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Item Image Description
Helmet.png / HelmetGannets.png
HelmetAlt3.png / HelmetAlt4.png
Provides moderate protection to the head, though you can still be rendered unconscious from repeated trauma. Click on it to toggle what style it uses. Also has a handy helmet light! Every Security Officer spawns with one, there's an extra helmet in each Security equipment locker, and the "Weapons Crate - Security Equipment" crate from Cargo also contains a helmet.
Body Armor
Armor.png / BodyArmorGannets.png / BodyArmor2Gannets.png
Moderate protection for the torso and limbs. Halves damage done by energy projectiles and kinetic bullets and reduces damage done by melee attacks by 6, essentially protecting you from toolboxes and other things that cause similar amounts of damage. Also prevents bleeding from pipe bomb shrapnel. Click on it to switch between all the different (purely aesthetic) armor styles. The Head of Security and Security Officers all spawn with body armor, and there are extra vests in Security equipment lockers and Sec resupply crates from Cargo.
Military Boots
Offers slightly more heat and cold resistance than usual, though not by much, and reduces melee damage to the limbs and chest by 1. More notably, they also make kicking and diving at people do 2 more damage. The Head of Security and every Security Officer start with a pair of these.
Heavy Military Boots
Like military boots, but they make a more distinct stomping sound that lets criminal scum know that there's a whup-ass elemental in the vicinity. Obviously not very stealthy. The Head of Security starts with a pair in their locker.
Security Belt
A special toolbelt that can hold small objects, rifles, and stun batons. Every loadout from the sec weapons vendor comes with one.
Shoulder Holster
A belt item that can hold small objects and security weapons, similar to the security belt, but somewhat more hidden, especially when worn under a suitable jacket. The Detective gets one of these for holding their sidearm and forensics tools.
DetGadget Hat
Detective hat.png
A special hat that can store certain items and bring them out by voice command. See more on Detective.
EOD Helmet
A stronger version of the helmet, available only in the armory.
EOD Armor
Full-body armour, which is strong enough to resist explosions and projectiles alike. Wearing one of these slows you down.
Riot Helmet
Offers excellent melee protection for the head. The Armory usually has a few of these, ostensibly meant to be worn with heavy armor.
Heavy Armor
Full-body armor for riot police, with better-than-average melee protection for the chest area. Protects you from angry men with blunt objects and pipe bomb shrapnel. Helps you last slightly longer against projectiles. Slows you down.
Elite Security Helmet
Elite security helmet.png
Both twice as sturdy and twice as intimidating as the standard issue helmets. Found in Experimental Security Equipment crates ordered from cargo.
Siren Helmet
A little less protective than the regular helmet, but allows you to play a police siren, complete with sound and red and blue flashing lights. Sometimes found in Security wardrobes.
Head of Security's Jacket
Spawns in the Head of Security's equipment locker. A warm, lightly-armored jacket to wear while fighting crime. It offers less protection than an armored vest, but you have to sacrifice for style.
Head of Security's Cape
Spawns in the Head of Security's equipment locker. Functionally the same as the HoS' jacket when it comes to melee and ranged damage reduction, but trades cold protection for heat resistance.
Security HUDs
Upgraded sunglasses with icons for SecMate statuses and other things, allowing you to view criminal records in realtime. Meaning of the symbols:
Protects you from flashes and offers minor protection when welding. No longer standard security gear, but can be found around the station.
Optical Thermal Scanner
Reduces darkness in a three tile radius and allows you to see people with active cloaking devices, cloak of darkness, and chameleon cloak. However, it it also makes you susceptible to EMP grenades, and flashes and similar bright lights stun for longer, cause eye damage if they didn't before, and induce much more eye damage if they did. The detective and HoS have a pair in their respective lockers, and the Armory often has some.
Detective's VR Goggles
Connects to a personal office simulation with security cameras monitor and security records computer that does not require an ID, allowing the user to watch the cameras and search and manipulate sec records without actually being at the respective computers. Detective spawns with a pair of these.
Security Headset
Essential for communication with other officers on a secure frequency. Type say :g to use the security channel. Keep in mind that when you speak, anyone in hearing distance can still catch what you say. The headset is vital to coordinate your efforts and should not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, lest the antagonists remain one step ahead of you at all times. Extras appear in "Security Officer's equipment" boxes in sec equipment lockers
Security Badge
Turn in your gun and badge. Can be worn in the exosuit slot for pure style (it grants no armor or other stat bonuses) and clicked on while it's in your hand to flash it to everyone nearby, proving you're a real cop. Every Security Officer, the Detective, every Vice Officer, the Head of Security, and the Nanotrasen Security Operative all start with one.


