West Crew Lounge

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West Crew Lounge


Lounging on a shoestring budget.



This little section of the hallway below Cargo is called West Crew Lounge because a) it's in the west (or rather the southwest), b) it's ostensibly for the crew (or at least the human ones), and c) it's for lounging about and relaxing. Mind you, this is NanoTrasen, so the lounging about part is just a snack machine (with cheap-ass Discount Dan's of course), drink dispenser, and a very nondescript glass table with generic metal stools. Still, when you compare it to the Crew Lounge, it's practically Space Cuba.

Maintenance information

There is no vent. Crumbs and such from Discount Dan's clog up the vents. Violently.

This room actually has two APCs, one in the north behind the snack machines, the other next to the entrance into the Zen Garden. Don't ask, we don't know why either.

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