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Samedi, formerly known as Space Cuba in its development, was one of the many maps in Goon #2 and Goon RP #1's map selections. It was designed by Kubius to be a spiritual successor to Chiron Outpost, reimagining its unique central drawbridge and station-inside-an-asteroid theme as multiple departments built into an archipelago of asteroids, each linked by standard airbridges and catwalks. Like Chiron, it was also pulled from rotation shortly (as in, less than a month) after its release, this time concerns over its potentially game-ruining Medbay placement and layout.

June 23th, 2018 to July 12th, 2018

Samedi was the first station to:

  • Feature custom god-awful kick-ass sand-in-steel floortiles.

West Island (Arrivals/Medical)

The Big Island (Command & Security & Civilian)

North Island (Engineering & Supply)


South Island (Research)

East Island (Rest, Recreation & Escape)

Waste Plant

AI Platform


Looks Great, But How Do I Pronounce It?

Sam-DEE. It's Space French. The a and i are short, the e is basically silent, and the emphasis is on the second syllable.

Discontinued Features:
Discontinued Game Modes - Discontinued Syndicate Items - Nuclear Engine - Construction Server - Prison Station
Discontinued Material Properties - Fabrication Units & Looms
Discontinued Jobs:
Atmospheric Technician - Barber - Boxer - Chemist - Elite Security - Head Surgeon - Lawyer - Mailman - Medical Assistant - Technical Assistant - Tourist - Vice Officer - Replicant - Spy
Old Maps:
Donut Station - Devstation - Donut Station 2 - Mushroom Station - Chiron Outpost - Samedi