Item Image Description
Stun Baton
StunBatonNew.png StunCane.png
A melee weapon which delivers an incapacitating shock to humans and cyborgs alike, knocking them to the ground or at least disorientating them. The stun baton does different things when on and off and cares about which Harm you use. It is on by default, and you can click on it in-hand to turn it on-off.
  • On, Help/Disarm/Grab: Click someone adjacent to you with it to drain a big chunk of their stamina; two hits or more hits is usually enough to knock someone unconscious from full stamina, barring any stamina boosts.
  • On, Disarm: Click on a tile at least two tiles away on Disarm intent to throw a spark that causes disorientation, resulting in slowed, erratic movement.
  • On, Harm: Attempting to use it with the Harm intent will instead stun YOU, leaving you at the mercy of whoever you were pursuing. In-universe justification: you're holding it by the shocking end, but it's on, so you get shocked too. Sprite flips around to reflect this.
  • Off, Harm: Aka, harmbaton. Click on someone adjacent to beat them, draining stamina and dealing BRUTE. In-universe, your character is grabbing the baton by the business end and hitting them with the handle, and the sprite changes to show this.
  • Off, Help/Disarm/Grab: Is completely inert.

Each baton starts with a 200 PU cell, and each use drains 25 PU, which is equivalent to 8 charges. Examine the baton to see the number of charges left. There's a baton in every loadout from the security weapons vendor.

The VIP spawns with a compact baton known as the stun cane for personal protection. There's no functional difference aside from the smaller battery (five charges) and icon.

Extendable Stun Baton
Same as the standard stun baton, but with a self-charging battery that has only 150 PU (i.e. 6 uses at full charge) and cannot be swapped out, though it can still go into rechargers. It can be thrown to disorientate and/or stun people when on and has a special attack (click somewhere more than two tiles away while on Harm or Disarm intent) where you create a spark cloud that disorients, similar to the stun baton special. Activating it in-hand changes its mode in order of collapsed, able to fit in pocket->extended, on->extended, off->collapsed again. Every Nanotrasen Security Operative starts with one.
This weapon fires a bolt of incapacitating energy. A target who is struck by two projectiles in a row will usually be stunned, or at least slowed. Successive shots cause longer stuns. Can be toggled in-hand between a single-shot and burst-fire mode, which will fire off three shots in one go. Tasers can fire 8 shots on single-shot mode or 4 shots on burst-fire, before they must be recharged in a recharger or taser recharger rack. The Standard loadout from the security weapons vendor has one.
Taser Shotgun
Combines the stunning energy bolts of a taser with the unwieldy size and slower fire rate of a shotgun. Requires two hands, but features a higher capacity cell and a toggle between regular fire and a spread shot that fires three simultaneous bolts at a wide angle. It's the center piece of the Control loadout from the security weapons vendor.
Wave Gun
Situational non-lethal firepower, found in the security weapons vendor's Offense loadout option. On top of a 300 PU battery capacity, it comes with three modes:
List of Wave Gun modes:
Img Name PU Description
WaveGunV2.png Inversion Wave 30 Starts off with half the power of a taser bolt but becomes stronger with each tile it travels and has a long range. Matches the power of a taser bolt at about four tiles.
WaveGunV2TransverseWave.png Transverse Wave 50 Pierces through people, walls, doors, windows, everything! It can even hit people resting on the ground. But it has max range of only 4 tiles. It also starts off half as strong as taser bolt, but becomes twice as powerful as a taser bolt at (and only at) maximum range.
WaveGunV2ElectromagneticDisruptionWave.png Electromagnetic Disruption Wave 100 Hits the target with an EMP, damaging Cyborgs and Space Pods, hurting cyberorgans, and many other effects. Has a chance to cause a second EMP depending on distance traveled. Does less EMP damage against the nuclear bomb than other EMP sources. The farther it goes, the better the chance.
The flash has two applications:
  • Clicking on a human, cyborg, or other mob with the flash will obscure their screen with a white flash and drain their stamina, disorientating them and possibly stunning them if it drains all their remaining stamina.
  • The other use is area flash, activated by clicking on the weapon when it's in your active hand. This will briefly obscure the screen of everyone besides you in a 5x5 square with a white overlay and disorientate them as well. Area flashes also have a chance of disrupting active cloaking devices and holographic disguisers in a 3x3 radius.

