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All crewmembers begin with a PDA, loaded with special tools and programs depending on what your starting assignment is. PDAs can be bought from CartyParty vending machines. Certain jobs may find their PDA more useful than others. Traitors generally acquire their gear with their PDA. Also contains a writing utensil based on your assignment.

After an ID card has been inserted, PDAs can be worn in the ID slot to free up Inventory space.

Basic Functions

  • Notekeeper: Allows you to make text notes and save them. On an unlocked Syndicate PDA, this will instead bring up a list of available items to purchase.
  • Messenger: Scan for other PDAs and send them text messages, set custom ringtones, or look at your past messages. If your PDA is in your belt, pocket, or lapel, you can see what incoming messages are in the chat window and directly reply without having to pull out the PDA. By default the PDA is set to Messaging On; turning it Off will not allow you to send or receive texts but will also prevent you from being the victim of a Detomatix missile.
  • File Browser: Browse files in the PDAs internal drive or on the inserted cartridge. Job specific programs are loaded on the cartridge. Programs can also be deleted or moved about as memory permits.
  • Atmospheric Analyzer: Shows the composition of gas in the area around you.
  • Flashlight: Activates the PDA's module, typically a flashlight.
  • Crisis Alert: Allows you to send an emergency call along with your current position to all medical, engineering, security, or janitorial PDAs.
  • Supply Request: Order supplies on the go. Don't expect QMs to actually deliver them if there isn't a cargo pad, belt hell dock or MULE beacon nearby.
  • Robustris: A program in the internal drive of all PDAs. A game coded while under the influence of space drugs. If you manage to beat it all the secrets of 2D SpaceMan game will be revealed.
  • Space GPS: Shows you your own coordinates like a more limited version of the full featured Space GPS device.

PDA Scanners

Most PDAs have special scanners which allow them to act as a certain scanner you would normally use.

Some PDAs are capable of switching between different types of scanners. Selecting the appropriate file from the cartridge will change the scanner.

PDA Modules

PDAs have modules which can be changed by using a screwdriver and a crowbar on it. Most PDAs start with a flashlight module.

Engineers start with a special T-Ray Scanner module in place of a flash-light module in their PDAs.

Security Personnel start with a special Security Alert module which sends an alert to other Security members that there is a crisis at their location.

High-power flashlight modules that provide much brighter light can be purchased from CartyParty vending machines. Golden ticket machines also offer unique modules that illuminate a larger area than high-power modules, with same intensity, and change color every time you activate it .


An asterisk (*) indicates that the cartridge is available for purchase from CartyParty vending machines. Some of them are only available if you hack the vendor.

Starting Cartridges and programs

Cartridge Starts with Ticket Master Supply records Security records Medical records Forensic scan Health scan Reagent scan Securitron access Signalix 5 Other programs
AI Internal PDA Cart AI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, AtmosAlerter, Crystal Bazaar , Port-a-Brig Remote, Port-a-Sci Remote, Port-a-Nanomed Remote, P-Medbay Remote, MULE Bot Control, Ping Tool, Packet Sniffer, Packet Sender, Power Checker 0.14, Rockbox™ Cloud Status, SpaceWire Filesharing
Cyborg Internal PDA Cart Cyborg Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, AtmosAlerter, Crystal Bazaar, MULE Bot Control, Ping Tool, Packet Sniffer, Packet Sender, Power Checker 0.14, Rockbox™ Cloud Status, SpaceWire Filesharing
Value-PAK Cart Captain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, Station Namer, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display
R.O.B.U.S.T.E.R. Head of Security, NTSC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, Port-a-Brig Remote, Secmate Scanner, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display
CaterCoordinate + Head of Personnel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, Mop Locator, Plant Scan, Power Checker 0.14, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display
EngineDaemon Ultimate Chief Engineer Yes Yes Yes Yes AtmosAlerter, Device Analyser, Manifest, Material Scanner, MULE Bot Control,Packet Sender, Packet Sniffer, Ping Tool, Power Checker 0.14, Power Controller v1.0, Rockbox™ Cloud Status, SpaceWire Filesharing
SciMaster Cart Research Director Yes Yes Yes Crystal Bazaar, Manifest, Port-a-Sci Remote, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display
Med-Master Medical Director Yes Yes Yes Manifest, Port-a-Nanomed Remote, P-Medbay Remote, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display
R.O.B.U.S.T.* Security Officer, Security Assistant Yes Yes Yes Port-a-Brig Remote, Secmate Scanner
Forensic Analysis Cart Detective Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Packet Sniffer, Secmate Scanner
Med-U Cart* Medical Doctor, Roboticist Yes Yes Yes Port-a-NanoMed Remote, P-Medbay Remote
Deoxyribonucleic Amigo Cart* Geneticist Yes Yes Yes
Signal ACE 2* Scientist Yes Yes Crystal Bazaar
Engine-buddy Atmospherics Cart* Engineer Yes Yes AtmosAlerter, Device Analyser, Power Checker 0.14, Power Controller v1.0, Ping Tool, Packet Sniffer, Packet Sender
Space Parts & Space Vendors Cart* Quartermaster Yes MULE Bot Control, SpaceWire Filesharing
MineralMagic™ Cart* Miner Material Scanner, Rockbox™ Cloud Status
Farmer Melons Scancart v2* Botanist Yes Plant Scan, Botanist's Handbook
Drinkmaster 1000 Bartender Yes Yes Yes
CustodiPRO Cart* Janitor Mop Locator, Arcade 250
Honkworks 5.0* Clown Arcade 250, Honk Synthesizer, PDA Clowncentials

