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The station is littered with Computers, which basically fall into three categories:

  • Simple. They are typically non-modular and serve a single purpose.
  • Normal. Built around a circuit board providing all the software. Most computers with a GUI, basically.
  • Heavy computers and terminals, built around a mainboard and usually some modules available from special vending machines. Either can run ThinkDOS or TermOS just fine, but OEM terminals tend to use TermOS, while heavy computers run ThinkDOS.

Want to build one? Check out Construction!



The vending machine in Tech Storage, which dispenses much of the equipment needed to build more complex computers, such as ones that can use ThinkDOS. When hacked, will also provide prize vending modules and wireless modules.

Simple computers

Item Image Description
Reality shows! Lets you look through certain cameras, such as telescience's helmet cam. Portioned out here and there on the station, easiest to find in the bar and crew quarters.
Slot Machine
See General Objects.
Shuttle Control
Remotely calls or sends off the mining station shuttle.
Arrivals Announcement Computer
Found in a little side room in the Bridge. Announces new players joining the current round. By default, the announcement message is "$NAME has signed up as a $JOB", but it can be just about anything you want so long as it's within the Rules. Just be careful about apostrophes and other punctuation marks.
Announcement Computer
Allows you to make, you guessed it, station/server-wide announcements, similar to the ones accompanying Random Events. Cargo Bay has one by default, and on Cogmap2, there's also on in the Bridge and every Head's office, serving each of their specific departments. All have a roughly two-minute timer between annoucements and require a ID with the relevant access.
Bank Records
Shows the station's three budgets (payroll, research and shipping), and lets you transfer money between them. Rarely used to set crewmembers' wages, and mess with their bank accounts. The Head of Personnel keeps it in customs.
See General Objects.
Special ATM
A strange, freestanding teller machine in the HoP's quarters. Is it any different from the pedestrian ones in the corridor? Why does he need his own? How is it so fancy? These are just some of the mysteries involved.
Mineral Magnet Controls
See Miner.
Pathology Research Terminal
See Medical Objects.
Module Rewriter
See Medical Objects.
Wanted Poster Station
See Security Objects.
Armory Authorization
See Security Objects.
Airbridge Computer
A fancy control panel with a fancy interface (that abhors older operating systems) for controlling the station's airbridges, the little hallways with white walls and blue tiling that are sort of like drawbridges or skybridges. It has three commands:
  • Retract draws it up, removing the airbridge.
  • Establish lowers it back down again, albeit without much air.
  • Pressurize attempts to refill and replace the air (or lack thereof) with standard O2-N2 air mix.
Turret Deactivation Control
TurretDeactivationControl.gif / TurretComputer.gif
Lets you control whether the turrets in the AI Chamber/Computer Core/AI Module Storage/AI Upload are on or off and whether they'll fire taser (stun) or laser (lethal) shots.

Normal computers

Item Image Description
Security Camera Viewer
CCTVMonitor.png TVnew.png
See Security Objects.
Security Records
See Security Objects.
Arcade Machine
See General Objects.
Robustris Pro Cabinet
See General Objects.
Barcode Computer
BarcodeComputer.png BarcodeComputerQM.png
Located in all Belt Hell depots. Select a destination terminal, slap the fresh barcode sticker on the crate and set it on the outbound conveyor - the cargo routers now know which way to shunt them. Miners use these to claim their cut from the profits.

The quartermaster has a special yellow terminal in the cargo bay that includes off-station merchants in the list of destinations.

ID Computer
Lurks in Customs and sometimes one of the Security Checkpoints. A handy way to check the crew manifest, but it's mostly used to burn new access privileges to inserted ID cards and occasionally change PINs by the diligent HoP.
AI Upload Computer
Accepts AI law modules. Operate it to read all current laws, even the ones the AI is compelled to stay mum about. It's installed right inside the the AI's lair, two paces away from a heavy laser turret.
Robotics Control Computer
Lists all active cyborgs, ghostdrones and AI cores on the station, and can be used to remotely activate their killswitches in an emergency.

Don't do that without a good reason, Jesus Christ!

One third of the teleporter room. More understandable than the setup in the science wing, but dependent on tracking beacons.
Science Teleporter
A Telescience essential. Must be decoded and adjusted for miscalibrations first.
Genetics Console
See Medical Objects.
Cloning Console
See Medical Objects.
Surgery Computer
See Medical Objects.
General Alert Computer
See Engineering Objects.
Shield Control Computer
See Engineering Objects.
Engine Output Monitoring Computer
See Engineering Objects.
Solar Panel Control
See Engineering Objects.
Power Monitoring Computer
See Engineering Objects.
Engine Master
See Engineering Objects.
Reactor Statistics Computer
See Engineering Objects.
Quantum Telescope
See Guide to Mining.
Magix System IV
See Wizard.
Supply Request Console
A wish granter. Use this to send a material order to the quartermaster. If the stars align and he's got money to spare after his horrible drug spending, he'll oblige and send an appropriate crate your way! And you can give back by donating money to the QM budget through Request Supply Points. These consoles are located in each one of the Belt Hell docks and elsewhere on the station.
Quartermaster's Console
The QM's link to the world. This console is used to contact traders, inspect prices, broker deals and actually buy all the booze, bees and paint that the rest of the departments are clamoring for through the supply request system.

Advanced computers

Item Image Description
Data Terminal
If you want a computer to connect to a wired network, it needs two things: A network card, and to be built on top of one of these.
Heavy Computer
Fits three modules, take 5 sheets of metal to build.
Communications Console
A ThinkDOS computer with COMMaster pre-installed. Used to call/recall the emergency shuttle. Can also make announcements that are relayed to admins and track any large objects or mobs that leave the station Z-level, which it considers "lost cargo". The bridge has two, one in the main room and another in the captain's office. A third is located in the Armory. It's quite possible to build your own if the existing consoles have been destroyed.
Medical Computer
See Medical Objects.
Security Computer
See Security Objects.
Personal Computer
A simple consumer PC running ThinkDOS. Good for checking e-mail, printing horrible pamphlets from every printer on the network and stashing important ThinkDOS software on the hard drive.
Portable Computer
PortableComputerFolded.png PortableComputer.png
A portable computer also running ThinkDOS. Doesn't accept add-on cards, but comes with an universal (wired and wireless) network card by default - deploy the laptop on top of a data terminal to access the wired network. The power cell can be swapped by prying it out with a crowbar.
TermOS computers connect to these. They run all the software needed to interact with all the other junk that is connected to the mainframe. The TermOS article is more in-depth about all this.
Mainframe storage drives. Instead of modern floppies or internal modules, everything is on tapes. Easily, easily lost tapes.
Network Radio
A relay for the radio signals used by the station's TermOS network. Usually manages the network's 145.9 and 114.9 frequencies.
Fits up to two modules (one of which pretty much has to be the ID scanner), requires 3 sheets of metal to build.
DWAINE Terminal
The artlab is run through these, engineering has one for AI-engine interfacing and the RD has his personal office console. Has no floppy drive, but a terminal card (network/printer combo). Runs TermOS.

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