Wearing adequate eye protection or being blind, whether clothing-related or biological in origin, blocks the effects of both applications. Every time the flash is used, the bulb has a chance of burning out, rendering it permanently useless. They can be found in security equipment lockers, dispensed from the SecTech vending machines and manufactured by robotics fabs that have been hacked.

The flashbang is a grenade that emits a loud bang and bright flash to everyone in its vicinity when it goes off. Point-blank, people will be stunned and deafened for a decent amount of time, but the effects are less pronounced further away and mostly consist of confused movement. Sunglasses don't offer full protection, so you should be careful to not end up in the blast radius yourself. Excessive use can permanently deafen or blind someone, making these a very loathed item - be sensible with them. Flashbangs are also useful for dealing with rogue cyborgs at range, since they are not immune to its effects. Flashbangs can be dispensed from the security vendors and boxes full of them are available in the armory.
Crowd Dispersal Grenade
These grenades release an smoke-powder cloud of capsaicin, which briefly stuns people and temporarily affects their motor coordination. Tthe effects of capsaicin are avoided by wearing a gas mask or having internals active. The Control loadout from the security weapons vendor has some of these. More can be found in the Armory and also ordered from the Cargo's Experimental Security Equipment crates.
Fires lethal projectiles that do 20 BURN. These are not like Star Trek phasers; they have only one setting. Preferably, officers should never need to use these, but they may be necessary in the event of a robot uprising, hostile critters or the presence of shambling abominations, vampires or wizards. Can be ordered from the cargo bay, and a security-level ID is required to unlock the crate.
Energy Gun
Combines the versatility of a taser and laser gun. Use the fire selector to toggle between both firing modes. Starting equipment for the captain and HoS.
A versatile energy weapon with many modes, obtained by using the Check Job Rewards command as HoS to convert an energy gun into this. The gun can only be toggled by the owner of the fingerprints of the first person who activates it, though anybody can fire it. (Naturally, stealing the owner's arm will let you switch modes, and an EMAG removes the fingerprint lock entirely.) Has a 300 PU capacity, but it cannot go into rechargers, and you cannot swap out its cell, though it does charge 10 PU every few seconds. You select the mode by saying the name of the mode aloud (including via the *miranda emote), causing a robotic voice to recite something similar but not quite to the mode name. Saying "I AM THE LAW" while holding a Lawbringer you don't own is a bad idea, unless you like triggering an explosion (that somehow usually leaves the gun intact).
List of Lawbringer modes:
Img Name PU Description
LawgiverDetain.png "Detain" 50 An energy bolt that makes a 3x3 burst upon hitting a person/object or traveling about six tiles, causing slowdown and confused movement.
LawgiverExecute.png "Execute" 30 A .38 FMJ round, same as the ones the Detective uses.
LawgiverHotshot.png "Hotshot" 60 A flare that causes fire wherever it hits and wherever it travels, like a flamethrower.
LawgiverNewSmokeshot.png "Smokeshot" 50 A smoke grenade, same as the kind used by the riot launcher.
LawgiverKnockout.png "Knockout" 60 A dart with 10 units of haloperidiol.
