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The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

Startup Procedure for Mark II Thermo-Electric Generators
Standard checklist for thermo-electric generator cold-start:

  1. Perform visual inspection of the HOT (left) and COLD (right) coolant-exchange pipe loops. Weld any breaks or cracks in the pipes before continuing.
  2. Connect one Plasma canister to a cooling loop supply port with a wrench, and open the adjacent supply valve.
  3. Connect one Plasma canister to a heating loop supply port with a wrench, and open the adjacent supply valve.
    Note: Observe standard canister safety procedures. Additional canisters may be utilized or mixed together for various thermodynamic effects. CO2 and N2 can be effective moderators.
  4. Open the main gas supply valves on both loops, the core inlet and outlet valves on both loops, and the combustion chamber bypass valve on the hot loop. If you wish to use the supplemental combustion chamber instead of or in addition to the furnaces, close the bypass and open the inlet and outlet valves above it.
  5. Coolant supply and exchange pump settings can be adjusted from the Control Room.
  6. Load the furnaces with char ore and activate them. Reload as needed. Plasmastone and various other materials may be used as well.
  7. Heat can be provided by the furnaces, the gas combustion chamber, or in experimental setups, direct combustion of pipe coolant*.
    *Direct combustion of internal coolant may void your engine warranty and result in: fire, explosion, death, and/or property damage.
  8. In the event of hazardous coolant pressure buildup, use the vent valves in maintenance above the engine core to drain line pressure. If the engine is not functioning properly, check your line pressure.
  9. Generator efficiency may suffer if the pressure differential between loops becomes too high. This may be rectified by adding more gas pressure to the low side or draining the high side.
  10. With the power generation rate stable, engage charging of the superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) devices in the Power Room. Total charging input rates between all connected SMES cells must not exceed the available generator output.

Warning! Improper engine and generator operation may cause exposure to hazardous gasses, extremes of heat and cold, and dangerous electrical voltages. Only trained personnel should operate station systems. Follow all procedures carefully. Wear correct personal protective equipment at all times. Ensure that you know the location of all safety equipment before working.

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