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This page is split up into multiple pages for ease of use. For changes prior to 2016, please visit Pre-2016 Changelog.

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Current Testmerged PRs

Tyrant updated: (testmerge πŸ§ͺ) #15259
  • Farts now have a 3 second cooldown instead of 1 second. Fart volume is now 3 times more to make up for it.

October 2023

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

nerkson and LeahTheTech updated
  • New halloween job: pickle. Has the ability to turn things into pickle. Also looks like a pickle. Pickle.
Smilg updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #15774
  • ABCU blueprints updated+fixed internally. You can migrate old blueprints with a blueprint marker tool.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•) #16194
  • Introduced an additional new civilian requisition centering around pod components and adjusted the seed requisition item rewards.
Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #16201
  • Clarion now has a capsule vending machine.

Sunday, October 1st, 2023

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (game objects πŸ“¦) #16123
  • Laundry machines can now be scanned with a mechscanner
Tarmunora updated
  • Waspbow projectiles no longer deal impact damage
  • Waspbow/radbow/etc now use/have 60u/shot instead of 40u
  • Fixed oversight causing disruptor cells to charge at twice the intended rate

September 2023

Friday, September 29th, 2023

Waffleloffle updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #15927
  • Adds some particularly costumey headwear, available for purchase at the Clothing Booth during the month of Spooktober.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #16092
  • Further requisition system improvements. Notable changes: No limit on pinned contracts, fewer and longer-lasting Aid contracts, and a new Civilian contract.
pali updated: (experimental 🧫, gamemodes πŸ§›) #15458
  • Experiment: Gang members are recruited randomly at roundstart instead of being recruited manually.
    Give feedback here.
Bartimeus973 updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, medical πŸ’Š, player actions πŸ”¨) #15630
  • Organ surgery is now redone! Instructions are found in the surgery handbook. For more details click on the PR number in the top right!
Tarmunora updated: (bug πŸͺ², silicons πŸ€–) #15759
  • Fixed bug allowing cyborgs to open-hand interact with atoms under certain circumstances
Flappybat & Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15797
  • Adds emergency flares to the game, when a glowstick just won't cut it! These come as standard issue in emergency toolboxes. Just be careful around flammable gas...

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • Zipguns now fire one bullet at a time for ammo types that usually fire in bursts
  • Pews can be reshaped with screwdrivers and turned with crowbars.
aloe updated: (balance βš–, station systems πŸ’‘, RP 🎭) #15833
  • Removed security's access to the crematorium on the RP servers.
MeggalBozale updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15957
  • NT has spent a few million credits stocking its stations with newly printed guides to material science, featuring minor spelling corrections and updated material values.
TealSeer updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #16083
  • The ID computer should now let you add/remove Brig access as normal.

Thursday, September 28th, 2023

Emily updated
  • Chickens now get grumpy when they're in crowded areas. They need their space!
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…) #16082
  • Added pressure visualization goggles which show surrounding atmospheric pressure when worn, found in engineering lockers.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨, chemistry βš—) #15812
  • Some small chemistry changes to pyrosium and cryostylane, including an area of effect heat/cool effect. More detailed description in minor logs.

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • Standardized Requisition payouts to the new system and made minor balance tweaks to some that were too hard to fulfill (e.g. pizza, blood requisitions).
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #16078
  • Indiscriminate food requisitions are now properly indiscriminate, and requisition cargo scanning should now be more discoverable.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨, chemistry βš—) #15812
  • Pyrosium can now be mixed with magnesium to create a 3x3 area of effect heating effect, and cryostylane can be mixed with iodine for a cold version of the same thing.
  • Pyrosium, cryostylane reactions now longer use up the oxygen/magnesium/iodine until the end of the reaction. This means it'll still deplete the oxygen, but you only technically need 1u to carry out the full reaction.
Smilg updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #16040
  • Pressure sensor can now use empty hand, and mouse drop.