LawgiverBigshot.png "Bigshot" or "High-Explosive" or "HE" 170 An explosive round that tears apart walls and people alike upon exploding, like an AEX shell with much less impact damage and explosion damage.
LawgiverClownshot.png "Clownshot" 15 A silly minimal-damage projectile that throws Clowns so hard, it knocks their shoes off, honk! Also works on people wearing at least two pieces of clown gear, i.e. clown mask, clown suit, clown dress, and, of course, clown shoes.
LawgiverPulse.png "Pulse" 35 Causes significant disorientation, briefly slows target down, and throws them back a fair distance. Vibe check.
Antique Lawbringer
A reskin of the Lawbringer, for those that enjoyed the original sprite. Also obtained by using Check Job Rewards as Head of Security.
List of Antique Lawbringer modes:
Img Name PU Description
AntiqueLawgiverDetain.png "Detain" 50 An energy bolt that makes a 3x3 burst upon hitting a person/object or traveling about six tiles, causing slowdown and confused movement.
AntiqueLawgiverExecute.png "Execute" 30 A .38 FMJ round, same as the ones the Detective uses.
AntiqueLawgiverHotshot.png "Hotshot" 60 A flare that causes fire wherever it hits and wherever it travels, like a flamethrower.
AntiqueLawgiverSmokeshot.png "Smokeshot" 50 A smoke grenade, same as the kind used by the riot launcher.
AntiqueLawgiverKnockout.png "Knockout" 60 A dart with 10 units of haloperidiol.
AntiqueLawgiverBigshot.png "Bigshot" or "High-Explosive" or "HE" 170 An explosive round that tears apart walls and people alike upon exploding, like an AEX shell with much less impact damage and explosion damage.
AntiqueLawgiverClownshot.png "Clownshot" 15 A silly minimal-damage projectile that throws Clowns so hard, it knocks their shoes off, honk! Also works on people wearing at least two pieces of clown gear, i.e. clown mask, clown suit, clown dress, and, of course, clown shoes.
AntiqueLawgiverPulse.png "Pulse" 35 Causes significant disorientation, briefly slows target down, and throws them back a fair distance. Vibe check.
Pulse Rifle
PulseRifle.png PulseRifleRack.png
This two-handed energy rifle fires energy pulses that cause Disorient, slows people down briefly, and can knock a target across an entire screen length--and more--causing damage upon impact that scales with distance travelled. Each shot costs 35 PU, and the gun starts with a 300 PU battery, which translates into 8 shots. Good for keeping away c-saber wielders and other people you want out as far from your face as possible. The Armory has three of them on a special pulse rifle rack that's locked to those with access to the Security department; the lock can be disabled with hacking.
Riot Shotgun
RiotShotgunV2.png ShotgunRack.png
Your average pump-action shotgun loaded with rubber slugs for less-lethal takedowns. It has a larger magazine capacity than tasers and stuns with the first shot, but, naturally, ammunition is limited, and it takes up both your hands, so you only wield one of them (you can reload it just by clicking on a box of shells/slugs). They are available from a rack in Armory that's locked to those with access to the Security department; the lock can be disabled with hacking.
N.A.R.C.S. Deployer
This "Nanotrasen Automatic Riot Control System" is found in the Armory's Special Equipment Locker and is often called "riot turret" or "good boy". When deployed, this turret shoots less-than-lethal rubber slugs at the closest person in its 60 degree, 5-tile viewing range, if that person does not have a red-striped, green-striped, or golden ID card (i.e. not Security or Command). Doesn't fire at those at less than 0 health, never runs out of ammo, and can be repaired with a welder. It also barks.

