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Want some insight on how experienced players use these goodies? Try Being A Better Traitor!

Ever wondered about those fancy items Traitors, Nuclear Operatives, and other Syndicate operatives get? Look no further. This page lists them out, explains what they do, and tells about the various ways these people get them!

There are myriad of ways an agent of the Syndicate can get their exclusive Syndicate gear:

  • Traitors, Head Revolutionaries, and Spy Thieves start with uplinks, which are typically disguised as something else. For Traitors and Head Revs, the uplink lets them buy gear using special currency, while for Spy Thieves, it lists bounties that give Syndicate items when completed.
  • Instead of starting with uplinks, Nuclear Operatives get a requistion token and redeem it at for gear at a Syndicate Weapons Vendor. That said, one of the options is a version of the uplink.
  • Some of these items can be bought with credits from CARL, an NPC merchant in the Listening Post.
  • An extremely small number of items can be found in off-station areas, such as Z5 and the Trench. These generally require making your way through at least multiple enemies, completing a puzzle, or otherwise putting in a significant amount of effort to obtain them.

There are also a number of goodies which are no longer available to the public. If you're curious, head over to Discontinued Syndicate Items.


Uplinks are gadgets Traitors, Head Revolutionaries, Spy Thieves, and Nuclear Operatives who choose the Custom Class Uplink option use to obtain gear from the Syndicate. The uplink typically masquerades as some sort of mundane everyday object, and each of these roles gets a different version that might have a different selection of items or even work entirely differently.

Uplink Versions

An uplink might be disguised as:

  • GenericPDAV3-32x32.png a PDA. You will need to enter the access code into the ringtone selection of the built-in messenger program. The list of available gear will then open automatically and you may chose the item(s) of your choice.
    • Note: If you exit the uplink (on a PDA) without locking it, the menu can be accessed at any time through the notes program.
  • SyndicateUplink.png a slightly more suspicious PDA looking device. Nuclear Operatives can redeem their token for one without a code lock; those given to normal traitors still have a lock. It can also be set to self-destruct, resulting in a moderate explosion.
  • SBRadioV2-32x32.png an inconspicuous green radio that looks just like the station bounced radio. Works same as above.
  • Headset.png a headset. Put it in your hand and dial the frequency assigned to you by the Syndicate. An unlocked uplink can't be worn as a headset, so press the Lock button after you're done buying the items or use the self-destruct function. Aside from that, it looks and functions like any generic headset. Note, this will only work if you didn't start the round with a traitor PDA. You can't use a headset as an alternative if you already received a traitor PDA.

Important Note - If your PDA or headset uplink is stolen or destroyed, you cannot use another PDA/headset to replace it. Only the one you started with works!

Uplinks by Role

Not every uplink is equal. Some roles get uplinks that have access to only certain items, and one kind of uplinks functions quite a bit differently from the rest.

The Custom Class Uplink and uplinks used by Traitors and Head Revolutionaries show a list of items you can buy. The currency used is not credits, but a special Syndicate currency with a randomly-chosen name, often referred to by its old name "telecrystals" or just "TC". Regardless of which of these three uplinks you have, you get a grand total of 12 currency, so spend them wisely! If in doubt, press the About button to get a brief description before ordering the item in question.

The Spy Thief uplink is the real odd one out. Instead of displaying a selection of items to buy like the other uplinks, the Spy Thief uplink shows a list of bounties which give Syndicate gear when completed. See the bounty system section for a much more in-depth look.

I forgot the code to my uplink!

Usually, the code will be automatically filled in when unlocking the uplink. In the event that you forget your PDA access code or the uplink frequency, use the Notes command to bring it up. It's in the "Commands" tab on your right above the chat. Alternatively, you can enter "Notes" into your text parser/command line near the bottom of the screen.

So many toys, so little time

These are all items that can be bought through uplinks. Some require that the owner be a certain crew job (e.g. Clown, Staff Assistant, etc.), while others don't. Some of these also appear in loadout kits used by nuclear operatives, and some are sold by CARL too, but these all share the common trait of being available through Syndicate uplinks.

Standard Items

The equipment listed below doesn't have any job requirement, i.e. whether the uplink owner is an Engineer or Medical Doctor or whatever doesn't affect if it's available for purchase. That said, depending on the antag role, some items may not be available. Traitor uplinks have access to this entire list, so, for example, a Traitor Head of Personnel and a Traitor Staff Assistant can buy each and every one of the items. Uplinks used by Head Revolutionaries and the nuke op custom class uplink have a much more limited selection. Meanwhile, Spy Thieves can get some (i.e. not all) of these from completing bounties.

Item Image Cost Avail. in Ops CCU? Usage Description Notes
Trick Cigarettes
1 Yes Six cigarettes that explode. This cigarette packet has 6 cigs that explode shortly after being lit. While the explosion might not be the largest, it can cause one or two small hull breaches that will decompress a room or hallway fairly rapidly. You can also force or trick someone into smoking one of these for stylish assassinations; they look and act like standard cigarettes, save for only having 5 units of nicotine, so they might not notice until it's too late. Trick cigarettes are quite useful for disabling critical equipment (APCs, cloning pods etc) at low cost.
Fake Moustache
1 No No one will ever know who you are, NO ONE. This fake moustache/mustache hides your identity. No, really. Like other face-concealing items, wearing this 'stache and taking off your ID makes you appear as "Unknown", and wearing it with an ID with a different name than yours on it makes you appear as the name on the ID rather than "Name (as Name on ID)". Speaking still reveals you, but it's a good thing this accepts the voice changer.

The 'stache also has decent stats. It offers 10% cold resistance and reduces damage done by melee attacks to the head by 3, making it better than many other mask-slot items. It also provides 5% heat resistance, but this is on par for almost every mask-slot item.

Finally, and most importantly of all, you can twirl it, evilly. While wearing the 'stache, you can click on yourself with an empty hand while on Help intent for a big red evil chat message about you and your fiendish follicles.
Only really used by traitors with one unit of currency left to use or people who find an unlocked Syndicate PDA. Used by people that know true style.
Detomatix Cartridge
1 Yes Load it in your PDA. Blow other PDAs. A cartridge for your PDA. When inserted, gives it two programs:
  • Missile: Remotely detonates other people's PDAs in a moderately lethal explosion. Your target PDA needs the Messenger function turned on in order to attempt this, and you need to scan for other PDAs, then import the list. Certain PDAs (the AI's for instance) are hardened and cannot be blown up. Comes with 4 charges.
  • Bomb: Basically makes the PDA it's executed on (i.e. your PDA) self-destruct with a similarly-sized explosion. The countdown is very short, so be ready to throw it fast!

A decent way of sowing panic aboard the station, or softening up a target for an assassination attempt.

If there is an ID card in the PDA, it will be automatically ejected from the PDA and left safely intact from the explosion.

Functionality is also built into the military PDA that starts on the Syndicate Battlecruiser.

Chameleon Outfit
1 Yes Contains set of clothes that can disguise themselves to any other pairs of clothes. A wonderful backpack that contains a set of generic clothing. A pair of prescription glasses, a black jumpsuit, a pair of black boots, a pair of black gloves, a utility belt, a hat and a hoodie are all present in the bag along with a fancy hi-tech remote. This remote lets you change the appearance of all of the aforementioned clothes to another set, allowing you to disguise as specific jobs such as a staff assistant, a quartermaster or even the HoS! An EMP blast will make this turn each and every thing in the set into a psychedelic version which is good for parties, but completely awful for stealth. This can be reset by changing the set to something else with the remote.

You can also right-click any item in the set and choose change appearance (and optionally take it off and put it back on to be safe) to change only its appearance and customize your outfit a bit.

Stealth Storage
1 Yes Hides shit. Starts out appearing like an internals box and can assume the sprite and Examine text of pretty much any hand-held item. Unlike a regular box or backpack, using this container does not result in conspicuous text messages, and the tooltip will not show how many items it has and can hold. However, the camouflaging does not change the size description (e.g. Examining a stealth storage disguised as an air tank will say it's a small item rather than a normal-size item), and the Examine text for a camouflaged stealth storage will always say "It looks heavy, somehow", giving it away. The camouflage can be reset at any time if required via right-clicking it. The stealth storage can hold normal-sized items (e.g. guns), whereas the ordinary box is limited to small and tiny objects. It also fits in jumpsuit pockets - use drag & drop to access the container's contents.
Revolver Box
GunBoxV2.png RevolverV2.png
6 Yes A loaded revolver with spare ammunition. Loud, obvious and powerful, the .357 Magnum Predator revolver is a quite popular choice among the Syndicate and valued for its decent stopping power. Unarmored opponents will also bleed constantly until the bullets have been removed via surgery. The box contains three spare regular FMJ speedloaders, and two loaded with armor-piercing rounds. The revolver can also chamber .38 Spc rounds, opening up the station's supply of stun bullets, and it could save you in a pinch if the entire supply of .357 Mag ammo has been exhausted.
Freedom Implant
1 Yes Frees you from restraints a couple of times. Injecting yourself with this will get you out of handcuffs and shackles a limited number of times, ranging from 1 to 5. You must use a certain emote assigned to you upon implanting in order to instantly escape handcuffs; you'll know it worked because you'll feel a "faint click". This can be quite useful for traitor, but it's often useless for Syndicate operatives because most people just kill them on sight. Injection is implant, as usual.
Signaler Implant
1 Yes An implant that can send configurable signals. Can be used while stunned or handcuffed. Use in hand to open the signaler interface to set the frequency and code, then inject yourself with it to be given a random emote used to activate the implant and send the signal. Can be used to activate anything that accepts a signal: beaker bombs, TTVs, or even just a bike horn. Has infinite uses. Injection is implant, as usual.
Agent Card
1 Yes Makes you untraceable by the AI. Can copy access from other ID cards. Using it for the first time will prompt you to set a name, job assignment and the color of the stripe, but this can only be done once. It starts with maintenance access and can be upgraded at an ID computer or by simply swiping other cards on it. When equipped, the AI cannot use its tracking functions to follow you on camera. The agent card also grants access to a few special, Syndicate-only locations. Operatives spawn with one by default. Remember to wear it on your ID slot or it won't work.
Electro­magnetic Card (EMAG)
6 Yes Opens, hacks, and unlocks everything imaginable. This sophisticated piece of equipment allows you to quite literally open anything: lockers, crates, doors (so long as they aren't welded shut) and other things. However, the affected machinery will be broken permanently and while this can have the desired effect, it also leaves a trail for people to follow (mostly doors). Emagging something is also fairly noticeable, so you should make sure nobody's watching.

Besides gaining access through mundane locks, there are a number of additional purposes that EMAGs serve, e.g. removing any laws a cyborg may have, scrambling ID cards with random access, hacking automated bots with malicious results, damaging doors that have been welded shut, and shorting out restrictions of certain computers. It also drops the emergency shuttle countdown to 10 seconds, neat!

Experiment! Who knows what else it could work on. You may even find out how to make the golden EMAG.
Cloaking Field Generator
3 No A large and relatively immobile cloaking generator. This device generates a curtain of invisibility with an adjustable pattern and range of up to five tiles in every direction. This thing copies the appearance of any doors, windows, and grilles within the cloaking field and hides items and players, but not quite perfectly - combine it with a blackout for optimal results. Unlike the hand-held cloaking device however, optical sensors (AI, cyborgs) and thermals are ineffective against the cloak field. To manipulate the generator's settings, hold the remote in your hand and use the context menu (right click). Simply clicking on the remote will then activate the cloak. You won't be able to that without it, so don't lose the remote!
Bladed Gloves
3 Yes A pair of transparent gloves with hidden blades in them. Use the *snap emote to (Hotkey: Ctrl + Z) to quickly deploy (or retract) sharp blades. Your punches now do 15 BRUTE and cause bleeding, with a special attack that makes two quick strikes. Compared to other melee options, bladed gloves struggle against multiple targets but cannot be easily removed or disarmed, and their cheap price allows many more item combos.

When the blades are retracted, the gloves do not show up on your sprite and do not appear on your equipment list when people Examine you. This makes them useful for quick ambushes or as a weapon of last resort. In addition, if someone forensic scans you, the gloves do not show up on the evidence list, even when deployed.
They still leave glove prints that can be used to track the wearer, though since they only leave "insulative fibers", you can blend in somewhat.
Sleepy Pen
PenNew.png Fancy pen.png
5 Yes Puts your target to sleep, stealthily injects chems. This is a very devious little item. It clandestinely injects chems that without any indication to the victim that they've been penned. It looks almost exactly like a pen except its Examine message mentions a "sharp tip", and it still writes and clicks like one too. It has a 50-50 chance of resembling either a regular regular pen or a fancy pen. The pen has a 100 unit capacity and uses 50 units per injection.

By default, it starts out with 100 units of ketamine. The target will be knocked out for give or take 2 minutes, though many players will recognize that they have been penned when their vision goes all blurry and they begin yawning... the 30-40 seconds it takes to go into effect are plenty of time to scream for help. That's why it works best in conjunction with a signal jammer.

Once you've used up the ketamine, it can be refilled with any substance you like - the perfect tool for a creative chemist!
Voice Changer
1 Yes A mask add-on that transforms your voice to match your ID. The voice changer can be added to any face-concealing mask (such as clown masks, gas masks, fake moustaches... practically, most masks except a breath mask work.). Once installed, your voice will match the name on the ID card you're wearing both locally and over the radio/intercom. Perfect for impersonating a recently-deceased murder victim! To remove the voice changer, use a pair of wirecutters on the mask. Combine the changer with an agent card or custom ID, be creative!
Cloaking Device
6 No Makes you invisible. When this item is activated, it makes you invisible to all but four things: The AI, cyborgs, people with thermal goggles, and people with the X-ray mutation. If you've eliminated all those things, congrats! This will give you a significant edge, yet don't make the mistake to think you're invincible.

Trying to interact with anything that isn't on the same tile as you are will immediately disrupt the cloak. This includes all active actions like firing guns, using computers, throwing stuff, picking stuff up, using the Disarm and Harm unarmed special attacks, or bashing somebody's head in with a toolbox. Bumping into doors to open them (a passive action) is fine however.

People can notice your presence even if they can't see you. It's best not to fiddle about with your backpack, shove someone around or open doors when people are nearby, as observant players will likely realize what's going on. Overall, the cloaking device is more about getting into places undetected or closing in for a kill than unstoppable rampages.

