The Trial of Heisenbee

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A children's book by F. Briner:

Heisenbee had done a very bad crime in the animal courtroom. He stung Albert the Monkey without warning and that made Albert very sad.

Albert the Monkey had asked the owl police, which was headed by Hooty McJudgementowl, to arrest Heisenbee, which is a very mean thing to do to a bee!

The owl jury stood silent as Heisenbee's lawyer, a fresh-faced monkey by the name of Tanhony and a voice the sound of horses running wild entered the courtroom.

Heisenbee buzzed questioningly at the judge! The judge, his Honor Muggles screeched back Heisenbee's terrible and awful crimes! Tanhony asked Heisenbee to remain quiet.

The mammalian Jury grew restless. Jones the cat hissed at the mouse, who was taking notes of the proceedings. Tanhony gave his appeal to the animal Jury.

The brothers gnome, Chompski and Chompski, were not convinced and voted Heisenbee guilty of attempted murder! Which was very bad for Heisenbee!

The owls stood silent, which as we all know means that they knew in their hearts of hearts that Heisenbee was guilty.

The mammalian jury was silent, having just convinced the cockroach that Heisenbee was not like other bugs and was in fact guilty.

Heisenbee buzzed in panic, and buzzed angrily at Tanhony! He was led off the premises by Franklin Briner the Chief Engineer. THE END

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