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Destiny is the current map being run on the Goonstation RP server. It was created by Haine. Visit the forum thread for more info.

Note: If you are on one of the regular(Non-RP) Goonstation servers, they run the Cogmap1 map and occasionally the Cogmap2 map.

Note 2: Be advised that Destiny and Cogmap2 run off the same codebase, so almost everything is interchangeable.

Note 3: The current image of the map is outdated. The bar has been expanded, removing the crew quarters to the left of it and adding the barman's office. Also, right above Escape and Pod bay there are Medical and Security checkpoints, respectively.

Note 4: The current image is further outdated. The mining magnet has been moved to the rear and its former position has been replaced by an athletics department, with a pool, boxing ring, sauna, laundry room, changing room, workout room, and lounge.

December 2nd, 2015 - Now

Destiny is the first map to:

  • Use a cryosleep unit that players can go into to sleep.
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Destiny Bow

Destiny Midsection

Destiny Port Aft

Destiny Amidships Aft

Destiny Starboard Aft