Command Meeting Room

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Command Meeting Room


Congress in progress


Heads of Staff

This rather spartan meeting area below the middle "Customs" area of Bridge is the Command Meeting Room, which is where United Command leaders conduct congress. Since con is opposite of pro, it should be immediately obvious how their congress relates to progress.

To this end, there's eight ill-matched chairs, six for the delegates and two for whatever other "experts" they need to bring in, all arranged roundtable style to give the illusion that all the participants are equal. Upon the table are paper bins, pencils, pens, and crayons for passive-aggressive notes; a clipboard for disguising/hiding said notes under official-looking business; and a lamp whose bulb shines with the light of truth. Said bulb can be swapped for whatever version of the truth is most useful to the speaker at the time.

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. If there was, there'd have to be room for a ninth chair.

The APC for this room is in the top left. For some reason, it's named "Head of Personnel's Office", even though it has hardly anything to do with the Head of Personnel or their office.

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