Tunnel Snake Mining Rig

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AtmosphericTechnician64.png This page is about discontinued content.
The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
The Tunnel Snake has been replaced by the Sea Turtle.
Tunnel Snake Mining Rig


Lazy Fallout 3 references.


Chief Engineer, Miner

The Tunnel Snake Mining Rig rules. It's a Tunnel Snake Mining Rig. It's a outpost for the Miners in the Trench where they can put on their equipment, outfit their mining minisubs, and process their ores. It rules.

This vaguely snake-shaped, somewhat ship-shaped settlement can be split into a couple of compartments based on their function, which is differentiated by different floor tiles for enclosure.

The topmost part with the plasmaglass windows can be nominally called a cockpit, even though all it has is a recharger and an announcement computer for proclaiming your love of the slithering reptilians that dwell in passageways and asking people why there're live crushers outside. There are also two red external airlocks into the Trench caves outside, and beyond the southernward engineering door is a bathroom and the landing area for the mining long range teleporter. Click on it to teleport to the Mining area on the main ship; click on it again while in Mining to teleport back to the Tunnel Snake Mining Rig. Passengers and carry-ons only--you can't transport crates or other large objects with it.

The upper middle area with the yellow tiles are both dorms and equipment rooms for the Miners, who spawn in them at roundstart. Each one has a bed, a rack with flippers, an engineering diving suit set, and a cabinet with all the stuff you'd normally find in an equipment locker. Check out the Miner page for more info on them.

The lower middle area with the grey tiles is basically kinda like a refinery. Here, Miners can go a couple of things with the ores they've mined. They can put them in crates and use the cargo transporter to teleport them to departments that need minerals. Or, they can refine them with the material processor or reclaimer, insert them into the mining fab, and create more/better mining equipment. Or, they can insert them into the Nano-fabricator (Mining) to make special custom tools or the Nano-fabricator (Refinery) for weird and wacky doodads.

This same area also has a few odd bits and pieces for various other random functions. If you need tools to fix something up, there're electrical toolboxes,mechanical toolboxes, and a general manufacturer, and if you need some meds to fix yourself (physically, at least), there's a medical cabinet with basic medicines that'll at least help you survive the trek back on-ship to Medbay. If you want to refill or top off your jetpacks and gas tanks, there's a canister with oxygen. If you need for a GPS for finding special Trench locations or such, there's some on the table. Finally, if you need to recharge your tools, there's two rechargers on the table to the left.

Below it is a hangar with four mining minisubs, which can be outfitted with various parts from the ship component fabricator and pod ore scoops, Conclave optical meson scanners, and/or cargoholds from the crates. There's also a tank of welding fuel for repairs and a cyborg docking station for mining cyborgs.

The bottom-most part is a sort of maintenance room with furnaces and SMES units. Due to how areas in the Trench are coded, this entire rig doesn't actually need power, so it's kinda just there for flavor.

Finally, beyond this room is a pod beacon labelled "Mining outpost beacon"

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