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During the course of a standard shift, departments may require supplies beyond those which have been provided by default.

It is advised that you comply with supply requests made through the official supply requisition system, available on PDA and through supply request consoles.

When a crate arrives, open doors and operate conveyors as necessary to bring it into your main handling area. Close external doors as soon as possible.

If a crate becomes stuck outside, it is advised to use a pod or submarine to retrieve the crate and return it to the station or vessel.

The means of delivering your order vary by station:

  • Cargo transport pads are present at specific locations, and storage objects may be sent to them by way of the rechargeable handheld cargo transporter.
  • The M.U.L.E. bot can automatically transfer cargo from a loading dock to any configured beacon, and is typically operated using your PDA.
  • Some stations are equipped with belt-based cargo transfer, utilizing a bar code system to route cargo.
  • If all else fails, take your cargo to the order location by foot.

Some products are high in popularity, such as the honey production crate for Hydroponics. Be sure to ask if anyone needs anything, and encourage them to use the supply request system.


As the shift progresses, one or more departments are likely to ready exports. It is your task to sell these to appropriate buyers.

To sell products to a specific trader, use your bar code computer to print a label indicating a crate for sale to said trader.

Available traders rotate over time, and it is recommended to check the listing of available traders each market cycle.

You may also sell goods directly to the primary market by not applying a label.

Advanced quartermasters may also seek to manufacture, or ask for the manufacture of, goods currently in demand by market traders to earn profit. It is advised that you consult with the Captain or Head of Personnel before investing considerable amounts of the supply budget into profit-drivens endeavors.

For further information, ask for mentor help or consult Nanotrasen's on-line data-base. Thank you for your service to Nanotrasen.

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