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Emily updated
  • Upped rooster chances for most types of roosters
  • Most ranches now have a flusher instead of a chute leading to the kitchen, so you can flush your unwanted chickens while they're still alive. (Warning: they will not arrive alive).
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #15741
  • Caffeine is now it's own standalone chem.
Smilg updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦, science πŸ”¬) #15933
  • Pressure crystals from Vendomats, when used, can now be sold for credits via Cargo. Work in Toxins today!

Minor Changes

Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #15741
  • Caffeine is formed by caffeinated drinks (coffees, unadulterated tea/matcha, cola) as they deplete, and its effects can vary wildly based on volume, much like current ethanol.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, internal βš™) #16019
  • Syringes, fired from the syringe gun, stuck in a human desintegrate when that human is affected by an explosion.
MeggalBozale updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, materials 🧱, game objects πŸ“¦) #15921
  • Wooden planks are mostly replaced with instances of wood sheets, meaning spare planks can be used to furnish tables now.
Smilg updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦, science πŸ”¬) #15933
  • New program for Scientist PDAs that shows you previously sold pressure crystals, and their bounties.

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Emily updated
  • Repeatedly buying the same crate from the market will "exhaust" supply, causing the price to increase. Exhaustion decays with each shipping market shift.
NewyearnewmeUwu updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #15931
  • Added some fishing related mishaps for clowns.
DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, medical πŸ’Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #16024
  • The latest advances in hemodialysis technology have been harnessed by your local medical bay. Clean your blood, today!

Minor Changes

Garash updated: (sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15784
  • Fluid canisters now use a Context Actions menu.

Monday, September 25th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Attacks which are entirely blocked by armour will no longer play their attack sound. This makes it much more obvious when your attack is doing nothing.
Emily updated
  • Prices of oxygen/plasma vendors lowered. Remember to turn off your pods' weapons systems when not in use!
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14069
  • Replaced the Armoury's 40mm pod-seeking shells with a pod-targeting missile launcher. The launcher will display an aiming reticle over the pod being targeted.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #16018
  • Updated Nadir's Warrens surgery room to be more suitably Warrens-esque and adjusted plasma vending machine positions.
Cheffie updated: (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15842
  • Crates ordered from cargo containing critters now need to be pried open upon arrival.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15962
  • Revolutionary sign damage scales depending on how many revs are nearby the user
Emily updated
  • Lowered prices of weapon pod systems at vendors
  • Martian vendor no longer infinite

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

Emily updated
  • Pods now require fuel (plasma) to run modules other than basic movement. Be sure to turn off systems when not in use!
  • New Plasma Tank vendor available in pod bays. Fill up your tank there!

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨) #15982
  • Added the wasp crossbow to surplus crates.
  • Wasp related items in surplus crates come with a wasp implant. The wasp implant will cause wasps to ignore the user and for the user to explode into wasps on death.
TealSeer updated: (bug πŸͺ², materials 🧱, catering 🍝) #16006
  • Pizza made at the pizza vending machine should no longer taste horrible and make you sick.
Azrun updated (feature πŸ‘πŸ§Ά)
  • Knitting expanded to allow for illegal modding of knitting needles.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The mixed gamemode should now have slightly more consistent numbers of antagonists.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Ion storm update: a few more things can happen to affected doors, and affected doors/APCs will have ai control disabled. Keep an eye on Beepsky...
Mantwerp and Mcdangus updated: (sprites 🎨, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #15785
  • Added a bass guitar. Get it from cargo, NOW!! Sprites and sounds by Mcdangus.
Emily updated
  • Total QM Pricing Overhaul. Things now cost a lot less across the board.
  • Buying crates is now tied to market prices; you can no longer buy a crate and sell that same crate for profit.
  • Rockbox Premium now defaults to purchased; no more fees that aren't from QM/Mining

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Drinking glasses once more splash their contents on the floor when shattered. Syndicate shot glasses do something else when thrown at a human...
  • Made flasks more robust
Mantwerp updated: (sound πŸ”Š) #15934
  • Electric guitars should sound a little more electric now.
Emily updated
  • Some Commodities are now linked on the shipping market with hard ratios between them; e.g., a sheet is worth one tenth of a material piece.
  • If an item goes hot on the market, traders that sell that exact item will run out of it.
  • Gragg no longer sells infinite char
  • Wishgranters give 25000 instead of 9 million
  • Clowns now make 200 spacebux instead of 2

Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Glamurio (Ryou) & DimWhat & Piesuu updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #15602
  • The captain has cut up their armor into individual parts, which can be equipped separately.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (QoL πŸ’…, rework πŸ”„, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #15326
  • PDA Emergency Alerts now have distinct visuals and jingles.
MylieDaniels, AveryQuill updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15858
  • Adds the Glaucus Fishing Rod, a 6 tc tacticool fishing rod for catching crew with disguised hooks. Available to Rancher and Angler traitors, as well as through surplus crates.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • The empathic thought gene now shows you what people are about to say, if they're currently typing something.
spAAAce updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #15953
  • Banana peels now scale to banana size, within reason
NewyearnewmeUwu updated: (bug πŸͺ², player actions πŸ”¨, traits πŸ’ͺ) #15937
  • Fixed clowns and mimes losing their career genes after cloning.
Flaborized updated: (chemistry βš—) #15854
  • You can now directly pour into synthflesh pustules from cut open blood bags.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15925
  • Made nukie pistol holsters hold more stuff, and more types of stuff.

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

LeahTheTech updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š, catering 🍝) #15919
  • Stomachs now have a capacity and can fill up if you eat too much, cyberstomachs have more. No longer can a single determined staffie consume the entire kitchen.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #15738
  • Added bunsen burners to chemistry. Allows you to heat beakers/condensers/others while still being able to access them, this includes letting you hook up condensers on top of them. Find one in the auxiliary cabinet with the condensers or print them at the sci fabricator.

Minor Changes

MeggalBozale updated: (bug πŸͺ², player actions πŸ”¨) #15867
  • Cyborgs should no longer recieve mutations.
LeahTheTech updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š, catering 🍝) #15919
  • Undigestible items now remain in the stomach after being eaten by frying or matter eater and can be retrieved by cutting them out of the extracted stomach with a scalpel.

Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Singularity field generators max power 250 -> 100 so they will depower faster when not being charged.
  • You can now see what power level a field generator is at by poking it with a multi tool.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (feature πŸ†•, clothing 🎩) #15547
  • Added a randomized wig crate. Cargo can order this crate for 2000 credits.
TealSeer updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15841
  • Empty gas tanks can now be made at the general manufacturer for 0.1 sturdy metal.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

Minor Changes

Smilg updated: (feature πŸ†•, silicons πŸ€–) #15819
  • Cyborg cell cables can now be used on other cyborgs.
Smilg updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15820
  • Assless chaps replaced with regular chaps.

Monday, September 18th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Clone records can now have notes attached.

Sunday, September 17th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Mop buckets now have 7 slots of storage inside them, for normal-sized items or smaller. This means that to pour things into the bucket, you need to click drag the reagent container to the bucket.

Saturday, September 16th, 2023

Minor Changes

Ryou (Glamurio) updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #15262
  • Adds chili cheese fries. Yummy!

Friday, September 15th, 2023

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, sound πŸ”Š, AI πŸ“‘, hydroponics 🌱, critters 🐁) #14516
  • The syndicate supplies its botanists with a majorly changed and more responsive man-eating plant strain! Check the minor changes for details.
Colossusw updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #15317
  • Overhauled Stinging Nettles slightly(minor changes for details).
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, hydroponics 🌱) #15503
  • Ricin and ghost chilli juice reagents are no longer present directly in their respective crops, instead requiring them to be brewed in a still.
Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15796
  • Nuclear meltdowns now scale with the amount of radioactive fuel in the reactor.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #15740
  • Using a T-ray scanner in-hand allows you to toggle seeing underfloor power cables, underfloor disposal pipes, and the station pipe blueprints independently.

