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Current Maps
Clarion - Cogmap1 - Cogmap2 - Destiny - Donut Station 2 - Mushroom Station

Destiny is one of the current maps, alongside Clarion, being run for the Goonstation RP server. It is also one of the map-vote choices for LLJK2, the official regular Goonstation server, alongside Clarion, Cogmap1, Cogmap2, Mushroom Station, and Donut Station 2. It was created by Haine. Visit the forum thread for more info.

Note 1: Be advised that Destiny and Cogmap2/Cogmap1/Clarion run off the same codebase, so almost everything is interchangeable.

December 2nd, 2015 - Now

Destiny is the first map to:

  • Use a cryosleep unit that players can go into to sleep.

Destiny Bow

Destiny Midsection

Destiny Port Aft

Destiny Amidships Aft

Destiny Starboard Aft