Easy-Record DELUXE* Inspector Yes Yes Yes Yes Manifest, Power Checker 0.14, SpaceWire Filesharing, Status Display

AlertMaster Cartridge*

Available in Tech Storage. Allows user to see atmospheric alerts.

Detomatix Cartridge

Available to traitors. Contains BOMB and MISSILE program with instructional readme file.

SounDreamS PRO Cartridge

Available to traitors. Contains KABLAMMO, SPACEBATTLE, and Modern Commando ringtones, guaranteed to put the crew on edge, or ignore audible evildoing.

Network Diagnostics Cart*

Available from Tech Storage and spare PDA boxes. Used for PDA and signal hacking.

  • Ping Tool: Lets you find the ID of devices on a certain frequency, within a certain range. The default frequency is 114.9, which is helpfully the same frequency PDAs operate on.
  • Packet Sniffer: Lets you intercept any packets within range on a certain frequency. You can message someone to make them reply to you and then inspect the packet.
  • Packet Sender: Lets you construct and send packets to various devices. Use the information gleaned from the sniffer to construct these.

See: Packets for more about signal hacking.

Ringtone Cartridges*

Generally available in CartyParty vending machines. Used to change the sound PDAs make when they receive a message.

Cartridge Contains Location Notes
Thinktronic Sound System Backup cartridge* Two-Beep Cartyparty
Celestial Soultones ringtone cartridge* Introspection, Perspection, Inspection, Spectrum, Spectral, Refraction, Reboundance, Reflection, Relaxation, Stance Cartyparty
Jangle Spacechimes ringtone cartridge* Spacechimes, Shy Spacechimes, Perky Spacechimes, Sedate Spacechimes, Focused Spacechimes Cartyparty
Blipous Family Heirloom Spaceblips cartridge* BEEP 2: The Fourth, Moonlit Peahen, Plinkoe's Journey, Fweeuweeu Cartyparty
SounDreams Pro cartridge KABLAMMO, Modern Commando, SPACEBATTLE Official Authorized Resellers Only available to professional audiovisual technicians and dirty pirates.
PDA Clowncentials* Nooty's Tooter, Buzzo's Bleater, Hobo's Harp Cartyparty and "Professional" "entertainers".
WOLF PACK ULTIMATE PRO ringtone cartridge WOLF PACK, dog pack Private collections One of a kind! So they say...
Leaptronics Learning System cartridge Norman Number's Counting Safari Parts unknown For ages 4-6.


If you have a copy of SpaceWire installed on your PDA, you can set it to send files to anyone who sends your PDA a specific message.

From the program's manual:

To host a file through this program:

1. Open the SpaceWire Semi-Automated Fileserver.
2. Scroll down and click Host a File.
3. Click on the file you want to host. Make sure you are licensed to distribute this file!
4. Enter a File Index String Hash (FISH). While it can be anything, try to keep it short, unique, and memorable!
5. Instruct others to send a message to this device containing only this FISH. Anything else will not work!

To host a file through SpaceWire's SpaceMessenger Groupchat integration:

1. Open the PDA's File Browser.
2. Copy the file you want to host.
3. Back out of the File browser and open SpaceMessenger.
4. Open Groups and find the mailgroup you want to notify about your file
5. Click Send File. You will be prompted to enter a FISH, as well as a message to be inlcuded.
6. SpaceWire will send a message to everyone in this group with your message, the FISH, and instructions on how to use it.

Objects and Items
by Department
Box2.png General · MopV2-32x32.png Janitor · Glovesy.png Engineering · PowerPickV2.png Mining · DefibrillatorV2-32x32.png Medical · PortASci.png Science · Handcuffs.png Security
Machinery MiniPutt.png Pods · ClownCar.png Vehicles · ThinkDOSPCV2-32x32.gif Computers · Fabricator.png Fabricators & Manufacturers · GenericPDAV3-32x32.png PDAs · Implanter2.png Implants
Clothing Chameleon.gif Clothing
Catering WateringCanV2-32x32.png Plants & Hydro Equipment · THE MONSTER V2.png Foods & Drinks
Weapons CyalumeSaberV4.gif Syndicate Items · RevolverV2.png Guns · ChemGrenadeCompleteV2.png Grenades · TransferTankValveBomb.png Bombs