An active T-Ray scanner will disrupt the cloaking field briefly, but only has a very short range. Fired projectiles (regardless of type) will also disable the device, as can flashes (both hand-held and portable) up close.
Syndicates in Pipebomb
3 No Release angry lil' nuclear operatives. Clever reversal or just an awful pun? Anyways, upon activation, it explodes with the force of a PDA bomb explosion and releases 4 lil' syndicates that shoot 4 to 6 .22 bullets, which each cause 22 BRUTE, and then explode, also with the force of a PDA bomb. It looks like a regular pipe bomb, but its Examine text says "This pipe bomb seems funny. You can hear muffled tiny screams inside." The syndicates spawned will try to shoot everyone--including you!
EMP Grenades
1 Yes A pouch of grenades which disable electronic devices. This "EMP grenade pouch" contains five EMP grenades, which release electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that disrupt or damage many electronic devices. Depending on the target, the effect may either be temporary (security cameras, APCs) or permanent (bots, guardbuddies). Also fairly devastating against the two lighter cyborg models. Comes in a snazzy 5-slot pouch that can be fit into your pocket. In particular, the EMPs can drain power cells of energy guns and stun batons, making these grenades somewhat effective when employed against security. Also is capable of removing cloning's records, if you want someone erased from history for whatever reason.
Tactical Grenades
2 Yes A pouch of various grenades. This "tactical grenade pouch" contains seven different grenades. Expect to find one smoke, one frag, one flashbang, one shock, one graviton, and two incendiary grenades. The pouch itself has 7 slots and fits into your pockets.
Chameleon Projector
5 No Lets you disguise as any inanimate object. This projector allows you to assume the appearance of many items, hand-held or large. While disguised, you are forced to move at walk speed and if someone tries to interact with you, the disguise fails in a very obvious way. More useful than you think, if you get creative!
Holographic Disguiser
2 No Changes your appearance. Essentially a multi-use version of the DNA scrambler with a power switch. Every time you turn it on, you will be provided with a different, randomly-generated name and hair style. The game may take one or two seconds to update your mob. You can also talk without giving your real identity away; the device also hides your flavor text. Beware of fired projectiles (regardless of type) and flashes (both hand-held and portable), all of which can disable the device. Can also be bought from the Syndicate merchant in the Listening Post or through QM's Special Ops Supplies crate if you have an emag.
Rad Poison Crossbow
3 Yes Ranged weapon for assassinations. Favored by Syndicate assassins, this small mini rad-poison-crossbow can be fired with few indications (excluding point-blank shots) and fits in pockets. Anybody unfortunate enough to be hit by one of the bolts will suffer brief stamina regeneration reduction, some stamina damage, and severe radiation, causing a rapid increase of TOX that somewhat tapers off and sometimes debilitating mutations. Without prompt medical attention, this will eventually be lethal.

The target will be able to quickly see both the radiation status alert and the various chat messages warning them about their radiated state, and will quickly realize what is up and scream for help, so be prepared to silence them permanently.
The crossbow recharges automatically, but it cannot be fired until it is fully charged! You'll know when the lights at the tip and back are lit up. It does not fit inside a recharger.
Power Sink
5 Yes Draws power from all station APCs. Find a nice, secluded area with exposed cables and check if they are live with a T-ray scanner or multitool, then attach the device to said cable with a screwdriver. Turn it on, and watch as everything goes dark. Station-wide power failures will permit you to access many areas with only a crowbar.

A somewhat situational tool which requires a basic understanding of the Power Grid and its shortcomings for best effect. Ideally, you should also sabotage every SMES unit before spawning the sink, maybe even Engineering. Placing the sink out on the solar arrays is another common mistake - without some rewiring, it won't have any effect whatsoever!

In addition, the sink's capacity is actually more limited than you would expect and competent engineers may find it easy to counter it once they are aware of its existence, which in case of the AI (a million power alarms going off simultaneously) will be immediately. Overloading one might also have...explosive results.

It's too large to fit into a backpack, so you might want to delay buying it until you're ready or keeping it in someplace safe.

If you need to remove the sink, simply click on it with a screwdriver.

The AI mainframe usually has an internal backup battery, so it will still be active for quite a while even if it doesn't have any power coming in from the rest of the station.

Signal Jammer
3 Yes Disables radios within range. When active, it disables all radios within a 6 tile range. This includes ingoing and outgoing communications, so you won't be able to hear if the AI is alerting people to whatever nefarious deeds you are up to. Note that machine talk is not affected.
2 Yes A tiny gun with 2 bullets. A last-resort self-defense weapon. Surprisingly powerful point-blank, but a poor offensive choice due to the significant damage falloff. These are so small you can hide them in pretty much any piece of clothing and yes, this includes worn butts! Use the *wink emote to draw the derringer to your active hand. Any item you were already holding will be dropped automatically. Spare ammunition can't be ordered or otherwise acquired.

Cannot be concealed in headsets. Other ear-slot items still work.
Cyalume Saber
7 Yes A powerful offensive and defensive melee weapon. Also known as an energy sword, e-sword or c-saber for short. It has two states, on and off. When it's off, you can fit it into your pocket. When it's on, it deals a lot of brute damage, and blocking (Hotkey: Z for Goon WASD, C for /tg/) with reduces effect of weapons that inflict Disorient and lets you reflect projectiles. Not very stealthy, for it leaves a lot of blood, has a distinct sound, emits appropriately-colored light, and has a very obvious sprite. Comes in a variety of pretty colors. You can also parry attacks from other c-saber wielders (as well d-saber wielders but not toy sword wielders), at the cost of stamina, essentially allowing for lightsaber battles.
7 Yes Precision limb removal sword. While the c-saber focuses on sheer brute damage with limb removal as a side effect, the katana concentrates on limb removal with brute damage as a side effect. The result is a weapon that, while much weaker than a c-saber (though slightly stronger than a toolbox or fire-extinguisher), will easily tear off arms and legs and even heads if there no other limbs left to cut off. Attacking someone from the rear while targeting the chest will also slice off butts and/or tails, for extra humiliation. You can also use its special attack to run forward a few tiles, allowing you to quickly enter melee range. It's pretty huge though, so you'll need to sheathe it to fit it in a backpack. Comes in a handy sheath that you can wear on your belt for easier storage, cleaning, and concealment of the sword.

Having the katana out unshealthed will also let you parry attacks from other katana users, specifically to allow sword duels.

Blocking with the katana also enables you to slice fruits thrown at you midair for extra style.

Mindhack Implant
3 No Temporarily make someone your minion. Use this handy one-use implant to force someone to fulfill your every request! It lasts up to 20-30 minutes, the implanter injects the implant instantly, and the process stuns the implantee. You still require the cooperation of the implantee, as you don't actually take control of them.

The Captain, Head of Security, NTSC, and Security Officers cannot be mindhacked so long as they have their special mind protection health implant. The mindhack implant is not consumed. If you want to mindback them, either remove the implant through surgery or kill them to break the implant (which is accompanied by an alert, unless you jam it) and then get them cloned.
Mindhacks should be aware of the special guidelines surrounding mindhack status. If they don't cooperate, simply adminhelp it.

Vampire thralls also cannot be mindhacked, though this is innate rather than tied to an implant.

Deluxe Mindhack Implant
6 No Permanently make someone your minion. Doesn't expire. Works like a regular mindhack implant otherwise. Mindhacks should be aware of the special guidelines.
Bowling Kit
BowlingBag.png BowlingBallTransparent.png
6 No A somewhat silly stun weapon. Who's the kingpin now, baby? Kit includes a bowling shirt and four bowling balls. If the ball hits someone, they are thrown back a significant distance and quickly knocked down for a decent amount of time, and it will hurt quite a bit. The ball can hit multiple targets too, for the perfect strike. Also, the bowling balls make for decent melee weapons. You have to wear the shirt to make all this work! Wearing the shirt also makes the use of other bowling balls more effective.
Target ID Tracker
1 No Finds your targets. This device allows you to track the ID card of any of your assassination targets, but only the ID. If they have changed or destroyed it, the pin pointer will not be useful. Small enough to fit in your pockets. Only available if you have an assassination objective.
Floor Closet
1 No Hides shit. A closet with camouflage, which dynamically assumes the appearance of the floor tile underneath. Surprisingly useful.
Sonic Grenades
SonicGrenadePouch.png EarPlugs.png
2 No A pouch containing sonic grenades. Each sonic grenade packs enough power to shatter reinforced windows and pop eardrums. No more being cornered by an angry mob! You get five of them, and they come in a snazzy 6-slot pouch that fits in your pocket and comes with a set of earplugs to protect you from your own sonic grenades. They pack a surprising amount of stun, but don't affect people who've already been rendered deaf (temp. or permanently) by preceding grenades.
Surplus Crate
12 No Crate containing random stuff. A crate of whatever the Syndicate had laying around. Contains 18-24 currency units worth of randomly selected traitor items. Some items can only be found in this, and some items cannot appear in them, primarily those geared towards murder (e.g. c-saber) and those tailored for a particular job (e.g. mining charge hacker). The selection may range from absolutely amazing to totally useless and is quite likely to include job-specific items, duplicate items, or even another crate! Buyer beware!
Shotgun Box
GunBoxV2.png Spacker12V2-32x32.png
8 Yes A loaded shotgun with spare ammunition. Blow somebody across the room Italian style! This 12 gauge SPES-12 (sometimes spawns with a different name) is more than capable of shredding anyone to bits in two shots or less, provided they aren't wearing body armor. Comes loaded with 8 bullets, alongside 4 other cartridges of 8 bullets. Anyone who lives has to contend with extensive organ damage and missing limbs too if they got shot at close range. Noisy as hell and obvious, but if you're packing this, you know what you're doing. (If you don't, try shooting more people.) Buckshot isn't the only type of ammo which will work in this gun.
Microbomb Implant
1 No The ultimate revenge. Whoever you injected with this implant will explode upon death, completely destroying the body and hurting anyone nearby. The final fuck you to vigilantes and security officers. The implanter still injects instantly. Fun fact: these stack. Think of that what you will. Unlikely to trigger on suicide, but succumbing when you're already in crit works. Syndicate operatives always come with one of these in their skulls at the start of the round, but they cannot order more.
DNA Scrambler
1 Yes Changes appearances. A needle with two uses with different functions. The first use instantly gives whoever is injected a random appearance and name and stores the injected person's own DNA for the second use. Clothes and equipped ID cards will remain unaffected. The second use injects the original injected person's DNA, expending the scrambler and instantly giving them the original injected person's name, appearance, fingerprints, etc. Useful for stealthy operatives. Inject yourself to cover your tracks, then use it on a hapless victim to give them your old identity and frame them for your crimes.
.22 Pistol Box
GunBoxV2.png 22PistolV2.png
3 Yes A loaded pistol with spare ammunition. This box comes with three .22 hollowpoint mags and a .22 LR Orion silenced pistol that features an integral sound suppressor, yet is still compact enough to fit in jumpsuit pockets. You won't have to worry about noticeable text messages when you fire it (unlike with most firearms), but the stopping power is less than average. Overall, the pistol is best suited for stealthy assassinations at close range. Hacking a general manufacturer lets you create .22 FMJ mags, which do less damage.
Wrestling Belt
7 Yes Become Bret Hart...IN SPACE! Ever wanted to participate in Space Championship Wrestling? This belt unlocks a number of wrestling moves, all of which are explained on the Wrestler page. Also works as a belt, so it can fit small- and tiny-size objects (i.e. like utility belt, albeit one that cannot fit a deconstructor).
Spy Sticker Kit
1 Yes Listen in on secret conversations. A box of stickers that have radios and cameras inside them. You can set the frequency they broadcast to by clicking on one in your hand. Contains 5 stickers, a tuned camera monitor, and a spare headset. You can get rid of them by setting the attached thing on fire.
Space American Football Kit
Box2.png AmericanFootball.png
7 No Tackle people or knock 'em over with footballs, kick 'em while they're down. Two footballs, a space-american football helmet, space-american football pads, athletic pants and cleats. When the helmet, pads, and cleats are worn together (i.e. pants are optional), you unlock two special moves that cause stuns:
  • Tackle: Run some distance and collide into someone for BRUTE and a stun. You can also force open doors, break tables, and maybe even smash walls, if you run far enough. In both cases, a long-distance tackle is much more powerful than a point-blank tackle.
  • Football Throw: Throw a football at someone to stun them for 2 seconds. Anyone not wearing the gear will be unable to catch it.

The clothing has its own perks. The helmet and pads provide more melee and ranged protection than the standard sec helmet and armor vest, and the cleats passively prevent you from slipping on wet floors and such. Also, kicking and sliding with cleats does 6 extra damage. Kicks require the victim to be down on the ground; luckily, this kit gives two ways to do just that.

50-50 chance of either being color-coded red or blue. Both are mechanically identical.

Since the pants are optional, that means you can combo it with the bowling kit, if you somehow manage to get your hands on it.
Fibre Wire
3 Yes Choke people quickly and silently. Or fiber wire depending on which side of the ocean you're on. This garotte lets you stealthily strangle people in a few (hopefully) simple steps:
  1. Click on it to ready it for attack. You need your other hand free for this, since readying it requires both hands. It also slows you.
  2. Attack someone from behind (directly behind them or off to the side a bit) to instantly put them in a stranglehold.
  3. Click on the wire in-hand again to upgrade to a deadlier chokehold that causes bleeding and incapacitates the victim, making them unable to Resist/Disarm/move out of your hold or call for help.

It'll still take a minute or so to choke them to death, but it's much faster than just your bare hands.