To deploy, click on the deployer while it's in your hand, click on the turret with a welder to secure it, then a screwdriver to turn it on. Set angle using a wrench. To take it apart, use screwdriver, welder, then wrench.

CPA Detective Special
The Detective's sidearm, variously also known as .38 revolver, Det gun, and Detective's Revolver, among other things. In an emergency, it's often one of the few ranged lethal weapons on hand and causes bleeding damage to anyone who is hit by the bullets. When loaded with stunner rounds, the .38 turns into a seven-shot taser and is entirely safe to use in that capacity (no damage or bleeding).
An alternative sidearm for the detective, acquired by using the "Claim Job Rewards" command. It functions a lot like the typical .38 revolver, except that you need to use it inhand before every shot to cock it. Mostly useful to slow down people who might manage to steal your gun - while they just have your slow-to-fire gun, you'll ideally have backup weapons or security officers.
Clock 188
Clock188TanV2.png Clock188BlackV2.png
The Nanotrasen Security Operative's sidearm, an antique pistol that fires faster than most other guns. It's loaded with up to 18 9mm rounds that do a bit of brute damage and a little less stamina drain, travel faster than most other projectiles, have a high chance of hitting targets on the ground, and slow down targets, on top of the usual slight slowdown due to stagger associated with kinetic bullets. Can be toggled between a single fire mode that fires one bullet and a burst fire mode that shoots three with slight spread. Extra magazines can be found in the SecTech and AmmoTech.
Riot Launcher
A single-shot grenade launcher for riot control. Typically loaded with smoke shells, but it will accept other 40mm grenades, as well as hand grenades of any type (flashbangs are especially fun.) Found in the security office.
Tranquilizer Rifle
This is security's answer to drug-fueled rampages. A lot of illicit substances and other stimulants grant the user some degree of stun resistance, rendering most of the non-lethal arsenal useless. The darts contain a dose of haloperidol, which will rapidly flush said drugs out of their bloodstream. One rifle each is available to the HoS and medical director. There are also mutadone darts for dealing with unruly geneticists. Like the riot shotgun, this is also two-handed, so you reload it by clicking on a magazine of darts or dragging and dropping the magazine onto your gun.
Stinger grenade
Crowd disperal grenade's nastier cousin. When primed, these grenades will send out a burst of debilitating rubber balls that can take out limbs, cause horrific brute damage, and lodge into people's chests as shrapnel, inflicting further brute damage.
A mostly-defensive, one-handed energy shield found in Sec equipment lockers. If you click on it while holding it, it generates a forcefield that grants a fair amount of bullet and melee resistance, and if you click on a tile far away from you while on Harm or Disarm intent, you also create another energy barrier in front of you that can reflect bullets, energy shots, rockets, and fireballs. Any kind of melee attack can break the energy shield, even if just does minimal stamina damage. Also, attacking someone with the shield will push them back a tile, with a chance to knock them down on the floor. Fun against Nuke Ops.
Fog Grenade
Click on it while it's in your hand to prime it and create an up to 12-tile wide, diamond-shaped fog cloud. The fog blocks off line of sight, and unlike smoke from smoke shells and such, it doesn't make people drop items. X-Ray Vision lets you see everything inside and beyond the clouds. You can also look beyond the fog with mesons, but you'll only still see the walls and floors and can't actually see the size of the cloud. Can be used to break up fights or make an escape. Every SecTech gets five of these.


