Laundry Room

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Laundry Room


Plot point room



This is the NSS Destiny's Laundry Room (technically known on the power grid as the Utility Room, but no really calls it that), where crew members can wash their clothes and do their laundry, obviously. But this is the NSS Destiny. This isn't just a laundromat; anything could happen in this room! This could be where a love story begins, with two strangers falling in love over each other's laundry and sharing a load like in that The Bobs song. Maybe this is where a crime story ends, with a baleful of bloody laundry, the entire Security Team banging at the door, and a troubled Traitor screaming "Out,damned spot!" At the end of the day, though, no matter what happens, the linen rack, sink, and washing machines will still be there. If there's one thing that always happens, it's proper hygiene.

Also, this is where sauna gets its hot air. From time to time, an innovative engineer or scientist converts the Sauna into a burn chamber and connects the burn mix to the connector port.

Maintenance Information

This room has no vents. That thing in the middle of the room? It's actually a drain.

The APC for this room is on the right wall.