The target can still escape if they're on certain stamina-boosting drugs.
Duct Tape
1 No A convenient and illegal source of makeshift handcuffs. Allows you to tie people up. Basically a glorified box of handcuffs without the bulk. Every roll of duct tape has 10 uses.
Syndicate Hat
12 Yes Show where your true allegiance lies. A big, bad, towering pile of hat that grants fairly good melee resistance, envelops you in a sinister red glow, and automatically sets you to Arrest on Sight on the sec records (with appropriately amusing crimes and notes), so the secbots and Security Officers know what you really are. It is "bulky"-sized and thus cannot be hidden in pockets or backpacks, forcing you to either hold it or wear it. When you put it on, it plays an amusing sound clip, and you can suicide to die a glorious death, by gibbing yourself and flooding the room with blood like you've robbed the blood bank. You can't remove that hat. Crime time never stops, pal. Others can remove it, though.
Syndicate Sponge Capsules
3 No Unleash up to 6 dangerous critters. Aka BioWeapons Sponge Capsules, as opposed to just BioToys. If you take a capsule out of the packet and pour some water in it/put it in water, it'll create a hostile NPC critter that attacks everything in sight. Possible spawns include Micromen, space bears, spiders, brullbars, aggressive bats, ice spiders, Town Guards, lions, and fermids. The critters will still attack you.
Light Breaker
4 No Break lights, stun people. When you click on this compact tape recorder while it's in your hand, it'll play a distinct sound that'll sonically stun all those around you, except yourself, and break all the lights you can see, unleashing sparks, which cannot ignite anything flammable. You can activate it 4 times before the tape runs out and needs to be rewound with a screwdriver. The sonic stun can by blocked by items such as earmuffs.
Wiretap Radio Upgrade
3 No Listen to departmental radio channels, get a Syndicate channel Click on a headset while holding this flashy dongle in your active hand to give it the ability to hear and speak through all the department-specific radio frequencies, including, notably, Security's. The upgrade also gives you access to a secure Syndicate frequency, with the prefix :z, for working with fellow traitors, Syndicate cyborgs, and other Syndicate operatives. Does not include any of the silicon frequencies. You might want to look into Machine Translator implants for those. Can be scanned and mass-produced with a syndie device analyzer.
Syndicate Radio Upgrade
1 No Access to a Syndicate radio channel Click on a headset while holding this to gain access to a secure frequency used by Syndicate cyborgs and fellow Traitors/Spy Thieves (or at least people with this upgrade, the wiretap, and syndie headsets), so you can collaborate with them. The specific frequency is randomized but is always associated with the prefix :z.
Syndicate Omnitool
2 Yes Concealable Syndicate swiss army knife. You can click on this omnitool in-hand to choose between several tool modes, including a welder mode and a knife mode that has comparable damage to a kitchen knife. Like a derringer, you can click a piece of clothing to conceal the tool there. You can then *flex (Hotkey: Ctrl + X) while wearing the clothing item to pull it out and put it in your hand. Useful for getting out of tight places or conserving inventory space, if you don't mind having to go through all the tool modes. Can not be hidden in headsets.
SounDreamS PRO cartridge
1 No Give your PDA some loud, realistic-sounding ringtones! Comes with three sets of ringtones, each designed to sound like worrysome combat noises whenever your PDA receives a message:
  • KABLAMMO: Plays a random explosion noise that reverberates across the entire station.
  • Modern Commando: Plays a burst of random gunfire.
  • SPACEBATTLE: Plays cyalume saber noises set by the received message. Valid commands start with MALE or FEMALE and end with HIT, OPEN, or CLOSE. For instance, texting MALE HIT to the PDA will make it sound like a male crewmember swinging a csaber.
Prolonged use will eventually blow out the PDA's cheapo speakers, shooting out sparks rendering it forever silent. If this happens, you can just slot it into another PDA and carry on worrying the crew.
2 No A small antipersonnel robot that will not attack anyone of syndicate affiliation. It can be folded up after use. A small, syndicate-friendly NPC that deals 14 BRUTE per attack. Comes with a remote that lets you toggle their mob/item state, though clicking them on also Help works. These things are considered grenades in code! You can load them in riot launchers, deploy them in mousetrap bombs and cars, use them for bomb vests, and more!

Notably can be copied by syndie scanners, potentially saving Syndicate funny money.
Cluster Sawfly Deployer
Clusterfly32x32.png SawflyController32x32.png
5 Yes 5 sawflies for the price of 2 and a half! When activated and thrown at a target, it unleashes a swarm of 5 sawflies on the detonation point, capable of surrounding and substantially ruining the days of those caught at the epicenter. Makes for a decent melee weapon on it's own, to boot. Like the single version, this is also considered a grenade. Comes with a remote as well.
Pickpocket Gun
3 No A stealthy claw gun capable of stealing and planting items, and severely messing people. A versatile gimmick gun with three settings - Steal, Plant, and Harass. Steal removes items depending on where you aim it. Plant lets you put items on the target depending on aim. Harass lets you annoy people by poking their eyes, tying their shoe laces together to trip them, and other Three Stooges-esque antics. It also fires silently and even fits in your pockets!
Pure Telecrystal
1 Yes Transfer currency between Traitor uplinks. Eject some of your Uplink's currency and maybe gift it to another Traitor to help them buy an item, or convince them to give you some of theirs, assuming they don't give you a fake. Has a random name every round, since it uses the Syndicate currency name, which is randomly-generated.
Trick Telecrystal
1 No Trick other Traitors with an explosive fake. Eject what looks exactly like a Pure Telecrystal, but is actually a moderately damaging explosive (on par with a PDA bomb) that triggers if someone attempts to insert it into a Uplink. Uses the Syndicate currency name, so it has a different name each round.
1 No Scan people and things for fingerprints, plant them elsewhere to frame people. This fingerprinter has two modes, Scan and Plant, which you can toggle by clicking on it while it's in your active hand (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/-style WASD).
  • Scan: Click on an object to add the fingerprints on it to the device's internal database of prints. Thanks to coder magic, this tool is smart enough to you tell if it's already gotten all the prints off something. You can also click a person to get both their own fingerprints and the fingerprints of anyone who's touched them.
  • Plant: Click on someone/something to put a set of fingerprints on it; it'll then show you a list of prints from its internal database. Notably, it shows you the name of the person associated with each print, bypassing disguises.

Scanning and planting are both silent and do not produce chat messages. It may look like a reagent scanner, but it can't actually scan for chemicals.

Despite the Examine text, it does not connect to Security's database of prints.

If you just want to store it in something (e.g. your backpack, a box), just click-drag its sprite onto the storage item.
Marionette Implant
1 No Control the competition. Don't let the cheap cost fool you; this is a very complicated item to use. Essentially, it's a remote-controlled implant that lets you force the implantee to perform minor actions -- involuntarily moving around, dropping what they're holding, and whatnot. Actions include: say a short phrase (up to 45 characters), emote, move one tile in a cardinal direction, drop held item, activate held item, and shock for moderate stamina loss and disorient.

When you buy this implant for the first time, it comes in a box that contains instructions for use as well as a control remote. The remote can fit into your pockets, and has a fancy UI that lets you view any number of implants and control them from a distance (though you'll need to pair the implant and remote together first by hitting one with the other; it doesn't matter which). Subsequent purchases will only come with extra implanters.

Marionette implants each have a "heat" meter, which builds up with each use and dissipates slowly over time. Using the implant while it's at 100 heat or above has a 20% chance per activation to permanently destroy it. If you want to make sure you don't brick the thing, you need to time your uses of it carefully. Some actions (like shocking and item dropping) cause very high heat buildup, while others (like moving or emoting) cause only a little.

Heat dissipation ramps up over time, starting at 1 per server tick and increasing by 0.05 each tick to a maximum of 3. This resets each time the implant is activated, meaning that short-term overuse is much likelier to burn out the implant than if you scatter your activations over a longer period of time.

Under the hood, marionette implants are controlled with wireless packets, meaning that nerds and power users can make use of them to fine-tune their control. Each implant has a unique "passkey" that must be provided in a packet for it to accept any given signal. You don't need packet knowledge to use this item effectively, though; the remote is very responsive.

Regardless of how you control the implant, it works across any distance, even across z-levels.

Implanting someone with this implant is semi-stealthy; it's instant, doesn't output any chat message, and doesn't give any immediate indication to the victim. Your sprite will still wiggle and face towards them, though, so it's not completely hidden!

Unlike mindhacks, marionette implants bypass mind protection, meaning that they work on security personnel right out of the box. That being said, it's always dangerous to try to implant someone who has the tools and authority to suplex you if they notice what you're doing; whether or not it's worth the risk is up to you!

Job-Specific Items

Certain jobs can order unique items when playing as Traitor, which appear under a special section in the uplink. They are also available when playing a Head Rev, but only handful of them. For example, you can order an amplified vuvuzela as a Traitor Staff Assistant, but not as a Head Revolutionary Staff Assistant, since that's restricted from the Revolution mode, and you can't order syndicate donk pockets since you have to be both a Chef and a Traitor to order those. Similarly, some, but not all, of these are possible bounty rewards for Spy Thieves, and the Custom Class Uplink has absolutely none of these items.

These are different from the items exclusively available to nuke ops.

While the Captain normally cannot spawn as an antagonist, they still have some job-specific items, a relic of the time they could be assigned Traitor.

Item Image Cost Jobs Usage Description Notes

Syndicate Donk Pockets
2 Chef 7 heal-all medkits for your pockets. Box of 7 special donk-pockets that basically work as a cheap, short-duration stimpack--and that can be eaten without needing to heat them! When one is eaten, it gives you 15 units of each of the following: omnizine, salbutamol, saline-glucose solution, synaptizine, syndicate methamphetamine, and teporone. Notably, unlike regular meth, syndicate meth won't purge the synaptizine, allowing the synaptizine to the heal some of the brain damage caused the syndie meth.

A little conspicious; everything looks a regular donk-pocket box, but the box's Examine text mentions it feels "slightly warm", while each donk-pocket's text says they're "emitting a small amount of heat".
The chemicals only appear when the donk-pocket is eaten. Using the reagent extractor on one yields no chems.
Maneater Seed
ManEaterSeedV2-32x32.png ManEater.png
1 Botanist Grows into a man eater plant. Man eaters are a pretty fun way to terrorize the station. Each seed, labeled as "strange seed", takes a long time to mature and the plant is very vulnerable while still in its tray. Optionally, growth can be accelerated by feeding them synthmeat and later monkeys or humans. Potency and endurance scales health and stamina of the resulting plants respectably and they inject their victims with spliced chemicals on attack. If deployed in groups of two or more, they can be quite devastating. Just make sure to move them into an area the AI can't bolt down easily! As one would expect, welding tools and other burn damage-inflicting weapons are effective against them. Splashing them with Atrazine is also highly effective.

Also, do not confuse these with the strange seeds from the Debris Field or Adventure Zone

Chem Grenade Starter Pouch
2 RD, Scientist A pouch that contains grenade assemblies. The ultimate weapon of a skilled and patient chemist, and relatively cheap. Each chemical grenade pouch contains 5 "disassembled chemical grenade" assemblies, which can be made into custom grenades. For more info, see Construction and Murder respectively. Think carefully about how to build your grenades. Foam mixes and certain pyrotechnics are best, whereas smoke mixes and other heat-reactant chems can be just as easily done with beaker assemblies. Your imagination is your greatest asset here.
Jug of Moonshine
2 Bartender Gets people fucked up. Heals traitors. White lightning, hooch, mountain dew, whatever you call it, the 125 units of moonshine in this jug is guaranteed to get people horribly drunk very quickly. Moonshine also exacerbates the effects of ethanol, causing much more liver damage and generally stronger effects than without it. Unless they happen to be a Traitor or Spy Thief of course, in which case one sip will give 'em some healing omnizine. Quite effective in combination with the sleepy pen.
Extra Large Shot Glasses
2 Bartender Special shot glasses that have higher capacity than normal and force people to sip from them when thrown. These special shot glasses can hold a whopping 50 units of a beverage of your choice. They look no different than regular shot glasses, but can get any unsuspecting bargoer absolutely trashed in a single sip. Furthermore, if you throw one of these at somebody, they'll land straight in their mouth, causing them to drink half the contents of the glass. Comes in a box of 7.
6 Geneticist, Scientist, Medical Doctor, RD, MD Immunity from stuns, strong healing, and big stamina regen for some time. Stuns, slows, and hurts you once it runs out. Comes in a 3x box. Ah, that's the stuff. Stimpacks, a tool of many great virtual heroes, give you 3 minutes of "Stimulants" status effect, which gives you effective immunity to stuns and other forms of being knocked out, provides an impressive amount of BRUTE BURN and TOX healing over time, and raises both your stamina regeneration and max stamina by 500. After those 3 minutes are up, you enter a minute of "stimulants withdrawl", where you suffer significantly reduced stamina regeneration, slowdown, and experience occasional stuns. Time your use carefully! Can't use stimpacks on others.

Haloperidol, Diethyl Ether, Morphine, and Sulfonal all reduce the duration of the "Stimulants" status effect over time by varying amounts, greatly reducing how long you'll have before your stimulants crash. Watch out for those wielding tranq rifles or Morphine auto-injectors!
Butcher's Knife
7 Chef It's a knife for stabbing people. Lots of blood. A nasty melee weapon that does a decent amount of brute damage per hit and can also be thrown for an instant stun. Even if your victim manages to limp away, chances are bleeding out will eventually slow them down to a crawl. What's more, the knife turns dead people into slabs of meat, hence destroying their body (and everything along with it) forever. A tasty way to dispose of the evidence too! Meat (and many cooked dishes from that meat) still bears the name of whoever you cut up.
Amplified Vuvuzela
3 Assistant, Clown Stun people and hurt their ears. Shoots vuvuzela bolts that damage the ears of your targets, stun people generally within two successive hits, and most importantly annoy the hell out of them in the process. In comparison to a taser, has same battery capacity (200 PU, with each shot taking 25 PU, for a total 8 shots) but more powerful shots that don't lose power with range. You can also click someone who's adjacent to you while you're on Disarm or Harm to fire a point-blank shot, instantly downing them quite a few seconds.
Red Chainsaw
7 Botanist A messy chainsaw. A stronger version of the green electric chainsaws found in hydroponics. Each hit removes organs, drains enough stamina damage to down most people in two or three hits, and does 30 BRUTE when active. It also does extra damage against doors; many of the station/ship's doors go down in around 8 hits, fewer than that with some. You can also hit a corpse to gib it, if it has less than -500 health and has all their organs removed.

While holding it, you can use a "Replace arm" ability to, as you'd expect, replace an arm of your choice with the chainsaw, so you can cosplay Ash from Evil Dead 2. You need to hold still for about 3 seconds, but you don't need a surgery table or surgery tools! If you were already missing an arm, it even slots right on.

However, it's too large to fit in a backpack, and it has a very loud, very distinct sound when turned on and when used, so good luck concealing it. On the bright side, the in-hand sprites are slightly less obvious (if only at a passing glance).
Chainsaw removes organs in the order appendix -> left kidney -> left lung -> right kidney -> right lung -> liver -> heart -> spleen -> pancreas.

Be aware, replacing an arm with a chainsaw renders you unable to use that hand, and anybody who tries to disarm or shove you may make you smack yourself with your own chainsaw--ouch!
Syndicate Robot Frame
2 Roboticist A robot frame with hacked laws. The frame, once turned into a finished cyborg, has special laws referring to members of the Syndicate and a fourth one to maintain secrecy, as to not expose its masters by mindless rampages. Naturally, you'd want to chose a capable brain donor. Anything uploaded to the AI will be discarded, and they will also not appear on the robotics computer.

Syndicate cyborgs can see traitors and other Syndicate robots (as well as operatives and revolutionaries, even though they normally don't appear with those antags). They can enter/exit the Listening Post and have access to the Syndicate radio channel, as used by Syndicate radio headsets.
In case the player immediately commits suicide or does not listen to your orders, adminhelp them.