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, sound πŸ”Š, AI πŸ“‘, hydroponics 🌱, critters 🐁) #14516
  • Man-eating plants don't insta-stun anymore. Instead, they got a stamina draining attack that stuns if you run out of stamina
  • Man-eating plants now need to aggressive-grab their victims to devour them. They show a visible action bar.
  • The items of it's devoured victims can be retreived by butchering/gibbing the plant. It can occasionally vomit them out as well.
  • The scaling of the maneater got changed. Its health scales with endurance, its stamina and stamina regeneration with potency.
  • Feeding meat/people to the maneater increases endurance now. Even if it is already out of its tray!
  • If any chem-producing plant was spliced into the man-eating plant, it will inject its victim with this chemicals. The amount scales with yield.
  • Atrazine now works as an effective skin-penetrating poison against maneaters
  • Maneater seeds now start with "dominant genome", "inhibited potential" and "temporary spliceability" gene strains
Colossusw updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #15317
  • Nettles now won't pass reagents to people wearing botany jumpsuits.
  • Nettles now have a 'smooth nettle' mutation that does not produce any histamine.
  • Nettles now are triggered by movement near them, on a cooldown inversely scaled to their endurance, as opposed to firing off randomly.

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (sprites 🎨, player actions πŸ”¨, silicons πŸ€–) #15644
  • Flipping with an exposed brain as a cyborg will give the "Loose Brain" status effect. Flip with the status effect to launch your brain.

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

DisturbHerb, Tyrant updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, chemistry βš—) #15787
  • Added the new orbital shakers to Chemical Labs, which shake glassware around and apply physical force to them.

Minor Changes

Azrun & Jan.antilles updated (feature πŸ‘πŸ§£πŸ§Ά)
  • Knitting expanded allow for basic dyeing and cozy scarves.
Tyrant updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15554
  • Twirling a bloody knife will flick the blood off and onto the floor. Doesn't work if the blood is dried.
Retrino updated: (sprites 🎨) #15773
  • Added 8 new faces to cyborg screenheads. Sly, Elated, Blush, Battery, Error, Loading, Pong, and Hypnotized

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

FlameArrow57 updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #15598
  • Roundstart blob respawn time increased to 15 minutes. Random event blobs will now have a 7 minute respawn time.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝) #15717
  • Added several new banana related drinks. See minor notes for details.

Minor Changes

Sord & Tarmunora updated
  • Singularity feeding changes: Base values (i.e.: bonuses from materials are unaffected) are generally higher, but have diminishing returns for any given type. Variety is the spice of life! Material(ore/bar) density*3, radioactive*4, neutron radioactive*6. Also feed a singularity a plutonium core to get a LOT of power.
Paaiii updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, sound πŸ”Š) #15592
  • Resprited a bunch of old miscellaneous objects.
Paaiii updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #15595
  • Gives AIs a command to unlock their own core cover.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15564
  • Some pies thrown by clowns have a chance to stick to people's faces.
aloe updated
  • Being fully heat resistant (usually from the fire resistance gene) now makes you immune to cremation.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, internal βš™) #15687
  • Pipebomb- and beaker-assemblies should be more intutive to create now.
  • Standard pipebombs are now created by using a timer instead of a timer/igniter-assembly with a pipebomb frame.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝) #15717
  • New banana juice recipes: Banana Milk (Banana, Milk), Fizzy Banana (Syrup, Banana, Coconut, Lime, Tonic), Dirty Banana (Rum, Banana, Chocolate, Milk), Sweet Surprise (Rum, Banana, Coconut), Sweet Dreams (Sweet Surprise, Capulettium)
Colossusqw updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #15709
  • Smoke powder no longer fizzles into nothing when in a closed container, instead, reacting only when it is opened.

Monday, September 11th, 2023

aloe updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, balance βš–, experimental 🧫, game objects πŸ“¦, chemistry βš—) #14916
  • Fluids are no longer clickable. Anything you used to click fluids with now works based on clicking the turf below the fluid. This also means that you can no longer see the most dominant reagent in a fluid by the name of the fluid.
Amylizzle updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15791
  • You can now put glowsticks directly into the reactor.

