A Syndicate's Guide to Doing Your Fuckin' Job

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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

A little guide from syndies to syndies, found in armory of the syndie battlecruiser.


Welcome to your new job, recruit. Don't screw this up.

So, the first thing you'll want to do is take that requisiton token out of your pocket, and spend hours trying to stuff it in the vendor because the damn machine doesn't work half the time put it in the nearest Syndicate weapons vendor. From there, just tap whatever pre-made loadout you want, it doesn't really matter what you choose as long as you get the job done.

If you're a brand-new recruit, I'd suggest going with the "Assault Trooper" or "Heavy Weapons Specialist" loadout, as those are the simplest and probably easiest for you to learn. (Side note, if you go Firebrand or Grenadier, don't kill your squadmates or we'll assure you get demoted or left to die.)

From there, just put on your gear as normal and stuff whatever you want in your backpack. If the monkey takes something, beat the shit out of him politely take it from his hands because he's the smartest one on the cruiser, and we don't want him dying anytime soon. From there, grab the nuke and put it in a pod. now go off to the station, and plant it in your specified location.

When you inevitably reach your location and/or die, it's time to set up the nuke. Follow these simple instructions, or you're fired.

  • Just press the little button that says "Arm"; this'll tell EVERYONE on the station that you're here and they'll come and try to kill you.
  • (Optional): If you managed to pry the nuclear disk from the dead body of the Captain, HoP, HoS, or clown, just insert it into the drive on the nuke. This will shorten the timer by about 3 minutes.

When the nuke's armed, shoot anything that moves and isn't wearing red, because it's probably trying to kill you. If there's a short amount of time left, you can try and get back to the cruiser, or go down with the station.

IF you do a good job, and that's a BIG IF, we're looking forward to seeing you soon.

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