Your Lawbringer And You

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Your Lawbringer And You

A Nanotrasen Arms Division Instructional Publication

Welcome, noble lawperson, to the greatest technological development in policing since the helmet: Your new Lawbringer™!
The Lawbringer™ is a multi-purpose self-recharging personal armament for our loyal Heads of Security.
Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with your new colleague's features, and to scan your fingerprints into the provided identity lock system.

The Lawbringer™ is equipped with eight different Crime Pacification Projectile Synthesization Methods, or "Modes," all of which draw from the central Self-Renewing Energy Capacitance Device, or "Cell."
The Cell has a capacity of 300 Power Units ("PU"), and recharges at a rate of approximately 10 PU per 6 seconds; however, due to the exacting measurements used in the Lawbringer™'s foolproof* design, the Cell cannot be removed from the unit or externally recharged.
*The Lawbringer™ should not be exposed to fools. If this occurs, wash thoroughly under cold water.

The greatest feature of the Lawbringer™ is its unique voice control system: To choose your desired Mode, simply speak its name! So long as your fingerprints† match those assigned to the identity lock (configured during device setup) the Lawbringer™ will automatically adopt your criminal control strategy of choice.
The user is considered responsible for the protection of their own fingerprints and arms.

Provided: A table of all Modes, their power drains, and their purposes.

"Detain" 50 PU The perfect crowd control option, this Mode stuns all your enemies within a close radius, but leaves you untouched!
"Execute / Exterminate" 30 PU Turn your Lawbringer™ into your favourite sidearm with these .38 Full Metal Jacket rounds!
"Hotshot" 60 PU This handy flare gun/flamethrower option is sure to heat things up! The Lawbringer™ is not certified fireproof. Do not set on fire.
"Smokeshot" 50 PU Never use a riot launcher again! These smoke grenades will let you manage line of sight with ease.
"Knockout / Sleepshot" 60 PU When you just can't get things to slow down, make 'em slow down with these handy haloperidol tranquilizer darts!
"Bigshot"* 170 PU You'll be the talk of the station when you bust down a wall with one of these explosive rounds! May cause loss of limbs or life.
"Clownshot" 15 PU Lawbringer™ warranty is voided if exposed to clowns. Keep them at bay.
"Pulse / Push" 35 PU Just like our patented Pulse Rifle™s, this Mode sends your enemies flying! Keep crime at arm's length!

*Also accepted for this Mode: "High Explosive," "HE."

Disclaimer: Nanotrasen Arms Division cannot be held liable in the case of inconvenience, failure or death, as per your Nanotrasen Employment Agreement. If any of the Modes are found to be ineffective, underpowered, minimally successful at their purpose, or otherwise useless; and in the event that the user survives to do so; Nanotrasen Arms Division requests that they submit a formal Suggestion to our company forums, so that the Lawbringer™ can be the best it can be. Do not place fingers in path of moving parts, as the Lawbringer™ device is solid-state and should not feature moving parts. Note that the Cell may experience spontaneous explosive overload when exposed to overconfident outbursts on the part of individuals unqualifed to embody the law; in event of such explosion, run.

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