Minor Changes

Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, catering 🍝) #15720
  • Oshan's Kitchen/bar now has a reagent extractor.
TealSeer updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, game objects πŸ“¦) #15768
  • Two artistic toolboxes now spawn on Donut 2 in the crew lounge and warehouse.
Garash updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, secret πŸ”’, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15783
  • New UI for the elevators, descend to the trench in style!

Sunday, September 10th, 2023

FlameArrow57 updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›, player actions πŸ”¨) #15542
  • Vampires, werewolves, and changelings can now bind abilities to Shift, Alt, and Ctrl.
Valtsu0 updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #15747
  • New chemical: Capsizin. Makes you harmlessly capsize. Recipe: Reversium(1) + Capsaicin(4) = Capsizin(5)

Minor Changes

Froggit Dogget updated: #15732
  • Amanitin now does its damage when flushed out of the system.
Mantwerp updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #15793
  • Added the acoustic guitar to the afterlife bar.

Saturday, September 9th, 2023

Mantwerp and Mcdangus updated: (sprites 🎨, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #15704
  • Redid the acoustic guitar entirely, now also available from cargo! Sprites and sounds by Mcdangus.
pali updated
  • Opening a tank-transfer valve now plays the valve-turning sound giving people a bit of time to react.

Minor Changes

Garash updated: (rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15714
  • Modernized UI for the Hair Dye Mixer 3000, it now lives up to it's name!

Friday, September 8th, 2023

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (QoL πŸ’…, catering 🍝) #15730
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate is now made with cinnamon.
Tyrant, Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #14928
  • Added newspapers! You can open them up to hide your face behind them, and read the headlines. Make some at the printing press!

Thursday, September 7th, 2023

Minor Changes

Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #15708
  • The armoury on donut 3 has been renovated
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #15527
  • Common lethal bullets and grenade shrapnel now have a low chance to ricochet off walls. Ricocheted projectiles have reduced damage and don't travel as far.

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated
  • Basic cybereyes can now be recolored by using a multitool on them. This required a total refactor of eye color so report bugs related to that I guess.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #15482
  • Bruise packs and Ointment take 2 seconds to use instead of being instant.
  • Removed a certain dusty first aid kit from the debris field.

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #15701
  • The second armory locker on Donut 3 has been removed.
Flaborized and LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #15634
  • The following chemicals have had their recipes changed: ( Acetone, phenol, diethylamine, sulfuric acid, oil, charcoal, silver sulfadiazine, styptic powder, synthflesh, cyanide, pentetic acid, salbutamol, salicylic acid.
  • For full details of the new recipes please see this PR's description.
  • New chemical: Photophosphide. Creates a small non-scaling explosion when it comes into contact with any form of light. Recipe: Plasma(1) + Phosphorous(1) + Iron(1) + Diethylamine(1)
  • Added beaker lids which make beakers they are applied to act as closed containers.
  • Added chemical condensers, can be click-drag attached to glassware to cause any reactions that occur in the condenser to output into the linked glassware.

Minor Changes

TealSeer updated: (bug πŸͺ², medal πŸ…) #15611
  • Rocko should now count as a pet for the Noah's Shuttle medal.
TealSeer updated: (bug πŸͺ², player actions πŸ”¨) #15651
  • Using an ability while incapacitated or otherwise unable to will no longer trigger the cooldown anyways.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, atmospherics πŸ’¨) #15698
  • New visual effect when hotspots (atmos) are affected by a catalyst! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Flaborized and LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #15634
  • Chemicals will now retain the temperature of their precursor reagents.
  • Reactions not inside inventories or puddles will display little animations on their container. Beakers will visually bubble, puff out flames, smoke, and more!
  • Barrels now have more clear open/closed sprites, a gauge on the side, can be connected to ChemMasters, and can be clicked with an empty hand to toggle between filling the barrel or the beaker.
  • Barium + water is now a delayed explosion that occurs when the reaction finishes.
  • Sulfuric acid no longer melts items, so that production of it in an open container doesn't melt an entire set of lab equipment.
pali updated
  • Resisting now starts the ungluing action bar if you are glued to something.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—, silicons πŸ€–) #15624
  • Master anglers are able to fish in AIs now!
  • Code worms seem to be filled with a new chemical, liquid code.