Item Image Description
Requisition Token
Redeem this security requisition token at a security weapons vendor for weapons and gear! Otherwise, it has no use. Every Security Officer, the Head of Security, and the Nanotrasen Security Operative all start with one, and there's two extra in each Special Equipment locker in each Armory and one in each "Weapons Crate - Security Equipment" crate from the Quartermasters.
Security Pouch
Handy storage space with six slots that can fit in your pocket! Unlike a box, you can access its inventory while moving, and it fits small- and tiny-size items, making it good for storing cuffs, grenades, spare batteries, and similar. The Head of Security and every Security Officer starts with one that starts with three handcuffs, a flash, a 300 PU cell, and, of course, a whistle.
Forensic Scanner
ForensicScannerNew.png SecurityPDA2.png
The primary means of gathering forensic evidence. Can scan an item, person, door, wall, etc. for blood DNA, fingerprints, ballistic evidence, and more. Can also show the contraband level of items. See Detective for more advice.
Points in the general direction of the dead/living body a scanned pool of blood belongs to, assuming the blood is still fresh and you've stood still for while to let it calibrate.
Spy Sticker Kit
A box with 6 special stickers that pick up speech from up to 7 tiles away from the sticker and transmit it to the Sec frequency. Starts in the Detective's "Forensics equipment locker" and must first be clicked on in-hand to turn on/off the microphone and/or speaker.
Evidence Box
A fancy version of the regular box for official business.
Luminol Smoke Grenade
Or, simply, luminol grenade. When primed by clicking on it in your hand, creates an up to 12-tile wide, diamond-shaped smokepowder-cloud of luminol, revealing any blood stains that were previously wiped away. The Detective starts with a box of three in these in their locker in their Detective's Office.
Used for detaining suspects. A person in handcuffs can't use their hands or open doors, and is unable to move when being pulled around. Be advised that bumping into somebody else will likely break this hold. To uncuff somebody, access their inventory with drag & drop and click the Handcuffed line. Prisoners are capable of removing the handcuffs themselves by using the resist button, which requires them to stand still for about 45 seconds. Extra cuffs can be vended from the SecTech, and there are usually extra boxes of cuffs laying about Security.
Silver Handcuffs
Special handcuffs tailor-made for capturing werewolves, created by dipping handcuffs in a container with at least 50 units of silver. Werewolves can't rip them apart instantly, though they can still attempt to remove them from themselves by pressing the Resist button and standing still for about 45 seconds. Can only be used twice before breaking.
Ziptie Cuffs
Also called plastic cuffs, 'cause, well, they're made out of plastic. That means they break after removal, and they take only around 15 seconds to break out of, making them more suited for temporary prisoner transport than permanent detainment. Cannot be used for making silver cuffs, but can be used for shackles. SecTechs start out with a bunch of these. GuardBuddies use these to cuff people in lieu of regular cuffs.
Made by combining handcuffs with orange shoes. Anyone wearing these will be unable to run, only walk at a slow hobbling pace. The wearer can free themselves by using the resist button and standing still for 45 seconds.
Port-a-Brig Remote
Portabrigremote.png SecurityPDA2.png
Using this summons the Port-a-Brig if you are standing in an open, unobstructed space. To transport somebody, grab the (preferably handcuffed and stunned) prisoner, stuff them in the Port-a-Brig and swipe your ID to lock it, then use the remote to return the apparatus to security. You can also use a security PDA to control and remotely un-/lock any Port-a-Brig. Note that people can try to unlock the port-a-brig by flipping.
Sets the Security Status of whoever you're using on to whatever status you set the Securotron to. Cannot, for obvious reasons, set people to Arrest. Click on it to change the status being set. Useful for setting prisoners to Released or Incarcerated without having to manually change their record through the Security Records computer.
Portable Camera Viewer
Camera viewer.png
A portable version of the camera terminal. Found in the HoS' and detective's office, among other places.
Gavel Hammer and Block
GavelHammer.png Block.png
Attention-getter. Click on it while it's in your hand or use the activate-in-hand shortcut (usually either Page Down, C, or Z) to blow it. This produces, naturally, a sharp whistle sound and outputs a bold red message in that chat, so people are somewhat more likely to pay attention to you when you give a warning, such when you tell someone to cease swirlie-ing the clown so you can do it yourself. Every Security Officer starts with one in their pouch, and it's possible to make your own.
Airlock Breaching Hammer
This two-handed hammer found in the Armory can bust down doors. To use it, click on the door while holding it and just keep smacking; for most doors, it'll take an upwards of 12 hits or more. You might use this if you need to enter some place, but the doors are bolted and depowered or otherwise hard to open; some examples might be the AI Upload, so you can reset a rogue AI, or a booby-trapped room, so you can free its victims. Naturally, it's also good for busting up people too. .
NanoTrasen Experimental EDF-7 Breaching Charge
Goes on walls, floor tiles, and similar. Clears out almost all walls, windows, grilles, and other solid objects in a 5x5 radius and usually destroys the floor tile where it's placed as well, then triggers a modest explosion that takes out a fair bit of health. Can help remove some walls blocking a Blob nucleus or breach through a barricade Nuclear Operatives have created. Exclusively available in a side room of Kondaru's and Manta's Armories.


