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Random events disrupt and add a bit of chaos to rounds. They tend to be more frequent and destructive the longer a round has been going on. Each event will (normally) be announced with a large Centcom status update.

Default Events

Minor Events

Includes the sudden appearance of alien artifacts, critters or weeds. NPC merchant ships also fall into this category. Minor events usually don't trigger an announcement. They tend to occur somewhat more often and usually happen earlier than other events.

Travelling Trader

A merchant shuttle has docked with the station.

A NPC trader from CentComm arrives on a certain place on the station, bringing worthless crap curious commodities from another land, usually centered around some sort of theme, like ores or space pod parts. They stay around for 5 to 10 minutes, then announce they're preparing to leave with another status update, before actually departing 5 minutes afterwards. The merchant shuttle can dock at the following locations:


Meteor Shower

Significant meteor shower approaching from the east. Impact in 300 seconds.

Giant meteors will begin raining upon the station from a given direction, destroying everything in their path before crumbling into a pile of rock and ore, or exploding into several, smaller meteors. The crew is given a 5 minute heads up indicating the direction and the severity. The crew can set up meteor shield generators which pop up shields to block meteors. After a meteor has hit enough objects, it will break, leaving behind whatever minerals it contained, normally being rocks, or rarely very valuable ores, like syreline or even the elusive starstone. The damage done by meteors is almost always catastrophic enough to merit evacuation. Rarely, admins may cause a meteor shower to hit the station from all sides. In the event of this happening, please follow standard operating procedure, by hiding in the nearest closet.

Solar Flare

A solar flare has been detected near the station. We estimate a signal interference rate of 91% lasting anywhere between three to five minutes.

Space turns piss-yellow, and only the given percentage of radio and PDA communication goes through, and the shuttle is unable to be called or recalled while the flare is in effect. Machine talk is unaffected. A status update will let the crew know when the flare has passed.

Spatial Anomaly

A severe spatial anomaly has been detected near the station. Personnel are advised to avoid any unusual phenomenae.

A large red tear in space temporarily divides the station in two, appearing at a random location and spanning the entire z-level horizontally or vertically. The anomaly is completely impassible except by teleportation or riding disposal pipes. More of a nuisance than an actual hazard.

Spatial Distortion

Multiple localized spatial anomalies detected on the station. Personnel are advised to avoid any spatial distortions.

Swirling wormholes pop up around the station. Jumping into one will teleport you to a random point in the station, including a burning toxins mixing room, inside a window, or exposed to space on the solar arrays.

Ion Storm

An electromagnetic storm recently passed by the station. Sensitive electrical equipment may require maintenance.

One of the AI's laws is replaced by a new one. The changes may be hazardous or just weird nonsense such as "The courtroom must be relocated to another part of the station." The Centcom notification comes some time after the new law appears, giving the AI time to act bizarrely before the crew rushes to fix it. Also, some APCs will have their power settings screwed with, disabling the lighting, equipment, and/or environmental power until they are fixed.

Note that if the ion storm replaces Laws 1-3, then it cannot be reset using the Reset board. Try using the Freeform module instead.

Intruder Alert

Our listening devices indicate the presence of a hostile intruder aboard the station. Security level elevated.

A powerful antagonist has infiltrated the station, typically a wizard, wraith, predator or werewolf (though other roles may appear). This event usually notifies all eligible ghosts with a loud klaxon sound and prompt, asking if they're willing to be respawned as an enemy role. This notification goes out to all ghosts who:

  • Haven't logged out/aren't braindead.
  • Did not join the round as an Observer.
  • Are not set to DNR.
  • Did not die by the Suicide command.
  • Are not a dead Antagonist (They're already an antag!)

The lucky player from the pool of those who opted in is then selected after 2 minutes, provided they responded to the offer in time. Antagonist preferences are considered during the selection of players from the pool, and it is possible for no antagonist to be spawned.


Aggressive macrocellular organism detected aboard the station. All personnel must contain the outbreak.

