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Implants are subdermal devices injected into a player using an implanter or implant gun. They can also be removed surgically - please refer to Doctoring for more information.

Science/Medical Implants

Machine Translator

Allows humans to communicate on the secure frequency used by the AI and cyborgs by adding :s before their speech. Good for clandestine communication with a subverted AI, or keeping in touch when regular radios fail.


The coordinates of anyone implanted will appear on a space GPS, allowing said GPS to point people to their location, and their name will show up on the list of destinations for the teleport computer, allowing people to teleport right on top of them. When removed, sends a message to the AI and all Security PDAs notifying its removal, formatted as "TRACKING IMPLANT LOST: [implantee] [coordinates] in [area]". Available on the bridge, security and telescience.



Monitors the implantee's health and replaces the default health indicator with a more detailed readout. In addition, the implantee can tell at a glance if they have radiation sickness, because they'll see a radiation status effect; normally this is invisible. When the implantee is in critical condition, the implant alerts medical PDAs of their damage levels and their general location. When the implantee dies, the implant sends an alert noting where they died and whether or not they were scanned in the cloner. In both cases, if the implantee also had a tracking implant, it also sends their specific coordinates. Those wearing ProDoc Health Goggles can tell if someone has one of these based on if a little red "+" shows up over the health indicator over the person's head.

Unlike several other implants, when receiving the implant, implantees get a message along the lines of:

You feel more in-tune with your body.

Mind Protection Health Implant

The Captain, the Head of Security, the Nanotrasen Security Consultant, and all Security Officers start with a special version of the health implant called a "mind protection health implant" that sends death alerts to Security as well as Medical PDAs. It also blocks injection of mindhack implants and their deluxe version. It does not prevent being mindhacked by a mindhack cloning module.

Mind protection health implants are always destroyed after the sending the death alert, unlike regular health implants.

Health - Security Issue

Security Assistants get a standard security issue health implant that sends death alerts to security, but does not provide mindhack protections.


ClonerImplantedHeartOverlay.png CloningMachineScannerOffV2-32x32.gif

Cloner record implants are dispensed into each person that gets a cloning scan and ensure that the patient's cloning record updates in real-time. They will not, however, send the automatic alerts to medical PDAs like the health implants do. Instead, they will simply update the cloner record to show the damage that a person has accrued.



Has a large variety of effects, depending on origin. Implants can be one of three subtypes: Beneficial, gimmick, or harmful. Effect is generally unknown until enough time has passed to intuit the type. Along with other non-health implant types, it can be seen indicated on ProDoc Health Goggles by a small orange icon on the top left of a health indicator. Individual effects can be found on the Artifact Research page.


Grants implantee access to certain areas, as granted by a Head of Personnel, essentially working like an implantable ID card. Temporary Access ones have 8 charges (e.g. unlocking 8 doors), while the Permanent Access ones you get from hacking a Personal Equipment Manufacturer have essentially infinite. To configure the access on you, you insert them into an ID computer and set the access just like a regular ID card.


Formerly known as "loyalty implant". They're primarily used in the revolution game mode, where they have different effects depending on whether it's used on Non-Revolutionaries (crew who have not been converted to the revolution, excludes Security or Heads of Staff), Revolutionaries (people who have been converted to the revolution), or Head Revolutionaries (leaders of the revolutionaries)

  • Non-Revolutionaries: Prevents them from being converted into a Revolutionary through melee beatdowns and regular flashes. They can still be converted with a Revolutionary Flash, but even then, the process is significantly slowed down. When viewed with SecHUD vision, the implanted has an L (LoyaltyImplantedIcon.png) in top right corner of their sprite.
  • Revolutionaries: Same as above, but it'll also try to "de-rev" them by periodically inflicting chunks of BRUTE and BURN damage until they reach critical condition, upon which it removes their Revolutionary status and heals them back into roughly quarter health, more if they already had BRUTE/BURN-healing meds in them. More implants mean higher damage and thus faster de-reving.
  • Head Revolutionaries: Briefly stuns the Head Revolutionary and outs them as such with the message "[name] seems to resist the implant". They are still a Head Rev, but anyone wearing a SecHUD will be able to see this person marked with a big blue 'R' (HeadRevIcon.png)

Unlike in other places, these do not remove antagonist status for any other antagonist or allow you to use Sec gear.

A box with six of these, fittingly labeled "counter-revolutionary implant kit", can be found in Armory of every station, and there's always 4 more in each SecTech and Counter-Revolutionary Kit. A second box of six can also be found near a Confiscated Items crate in Cogmap2 and on the center table next to a box of spare cuffs on both Cogmap1 and Oshan. Cogmap1 also has a third box of six in its Bridge.

The Head of Security, Security Officers, and Detective do not start with these. Their "can't become a revolutionary" ability is innate. Codewise, it's not tied to a trait or another implant or anything; the rev flash code simply checks if the target is one of these roles.


When you're below 40% health, this implant will inject you with 10 units of omnizine every 30 seconds or so. If you reach critical condition, this implant will go into maximum overdrive, injecting you with a healing cocktail of 25 units of omnizine, 20 units of salbutamol, 20 units of teporone, and 15 units of epinephrine. However, this deactivates it and renders it useless in the process. Having a Robusttec implant will give you a somewhat persistent omnizine addiction but it won't go into withdrawal unless the implant is removed.

