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FoodPancakes.png This page is about discontinued content.
The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
Elite Security
Elite Security
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: None (Discontinued)
Access Level: Everything.
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None.
Supervisors: None.
Subordinates: Everyone.
Responsibilities: Protect the station, exterminate threats.
Guides: Space Law, Frontier Justice, Contraband, Security Officer

During the old times of Devstation and Donut 2 there existed an elite group of security guards that was accountable only to themselves. They outranked the Captain and were charged with responding to crisis with superior firepower.

The T.U.R.D.S

T.U.R.D.S was a group sent to the station to replace the incompetent Head of Security at the time. The HoS was demoted, equipment, shoes taken away and tossed out of his office. The HoS found a home inside the Bartender's booze room wearing nothing but a vomit-stained shirt, his dirty red HoS jumpsuit and trying to tell his sorrows to anyone who would listen.

The T.U.R.D.S commandos quickly established a reputation for decisive action and quick results. Given the best equipment and weaponry they had the tendency to liquidate the enemy with extreme prejudice. However reports of rampant drug use, abuse of power, and atrocities towards the very crew they were charged to protect led to the firing of all T.U.R.D.S Commandos.

NanoTrasen Mercenaries

The station still needed a powerful police force and thus came the NanoTrasen Mercenaries. They too were given the best equipment and were handpicked through a rigorous selection process. A prison station was custom built to their needs and they quickly took over emergency response duties. Patrolling the station with their sleek blue uniforms, blue berets, black leather jackets, and superior weaponry, they also established a reputation for stopping crime.

However, power will eventually corrupt and the NT Mercs began abusing drugs and reports of horrible behavior soon arose. The end of the NT Mercs came when the shuttle arrived to ship them off to Space-Nam and they were never heard from again. Their replacement was none other than the Head of Security himself, redeemed and given a new mandate to serve and protect.

The End?

On the station, an Old Beret and worn jacket in Beepsky's House serves a reminder to the glorious days long past. Deep in space the discontented and unemployed T.U.R.D.S commandos laze about, quietly waiting for the time to come back to liquidate their former employers.

Production of the blue turtlenecks the T.U.R.D.S. wore ended, but there was such massive surplus that there was still a healthy black market for them afterwards, often with considerable markup. Later, a few of the plants that made them reopened to supply turtlenecks to Nanotrasen Security Operatives. Meanwhile, the T.U.R.D.S helmet is sold as a novelty item.

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