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Various construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction procedures once possible, now gone, dummied out, or replaced by something better.


Rocket Launcher

From April 20019 (roughly the inception of Goonstation) to some undetermined period before the release of r4407 in 2015, you could create improvised rocket launchers, MacGuyer style, for flinging rods at high speeds. Interestingly, its construction required plasma gas, rather plasma reagent, so it sort of had an environmental requirement. Many guides recommended constructing it in the mixing room in Toxins.

You needed:

10 rods
10 sheets of metal
5 beakers of thermite
Hot plasma gas

To make, you'd:

Combine rods with the metal.
Combine the beakers with tube assembly.


Flamethrowers used to burn plasma gas, without an oxider, which might sound familiar to denizens of other servers. Obviously, they don't now. This procedure was removed sometime between December 2010 and June 2011.

You needed:

An igniter
1 rod
A screwdriver
A small plasma tank
A welder

To build, you'd:

Use the screwdriver on the welder.
Use the screwdriver on the igniter.
Attach the rod to the welder.
Attach the igniter on the welder/rods assembly.
Screw the welder/rods/igniter assembly together.
Attach the small plasma tank on the flamethrower.

Stun Gloves

Formerly, if you didn't have insulative gloves on, you couldn't charge stun gloves without shocking yourself.

You needed:

Insulated Gloves
Another pair of insulated gloves
A charged power cell
Wire coil

To build, you'd:

Put on the insulated gloves.
Use the wire on the pair of gloves that you want to turn into stun gloves.
Use the gloves on the power cell.


For a few months in early 2010, you could craft various kinds of shields using Security's old riot shields.

Ballistic Shield

Presumably provided better protection than regular shields. Documentation is sparse on the characteristics.

You needed:

1 sheet of reinforced metal
A riot shield
A welder

To Build, you'd:

Attach the sheet of reinforced metal by clicking on the riot shield with the metal in-hand.
Weld the shield together.

Electrified Shield

Presumably shocked people upon bashing. Documentation on anything besides the assembly instructions continues to be sparse.

You needed:

1 set of rods
A ballistic shield
A welder
A power cell with at least 25% charge

To build, you'd:

Click the ballistic shield while holding the rods.
Weld the shield together
Charge up the shield by clicking on it with the power cell.

Magic Shield

This shield could reflect wizard spells back at the casters. Notice, also, the mention of literal "pubbie tears"--very characteristic of Goonstation player culture in 2012. (Don't ask us what the jug of pubbie tears actually was.)

You needed:

A ballistic shield
A jug of pubbie tears
A brush (Green toolbox)

To build, you'd:

Dip the brush into the jug of pubbie tears
Coat the ballistic shield with the brush

In addition, you had to do all this in presence of the Chaplain. We are not certain if the Chaplain had to do something else on their part or if they had to be alive.



All the components, not just the igniter, had to screwdrivered to allow them to be attached, causing minor inconveniences to all aspiring unabombers.

You needed:

An igniter 
A screwdriver
A timer/proximity sensor/remote signaller

To make, you'd:

Use the screwdriver on the igniter.
Use the screwdriver on the timer/proximity sensor/remote signaller
Attach the timer on the igniter.
Use the screwdriver on the timer/proximity sensor/remote signaller & igniter assembly.

Suicide Vest

The igniter AND health analyzer had to be screwdrivered to allow attachment. Otherwise, remarkedly unchanged from July 2009.

You needed

An igniter 
A screwdriver
An armor vest
A health analyzer

To make, you'd:

Use the screwdriver on the igniter.
Use the screwdriver on the health analyzer.
Attach health analyzer on the igniter.
Attach health analyzer/igniter on the armor vest.
Secure the health analyzer/igniter assembly together with the screwdriver.


Hidden Walls

Before 2010, you had to use a screwdriver to dislodge girders for hidden walls.


You needed:

4 sheets of metal
A screwdriver

To build, you'd:

Click metal while you were holding it.
Choose Construct Wall
Screwdriver the incomplete wall you made to create Displaced Girders
Use remaining metal on said Displaced Girders


You needed:

4 sheets of metal
A crowbar

To build, you'd:

Use 2 metal to build girders
Use crowbar on the girders
Use 2 metal on to make reinforced sheets
Use the reinforced sheet on the girders


Pipe Filter

Back in the days of Devstation and similar, there was a room called Atmospherics for actually managing the station-wide air distribution and collection system and not just storing canisters. In this room, there were filters for separating used air into nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, and other gases. Naturally, there was a way to...adjust the filter settings.

You needed:

A screwdriver
A wire coil

To hack it, you'd:

Screw open the filter.
Use the wire on filter.  It took four wire segments to hack the filter.

Propulsion Thrusters

Technically, thrusters can still be fixed, but shuttle engines cannot be damaged anymore. It was previously possible to immobilize them by disabling the thrusters, which would, obviously, require fixing.

You needed:

A screwdriver
EVA gear (optional, but recommended)

To fix, you'd:

Use the screwdriver on the thruster to secure its outer frame.
Do the same with the other engine, if necessary.
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