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Current Maps
Clarion - Cogmap1 - Cogmap2 - Destiny - Oshan Laboratory

Destiny is one of the current maps used by the Goon #2 and its sister RP server, Goon RP #1. It was originally designed by a reddit user named by bradleylauchlin, but its Goonstation version was created/ported over by the admin Haine. Originally, it was just meant for the RP server, but it was introduced as a Map Vote choice for Goon#2 (then called LLJK2) in November 2017.

Visit this forum thread to learn more about its history, and visit this Official FIX THIS SHIT Thread to report any bugs with the map.

Note: Be advised that Destiny and all the other maps run off the same codebase, so almost everything is interchangeable.

December 2nd, 2015 - Now

Destiny is the first map to:

  • Use a cryosleep unit. Latejoiners spawn from it, and players can enter it to sleep/take a break from the round.
  • Introduce a new style of doors and walls, created by Goonstation's own Gannets.
  • Feature the Shield Generator, a ship-wide meteor shield.

Destiny Bow

Destiny Midsection

Destiny Port Aft

Destiny Amidships Aft

Destiny Starboard Aft