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #14794
  • Adds a new strong alcoholic beverage, Schnapps.
  • More fruits are now brewable in the still.
  • New scientific breakthroughs have led to the discovery of banana juice.

Sunday, September 3rd, 2023

cringe updated: (experimental 🧫, atmospherics πŸ’¨) #15548
  • The rate at which pipe_networks and atmospheric machines do stuff has been doubled. Experience things such as vents, injectors, pumps, and probably more are no longer painfully slow. Also observe as nothing is done to preserve balance.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Telepad teleportation now has a visible distortion effect at the target location for 0.5 seconds before activating. The activation delay remains unchanged.
444explorer updated: (chemistry βš—) #15660
  • NARC Turrets now make sure you have Security or Bridge access before firing, instead of ID band

Saturday, September 2nd, 2023

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15569
  • You can now make shoddy fuel rods using a glowstick in the nuclear fabricator.

Minor Changes

MeggalBozale updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #15305
  • The Caringorm now has an energy shield blocking its podbay - about half their team must agree first before opening it up.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15536
  • Added industrial chairs. You can craft them out of reinforced metal.
Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦, clothing 🎩) #15478
  • Trash bags now must be converted into clothing using snipping tools instead of just wearing them directly. They will still function as clothing with storage afterwards.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #15628
  • All bars now have an ashtray and a nearby cigarette vendor.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, station systems πŸ’‘) #15619
  • Cables are colour coded in the following way: Red=Station, Orange=Engine, Blue=PTL, Yellow=Solars

Friday, September 1st, 2023

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #15610
  • Added a new HoS themed helmet to the HoS locker.

Minor Changes

MeggalBozale updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #15622
  • Miners on Clarion now have more space in their lobby.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15550
  • Lockers with leg holes are now 5x faster.
Garsh updated: (rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15522
  • New UI for the Oxygen Vending Machine

August 2023

Thursday, August 31st, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Werewolves will no longer appear naturally on the roleplay servers.

Minor Changes

Cheffie updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #15572
  • Wizard den sandals are magic again.
LeahTheTech updated
  • AI cameras have been removed from Nadir and Kondaru toilets and shower rooms to comply with regulations.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (balance βš–) #15539
  • New research found that beams from trip lasers offer much less nutritional value to singularities than before.
Keiya updated: #15583
  • Removed Assless Chaps from the available gang uniforms.

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023

Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #15562
  • The NT commander of Oshan has decided to go sit in the crew lounge instead.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (QoL πŸ’…, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15506
  • Added TGUI to the character creation color pickers.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Botanical misters now have a particle effect when filling something.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (hydroponics 🌱) #15476
  • Emagging a botanical mister makes it fill beakers, glasses or other open containers in its vicinity

Monday, August 28th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Cyborg and eyebot pushing behaviour has been changed to remove the awkward rubber banding.
  • Eyebots are now slowed by pulling things, no more kidnapping the nuke at the speed of light.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • The Monday job of the day has been replaced with a very heroic "Dungeoneer" job.
pali updated
  • Floor closets now mimic the floor a bit better and automatically change their appearance when moved.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Added security tape to brobocop cyborg module.

Sunday, August 27th, 2023

Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #15217
  • Dramatic Chefbots have undergone an anger management course and now destroy food a lot less often! However they also learned a lot of new insults.

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15493
  • Clicking a damaged window with a sheets of the same material will repair the window
TealSeer updated: (feature πŸ†•, silicons πŸ€–, hydroponics 🌱) #15545
  • The civilian module for cyborgs now comes with a gardening trowel.
TealSeer updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15465
  • Adds the option to edit a button's label and signal value on button panel components.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, catering 🍝) #15154
  • Custom pies interact with more items than before. Try baking in some paint cans or stickers into pies today!
pali updated
  • The dark anomaly from the black hole event is now slightly visible in darkness.

