Nerd Dungeon

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Nerd Dungeon


Nerd containment.



The Nerd Dungeon is a special place below the Chapel where all the station's space tabletop gaming nerds congregate. Despite the name, it's not a physical dungeon, but a mental one, though no less worse. These people willingly hole up in here for hours upon hours, forcing themselves to play games like Spacemen: the Griffening and Syndicates & Stations. They eat nothing but crayons and cheap ass-shortbread cookies and hardly see the light of day. Aside from number of monkeys, it's not too different from the Brig if you think about it.

Still, people sentence themselves to here for a reason. The main attraction is the pen & paper RPG Syndicates and Stations (hence all the pens, paper, and dice), but chess and checkers fans get their own table too, with one of those weird game tables. S:tG and other card game fans get a whole vendor's worth of cards to play with. Robustris nerds get a high-tech-looking cabinet to glue themselves to. Heck, even LARP nerds can find a few costume items here.

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. The current one is at a Space Society for Creative Space Anachronism convention event somewhere. Forever.

The APC for this room is a little bit above the southeast corner.

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