If a Syndicate cyborg is destroyed, they drop a syndicate robot frame, allowing you to reuse it.
Conversion Chamber
CyborgDockingStationV2-32x32.png WrenchV2-32x32.png
8 Roboticist Turns people into light cyborgs. Once this horrifying device is wrenched into place (luckily, it comes bundled with a wrench), you can force an incapacitated crew member into the chamber (either 1) click-drag their sprite onto the chamber's or 2) click on them Grab and click on the chamber) to convert them into a Syndicate cyborg. The process takes around a minute or so to complete, less so if they were already hurt, during which the victim generally cannot escape. Nevertheless, they can still be rescued by ejecting them from the chamber, so it would be in your interest to keep curious bystanders at bay. The chamber also retains the functionality of regular docking stations as far as cyborg maintenance is concerned.
7 Janitor An experimental torture chamber that will make any mob placed inside puke until they die! An offense to humanity, this chamber is an inescapable prison of pain and vomit. Grabbing your target and shoving them into this debacle of mankind will irreversibly lock them in, slowly draining their life away before ejecting them out so they can spend their last seconds alive drenched on the station floor. You can drag it around or wrenching it into place, and it can fit an infinite number of occupants, including non-human mobs. Those unfortunate enough to enter the Port-a-Puke have a small chance to vomit so hard, they retch out their heart.

Note that as a janitor, this will create an enormous mess, causing people to slip on the discharge (something that you should be immune to with your Galoshes)

Space glue does not work on the Port-a-Puke.
Faustian Bargain Kit
8 Chaplain Make demonic pacts with people. A unique devilish suitcase with three contracts, three demonic pens, and an evil lawyer suit (get it?). Simply click on someone with a contract while holding a demonic pen in your off-hand to complete a pact; people can voluntarily sign one by using a demonic pen on a contract. Anyone who signs a pact gains certain "benefits", like lots of mutations, fabulous wealth, or even Macho Man powers, depending on the contract; you can Examine each pact for clues on what it offers. Meanwhile, each pact signed makes your pen and briefcase hit harder and stun longer and raises your lawyer suit's melee & bullet protection. You gain more pacts whenever you successfully complete a contract or exchange three souls for one through Summon Contract ability, indirectly weakening your pen and briefcase damage & lawyer suit protection.

Monkeys cannot give souls.

There is a secret dark reward for those chaplains who have amassed enough souls.

Syndicate Device Analyzer
4 CE, Engineer Scans certain dangerous items. This looks and functions exactly like the regular device analyzer, but it can scan things you normally cannot, such as the crusher and various other Syndicate items. There are still some items it can't scan, but it can still be incredibly useful if you buy the right items and/or get them from other traitors. You still need to put them into the ruckingenur kit to make blueprints, so beware of people snooping through the logs!
Syndicate Sauce
1 Chef, Bartender A sauce with deadly poison. This sauce packet contains 50 units of amanitin, a stealthy, delayed poison. Whoever eats food laced with this will feel no effects for a few minutes...then suddenly drop dead. It's a condiment, i.e. can be applied to any food item.
Syndicate Cleaner Grenades
2 Janitor Makes a nasty chemical mess. This box comes with five grenades that look like regular cleaner grenades, but instead of creating a foam of space cleaner, it spews out a foam of fluorosulfuric acid and organic superlubricant (aka "superlube"). The former melts items and horribly burns victims, while the latter lingers on the floor for a while and slips up anybody trying to move through the foam/lubed area, causing BRUTE depending on how many lubed tiles they slip over. Sliding across the entire foam puddle will hurt. Remember that galoshes do not prevent slipping over organic superlubricant.
Trash Compactor
4 Janitor Horribly gibs your victims. Don't be fooled, there is nothing ordinary about this cart. Anyone unfortunate enough to be put inside will be squished into a small cube of meat, leaving behind a neat pile of all their organs, including their brain. The meatcube will have a few moments to squirm about and scream hopelessly before its inevitable, very bloody demise. It's very messy, so be sure to do your job and clean up! Luckily, you can't be crushed by your own compactor.
Syringe Gun
3 MD, Medical Doctor, RD, Scientist, Bartender Shoots syringes. Works pretty much like a beaker - just transfer the reagents of your choice to the gun, up to 90 units at a time. Each shot subtracts 15 units from the internal reservoir. Hitting the target will cause the syringe to apply the reagents from the internal reservoir over time, though unlike the NT Syringe Gun, the darts can not be removed unless surgery is performed using a scalpel. You don't have to worry about the syringes, as the miniature synthesizer will generate them automatically. If required, the reservoir can be flushed by using the context menu or drain contents verb.
Mining Charge Hacker
4 Miner Makes mining charges go boom everywhere. Looks like a regular geological scanner, but allows mining charges to stick to any surface, not just asteroids. Just swipe it over the charge to disable the safety. Try not to get caught in the explosions, dumbass.
Syndicate Cargo Transporter
3 CE, QM, Engineer, Miner Weld a crate and send it to the middle of nowhere. Forever. When used on a crate or closet, it will automatically weld the thing shut and send it as far away as possible. Good for getting rid of people when you have a glut of crates or lockers (or metal) on hand. Sorely underestimated. It's very easy to blindside people with if you have a taser or other sidearm capable of quick knockouts.

You will also be rewarded some money from the syndicate if you sell a human!

Chicken Grenade
1 Rancher A handy device to unleash angry roosters upon your enemies. These grenades can be loaded with up to 5 eggs of your choice. Upon detonation, it releases 5 angry, syndicate trained roosters of the corresponding type, eager to shred any non-syndicate in their vicinity. The released chickens, to some extend, benefit from their syndicate training, like wizard roosters having enough wizard college education to cast fireball.

Beyond that, if they see noone to be angry at, they behave like normal roosters.

Glaucus Fishing Rod
6 Rancher, Angler For reeling in the dumbest fish on the station. A very nasty fishing rod, designed to lure and throw crew around. When used on the ground, throws out a lure. If the lure hits a person or is picked up, it latches into the victim, dealing damage and stunning them in case they picked it up. While latched into someone, you can start to continously reel them in. Alternatively, click on any point while reeling them in to throw your victim around on a 6 second cooldown. Once reeled in, the fishing rod will begin to rip out flesh of the victim, dealing more damage and eventually stunning them the longer they were reeled in. You can change how the lure looks by using the glaucus on a item you wanna imitate. Catch the smelly scientist with a fake artifact and throw them into one or two glass tables!
Power Gloves
6 CE, Engineer Shoot lightning from your hands. When standing atop or directly adjacent to a live wire, you can shoot lightning at people or objects! Use the Disarm intent to non-lethally stun, and Harm to zap unsuspecting folks with a powerful electric arc. Insulated gloves offer a degree of protection against the burn damage, but not against the stun. The damage depends on the power of the current, so overloading the engine will make power gloves more effective. You may want to keep an active T-ray scanner in your pocket.
Moustache Grenade
1 Assistant, Clown Makes moustaches. Anyone caught in the blast radius will have a fake moustache (or mustache if you spell it that way) permanently affixed to them. Harmless, until they need to use internals. The 'staches are same make as the one you can order too, down to face-concealing properties and slightly boosted stats.
Poison Bottle
1 Bartender, Chef, MD, Medical Doctor, RD, Scientist A bottle of poison. Exactly what it says on the tin. The game will randomly pick a poison (e.g. pancuronium) and provide you with 40 units of it. Some poisons can only be found through this item. Useful if you don't know how to make/find poisons yourself.

Possible poisons include: amanitin, concentrated initropidril, coniine, curare, gibbis, initrobeedril, initropidril, ketamine, nanomachines, pancuronium, polonium, prions, pure bacon grease, Rajaijah, rat venom, space ricin, royal initrobeedril, saxitoxin, sodium thiopental, spider eggs, unstable hootagen, and cytotoxin.
Works nicely with the syringe gun.
Poison Bottle Bundle
7 Bartender, Chef, MD, Medical Doctor, RD, Scientist A box filled with seven random poison bottles. An inconspicuous box filled with seven random 40u poison bottles. Useful if you already plan to spend most of your traitor points on poison bottles.

The bottles can contain any of the chemicals mentioned in the poison bottle possible poisons list.
Obviously, it works nicely with the syringe gun.
Safari Kit
SafariKit2.png Boomerang.png
7 MD A complementary package for your tranquilizer rifle. This box contains a boomerang that stuns when thrown, an dashing hat and jumpsuit for the proper safari look, and 4 clips each with 4 sodium thiopental darts (but not the rifle itself) which will rapidly put your targets to sleep. Unlike standard haloperidol darts, they can only be removed via surgery; their barbed tip prevents removing darts via Help. The boomerang will only knock people down if you're wearing the suit and hat.

If you get this through a surplus crate, it comes with a tranquilizer rifle and a few haloperidol darts.
.38 AP Ammo Box
GunBox.png 38APSpeedloaderV2.png
2 Detective Powerful ammo for your .38 sidearm. This box contains three speedloaders of AP ammo, which pierce body armor, boosting their damage against armored targets like the Captain. Raw damage (i.e. before armor) is comparable to a standard .38 FMJ. Remember, you can keep the .38 in your pockets - unlike the larger revolver!

If you get this in a surplus crate, it comes with a free zip gun.
Teleport Gun
7 RD A gun that teleports people. Energy gun meets teleporter technology! It is however not ready-to-use and requires a bit of preparation. First, head to the teleporter room (or another working teleporter) and select a beacon or tracking implant as the target. Second, click on the gun to link it to said teleportation hub. Afterwards, it's up to you to make effective use of the gun - try to think of interesting traps! You could, for example, place a beacon in the engine combustion chamber or send people straight to deep space. Also sometimes called "teleporter gun" or just "telegun" The gun will be little more than an expensive paperweight if the teleporter you've linked it to loses power or is destroyed.
Clown Car
5 Clown A car for clowns, HONK! Another glorious gimmick item. Use drag & drop to climb into the driver's seat and then run some people over! They can be stuffed into the car with drag & drop or by manually grabbing them. With a good clown behind the wheel, up to 30 crew members can find themselves trapped in the backseat. Brake using the Stop the Car button in the top left, and don't forget to honk the horn using the aptly named Clown Car Horn button, also in the top left (this has a 10 second cooldown to protect the victims' your ears).

Beware, crashing into a wall will fling you through the windshield, and has a chance to free the passengers. Even if they don't fly out with you, anybody clicking on the car with an empty hand can open the door to let them out.

Clown cars also come with a dedicated banana peel storage and dispensing mechanism, allowing you to drop banana peels on the floor out of a limited supply that you will have to manually replenish. The Drop a banana peel ability has no cooldown, but you can run out of banana peels quickly if you're not careful. It starts with five ones for free, but you should consider requesting botany to mass-produce bananas prior to your rampage if you want to have a sizeable supply; they'll likely assume you're up to regular clown shenanigans, rather than homicidal clown shenanigans.
You have to be wearing at least two pieces of clown clothing (suit, mask, shoes) to drive the car. Conveniently, every car comes with a complete set.

The ability to drop banana peels from the car gives you another means to get people stunned (and liable to being crammed into the clown car with your other victims) from the comfort of your vehicle. Use it as an accessory technique to running into people.
Trick Revolver
RussianSurplusMunitionsBox.png RevolverV2.png
1 Clown A seemingly-normal revolver that makes you shoot yourself. Is there a vigilante or opposing traitor on your tail? They can rarely resist the allure of adding another weapon to their inventory, much less the chance to conserve their own ammo. "Carelessly" drop this authentic-looking revolver and trick your opponents into shooting themselves! They'll never notice the difference until it's too late. You need to "reload" it after every shot by clicking on it while it's in your hand, like the Russian revolver. There are ways to tell it's a fake revolver, e.g. you can't unload it or load any ammo.

Appears on buy-screen as a "funny-looking revolver" (get it?) and comes in a "Russian surplus munitions box".
Chameleon Bomb Case
GunBoxV2.png ChameleonBomb.png
3 Clown, Mail Courier Two disguisable bombs. Chameleon projector meets bomb! This "chameleon bomb case" contains two chameleon bombs that can assume the appearance of practically any hand-held item, critter or robot - simply scan it, arm the bomb and leave it laying around for the next curious passer-by to pick up.

The explosive force is comparable to an above-average pipebomb and is stronger than the Syndicate "pipe bomb" (which has same strength as a PDA bomb) and the HE grenades in the Tactical Grenades kit.
Scan something people are eager to pick up, such as guns or traitor items.
Miniature Bible
1 Assistant, Chaplain, Clown A tiny bible. Do you like to make people fart in your face? This bible is easier to hide and doesn't have an in-hand sprite, and even people with the Atheist trait will get blown up if they fart on it, unlike with the standard bible. You can also use it as a general-purpose container to store tiny and small items. The mini bible is a small-sized item itself and thus fits in jumpsuit pockets.
5 RD, Scientist A hand-held version of the ChemiCompiler. A programmable device capable of mixing, heating and dispensing reagents in very precise measurements. For more info, see ChemiCompiler.

Note: Don't buy the ChemiCompiler if you don't have any idea how to use it. You have to manually write code for it in an obscure programming language, and this isn't something most players will be able to master in a couple of minutes.

Experiment with the stationary version in chemistry first to gain a basic understanding of the device.
Syndicate Mail Courier Suit
1 Mail Courier Go postal. Its-a me, Mario! Use the mail system as a means of transportation for easy access to various key areas (security, bridge, etc).

It's worth noting that, despite being an uplink item, you do start the round wearing one of these as a Mail Courier, traitor or not! This makes purchasing one rather pointless unless you're looking for a replacement or wanting to give one to someone else for whatever reason.

Remember to set a destination on the chute before flushing yourself.
Speed Injector
3 Geneticist Injects DNA injectors instantly. Stealth device disguised as a screwdriver that instantly and stealthily alters the victim's DNA when provided with a DNA injector. There's a 10 second delay between injection and the genes manifesting themselves, making your involvement less obvious. Only accepts injectors, not the simpler activators. If necessary, the payload can be removed by clicking on the injector when it's in your active hand.
Barrel of Monkeys
6 Assistant, Geneticist, Test Subject Angry monkeys on demand. A "mysterious barrel" and an accompanying "mysterious signaller". When the signaller is used, the barrel releases 6 special bandanna-wearing monkeys that fight everyone they see (including the deployer) and readily use whatever guns/weapons/objects happen to be around to kill them. It's reskinned locker than you can't open or weld closed, so it can't fit in your bag, but it can be cargo transportered.
Kudzu Seed
4 Assistant, Botanist Obstructive alien weed. A seed that, when planted on any station tile, spawns Space Kudzu, exactly same as the kind spawned through the admin event. (See there for more details.) Kudzu tries to spread onto empty non-Space/Seafloor tiles. While kudzu can't kill anyone at all unless they're especially inept, and it can be torn down with just about anything, especially hot or sharp objects, it significantly obscures lighting and line of sight and can potentially block off entire sections of the station. Smart placement often leads to early shuttle calls. Corpses on kudzu eventually become kudzupeople that can spread it further.

