Mining Pocket Guide No. 2

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The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
This book and Mining Pocket Guide No. 1 have since been merged into one book, Mining Pocket Guide. See there for the updated version of this book.
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Howdy, partner! Welcome to the wild world of mining! Now, before you get started, there’s a few things greenhorns like you are gonna have to learn. Wouldn’t want you driftin’ out there like some space tumbleweed!


The most important part of the job! A miner’s equipment lets you safely brave outer space and collect sweet, sweet ores and gems. You have a full set ready for you in your locker, and on the racks nearby. Slap all of that stuff on ya, and you’re ready to go! Just be sure to turn your oxygen on.

Here’s a few more pointers:

  • Holding an ore scoop with a satchel placed inside will pick up anything valuable you mine as you walk over it!
  • Different mining equipment will be more or less effective on different densities of rock. Try em all!
  • Those concussive mines will get slapped onto any mineable surface you bump into, so get the heck outta the way!
  • Your geological scanner will help you find those sweet sweet gems as well as point out any dangers, hinderances, or anomalies in the rock!
  • That big honkin circular-ish device is the mining magnet! Use the purple-screened computer nearby to summon asteroids to mine. It can also scan the rock for you! Yahoo!
  • There’s a long range telescopey thingy for finding asteroids with mostly one type of ore, and weird shit! It works via triangulatin’ a signal.


Mining can be a huge help to other departments, so let’s get to know ‘em!

Your boss, the Chief Engineer, keeps the station running! Listen to them if they have any orders, but generally they’ll be more concerned with the engine.

The Quartermasters will LOVE you if you send them those juicy ores and gems, and you’ll help boost the station budget so y’all can afford some fancy hats! Yeehaw!

Robotics can also use ores and gems, and sending some over is appreciated!


Life isn’t all fun and games on the mining frontier! Here’s some stuff to watch out for.


Also, your oxygen can run out! If you see a little red O2 icon pop up and you start gaspin’, get inside and take that jetpack off, it’s done! Stick it on an air or oxygen canister, pump up the pressure, and flick the switch, should filler up!

Some ore is RADIOACTIVE! This means a lot of hard-to-heal damage over time, and you can tell you’ve got it if a little green man pops up in the upper right corner, under your health. STOP what you are doing ASAP and get to a doc, pronto!

EXPLOSIONS! Your friend and enemy! Some ore is pretty naturally volatile, and will go BOOM unless handled carefully! There’s also sometimes pockets of gas that will glow briefly before detonating, if you see a glow, it’s time ta go! Keep an eye out for areas marked with a red “!” when you scan that sucker.


If’n none of this answered yer questions, check out the wiki! That should be all ya need to learn yerself to have more fun minin’ than a baby bee in a butter bucket! Now get out there and get that ore! YEEEHAW!

- ”Prospector” Peter Sans-Culottes

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