So you've contracted a pathogen!

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So you've contracted a pathogen!

Hello, dear customer!

Pathogens can be scary! But you can rest easy knowing that your health is in safe hands now that you have contacted the CDC. Simply place a pathogen sample into the biohazard crate and send it back to us and we will have you cured in no time!

How to send a pathogen sample

  • 1) Fill a reagent container with a blood sample from a person afflicted with the pathogen you are seeking to cure. (For instance, you could use the syringe we sent you!)
  • 2) Deposit reagent container into the received biohazard crate and close it.
  • 3) Send the biohazard crate back to us.
  • 4) As soon as we receive your sample, you can contact us using your Quartermaster's Console to ask us to start analyzing it.
  • 5) Once we are done analyzing your sample, we will offer to sell you cures. Buying a pack of multiple cures at a time will be cheaper for you!

We hope that you have found this pamphlet enlightening and we hope to receive your sample soon!

Remember, only you can prevent deadly pathogens!

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