Mining Outpost

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Mining Outpost


Standing in silence.


Mining Facilites:Miner
Tech Outpost:Everyone

The miners get their own little asteroid base, reachable by the Mining Shuttle, which usually docks somewhere near the Mining Department. Since the majority of mining is done on the main station these days, the outpost serves as a hub area for the more civilized parts of the debris field instead. There's still an arc smelter and other backup mining equipment to be found here, though you'll have to set up the magnet yourself. It's pretty simple though; all you have to do is add mineral magnet parts to the magnet chassis, hit the chassis with the mining gizmo, and click on a tile with the gizmo to designate the lower left corner of the magnet.

Most non-Miner crew members will be blocked by the Mining-locked doors, but they can still use the Mining Outpost Pod Bay and the Indypod contained within. Expect a lot of people coming in and out of here if there's a real serious Solarium expedition going on.

If both communication dishes on the mother station somehow manage to end up beyond repair, the mining outpost has its own tertiary antenna, a ComMaster disk and an unfinished computer frame for those last stand moments.

There's also a little tech/outpost mechanic's den in the southwest corner, featuring a complete Ruckingenur kit and Reverse-Engineering Fabricator setup, a Mechcomp Vendor, various electrical engineering doodads, and numerous computer components. Super useful for making a secret personal/citizen's armory making copies of the cool loot and gadgets you find scattered throughout the debris field.

On the other side of the Mining Shuttle dock, there's also a quaint little space diner, owned by the mysterious yet ever sociable Shitty Bill and pals. Come there for a little bite, in a quiet little place far from the station. Maybe a strike up a few shady bathroom deals too?. Try the Daily Special! It probably won't kill you.