Prison Station

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Prison Station


The Rock. Quite literally.



The Prison Station was a place for security to get rid of the worst ne'erdowells, who were practically stranded there unless a willing accomplice went through the trouble to bust them out. At least theoretically. In practice, it was used by equally bad people to set up elaborate traps and send unfortunate colleagues to their doom.

Discontinued Features:
Discontinued Game Modes - Discontinued Syndicate Items - Nuclear Engine - Construction Server - Prison Station
Discontinued Material Properties - Fabrication Units & Looms - Old Constructions - Old Electronics
Discontinued Jobs:
Atmospheric Technician - Barber - Boxer - Chemist - Elite Security - Head Surgeon - Intruder - Lawyer - Martian - Mailman - Medical Assistant - Technical Assistant - Tourist - Vice Officer - Replicant - Spy
Old Maps:
Donut Station - Devstation - Donut Station 2 - Mushroom Station - Chiron Outpost - Samedi
Old Lore:
Chemical Information‎ - A Crash Course in Legal SOP - Generator Startup Procedure (Old)‎ - Job Information - Old Storyline - Standard Operating Procedure