Very rare. The only one in the Debris Field is in some abandoned medical shuttle with loads of robots who'll inject you with something considerably less wholesome if the drones don't get you first, while the ones in the Trench are in some obscure corner of a surprisingly intact underwater prison and a few, far more decrepit, abandoned outposts.

Do not confuse with rotbusttec.


Has nothing to do with the Robusttec. Basically, an anti-rot implant. When the implantee dies, the implant injects them with formaldehyde, aka embalming fluid, which keeps their body fresh enough for revival through cloning and strange reagent, as well as temporarily preventing a Wraith from absorbing your corpse. Can be fabricated at both medical and robotics fabricators.

Chest Item Implant


Allows you to use whatever item was inserted into your chest when you get hit in the chest or fart. Absolutely, completely unlike any of these other implants, except in the general principle of "something inside your chest that's actually useful". Rather than being inserted into the chest through a simple implanter or implant gun, the item is surgically added using special highly invasive medical procedures, and is removed in a similarly invasive surgery.

As said before, getting punched, shot, or otherwise attacked in the chest will activate the item. It doesn't matter by who; punching yourself will activate your item, so hitting yourself can a viable strategy.

Because Goonstation wouldn't be Goonstation if it didn't, *farting will also activate the chest item. If it wasn't secured with sutures during the implanting procedure, the chest item will also be shat out onto the floor, dealing some brute damage (which is called "poopDamage" in the code) depending on the size and sharpness of the item. Particularly sharp or blade-like items will also remove the butt in the process.

Unlike other implants, this does show up on health scanners, with the message "sizable foreign object located below sternum".

Only items of from size tiny to normal, from flashlights to boxes, can be implanted. Things like saxophones, pills, drinking glasses, and other things that already have an effect upon applying it to a player cannot be implanted. (Consider this less a feature and more a long-standing bug that's difficult to fix.) Cloaking devices cannot be implanted, on account of majorly unfun, virtually uncounterable murdersprees by users who implanted the device into their chests for easy reactivation with practically zero risk of losing it.

Antagonist Implants


Lets you escape from handcuffs or shackles.


Sends a configurable radio signal.


The ultimate "Fuck You." Upon death, causes a small explosion that gets larger for every microbomb implanted, with some RNG affecting the explosions strength. Using the suicide command will more likely than not cause the bomb to not detonate, although succumbing whilst in crit, biblefarting, or other lethal methods will still cause detonation.


Turns someone into your loyal underling for 20 to 30 minutes. If the person you mindhacked disobeys your orders, make sure to admin help.

Deluxe Mindhack

Like above, but doesn't wear off (unless removed).

Flyzapper Implant

Upon death, electrocutes people nearby and causes surrounding machines to shock people. Effects scale with number of implants.

Wasp Implant

Makes wasps (and a few other plant-like creatures) not attack you unless provoked, causes you to spawn wasps upon death.

Marionette Implant

Mess with someone in small but potentially significant ways.

Discontinued Implants


Like a Microbomb, but multiplied by 12. Costed 12tc and would create a huge explosion upon death. Removed due to encouraging people to kill themselves round start and blow a huge hole in the station with little difficulty or fun.

Security/Security Access

Tasers used to backfire on you unless you had one of these. Security implants were eventually scrapped along with implant locks. Freedom implants also let you use tasers, but because they had another use, they still exist.

Blood Monitor

If the implantee died, the blood monitor was supposed to alert the medical staff by updating their medical record. These were nigh-useless, as no one ever checked said records. Superseded by health implants.


Made someone into a loyal underling bound to your will. Never expired, but it didn't work on certain people.


You know how those revival syringes used by Gangs are called JankTank II? This is the JankTank I, so to speak, and rather than bringing someone from the dead (with caveats), it offers healing, tag spraying, and combat bonuses but has crazy withdrawal effects, sometimes stunning the implantee and causing TOX damage. This still exists, though it is more or less disabled.

More specifically, it offers the following benefits at the cost of occasionally (10% chance) causing jitteriness:

  • Provides healing: every few seconds, it also reduces bleeding and misstep and heals 2 BRUTE & 1 OXY, with a good chance (60%) to also heal 1 TOX, 1 BRUTE, and 1 OXY.
  • Lessens some of the slowdown from being injured.
  • Cuts down spraying speed by a few seconds.
  • Reduces the duration of incoming Stunned, Knocked-down, and Unconscious debuffs by 40%.

It lasts about 6 minutes and can be extended to 18 minutes with more implants. When the implant runs, it causes withdrawal for about 10 minutes, and makes implantees sometimes (20%) visibly and violently twitch and become more jittery, semi-rarely (15%) gain 1 TOX damage, and occasionally (10%) suffer 2 seconds of Stunned. Lore-wise, the drugs are going straight into your synapses, which mechanics-wise means there's no chems to extract.

Back when it was buyable, the price started at 300 points, but price increased to current price * 1.1, rounded to the integer, with each purchase (i.e. 300->330->363->399, etc.) The price increased for every gang.

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