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The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.


Since their introduction twenty years ago, the PR (For Personal Robot) Robuddy series has grown to become the most popular robotics platform produced by Thinktronic Data Systems. The Model 6 is the most recent version at the time of this writing, largely acting as a refinement of the PR-5. The PR-6 has a number of submodels, covering fields ranging from medical care (The PR-6RN), security (PR-6S), and engineering (PR-6E)

Charge Dock

Though it features the longest standard battery life of all Robuddy models, the PR-6 still requires a periodic recharge in the provided docking station. The dock serves as more than just a battery charger, however: It is also allows new software (Tasks) to be uploaded, or the unit's current task software to be cleared.


  • GUARD: This will direct the Robuddy to serve as a trusty bodyguard, exacting buddy-vengence on anyone attempting to harm their charge.
  • SYNC: The sync task is employed when the Robuddy has been instructed to connect to a charge dock. It directs the unit through radio identification of a free dock and then guides it there.
  • SECURE: In this mode, the Robuddy will remain stationary and scan its surrounding environment for hostile agents, based on the same criteria as the "Securitron" series.
  • PATROL: Identical to the Secure task, with one exception: The Robuddy will patrol a set path based on navigational radio beacons.

Buddy Configuration

As previously stated, the PR-6 is configured and programmed through its charge dock, which is itself typically controlled by a networked Thinktronic mainframe running the DWAINE operating system. "PRMAN" control software, with accompanying control driver and support scripts, is supplied with a standard Robuddy installation. PRMAN requires system operator privileges to operate, which may be granted through use of the "su" command.

For example, if the provided tape was mounted at the default databank "control"

cd /mnt/control


prman list

This would list all connected units by the 8-digit system IDs of their current docks.

Checking a Robuddy's Status:

PRMAN's "stat" command will list the current task, equipment, and charge information for a Robuddy. To check a Robuddy with example ID 02001122:

prman stat 02001122


If it was desired to program a buddy with ID "02001122" to guard someone named (As stated on their company ID) "Dr. Roger Tuppkins," the provided guard script could be employed in this manner:

guard_script 02001122 drrogertuppkins

If successful, a message will appear indicating that the unit has been deployed.


Use of the included patrol script is also straightforward:

patrol_script 02001122

This would wake the unit and send them trundling off to patrol their environment.

Waking and Recalling Robuddies:

Waking a docked Robuddy is very simple.

prman wake 02001122

PRMAN is also able to recall deployed buddies to docks, though not necessarily the same dock they initially deployed from. Both the ID of the buddy itself and that of its last dock (Provided no other buddies have since used it) may be used.

prman recall 02001122

Units may be recalled en masse by using "all" in place of the ID

prman recall all

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