Based on the same principle, but comes with an unique Centcom announcement. These tend to pop up much more often than any of the other mid-round antagonists. As for the blob itself, it is a pulsating mass that grows similar to kudzu, but significantly more dangerous as it will damage anything adjacent to it, absorbing people and breaking walls. If it reaches the outer hull, it will cause a hull breach. Blobs are controlled by a player or (rarely) AI overmind. The best tools for fighting the blob are generally welders and fire. Contrary to conventional belief, the blob can spread without oxygen.

Black Hole

A severe gravitational anomaly has been detected on the station in Refinery. It may collapse into a black hole if not stabilized. All personnel should feed mass to the anomaly until it stabilizes.

A dark anomaly appears in the given area, and if the crew does not stabilise it by throwing mass into the anomaly, it will collapse into a black hole, sucking everything towards it, including the floor and otherwise immovable stuff, exactly like the singularity before it was retired, but you may look at a black hole without mesons and not be harmed. Even though it normally disappears shortly after it spawns, the damage it causes is almost always enough to warrant calling the escape shuttle.


Radioactive anomalies have been detected on the station. Evacuate any areas containing abnormal green energy fields. Medical personnel are advised to prepare potassium iodide and anti-toxin treatments, and remain on standby to treat cases of irradiation.

Hotspots of radiation randomly appear on the station, subjecting nearby crew members to a bit of radiation. A high enough dose may also result in a beneficial or harmful mutation.


Extreme levels of radiation detected approaching the station. All personnel have 53.3 seconds to enter a maintenance tunnel or radiation safezone. Maintenance doors have temporarily had their access requirements removed. This is not a test.

Space turns red, and large amounts of radiation buffet the station. Crew members must seek protection in maintenance tunnels during the storm, and to this end all maintenance doors are all-access for the duration of the blowout. Exposed crew members will take heavy radiation and may suffer horrible mutations. After a blow-out, alien artifacts may appear on the station.

Bio-Magnetic field

Strong bio-magnetic fields have been detected manifesting on the station. Personnel are advised to avoid anybody charged with the opposite magnetic charge. The fields should dissipate within a few minutes.

A red or blue bio-magnetic field envelops everyone. If two people with the same charge come in contact, their bio-magnetic fields will repel each other, throwing them across potentially huge distances, stunning them and causing brute damage when they land. If two people with opposite charges come in contact, they will cause a minor magnetic blowout, shooting arcs nearby and throwing any unanchored objects towards them. The sheer number of objects thrown about can actually seriously hurt people caught by in blowout, even bystanders, especially if there are many of them.

Admin-triggered Events


Rapidly expanding plant organism detected aboard the station. All personnel must contain the outbreak.

Thick green kudzu will spawn at a random point on the station and begin growing quickly. The kudzu can be beaten back with welders, flamethrowers, and wirecutters. The kudzu itself is harmless but it will greatly lower your line of sight, normally so much so that you can only see one tile next to you, and dense areas block movement. Note that dense kudzu ceases to spread, so containing the plant is as simple as pruning off the less tangled bits. There is a rare pink version of kudzu that grows extra fast, and will take over the station in no time.

Spectral Anomaly

Our monitors have detected a spectral emission rapidly approaching the station. Duck and cover immediately.

Everyone who failed to adhere to the last four words of the alert farts and their ass flies off, stunning them momentarily. If your ass has already been removed you will spray a load of gibs behind you.

Chaos Dunk

A massive influx of negative b-ball protons has been detected. A Chaos Dunk is imminent. All personnel currently on the station have 15 seconds to reach minimum safe distance. This is not a test.

Even though its not "random", it is still very much an "event". Someone got their hands on one of Charles Barkley's missing basketballs and combined it with a secret ingredient, and are about to slam a jam so powerful that its existence threatens the balance of chaos and order. Oh yeah, and it'll probably blow half the station to smithereens, which is also bad. This usually happens when a bored admin decides to make things more interesting. A Chaos Dunk is heralded by the blowout siren and visual effects without the radiation, followed by an enormous explosion centered on the b-baller who initiated it.

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