Kudzu can spread up to 40 tiles from its initial starting point without the aid of kudzupeople.
Mindhack Cloning Module
6 Geneticist, Medical Doctor, MD. Makes permanently mindhacked clones. Formerly the mind remapping module. When attached to a cloning pod, any clones that pop out of it are permanently mindhacked to the one who added it (hopefully, you). The mindhack process doesn't use implants, so no chance of removal here. However, not only is the module incredibly visible on the clonepod, but the affected pod also emits a faint crimson glow. During operation, it also makes a weird glitchy noise, and the fluid inside becomes a sinister red. Any cloning consoles attached also gain a distinct sinister red UI.

Anybody can remove it from the clonepod using a screwdriver.

Can be used in conjunction with SpeedyClone2000 modules or biomatter recycling units.

Unlike the implant version, this bypasses the mind protection health implant possessed by the HoS, i.e. you can clone a Head of Security and they'll come out as a mindhack.

Mindhack Cloning Module - Deluxe Package
Box2.png MindhackClonerModule.png
10 Geneticist, Medical Doctor, MD. Mindhacked clone armies are even easier. A box with a mindhack cloning module, some frames for essential cloning lab machinery (cloning console, cloning scanner, enzymatic reclaimer, and clonepod), and a soldering iron to deploy them all. The cloning console frame is directly converted into a computer.
Wasp Grenades
3 Botanist Release angry bees. A different kind of "stinger" grenade. The five "suspicious looking grenades" in this "experimental biological grenade pouch" each spawn five wasps, hostile critters that repeatedly sting people with histamine, a highly-visible poison that causes itchiness, brute damage, and, in high doses, anaphylactic shock. The wasps won't attack Botanists (i.e. you, hopefully) unless provoked. Luckily, if this appears in a surplus crate, you also get a wasp implant, so you can inject yourself with it and ensure this.
Hotdog Bomb
1 Chef, Sous Chef, Waiter, Clown Force people into wearing hotdog suits. Click on it in-hand and run as far as you can in the roughly seven seconds it takes to detonate. Everyone within five tiles of where it was detonated (i.e. area of effect is 11x11) gets a hotdog costume they can't remove themselves (other people can still remove it). Humiliating, but harmless until someone tries to put on a spacesuit... Arming the bomb sends a bold red message to everyone in view, and it makes a distinct noise as it's counting down.
Angry Wasp Crossbow
6 Botanist Shoot angry bees. A mini wasp-egg-crossbow that shoots a wide spread of 4 wasp eggs that, upon impacting something or going too long without hitting anything, each spawn a wasp. Wasps are hostile critters that repeatedly sting people with histamine, a highly-visible poison that causes itchiness, brute damage, and, in high doses, anaphylactic shock. The weapon slowly recharges itself. The wasps won't attack Botanists (i.e. you, hopefully) unless provoked. Hence why this comes with a free wasp implant if this spawns in a surplus crate.
Advanced Optical Thermal Scanner
3 Detective See people through walls. These seemingly regular-looking "optical thermal scanner" goggles let you see people behind walls and other solid objects, though not necessarily anything around them. Otherwise, they act like a regular Optical Thermal Scanner; they let you see farther in the dark, spot people using various forms of invisibilty...and make you more vulnerable to flashes and EMP grenades. They look like regular thermals, down to same name and Examine text, but they're slightly more red.
Controlled Syndicate Scuttlebot
4 Detective Scout ahead. Steal precious things. Take pictures. Flash people. This tiny hat on legs is an advanced scouting robot that comes disguised as a detective hat. Upon being used in-hand it deploys into its robot form and drops a pair of remote control glasses. Putting on the glasses puts you in control of the Scuttlebot, and hitting the Scuttlebot with them instead reverts it back to its regular, much less scuttly form.

The Scuttlebot is capable of squeezing through doors, hiding under tables and holding light items, including small firearms! The health of the Scuttlebot is however quite low, so be careful not to end up as an oily puddle on the floor.

While folded, the hat comes with a slightly different description (it mentions that "It looks a bit heavier than it should."), so watch out for particularly keen-eyed crewmates or wear it on your head instead!

If you are a spy, you can print a photo as the Scuttlebot, immediately pick it up and bring it back to you to claim bounties!

Cursed Clown Mask
5 Clown A mask that hurts and debilitates non-clowns and non-traitor clowns. Looks like a normal clown mask at first glance, save for the somewhat ominous description, but anyone who wears this mask who isn't a Clown and a Traitor suffers uncontrollable laughing, confused movement, occasional brief (<4 seconds) bouts of Slowed and Stunned, minor brain damage, and accumulating BURN that can put them into critical condition. Traitor clowns can quickly force the mask onto any unsuspecting downed victim by using it on them while targeting the head and not on Help intent. The mask cannot be removed with acid or fire. Others can remove it however.

Traitor clowns can also wear and unequip the mask without any ill-effects--good since it also works as a gas mask, so it can be used for internals!
Boom Boots
12 Clown Funny footsteps. Well, yo are y'all ready for me yet? When you have these boots on, they play an explosion noise each time you take a step. Simple as that! It's high-level contraband, so you'll also provoke the GuardBuddies and secbots and trip the security scanners if you carry them (but not if you wear them), among other things.
Guardbuddy Ammo Replicator
1 RD Give a GuardBuddy with a kinetic gun infinite ammo (at a cost)! GuardBuddies that are emagged can accept kinetic weapons, but are limited by ammo. This "BulletBuddy ammo fabrication kit" solves that issue by letting that Buddy use its internal battery charge to make ammo when it runs down to one bullet left. The larger the magazine of the gun and the more damage its bullets do, the more power the ammofab consumes.

Simply click on the GuardBuddy with this to give them the ammofab. This also lets it use kinetic weapons if it wasn't already able to (i.e. you don't have to buy an EMAG to make this useful).
In addition, it prevents people from crowbarring off the gun from the GuardBuddy, but it also keeps you from giving it a different gun. Choose wisely!
Slip and Sign
2 Janitor Wet floor sign that sprays superlube. Or Syndicate wet floor sign if you're boring. Looks like a normal sign, but when someone walks near this sign, the sign applies 1 unit of invisible organic superlubricant to the floor under them, on a 1.5 minute cooldown. In addition to inevitably causing damage and slipping, the "invislube" creates a lubed tile that appears completely normal, unlike regular superlube that creates a distinct shininess. Wearing galoshes protects from the effects of the spray itself, but remember, it doesn't prevent slipping due to the lube!

The superlubricant comes from the sign's internal bucket reservoir, and given the bucket's 50-unit capacity, it will run out after 50 sprays. But more importantly, you can swap out the bucket with a beaker or similar container of different chemicals by clicking on the sign with the container while wearing cleaning gloves, allowing for infinite fun.
Remember, you can use a wrench or screwdriver on the sign to bolt it down to the floor, preventing people from picking it up until someone unwrenches/unscrews it.

If you get this via the surplus crate, you also get galoshes and cleaning gloves.
Overcharged Vacuum Cleaner
5 Janitor Vacuum with a more powerful sucking attack. The special attack (click on a tile at least two squares away, Disarm/Harm intent not required in this case) of this "overcharged handheld vacuum" is much more powerful than the handheld version. For one, it can suck people and large objects (e.g. lockers), not just items, and it puts them right next to you instead of just pulling them one tile closer. It also knocks people down for 0.9 seconds, and you can suck items out of people's hands from 10 tiles away of just 3 (you still only have a 25% chance to do so.) Otherwise acts like a standard handheld vacuum, so it can still clean things.
Pizza Sharpener
5 Chef Makes pizzas and pizza slices into throwing weapons. Seems like an innocuous pizza cutter, but when clicked on while it's in your hand (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/-style WASD), it turns on sharpener mode.

Once in sharpener mode, use it on a slice of pizza. Throwing the sharpened slice knocks them down for 2 seconds and inflicts up to 11 BRUTE and much bleeding; the slice will also embed into the person like sharpnel, transfering whatever chemicals were in the pizza slice into them. Using it on a whole pizza automatically makes all the slices sharpened.

You can also insert the pizza sharpener into a PizzaVend; this makes the machine throw sharpened pizza slices at people and speeds up cooking time to basically instant. Note you can't get the sharpener out.

Still acts like a pizza cutter when not in sharpening mode.
Hotbox Lighter
1 Botanist Special zippo meant for igniting herbs. A sleek black lighter with a red stripe and a green flame. Herbs burned with this lighter ignite faster, bypass normal reagent limits on hotboxing, and gain an additional 20% bonus to reagent volume in the resulting smoke. Burns five times hotter than standard lighters, making it quite viable for all of your pyrotechnic needs.
Syndicate Hot Dog Cart
4 Chef, Sous Chef, Waiter Gib someone into hotdog meat. It looks like a regular hotdog cart, except, if you put someone inside it (they need to by laying down in some way), it turns them into a meatcube named "hotdog" within seconds and creates a single hotdog sausage. The meatcube will die not long after, leaving behind cube steaks, and the cubing/hotdogging drops all their belongings and internal organs (including brain) too. Overall very messy. Essentially a reskinned trash compactor with some extra flavor. Among other things, it means you can't be chomped by your own cart.
Flyzapper Implant
1 CE, Engineer Electrocute people upon death. Like a microbomb, but electricity-themed, essentially. Click on yourself with the implanter to inject yourself with a flyzapper implant. When you die, the implant shocks everyone around you and causes machinery around you to zap people. You also gib with cool visual effects. Does not scale with amount of power in the grid, but the effects do stack with multiple implants. You can also use it on other people to inject them with the implant.
Poisoned Rose
4 Mime Send people silently to sleep. Identical to a regular rose, except when held to someone's nose (Help intent, head targeting) it will mute them for 40 seconds and add 13 units of Capulettium to their system, knocking them out briefly. If used on a mime (including yourself if you are one) it will instead add 20 units of Capulettium Plus to their system, letting them realistically play dead for a time. The effects also trigger when attempting to pick it up without gloves on, so be careful! Since mime is not a round-start job this is almost entirely a surplus exclusive item.
AI Laser Upgrade Module
6 RD, MD, CE, HoP, Captain Give the AI some lasers to shoot out of its cameras. Insert this CLF:Laser Expansion Module into a law rack to give the AI a Camera Laser ability. When the AI uses this ability, it activates a targeting cursor that lets them fire a laser bolt at mob within range of a camera, dealing 30 BURN if it hits. Firing it has a 10 second cooldown, regardless if the laser made contact or not.

This appears in the law rack as a typical module, with a slight greyish tint. Like the standard modules, it can be screwed and welded into place to make it more secure. Otherwise, it will only take a single click to pull it right back out.

This module on its own does not rogue an AI, so uploading a law alongside it would prove useful to getting the most bang from your buck.
Disguised AI Law Module
2 RD, MD, CE, HoP, Captain Subvert the AI subtler than the bright red of the freeform. A law module for the AI that has the green colour of the common laws the AI starts with, but you can write anything on it. This might not sound like much, but it's basically a freeform module you can buy multiples of, giving you the option of entirely new lawsets. This doesn't stop anyone from just reading the law if they have access to AI Upload or if the AI states them. Perhaps include the start of another law to make it less suspicious.
Black Market Megaphone
5 Captain, HoP, Inspector, VIP Talk in BIG TEXT. When held in-hand, this black-market megaphone makes you speak with a really, really big font. In the chat window, your name, radio icon, and "says" message have the normal font size, but whatever you say is almost twice as large as normal, which aside from looking slightly wonky, also makes your words stand out much more.

On the flying chat side, it's even crazier. Not only does the floating text gain a deep, evil red color (with dark purple outlines), but each character is just below the size of a person's sprite, so you can easily flood the screen with your yelling. Great for being annoying.
Keep in mind, you can use the megaphone over the radio too.

Surplus crate items

Note: Only items specific to the surplus crate are listed here, but they often contain regular Syndicate gear as well. Please also keep in mind that some of these items can be found in the adventure zone or bought from merchants by non-traitors. Use your common sense, so innocent players don't get killed for picking up something they found floating around in space.

Item Image Usage Description Notes
Syndicate Dagger
Armor-piercing knife that stuns when thrown. This syndicate dagger causes 5 BRUTE and 5 BLEEDING in melee, and throwing it at someone (Hotkey: hold down Space on Goon WASD, R on /tg/-style WASD, then click on them) instantly knocks them down for 6 seconds and inflicts 15 BRUTE and 5 BLEEDING. Attacks ignore 80% of the target's armor, so Security Officers and such will still feel the bleed. Fits in pockets!
Banana Grenades
A pouch of banana grenades. Each of these five grenades explodes into slippery banana peels. The banana grenade pouch itself has 7 slots and fits into your pocket.
Flare Gun
A loaded flare gun with spare ammunition. Signal your intentions! The flare doesn't cause a lot of damage outright, but sets people on fire and may even force them to roll on the ground to extinguish the flames. Surprisingly effective. Can be loaded with (almost) every type of shotgun shell to boot!
Old Hunting Rifle
For hunting the most dangerous game of all. Massively powerful rifle that fires armor-piercing projectiles. You only have four bullets, so don't waste them! Unlike in previous versions, these cannot be loaded with tranquilizer rifle ammo.
Breaching Charge
A charge designed to break through walls. Capable of reliably blasting through walls in a 1x1 radius. Can also be be used to destroy airlocks (as well as other machinery), windows and grills. It has five second timer. The AI law rack is particularly explosion resistant, so one charge alone cannot destroy it.
Flash/Cell Assembly Box
Five overcharged flashes. A box of five flashes with power cells attached to each of them. Despite the flamy result, they're one-use item thanks to the bulb burning out immediately. These can be made, if you know how.
Syndicate Command Armor
An extra-armored space suit. Not only is it a space suit with no slowdown, but it allows you to shrug off explosions and grants excellent protection against bullets, melee attacks, and radiation. They're sold as "Armored Spacesuits" from C.A.R.L., the Listening Post merchant.
Plasma Rifle
Self-charging energy weapon. This powerful energy gun steadily regenerates its own battery, so has potentially infinite ammo. However, the process is quite slow and cannot be relied on in a firefight.
Energy Gun Upgrade Pack
Power cell for an energy gun. Self-charging power cell with a capacity of 100 PU. Can be used to upgrade a stun baton or energy weapon (such as a taser or crossbow) Click the weapon with it to swap out the cell.
Land Mine Pouch
BlastLandmine.gif IncendiaryLandmine.gif RadiationLandmine.gif StunLandmine.gif
Three anti-personnel land mines. Three randomly selected mines in a handy landmine pouch. Different models exist, see Murder for a detailed description. You can also find more mines in deep space.
Bear Trap Pouch
AmmoPouchGreen.png Beartrap32x32.png
Four deadly bear traps Yep, this is the same bear trap pouch nuclear operatives can order. See here for details.
SecHUD Cybereyes
A pair of ocular implants. Essentially a pair of sunglasses people can't easily remove from you that also let you see SecHUD icons, so you can know if you've been set to Arrest.

