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Known Onboard Toxins:
Grade A Semi-Liquid Plasma:
Highly poisonous. You cannot sustain concentrations above 15 units.
A gas mask fails to filter plasma after 50 units.
Will attempt to diffuse like a gas.
Filtered by scrubbers.
There is a bottled version which is very different
from the version found in canisters!

WARNING: Highly Flammable. Keep away from heat sources except in a enclosed fire area!
WARNING: It is a crime to use this without authorization.

Known Onboard Anti-Toxin:
Anti-Toxin Type 01P: Works against Grade A Plasma.
Best if injected directly into bloodstream.
A full injection is in every regular Med-Kit.
Special toxin Kits hold around 7.

Known Onboard Chemicals (other): Rejuvenation T#001:
Even 1 unit injected directly into the bloodstream will cure paralysis and sleep toxins.
If administered to a dying patient it will prevent further damage for about units*3 seconds. It will not cure them or allow them to be cured.
It can be administered to a non-dying patient, but the chemicals disappear just as fast.

Sleep Toxin T#054:
5 units will induce precisely 1 minute of sleep.
The effects are cumulative.
WARNING: It is a crime to use this without authorization

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