time.

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