Thanks to the Ocular Implanter device bundled with it, you luckily don't need to perform any surgery to install them. Just click on the device while it's in your hand, choose which eye you want to implant the cybereye in, and watch it go. The process takes about 10 seconds, during which you need to stand still.
If you're wearing goggles/glasses or a hat that covers your eyes, you need to remove it first.
Hacked Hypospray
Instantly fill people with chems. A hypospray that already had its safety locks removed, allowing you to instantly inject people with the chems inside. Not as stealthy as a sleepy pen as it has a more visible sprite and message when injecting, and it administers less chems, but you have a lot more control over dosage, and it's fine for chems that do not scale with volume or only need a small amount to work, such as disease reagents. Holds up to 30 units of chemicals.
Saxitoxin Grenade
Releases deadly gas. Creates a cloud of saxitoxin that weakens and debilitates those who walk through it and can ramp up damage quickly. Try not to get caught in it, dummy. More details in Murder. People wearing a biosuit and internals won't absorb any gas.
Concussion Grenades
Pushes and disarms your foes. A pack of 5 decommissioned concussion grenades back from the old days of the Pod Wars. Throwing one causes anyone near the radius to be pushed back similar to that of a pulse rifle with all the effects of getting knocked back as well, such as slamming into objects and dropping the items in your hand. Comes in a handy pouch, which can also store more grenades if you somehow get your hands on more.
A kinetic, two-handed weapon. The AKM is a surplus exclusive traitor weapon, coming with one 30 round magazine. It cannot be stored in backpacks, instead fitting on the back slot with its own worn sprite. Though it lacks in stealth, its firepower is fairly high with a brutal 40 raw damage per bullet. Shares an ammo type with certain syndicate drones.
Wasp Implant
Make wasps leave you alone, leave wasps when you die When injected, it makes wasps (such as those spawned by wasp grenades) not attack you unless you attack them. When you die, you also leave behind a swarm of 8 wasps.

This does not appear in the surplus crate on its own; rather, it spawns with wasp-related items, namely the wasp crossbow and the aforementioned wasp grenades.
Code-wise, this adds you to the "Botany" faction, which also has the side effect of making killer tomatoes and plasma spores friendly to you.
Concealable blade for bloodletting foes Yep, the exact same one used by gangsters (i.e. see that link for more details), for more fun with concealables. You can hide in it in clothes and pull it out via the *snap emote (Hotkey: CTRL + Z). This has priority over bladed gloves deploying/holstering blades, which also uses *snap.
Open 10 unbolted doors quickly Point it at a door that's not bolted. Boom, now it's open, easy as that. This is basically same as the gangsta Quickhack but with 10 charges instead of just 5. Handy for some simple breaking and entering, if your crate doesn't give you an emag.

Nuclear Operative Gear

Starter Gear

Nuclear Operatives spawn with a couple of unique goodies, described below. Their Syndicate Battlecruiser is also stocked with various special equipment, also detailed below.

Item Image Usage Description Notes
Syndicate Requisition Token
Use at Syndicate Weapons Vendor to get gear. Not useful in of itself, for it's meant to be currency for the Syndicate Weapons Vendor. You can insert this into the vendor to get credit for a sidearm, one loadout, and up to two utility items. Every operative spawns with one. There's no way to get more.
Thermite Breaching Charge
A charge designed to break through walls. A mildly-lethal charge with a five second timer, which melts all walls (regular or reinforced), windows, grilles, and most solid objects within a 5x5 radius and then creates a brief fireball of the same size. A few of these can be found on the Syndicate Battlecruiser, but aren't available for purchase.

Be aware that, for AI law racks, you need at least two charges to destroy them.
Syndicate Field Protective Mask
Acidproof gas mask Basically a gas mask, but in addition to having a evil paint job, it can't be melted by fluorosulfuric acid and the like. Every Nuclear Operative spawns with one. Otherwise, can't be ordered or found on the Syndicate Battlecruiser.
Syndicate Radio Headset
Talk to other operatives A standard radio headset tuned to a secure Syndicate frequency. To speak into it, press T and preface your message with either ; or :z, or simply press ; (semicolon) and enter your message. Whatever you say has a red icon in the chat with a white letter matching the first letter of your call sign/code name.

By default, the Syndicate frequency is 135.2, but it's randomized during nuclear emergency. It can't randomize to a pre-existing channel, i.e. the frequency can't be 145.9. It also can't be picked up by the Empowered version of Meta-Neural Antenna.
It appears in-game as simply "radio headset", but the description riffs on the standard headset description by interrupting with "wait, isn't that frequency illegal?"

Starting gear for every Nuclear Operative. CARL sells extras, though those all use the generic Syndicate icon (red square with white S). Syndicate cyborgs start with access to the channel.
SWAT Gloves
Provides a little protection, deflect disarms sometimes. In addition to reducing damage from fire by a tiny bit and damage from electrical shocks by considerable amount, if someone tries to disarm or shove you, the attack has a 20% chance to fail entirely. Unarmed crew will often try to deprive you of your weapon with disarms and then use it on you, so being able to resist that sometimes is helpful. Can't be ordered or found on the Syndicate Battlecruiser, but every Nuclear Operative spawns with a pair.
Hi-grip Assault Boots
Prevents slipping (mostly). These "hi-grip assault boots" keep you from slipping on gibs, wet floors, blood stains, ice, and things like that. Space lube and organic superlubricant still slip you though, so watch out.
Nuclear Commander Sabre
NukieSheath.png NukieSabre.png
Pirates of the Space Caribbean A sword and sheath that exclusively spawns with the Nuclear Commander. Deals around 20 damage and inflicts bleeding and comes with a forward stabbing special attack. Not as deadly as the rest of the Syndicates arsenal but stylish as hell. Not available for purchase. Starts in the Commander's inventory. Can't ya read!?
Syndicate Teleporter Remote
Teleport you and the bomb between the Syndicate Battlecruiser and Listening Post. To teleport yourself, stand on the telepad on the Syndicate Battlecruiser and use the remote to teleport to the telepad on the Listening Post. Do the same with Listening Post's telepad to teleport back to the Syndicate Battlecruiser.

To teleport the bomb, place it over the Syndicate Battlecruiser telepad and whack the nuke with the remote. Similarly, whacking it when it's on the Listening Post telepad teleports it back to the Syndicate Battlecruiser.

Appears on a table in the Syndicate Battlecruiser armory. Otherwise cannot be bought.

Handy if there isn't room for you in the space pods or you want to sneak into the station by jetpacking from the Listening Post to some forgotten airlock into maintenance.
Nuclear Bomb Teleporter Remote
Teleport the nuclear bomb to you if it's not deployed--once. When you click on this while it's in your hand, it teleports the nuclear bomb to you. It's a single-use (i.e. you can do this only once), it only works if the bomb has not been armed (i.e. it's not counting down), and only works on the station Z-level, though the bomb can be in another Z-level. Useful if you want to go for a lightning-fast sneak deploy or you lose track of the bomb during transit. Spawns in the inventory of the nuke ops' commander. More cannot be found or purchased anywhere, so use it wisely!
Prevents the crew from going through. Use it while in hand to deploy it on the tile you are standing on. Prevents anyone from going through it but still allows gunfire to pass over it. Can be destroyed with melee weapons. The barricade dispenser in the battlecruiser armory can give you one every five seconds.
Gear Preparations Closet
Space gear, some tools, and some clothing Or gear preperations closet as the game insists it's spelled. These contain equipment for navigating through space and some tools but no weapons. During the holidays, these have santa suits and santa hats with no slowdown instead of red space suits and helmets, for that extra festive cheer. Includes: These don't appear on the Syndicate Battlecruiser if the game mode is not nuclear emergency.

Syndicate Apparel has many of these items, and more, though it does not have the power cell or tools.
Nuclear Preparations Closet
Extra pinpointers, a special PDA, flashbangs, and cuffs In-game, this is misspelled "nuclear preperations closet", similar to the gear closet. The special Military PDA in this locker comes with a free Detomatix Cartridge and a copy of the crew manifest, so you can PDA-bomb the Captain, Security Officers, or whoever you want to target. Also like the gear closet, this doesn't appear on the Syndicate Battlecruiser if the game mode is not nuclear emergency.

If you bought the Grenadier class crate, you might be interested in the flashbang box.

Syndicate Weapons Vendor


While the Nuclear Operatives use Syndicate gear, they get theirs a little differently. Rather than uplinks and funny money, they get a requisition token that they redeem at one of the many Syndicate Weapons Vendors on the Syndicate Battlecruiser. Items sold through the vendor are split into three categories: Utility, Loadout, and Sidearm, and each token gives enough credit to buy something from each of these three categories.


Pistol belts containing a handgun of some sort and ammo for it.

Item Image Usage Contents Description Notes
Branwen Pistol
Low-damage pistol with lots of ammo. Pistol belt with:
1x Branwen pistol
4x 9mm Magazines
The Branwen has an ample 15-round magazine, with plenty of extra mags, though its damage is on the low end for guns. Still, the 30 BRUTE is nothing to sneeze at. While you probably won't find the opportunity to, it can also fit frangible mags. However, it does not take tranquilizer pistol darts (and likewise, the tranq pistol can't take Branwen mags).
Predator Revolver
Powerful revolver with a few speedloaders. Revolver belt with:
1x Predator revolver
2x .357 FMJ speedloaders
1x .357 AP speedloader
This iconic revolver has incredible stopping power. The FMJ bullets do 60 BRUTE, while the AP ones do only 50 BRUTE for AP bullets but pierce armor. The capacity is rather low at 7 shots in the chamber, but 7 shots is more than enough to kill anything that moves, 28 even more so. The revolver also accepts .38 stun rounds and other .38 bullets.
Hydra Smart Pistol
Low-damage smartpistol with limited homing that can hit multiple enemies. Smartpistol belt with:
1x Hydra smart pistol
4x .22 smartgun magazines
Have trouble aiming? The Hydra smart pistol is for you. It has a 20-round magazine and a target-lock-on system that works like this:

Hold down your left mouse button (or whatever is your fire button) and mouse over someone to lock on to them. You can lock on to multiple enemies, and holding the button down for longer charges up a burst of up to four bullets per target, instead of a single shot.

Once you're done locking on, let go of your mouse button to fire. The Hydra shoots 22 BRUTE bullets that (almost) never miss unless they duck or there's a solid object like a wall in the way, i.e. you can hit someone zipping around trying to make themselves harder to hit, but not someone taking cover behind a doorway.
You can't target fellow nuke ops, though they can still get hit by accident if they walk into the line of fire.

If you load the magazine into another gun that accepts Pistol, .22 rounds, the bullets do not have homing.


A variety of equipment for supplementing a loadout. Remember that you get two utility credits.

Item Image Usage Description
Tactical Espionage Belt Storage
7 slots for your belt slot. This Syndicate Tactical Espionage Belt Pack actually is in fact a fanny pack, meaning you can stuff guns other normal size items into it, as you can with a normal backpack. Since it's a belt, though, that you means you can wear it with a jetpack. Moreover, unlike regular fanny packs, it comes with 7 storage slots rather than just 5. Might seem like it'd conflict with the pistol belt, but you can stick your pistol in the pack, and the spare ammo into the box.

Be aware that the Bard, Firebrand, Heavy Weapons Specialist, and Marksman loadouts come with one of these by default! The Listening Post also always has one, inside the Syndicate Apparel machine.
Combat Knife
Knife with thrown stun and movement boost. This syndicate fighting utility knife not only does a decent 15 BRUTE, but it also makes you move faster when held (don't question it) and can be thrown to knock people down for a few seconds and inflict a sizable 20 BRUTE.
MPRT Rocket Ammunition
Two more rockets for the MPRT. It's a four-slot pouch with two spare rockets for the MPRT-7 that spawns on the Syndicate Battlecruiser, simple as that. Use the extra space for other items!
Warm Donk Pocket
One bite of healing drugs and stimulants. No heating required. Eat one of these, and you'll get a tasty cocktail of 15 units each of syndicate methamphetamine, omnizine, salbutamol, saline-glucose solution, synaptizine, and teporone. Together, they reduce incoming stuns significantly and help you recover from almost all types of injuries, including bleeding. Great in an emergency.
Saxitoxin Grenade
Releases a persistent cloud of deadly and debilitating gas. When primed, this grenade releases a huge cloud of saxitoxin, a lethal paralytic agent that inflicts TOX, BURN, and brain damage and causes confused movement and stuns, with a potential perma-stun if it stays in the victim's system long enough. The cloud is smoke-powder-based, so it persists for a while, potentially functioning as area denial. Try not to get caught in the cloud. If you do, remember that atropine flushes it out, epinephrine slows down its effects and that internals in addition to protective equipment (e.g. a spacesuit) only partially reduces exposure.
Decoy Bomb Balloon
Fake nuclear bomb to drag around. Pranked! Looks like a nuclear bomb, and you can pull and push it around like such, but it's actually a balloon that pops after taking a small amount of damage. Same sprite and name as a regular nuclear bomb, and it shows a countdown timer like the real deal, but its Examine text instead says "An extremely powerful balloon capable of deceiving the whole station" (emphasis added), and it does not interact with the nuclear authentication disk. Also, you can click on it with a wrench (or equivalent) to lock it in place (or make it movable again if already locked in place), to make the ruse more believable.
Military Headset
Headset with superb ear protection. Aka, the ComTac headset. This headset (i.e. it goes in your Ears slot and replaces your starting headset) has 100% Disorient (Ear) resistance, which guards against the effects of sonic powder and the like. Basically, when combined with the sunglasses you start with, you're pretty much immune to the effects of flashbangs, so you can use them with impunity, and if someone tries to use them on you, you can basically shrug it off.
Beartrap Pouch
A pouch containing 4 beartraps for holding combat positions. Watch your step, lest you end up with one of these in your leg. The beartrap pouch contains a total of 4 Beartraps that can be placed down similarly to barricades. When a person steps on an activated beartrap, it'll deal a whopping 50 BRUTE, make them fall over, and cause a few seconds of stun, allowing you to sneak in an easy kill if used correctly. Once a person steps on a beartrap, it will have to be reactivated again in order to be used.
Tactical Pouch
An empty pouch with 6 slots for our brave redsuits. This pouch is, in layman's terms, a box that you can fit in your pocket and that can accomodate more items, both in quantity and variety, compared to other pouches.
Sawfly Pouch
Automated drones to do your bidding. A small pouch containing 3 sawflies for use in offensive/defensive maneuvers as well as the remote for activation/deactivation.