Saturday, August 26th, 2023

Tarmunora updated
  • Skeletons fall apart into a pile of bones on death.
Cheffie updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, code quality πŸ”Ž, internal βš™) #15449
  • Hemochromia, Colorful Reagent and some Mutantraces now correctly change the colour of created blood decals and overlays when bleeding. paint the halls! reagent pools of blood are uneffected.

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (hydroponics 🌱) #15475
  • Rafflesias and nettles work, as expected, with the "inert" plant gene strain now
Tarmunora updated
  • On death, skeleton heads actually get their brain set properly (if the brain was not already removed)
Cheffie updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, code quality πŸ”Ž, internal βš™) #15449
  • Internal changes to icons may possibly lead to some missing or white gib / blood icons, report these if you see them!

Friday, August 25th, 2023

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15502
  • A lot of traitor items now have explanations on how to use them. Double examine or right click -> Help on them to read it.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Artifact heater pads now actually heat things placed on them. Also heat triggered artifacts can now activate from air temperature.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15391
  • Pressing the equip hotkey while holding a gun that fits on your back will now attempt to add it to your backpack first if it's open.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Shower heads can now be controlled by mech-comp.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023

Paaiii updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #15416
  • Added 21 new AI core casings, achievable through various means. See the PR for more details.

Minor Changes

Paaiii updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #15416
  • Updated existing AI core casing sprites.
  • Made AIs use the pronoun preferences of the character file in core/eye/shells

Monday, August 21st, 2023

Cheekybrdy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #15231
  • Sleeper agents can now access the listening post through scanners at the entrance.

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15335
  • Added a brig shower to Donut3.

Saturday, August 19th, 2023

pali updated
  • Three new mutations that affect how you hear sounds!

Friday, August 18th, 2023

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15381
  • Improved item equip consistency when equipping an item from your inventory with fast mouse flicks.
Paaiii updated: (silicons πŸ€–) #15417
  • Replaces that cardboard box that spawns in the AI core if there's no AI with an empty SICC AI core.
Smilg updated: #15204
  • ABCU marker can now rectangle select, and has longer range.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #14773
  • Having at least 25% lube in a foam mixture, water and fluorosurfactant excluded, applies the lube's slippery properties to the foam
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15395
  • High damage slashing/cutting weapons will now leave cut wounds.
Sord updated
  • Scrap clubs and spears now fit in backpacks. All scrapweapons have received minor damage tweaks.

Thursday, August 17th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Fish rarity now uses the item rarity system for fancy tooltips

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (game objects πŸ“¦) #15411
  • Hacked SecTechs will contain 2-4 donuts.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Minor Changes

MeggalBozale updated: (balance βš–) #15273
  • Vending machines can be tipped over by shooting them, and shooting them when tipped over lets bullets move past.

Monday, August 14th, 2023

Minor Changes

Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #15152
  • New UI for the Cryo Pods

Sunday, August 13th, 2023

Bisar updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #15341
  • MechComp triggers for Vend by Name should work properly now!
Ryou (Glamurio) & Zac updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #15192
  • Added cinnamon to the game. Ask your local botanist to grow you some! Careful not too eat too much of it.

Minor Changes

soapcyst updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #15203
  • Added misters to atlas and afterlife bar
Wisemonster updated: (rework πŸ”„, status effects ⏰, game objects πŸ“¦) #15251
  • Devera's hygiene protection has been changed into a status effect.
Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #15324
  • The HoP now has access to the command teleporter by default.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (removal β›”, game objects πŸ“¦) #15136
  • The black market megaphone can no longer be found in surplus crates.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #15320
  • light borg heads now have 60 hp, meaning they can now actually take two emp shots
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, hydroponics 🌱) #15303
  • Banana peels fit in produce satchels now.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #15161
  • Added a simple black jacket to the clothing booth.

Saturday, August 12th, 2023

deathrobotpunch1 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, catering 🍝) #15202
  • Bartender now has a reagent scanner, medical record scanner and a health scanner built in to their PDA!

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #15342
  • The catastrophic nuclear meltdown is now slightly more catastrophic. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 10th, 2023

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Vampire frost bats can now be released using a flip for real, just as the tooltip promises.