Item Image Description
A stationary device in the main Security wing and every Security Checkpoint for recharging tasers, stun batons, and most other energy weapons. The Mining Department and Cargo Bay also have these, mostly for recharging mining gear and cargo transporters. Green means it's recharging; yellow, flashing, and dinging means it's finished charging.
Taser Recharger Rack
Basically a bigger version of the above, found in the equipment room with all the Security equipment lockers, that can charge up to three tasers, and only tasers, at once. While anybody can add tasers to it, only Security Officers and anybody else who can open Security equipment lockers can take them out (though the tasers themselves have no access restrictions); the rack can be made freely accessible by all through hacking.
Armory Authorization
This computer controls access of the Armory and contents within. When sufficient authorization is given, the doors, lockers, crates, and/or AmmoTech become accessible to those with Security access and sends a server-wide announcement saying such.

You grant authorization simply by clicking on the computer while wearing an ID with correct access (access implants don't count); revoking works same way. You need either three people with Security access (e.g. Security Officer, Captain, Detective, etc.) or a Head of Security to grant access. The computer counts fingerprint and ID, so one cannot simply make three Security IDs and use it with the computer.

Security Computer
A ThinkDOS computer with SecMate installed. This program can be used to manipulate the criminal record and wanted status of every crew member. Active securitrons will attempt to detain anybody who has been set to arrest. If you found forensic evidence (fingerprint ID or DNA), you can also search the database to find a match.
Security Records
Does exactly the same, just through a more user-friendly interface.
Security Camera Viewer
CCTVMonitor.png TVnew.png
Keep an eye on other parts of the station from the relative safety of the security office. Cameras which have been deactivated will be highlighted as such on the list.
Wanted Poster Station
WantedPosterStation.png WantedPoster.png
A computer for making wanted posters. Simply enter a name, search the Security database or swipe a camera photo for a mugshot, set a reward, add some additional notes, and voila, you have a poster! Afterwards, you can either send it to all printers on the station or print some out to plaster around yourself.

Note that the database's picture will portray the depicted's appearance at roundstart. If they change clothes, put on a disguise, or use a DNA scrambler, the picture won't update. Silicons, wizards, and other things not in the database will not have a picture.

Security Scanner
Scans the hands, pocket, backpack, and belt slots of anyone who passes through these for Contraband, assigning them a numerical threat level going from 1 to 10 based on the type and amount of contraband detected. If it assigns a threat level to be 4 or higher, it sends an PDA alert to everyone in Security, noting who they are, what their threat level is, and where the scanner that sent the alert is.
Useful for transporting prisoners to the brig, as you don't have to pull them across the station. Swiping a security ID will lock or unlock it (or use the PDA program). The person can be let out by using the context menu or move eject verb. Prisoners can still resist their handcuffs while inside, so be wary of immediate attempts to attack you or otherwise escape. In an emergency, the prisoner can also be released by prying the lock open with a crowbar.

