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Oh boy, you're a traitor! Wait, what are they?

Traitors are thugs, hitmen and thieves sent from the shadowy Syndicate to do foul deeds! Disguised as normal crewmembers, each traitor is given 2 or more objectives to complete and a special syndicate uplink hidden in their PDA which allows them to request items from the Syndicate by inputting a special code. Objectives may include assassinating specific crewmembers, stealing secure items such as a hand teleporter or the Chief's RCD, or stealing the AI's CPU and/or killing its cyborgs, among others.

As a traitor, you have complete and total freedom to trick, coerce, maim, kill, and even experiment on the poor, clueless crew of Space Station 13. Please be aware that being a traitor does not prevent you from being punished for being racist or creepy!

A varying number of traitors are chosen randomly from among players at the start of every round, and very occasionally from late joining crew. There can be multiple traitors in a single round, and they are free to team up with or murder their fellow traitors for sweet traitor loot, convenience or because they're bored. Of course, with all the freedom and power they have, traitors are still only human. A laser to the face makes them just as dead as anyone else. More so, even, since they're very unlikely to be cloned once exposed.

All jobs except for Security Officer and Head of Security are potential traitors, though antag selection happens BEFORE job selection, so you won't lose a fair chance of being a traitor. If you're selected to be a traitor, you get a giant popup that says HEY BUDDY YOU ARE A TRAITOR so if you're not sure if you're a traitor, you aren't, don't kill anyone.

Top Traitor Tips

  • Don't spawn your traitor gear where someone might see you do it! At best they will be stolen, and at worst you will end up with the sword you just ordered firmly planted in your chest.
  • Try to be at least a little subtle! Don't murder your target in a room full of people with a sword. Don't mow down random people unless you feel you can take the heat.
  • Make sure your target is dead! So you've caught your target or incapacitated him? Make sure he's dead and not faking! Make sure he does not get cloned, healed or revived. The easiest way is to take his corpse to the nearest airlock and fling it into the depths of space.
  • Don't suicide just because you were caught by security. They'll probably let you go after a while unless you were on a murder spree. Also, someone bored might break you out if you make them think were imprisoned unjustly, or you could get the chance to escape on your own.

Oh god I'm a traitor for the first time

Don't worry. It doesn't really matter if you don't win. Just make a valiant attempt at it. Remember, you don't have to get traitor gear right away, or ever if you don't want to, so don't get anything unless you know what you want to use it for. Nobody cares if you decide to ignore your objectives and cause a little chaos instead. Being a traitor is also a great opportunity to run gimmicks that could get you banned as a normal crewman. If the Syndicate tells you to steal a pair of optical thermal scanners and instead you kidnap the Captain and force the crew to answer trivia questions to save his life, you are not being a bad traitor at all!

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