Each loadout comes with some sort of specialist combat helmet and some form of specialist combat dress, unless otherwise noted, in addition various other things listed below.



Lob grenades. Lots of them.


All 'bout them bombs. Not only do you get a good amount of explosive shells and frag and stinger 'nades, but you also get a four-capacity launcher to deploy all this ordnance. To shield you from all the explosions you'll inevitably encounter (your own or others'), you get a "specialist operative bombsuit" that's as explosion-resistant as a bomb disposal suit, but without the slowdown.

Not that your grenade launcher doesn't quite support multiple ammo types; while you can, say, load a flashbang into an empty launcher and then insert another flashbang, putting in HEDP afterwards removes the flashbang(s), and putting in, say, a frag grenade results in the gun refusing to accept it.



Peace through suppressing firepower.


For operatives that aren't afraid of the frontline. You get a big bad two-handed LMG that fires a spread of weak, low-range bullets that slow down targets for shutting down corridors and chasing stragglers. This gun has two fire-modes, toggled by clicking on it while it's in your hand (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/-style WASD): a burst-fire that shoots a single series of 8 bullets and a full-auto that shoots a constant stream of bullets, one after the other, as long as you hold the mouse button down. In either case, stay towards the front, lest your gun's bullets veer off and hit your teammates

The gun cannot fit into backpacks, but it can be worn on the back, and you get a syndicate tactical espionage belt pack for free to accommodate the loss of inventory space from having to wear it on your back.

In place of the regular combat dress, you get extra-protective armor for soaking up damage. You also get some grenades in case you need to blow into places.



Point and click.


A no-nonsense loadout for a counter-strike. You get a few grenades for damage and stuns, breaching charges for getting into places, and a two-handed assault rifle that can go burst fire for close range confrontations and single fire for more powerful, more accurate shots. Simple, yet effective, and good in just about every situation.



Heal your teammates using special medical gear.


For a doctor from a very different Red Cross. You have many supplies for common work-related medical emergencies:

  • Teammates shooting each other: brute auto-mender, which comes with 500 units of styptic powder instead of just 200 (and a 500 unit capacity too to accommodate it) and bloodloss combi-injector, which has 50 units of blood-replenishing meds and applies 5 total units of it (2.5u of one chem, 2.5 of the other), totaling out to 10 uses.
  • Teammates setting each other on fire: burn auto-mender, which similarly has 500 units of silver sulfadiazine, extinguisher
  • Teammates in shock, cardiac failure, and/or cardiac arrest from the above and more: Defib and the cardiac combi-injector and lifesupport combi-injector, which work similarly to the bloodloss combi-injector, in that they have 50 units of meds that give 5 unit doses, for a total of 10 uses.

The juggernaut injector lets you or your teammates heal a portion of the damage they receive for some time. Meanwhile, the "Donk injector" replicates the effects of eating a Syndie donk pocket on a smaller scale; it has a cool 90 units of healing and anti-stun drugs, and administers 15 units at a time, which means 2.5 of each of the drugs in the injector.

You also get a "specialist health monitor". It acts like fully upgraded ProDoc Goggles, meaning you can access relative health levels at a glance and Examine people close by to get a detailed readout of their health status. Both it and the "specialist operative medic uniform" act like a biosuit, meaning they should protect you from most chemicals (e.g. saxitoxin from a teammate being careless with a saxitoxin grenade) when combined with internals.



Sneak in disguised, commit sabotage.


If you want to sneak onto the station/ship and subvert the AI, snatch the nuke disk or other useful items, and/or commit other acts of sabotage, this is a good loadout. The emag can permanently open doors (so long as they aren't welded) and can also be used to make certain machines malfunction.

Rather maintaining stealth through invisibility like the similar Scout loadout, this crate instead focuses on disguises. Use the chameleon jumpsuit, DNA scrambler, and voice changer to create a false identity (remember you start with an agent card by default as a Nuclear Operative), and use the chameleon projector to hide as an object.

As for weapons, you fortunately do not have to go OSP. You get a tranquilizer pistol that fires sodium thiopental, a virtually-guaranteed knockout for targets or people who realize you shouldn't be here. Normally, if you shoot with a tranquilizer dart, they can remove it by clicking on themselves while on Help intent. However, the tranquilizer pistol's darts are barbed, preventing this (removing them via surgery is still possible.)



Attack from behind.


This is basically designed for flanking. Go in invisible, strike their rear in close quarters, become invisible again once you're done or you need to tactically withdraw. The Bellatrix can put someone into crit with two of its three-round bursts, but it has a wide spread, so go point-blank or similar if you want to all shots to land.

In addition to the cloaking device's invisibility, you can also use the light breaker to create darkness to hide yourself. Since you have NVG, you can see them but they (usually) won't see you. The specialist operative suit provides a speed boost, aiding in mobility, and the EMAG helps you get into places to hide in or flank into and commit sabotage if you wish. You also have a pinpointer that leads you to the nuclear authenication disk, so you can ambush the person carrying it and snag it for your team's benefit.



Set people on fire and be an angry firefighter, complete with fireproof suit.


This pack has lots of ways to fight with fire, and luckily you get a special suit and helmet that together make you immune to the flames. The star of the loadout is a Vega flamethrower and fuelpack combo. The Vega flamethrower fires napalm goo, which makes 3-tile columns, from the fuelpack, which is worn on the back. You cannot use the Vega flamethrower if you do not have the fuelpack! To compensate for having to sacrifice your backpack for a fuel pack, it comes with a free belt storage pack!

Said fuelpack can also do more than just store fuel. It can also be used to store the Vega flamethrower; click on the fuelpack with the flamer, click the fuel again with an open hand to retrieve it. In addition, the fuelpack can provide air for internals and function like a jetpack, lettting you freely move through Space, if you equip it and toggle this functionality through a button in the top left of your display.

In addition to the flamethrower, you also get incendiary grenades for making great balls of fire and some napalm smoke grenades that can be ignited (i.e. by your flamethrower) to create barriers of flame for area denial. For more physical approaches, you have a fire axe that, if you click on it in-hand to wield it with both hands, does a respectable 40 damage and can break down doors in 3 to 5 hits. It fits in backpacks and on your belt too!



A turret for automated threat neutral­ization.


Makin' bacon! The turret shoots in a 30 degree arc, filling the nearest target within 7 tiles that isn't wearing an agent ID (i.e. hopefully the crew and not you or your teammates) with devastating 3-shot bursts of 40 BRUTE AKM bullets until they're in critical condition (<0% health). It never runs out of bullets. It's also immune to tasers, but is otherwise vulnerable to explosions and gunfire, so you need to occasionally shoot at people who try to destroy it and fix any damage by clicking on it with a lit welder.

Using the turret itself is quite simple, and you don't need 11 PhDs to know how to use it:

  • To build your sentry, either throw it (you can only do this twice) or click on the deployer in-hand to set it down, use the welder on it to secure it, and then use a screwdriver on it to turn it on. You know it's working if the light glows green.
  • To change the direction the turret's facing, click on it with a wrench and click on any tile in the direction of interest.
  • To move it to a different place entirely, click on it with a screwdriver to turn it off, then a welder to unsecure it, and finally a wrench to disassemble it.

In addition to the turret, you get a shotgun for finishing off people downed by your turret and a special "battle wrench" that does 15 BRUTE and 55 Stamina damage, compared to 5 BRUTE and 40 Stamina damage of regular wrenches. It can also repair the nuclear bomb. Hit the nuclear bomb with it, and it'll give the nuke 5 health, after a 5 second actionbar. For reference, the nuclear bomb starts with 150 health. The wrench can't raise its health above that, so hitting it while the bomb has full health does nothing.

You also get a full set of tools and a special "specialist welding helmet" that protects your eyes when welding and has built-in mesons goggles.



Pop some heads from a safe distance.


Snipe people coming into the bomb site and lockdown hallways with the powerful Betelgeuse rifle. The bullets can stun and two shots people into crit, and most notably, they pass through up to three solid objects, such as walls and windows; however, blast doors and reinforced walls count as two solid objects due to the extra reinforcement. The piercing is quite deadly considering the thermal scanner lets you see people through walls, allowing you to snipe people before they even know you exist. Do note that you need to wait one second after firing to fire it again though.

You can use the rifle's scope in by holding SHIFT (WASD mode)/SPACE (/tg/ layout) and, whilst still holding that key, use WASD/Arrow keys to look around. Remember you will stand still when zooming. Unlike in some shooters, the rifle does the same amount of damage when scoped vs when unscoped, but being scoped in (naturally) lets you see farther, and unlike some shooters, you can see as far as you want rather than a set distance.

In addition, you can screen yourself or teammates with the smoke grenades, so they can't see what nasty surprises are in store for them when they pass the cloud.

It also comes with a free syndicate tactical espionage belt pack, to allow you to wear the rifle on your back like an elite sniper, which you'll probably be doing anyways since the rifle slows you down and does not fit in your tactical assault rucksack.

SyndicateKnightSwipeV3-32x48.png SyndicateKnightStabV3-32x48.png


Go medieval with a huge sword with knockback and escalating damage.


This class focuses primarily on defending the nuke rather than hunting down crew, though it's not exactly lacking in damage. The two-handed "Hadar heavy power-sword" starts at 25 BRUTE and gains 5 with each hit, up to a maximum of 100 BRUTE. This resets to 25 if dropped, and hitting monkeys, people in sanctuary areas (areas where attacks do no damage), people on the Syndicate Battlecruiser (sanctuary area or no), or corpses doesn't raise the sword's damage. As you build up damage, the sprite gets more intense. The sword has two modes; click on the sword while you're holding it (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/-style WASD) to change between them.

Hadar Mode Mode Description 0-50% Max Damage 50-90% Max Damage 90+% Max Damage
Swipe Special attack (on Disarm or Harm intent, click somewhere at least two tiles away from you) goes 3 tiles wide (i.e. 1 in front, 2 to sides). It also makes both regular attacks and the swipe special knock people back 2 tiles.
Stab Special attack goes 2 tiles ahead of you.

Additionally, you can press your resist button (Default Z for goon WASD, C for /tg/) to block with it. This makes you reflect projectiles and significantly reduces stamina loss from certain attacks, just like with the Cyalume Saber it's based on. It also has a 4x damage multiplier against doors (e.g. 40 becomes 160 when hitting a door) but cannot be attached as an item arm.

While you don't get a horse, you do get a suit of (not-quite shining) armor that's primarily built around augmenting your defense and helping you stand your ground. The cuirass and great-helm both reduce damage from bullets, explosions, and melee and decrease stamina loss from certain stuns. Together, they function as a spacesuit, preventing you from taking damage from being Space and the Trench. Sabatons make you immune to slipping and have an ability that also makes you immune to knockback too at the expense of some movement speed, and the gauntlets help lower the chance of losing your weapon, to a slightly better degree than your starting SWAT gloves.



Channel your rock-star energy through your electric guitar, providing buffs to your teammates and debuffs to your enemies.


Who's ready to ROCK AND ROLL? The bard is a unique class which focuses more on support than combat. Your main weapon will be neither bullets nor blades, but rather the mighty Orpheus electric guitar. While the Orpheus guitar can do a whopping 30 BRUTE and acts similar to a airlock hammer, this is moreso a tool for self-defense then defense of the nuke itself. Instead of bullets, you channel your inner anarchism to play songs for your allies' enjoyment and your enemies' torment using your guitar and studio monitor. Now, what would a rock star be without their song list? Some sorta mainstream sellout, probably. The bard has numerous songs which they can play which are divided into 2 categories, debuffs/negative effects and buffs/effects.

Debuffs/Negative Effects

Icon Name Cooldown Description
Shred.PNG Shred 2 Minutes A piercing noise emanates from your guitar, causing all lights within an area to shatter. Functions similar to a light breaker.
Infrasound.png Infrasound 45 Seconds Take it down low. Inficts vomiting and a long period of disorientation on your foes, in addition to brain damage.
Ultrasound.png Ultrasound 45 Seconds Take it high up into the sky. Inflicts a short disorientation period along with ear damage and organ damage.


Normally, buffs will normally only last a few seconds but if you press your use key (default C) on any intent you will extend the song by strumming your guitar. This can continuously be done up to the below listed maximum song duration.

Icon Name Cooldown Maximum Song Duration Description
Focus.png Focus 30 Seconds 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds Live in the moment. Upon the song starting, all stuns (Such as Unconscious, Knocked-down, Disoriented, etc.) from you and your allies will be removed. You will then proceed to give +10 Disarm Resistance along with +10 Disorient Resistance to you and your allies.
Chill murder.png Chill Beats to Murder to 30 Seconds 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds Play your allies a new-age obscure jazzpunk theme song tune. Chill beats grants you and your allies a minor heal (2 BRUTE, 2 BURN, 2 TOX) over the course of the song, along with a stamina buff of +40.
Death march.png Death March 30 Seconds 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds A bit like the Imperial March, but legally distinct and more guitar-heavy. Death march gives you and your team a movement speed buff along with a stamina regen of +4.
Perseverance.png Perseverance 30 Seconds 3 Minutes, 11 Seconds Throughout it all, you must persist. Perseverance gives you a health buff of +20 along with a small stamina regeneration of +2.
Epic climax.png Epic Climax 5 Minutes 1 Minute, 9 Seconds The one song to rule them all. Epic Climax gives all your allies and you an effect similar to stimulants, giving you 100 Stamina Resistance, 100 additional stamina and 100 additional stamina regen, along with a heal of 5 BRUTE, 5 BURN, and 5 TOX. This song is best used when your team's in a pinch, as once the song is over your guitar and speakers will overheat, preventing you from playing any songs for 30 seconds.

In addition to your guitar, you get 2 studio monitors allowing you to either give one to a teammate or place on the floor allowing you to broadcast your music across the waves. As compensation for losing your assault rucksack, you receive a free syndicate tactical espionage belt pack to store your guitar and any other items you so wish to bring with you on your epic rock quest.



Radio uplink with limited selection of Syndicate items.

  • 1x SyndicateUplink.png "Syndicate Operative Uplink"

This uplink has 12 Syndicate currency for ordering gear from the Syndicate, and you don't need a code to use it. It's limited to generic items, i.e. those not specific to any job, and even then, you still can't buy certain items, e.g. surplus crates. Still serviceable if you want some more utility items rather than weapons or need stealth gear for infiltration.