If you've ordered a second Port-a-Brig from Cargo through the Security Containment Crate, remember to assign a suitable home turf by click-dragging the device onto an adjacent floor tile.
Brig Chute
A special disposal unit for safely inserting people into the Brig (and occasionally other places). Officers can simply grab the detainee, click on the chute to shove them inside, click on it again to open up its interface, and then click on Disposal handle: Engage to activate the chute and send the detainee into the Brig.
MountedFlasher.png PortableFlasher.png
There are two versions of large flashers: wall-mounted and portable. The former is mounted inside the solitary cell and can be toggled manually through the brig timer interface, and is used to keep unruly prisoners from bashing through the reinforced windows. Portable flashers are intended for crowd control and have to be anchored to the floor with a wrench. Once in place, they can be triggered manually by the AI or automatically detect nearby movements and stun everybody within a small radius.

Both devices will disable active cloaking devices and holographic disguisers. Flashers can be avoided by wearing adequate eye protection, by turning off the local APC's equipment setting, by walking past them instead of running (portable only), or by rendering them inoperable with wirecutters (wall-mounted only).

Automatic Locker
Card-locked closet linked to a particular brig timer. If you store low-risk items such as toolbelts in there, the prisoner can grab their belongings once they're free to go, jump into the floor flusher and be on their way without unnecessary hassle. Click-dragging the locker onto a brig timer can be used to select it as the new controller when necessary.
Floor Flusher
A giant chute that opens when a specific brig timer runs out of time. Once a prisoner climbs in, the chute then closes and releases them back into the station, removing their handcuffs if necessary.
Security Wagon
Like the standard utility tractor, but in blue, located in Cog2's Security.

Vendors & Lockers

Item Image Description
Security Weapons Vendor
Offers vital equipment for tokens. Click on it with a sec requisition token to insert the token in, click on the vendor to bring up its interface, choose Redeem credits, and you'll see these options below for loadouts. Whichever one you pick, it'll pop out onto the vendor as a belt with the listed items. Choosing one is hard, but actually getting one is that simple.

Each option also gives a pinpointer for the weapons included in the loadout, so they can be located if lost. Keep this safe!

Sometimes referred to as the "SecVend" or "security vendor" by older players. Dispenses basic gear to anybody with access to the Security department, but not necessarily access to Security equipment lockers, e.g. the Detective.
List of Contents:
Item Quantity
Ziptie cuffs 16
Handcuffs 8
Flashbang 5
Flash 4
Helmet 4
Security PDA 2
.38 Stun speedloader 2
9mm Clock magazines 2
Loyalty implants 3
(On the RP server) Copy of Frontier Justice 1
(Hidden) Flash/Cell Assembly 1-6
(Hidden) .38 speedloader 1-2
Security Equipment Locker
Contains mostly clothes, but does have a few weapons. Found mostly in a locker room/equipment area in Security and accessible by only those with "Security equipment" access, which primarily just means the Head of Security, Captain, Security Officers, and Vice Officers.
List of Contents:
Item Quantity
Armor vest 1
Helmet 1
Barrier 1
Flash 1
Handcuffs 1
SecHUD sunglasses 1
Security winter jacket 1
"Security Officer's equipment" box (1x brown shoes, 1x Security headset, 1x Security jumpsuit, 1x Security PDA) 1
Special Equipment Locker
Found exclusively in the Armory. By default, can only be opened by the Head of Security, but can be lowered to all Security personnel once enough authorization has been granted for the armory authorization computer.
List of Contents:
Item Quantity
Security requisition token 2
Sunglasses 2
12ga rubber slugs packs, 8 slugs in each 2
Night vision goggles 2
NARCS deployers 2
Found exclusively in the Armory. Locked to the Head of Security by default. Dispenses ammo for shotguns, tranquilizer rifles, riot launchers, and other kinetic weapons used by Security.
List of Contents:
Item Quantity
12ga rubber slugs 6
.38 speedloader 2
.38 Stun speedloader 3
9mm magazines 3
12ga flares 3
40mm smoke shells 3
.308 tranquilizer darts 3
.308 mutadone darts 3
(Hidden) 12ga Buckshot (weaker version) 1

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