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Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: None
Access Level: Bridge, Emergency Storage, EVA, Security Maintenance, Bar, Kitchen, Hydroponics, Ranch, Janitor's Closet, Technical Storage, Cargo Bay, Medical, Pathology, Genetics, Robotics, Research Sector, Chemistry, Toxins
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: None (arguably Regional Director, CEO etc.)
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Inspect everyone. Write a report. Give tickets.
Guides: This is the guide!

Identifiable by their briefcase and ominous clipboard, the Inspector is a late-join gimmick role with far too much access. Their job is to watch, listen, and ask probing questions such as "Is this much blood normal?", "What the hell is that?", and "Are we about to die?".

The Inspector's Inspectin' Things

As an inspector, you spawn with a handful of objects for recording your observations and notes and relaying them to the relevant people, so they can ignore you:

  • A TicketWriter 2000 for, well, writing tickets. Unlike real-life tickets, they have no monetary penalty and are meant to be slaps-on-the-wrist, so you can be as silly/tongue-in-cheek with them as you want. Clown spouting incredibly lame puns over the radio? Ticket them for having a bad sense of humor. Janitor not placing signs? Ticket the signs for being absent on the job and committing dereliction of duty. Bomb goes off in the Escape Arm? Ticket the bomb for vandalism. (It broke so many windows!)
  • A command headset with access to the general and command channels (and only those two channels). Feel free to report all issues found while inspecting direct to heads of staff. They will completely ignore you, but you do get to say "I told you so" later on.
  • A special inspector's clipboard, with your name on it. See more here.

You are also armed with a single flash, for basic self-defense. You also get an armored nanotrasen jacket, which, in addition to going well with your NanoTrasen beret, offers the same amount of protection as an armor vest, without compromising on style.

The Report


The Inspector starts with a special fancy Nanotrasen-branded inspector's clipboard. Anything written on said clipboard will be displayed as a formatted report at the end of the round. Each sheet of paper makes a section, with the title of the paper at the top.

Note that while the clipboard is intended for your use, anyone can write on it. It's not access-, job-, fingerprint-, or location-locked, so if someone else gets a hold of it and adds their own papers, they'll wind up on the report, under your name. If, say, the Clown slips you and steals your clipboard while you're busy writing up a ticket, they could add a statement claiming that someone must have removed your ass and stapled it to your head, because your face looks like a butt (and smells like one too).

Corporate Bloodsucker: Antagonist Inspector

As a late join only role, antag Inspectors are rare, but having access to both command and research, and a license to be pretty much anywhere without question can make for some easy theft or sabotage. Most crewmembers and importantly AIs won't bat an eyelid at you asking to be let into the few areas you don't already have access to. If you want to be really mean, go around ticketing people for the things you broke, all the while tutting at their incompetence and scribbling syndicate propaganda in your report.

Traitor Inspector

As a traitor inspector, you can order one job-specific item: the black-market megaphone. If you're tired of people ignoring you at every turn, this item will rectify the issue quite nicely. It makes whatever you say so big and so obnoxious, that it's impossible for you to be ignored, especially if you're use it a lot and/or over the radio. But, beware of those who might, as they say, try to silence you permanently afterwards.

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