You can set it to self-destruct, causing a moderate explosion.

Keep in mind, unlike the other loadout options, this does not give you the specialist combat dress and helmet set, and you can't order one from the uplink, so you need to get a red space suit and helmet from one of the gear closets on the Syndicate Battlecruiser.

Syndicate Commander Uplink

Uplink commander.png

The Nuclear Operative Commander additionally gets a special uplink included within their backpack to help assist with the assault on the NT Station. The points on your uplink scales with player population, with 1 point for every 20 people on the server with a minimum point amount of 2.

Item Image Cost Usage Description Notes
Ammo Bag
2 uplink points Get more ammo for standard syndicate weapons while on the battlefield. An ammo bag that is meant for taking on the go. It takes around 8 seconds to deploy using C (Z for /TG/ controls) and comes with 10 charges. When deployed, syndicate members can click on it with a gun in hand to dispense ammo for that specific type of gun as well as depleting the bag's charge. Certain ammo can cost more charge to get such as Antares LMG Belts, as well as certain ammo for specific guns which cannot be obtained at all, i.e MPRT-7 rockets or Rigil Grenade Launcher grenades.
Laser Designator
3 uplink points Orbital artillery at your fingertips. A small telescopic device used for calling down fire support from the Cairngorm. By holding down SHIFT (or SPACE for TG style controls), you are able to aim it wherever you so please much like the Betelgeuse Sniper Rifle as long as you have visual sight of the target. When an area is clicked on, it will drop a laser sight onto said area, followed a few seconds after by an announcement telling where the ordinance will land, giving a 10 second warning. The ordinance will cause an explosion slighty bigger then an MPRT-7 rocket. Also includes a pamphlet, free with purchase. The designator has two charges to launch ordinance from. Don't stand too close to the spot you designate in, silly.
Nuclear Bomb Teleporter
1 uplink point Teleport the nuclear bomb to you if it's not deployed-once. It's a single-use (i.e. you can do this only once), it only works if the bomb has not been armed (i.e. it's not counting down), and only works on the station Z-level, though the bomb can be in another Z-level. Useful if you want to go for a lightning-fast sneak deploy or you lose track of the bomb during transit. Formerly included within the Commander's Backpack, now exists within the uplink.
Rapid Team Deployment Remote
4 uplink points A remote to quickly deploy you, your team and the nuke to a precise location. Come in guns a'blazing! This unique remote allows you to quickly access the station via use of the Rapid Deployment Shuttle. To use, you must first be in the Syndicate Battlecruiser. You first select a location of which you want to deploy to by using your remote once, listing all locations on the station. When you choose one, the menu will close, allowing you to make anymore arrangements that you wish before being deployed. When the remote is pressed again, it will highlight a green area within the ship indicating the radius of who will be deployed. This will give you a confirmation if you are ready, along with the option to switch to a different landing location.

When confirmed, the deployment beacon will teleport you to the Rapid Deployment Shuttle, with a station announcement following soon after alerting personnel of your presence. Another station announcement will follow soon after, confirming the location of where your pods will deploy. After one minute of waiting within the shuttle, you will be deployed to your location in pods similar to the Syndicate Reinforcement Beacon along with the Nuclear Bomb as well as the rest of your team. Includes a pamphlet with purchase to summarize the information here.

No other static objects are brought with you on the rapid deployment shuttle, such as crates. Consider carrying a few items if needed. Oppenheimer is able to come with you.
Syndicate Reinforcement Beacon
2 uplink points Extra firepower to join you in heated battle. A beacon for calling in extra power to defend the precious nuke. When used on the station Z level, the beacon will quickly poll any ghosts asking if they want to become a "Syndicate Reinforcement". When one is selected they will turn into a Syndicate Gunbot and will fly towards the beacon similar to the Spacebux Missile Arrival. If the beacon doesn't work due to a lack of spiritual entities, you can tap the beacon onto your uplink to get a full refund. Includes a helpful manual for usage! Syndicate Gunbots are a powerful foe, having much better armor then your standard run of the mill gunbot (7 Melee Resistance, 2.5 Ranged Resistance) as well as being equipped with a 7.62 DMR instead of a .38 revolver. Beware!
Specialist Ammo Bag
3 uplink points Get specialized types of ammo for standard syndicate weapons as well as ammo for specialized syndicate weapons. Identical to the ammo bag, but is now able to give out all types of ammunition for almost all syndicate firearms as well as specialized ammunition for certain guns, i.e .357 AP rounds for the Predator Revolver, AP 5.56 magazines for the Sirius Assault Rifle. If no associated special ammo type exists with the gun, the ammunition dispensed will cost 1 less charge then it would usually take from an ammo bag.
Fomalhaut MRL
3 uplink points A large barreled launcher which fires homing micro-missiles. The Fomalhaut is a beast of battle, boasting six mighty missiles to fire. The MPRT-7 might be free (a price that's hard to beat), but the missiles the Fomalhaut fires hone in on incoming targets. Just make sure to give your shots a wide berth, as missiles will target your operatives if you fire them too closely to them. Damage is much less then the MPRT-7's, but will still instantly gib on a direct hit. More ammo can be obtained from a Specialist Ammo Bag, if you're somehow able to get one with the uplink points you have.



CARL (also punctuated C.A.R.L.) is a robot NPC merchant operating out of the Listening Post that sells a few select pieces of Syndicate gear and buys certain Captain and Security equipment. Rather than Syndicate currency, CARL instead works with regular ol' credits. While aligned with the Syndicate, CARL's more than happy to do business with regular, non-antagonist crew and antagonists who don't work for the Syndicate. However, there is some gear it only sells to actual Syndicate operatives, and moreover, you need an agent card to get through the airlocks of the Listening Post.

Items CARL Sells

As previously mentioned, there are some goods CARL will only sell to bonafide Syndicate operatives. That list specifically includes: Traitors (including "hard-mode" ones), Spy Thieves, Nuclear Operatives, Sleeper Agents, and Omnitraitors. Whether or not an item has this requirement is indicated by the "Need to be Syndie?" column.

Unlike travelling traders, CARL's list of items for sale never changes from round to round, save for a few exceptions. Depending on RNG, CARL might also sell signal/radio jammers, stealth storages, and/or voice changers, based on a weighted pick. The precise chances are as follows:

  • 10%: Jammer
  • 20%: Jammer and stealth storage
  • 10%: Stealth storage
  • 20%: Voice changer and stealth storage
  • 20%: Voice changer
  • 20%: All three

These are per possible outcome, not per item like a loot drop rate table. "10%: Stealth Storage" means that when the round is generated, there's a 10% chance CARL will sell a stealth storage, but not a jammer or voice changer. In addition, these probabilities are purely random and do not depend on any other quantity; they're not affected by CARL's mood (or whatever the robotic equivalent is), number of traitors, whatever. It's simply a roll of the die.

Item Image Price Need to be Syndie? Description
Armored Spacesuit
25000 Yes A space suit with superb resistances. This is the same "Syndicate Command Armor" that sometimes appears in surplus crates, making this basically a buyable surplus crate item. See that link for more details.
Armored Helmet
25000 Yes The syndicate command helmet is, in a way, a companion to the Syndicate Command Armor and is basically an industrial space helmet but better. In addition to the usual protections provided by most helmets, it has 50% radiation resistance, reduces the effect of explosions by 10% (one of the few helmets to do so), and reduces damage from melee attacks to the head by 7, which makes it one of the best helmets for melee resistance. Also, it doesn't slow you down!
Holographic Disguiser
5000 Yes Handheld device that lets you change your appearance on the fly. Like many other items on the list, this is the same one Traitors can buy. See here for more info on the device.
Radio Jammer
600 Yes Pocketable device that blocks radio signal and is otherwise known as the signal jammer, which you can also buy from certain uplinks. Buying it from CARL instead of through your uplink lets you save at least 2 Syndicate currency (1 to buy the agent card and access CARL vs. 3 to get the jammer from the uplink.) Remember, though, that per above, this is not always available.
Stealth Storage
600 Yes Box that can disguise as other items, see here for details. Remember, CARL doesn't always sell this, see above.
Voice Changer
5000 Yes Gadget that fits into masks and allows you to appear as a different voice than your own on the radio, depending on the ID you're wearing. See this link for more info. Note that CARL only sells this sometimes; see above for details.
12ga AEX ammo
5000 Yes Aka "birdbomb" or Frag-12, explosive shotgun ammo (and flaregun ammo too since those can fit shotty shells). See this link for additional info.
Illegal Headset
600 Yes It's a syndicate radio headset, the very same one that Nuclear Operatives get; see here for details about the item. While a nukie could buy it to replace one they've lost (if they somehow get an account or steal a crew member's ID and PIN), this is more for Traitors and such who want to cooperate and do dastardly deeds together.

This can also be tuned to the general frequency (149.9) to have your radio messages to the general frequency have a red color and come from a "Syndicate Operative" as the job. If you want that for whatever reason.

Spy Sticker Kit
600 No Box of stickers that relay video and audio to a private frequency. This is the same spy sticker kit you can buy through certain uplinks.
12ga Flare Shells
5000 No Flares for a, well, flare gun, or a shotgun since those have the same gauge. See here for more details. In a way, it's a (rather expensive) refill for the flare gun you can get through surplus crates.
High-Capacity Power Cell
5000 No A 300 PU cell for energy guns, amplified vuvuzelas, and other devices that use small power cells. It does not recharge on its own. Since most of the energy weapons used by Sec have either only 200 PU or 250 PU (with Lawbringer and pulse rifles being the main exceptions), this can give you a decent leg up on them.
Medusa Stealth System 300
25000 No An invisibility cloak for pods/MiniPutts/minisubs!...with some caveats. See this link for details.
Syndicate Pod Armor
5000 No Pod/MiniPutt/Minisub armor that offers middle-of-the-line health. See here for more information.
Ballistic System
25000 No It's a shotgun...but for your pod/MiniPutt/minisub. While the pellets are actually weaker than those fired out of the SPES-12 you get from the shotgun box, they're still better than a lot of pod weapons the crew can get, and notably, unlike the other pod weapon CARL offers, it has infinite ammo. See here for more information.
40mm Assault Platform
50000 No A really fancy name for a grenade launcher that can be mounted on a pod/MiniPutt/minisub. It's a magnitude better than any other ranged pod weapon you can find on the ship/station and dents the hull pretty well, but unlike pretty much every other pod weapon, it has limited ammo! Go through this link for additional info.
40mm HE Ammunition
25000 No Two extra HE shells for the 40mm Assault Platform that CARL also sells. Hilariously, it's actually more economical to buy an entire new 40mm Assault Platform rather than buy a few packs of these if you want to restock on pod HE, since the former offers a better unit price for each grenade (50k/14 shots = roughly 3.570k per grenade with a new gun vs. 25k/2 shots = 12.5k per grenade with a refill). In addition, while ostensibly for pods, nothing's stopping you from using it in a riot launcher or the Rigil GL, since both are 40mm.
Red AI Kit
1200 No A syndie kit if you will. Click on an AI core with this "AI Frame Plating Kit" to give it an evil red Syndicate-themed paintjob. This doesn't change its laws or anything; it's simply aesthetic. You cannot install a plating kit if the AI already has an AI skin.
Syndicate Clothing Vendor Restock Cartridge
1200 No A syndicate clothing restock cartridge for refilling the Syndicate Apparel vending machine, so you can get more tactical turtlenecks, SWAT masks, syndicate tactical espionage belt packs, etc. when it runs out.
High Explosive Torpedo (appears only on Oshan Laboratory and Nadir)
5000 No Essentially, a TTV that propels itself through walls. Once upon a time, there were dedicated torpedo tubes, but you don't need them. All you have to do is hit it a bunch of times and it'll go flying; you need to do at least 50 damage in total. It comes with a unique tray too, so that you can pull it around to where you want to fire it. You can also move it on/off the torpedo tray via click-drag. Don't ask how it, or for that matter, the torpedo itself, can fit in a crate.

This torpedo can pass through walls, windows, and other solid impassible objects. Rather than contact, it detonates based on distance. If it goes far enough without encountering anything, it blows up, releasing shrapnel and creating an huge explosion. Everything at the impact zone will be utterly obliterated, and everything nearby will be heavily damaged.

Items CARL Buys

CARL also buys (i.e. you can sell to CARL) the items listed below, which includes gold bullion and a group of objects that could be considered "trophies" of the Captain and Security. Unlike with the list of items CARL sells, there isn't any randomization, so it stays the same from round to round, and there aren't any items locked to certain Antagonist roles.

Item Image Price Description
Energy Gun
EnergyGunCaptainStunFull.png EnergyGunHoSStunFull.png
5000 Sidearm that fires both lasers and taser bolts. CARL doesn't care about how much charge it has, what kind of cell it's got, if it has the Captain or HoS paintjob, or whether it's a copy made through reverse-engineering.
Security Headset
Security headset.png
1200 Specifically the standard one used by Security Officers.
Head of Security Beret
HoSBeret.png HoSHat.png
10000 Exactly what it says on the tin. It's a beret worn by the Head of Security, though their pet turtle wears it too. While it specifies beret, CARL doesn't actually care if it's in the cap/hat form or the beret form.
NT Captain Gold ID
5000 A shiny golden ID. The ID the Captain spawns with counts for this as you'd expect, but not the Captain's spare ID in the Captain's Quarters. This also includes the golden ID personnel equipment manufacturers can make if hacked.
NT Spare Gold ID
5000 This specifically refers to the "Captain's spare ID" that spawns in the Captain's Quarters.
Gold Bullion
10000 Taking some gold ore and refining it into ingots doesn't count for this. CARL specifically buys "stamped bullion", a highly valuable ingot of previous metal that's found in off-station safes as loot. The Merchant and VIP jobs also spawn with a two bars of this.

Syndicate Apparel


The Syndicate Apparel vending machine in the Listening Post dispenses sinister red and black space-fearing gear and storage items, plus snazzy boots and turtlenecks. While most of this clothing is intended for Syndicate agents, even non-Syndicate members can use this vendor, as there is no access lock. C.A.R.L., who is often situated near this machine, sells the cartridges for restocking this.

List of Contents:
Icon Quantity Item Price Hidden
4 Tactical turtleneck 0 No
2 Red space helmet 0 No
2 Syndicate space suit 0 No
2 Jetpack (oxygen) 0 No
2 SWAT mask 1200 No
4 Military boots 0 No
1 Syndicate backpack 0 No
1 Syndicate Satchel 0 No
1 Syndicate tactical espionage belt pack 0 No

Supplementary Video

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