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Donut 2.0 in all its glory

Donut Station 2 was the primary station used by Goonstation servers after Devstation and before Mushroom Station. It was reintroduced as a selection for the Map-Vote poll on Goonstation #2 (formerly known as LLJK US2) in November 2017. This donut is still moldy around the edges, so report any problems with the map in the Official Donut 2 FIX THIS SHIT Thread,

Note: On this map, the Research Department has its own mini-station, Research Station Zeta, accessible via the shuttle console on the westmost end of the Shuttle Bay.

December 23rd, 2010 - January 25th, 2012

November 6, 2017 - Now

Donut Station 2 was the first station to:

During its 2010-2012 stint, Donut Station 2 was the last station to:

Civilian Chocolate Frosted (Port/North)

Command & Security Crueller (Fore/East)

Engineering Rainbow Sprinkles (Starboard/South)

Medical Glaze (Aft/West)

Zeta Research Station