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

Minor Changes

Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #15310
  • The CE's office on Donut 2 is no longer open to the public.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (QoL πŸ’…, catering 🍝) #14800
  • Standardized all coffee recipes to work with either regular coffee, or its freshly brewed variant.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

Paaiii updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #15274
  • Added 9 new AI status screens, as well as inverted versions of existing AI status screens

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, materials 🧱) #15205
  • Plasmastone now releases its plasma somewhat slower. You can see how much plasma is left using a material analyzer.
  • You must now use the material analyzer to see how much gas is left in Molitz and Molitz Beta.
Kubius updated: (balance βš–) #15264
  • Telescience portal activation energy has been slightly reduced.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #15298
  • Gas generator artifacts can now emit fallout gas.
Paaiii updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #15274
  • Cleaned up existing AI status screens to give them more depth and also so they follow the same colour palette

Monday, August 7th, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Assembled flamethrowers have a movement speed penalty.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Assembled flamethrowers fullauto mode adjustments (adjust fuel use to be comprable with other modes).

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

Mintyphresh updated: (rework πŸ”„, respawning 🐣) #15240
  • Latejoining players with the Stowaway, Pilot, or Heavy Sleeper trait will no longer be announced.
Sovexe updated: #15267
  • Minimaps can now track targets inside of things, such as pods
LeahTheTech updated
  • Aconite is now slightly more effective against werewolves.

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #15210
  • The Pod Wars NSV Reliant now has a neutral map that shows the position of pilots on both teams.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, station systems πŸ’‘) #13348
  • APC power delivery has received a substantial overhaul; the power grid will now prioritize supporting heavy loads, and recharging will scale itself to the amount of spare power available.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15208
  • Vampires should now avoid using tanning beds.

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž, materials 🧱) #15057
  • Material effects on-attacks are now happening more consistent, e.g. erebite hats weared on you will explode if you get bonked on the head.
Mr. Moriarty & Erinexx updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #15188
  • Resprited robuddies.

Friday, August 4th, 2023

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, status effects ⏰) #14881
  • Interdictors will now drain 6u of power per player in their influence
  • Removed power drain on interdictors from negating worm holes and magnetic biofields

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, status effects ⏰) #14881
  • Changed the interdictor protection to be tied to a status effect
  • Added a particle effect for the interdictor status effect
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #15171
  • Added a bunch more clothing sprites for monkeys, ook!

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, critters 🐁) #14825
  • The HoP has decided to take his loyal dog Orwell to more stations!
Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #14766
  • New snappier UI for the Identification Computers, go commit ID fraud today!
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14757
  • Surgery slipups are a lot more noticeable.
Caio029 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨) #15178
  • Pronouns will now be shown on the examine text of humans.

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #15169
  • Throwing someone into an open locker will now shut it on them, causing a short stun.
  • Smashing someone into a wall or window with a grab will now disorient them.

Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

Amylizzle updated: (UI πŸ“„) #15096
  • The observer menu has been replaced with an upgrade.

Minor Changes

Soapcyst updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #15179
  • Added angler equipment to donut2, atlas, clarion, and the afterlife bar.

July 2023

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

Retrino updated: (sprites 🎨, silicons πŸ€–) #15162
  • Added three new borg screenhead faces: Nervous, Annoyed, and Ditzy

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

CalliopeSoups updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #14664
  • Oshan's ranch has been renovated for cooperative rancher action.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #14889
  • EMP's now stun borgs for 5 seconds, disable modules for a max of 5 seconds, and now do far more damage to borgs.

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, traits πŸ’ͺ, RP 🎭) #15147
  • Picky eaters will now heal substantially more hunger when eating one of their favorite foods.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The cyborg teleport module now has visual and sound effects.

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #15127
  • Nadir is now equipped with a Security pod bay.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝, hydroponics 🌱) #14857
  • Fish now contain fish oil and can have chemicals. Keep your blood pressure stable today!

Minor Changes

Valtsu0 updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨, catering 🍝) #15048
  • Chef can now name meals by using a plate in hand
UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #15034
  • Shamblers will eat limbs while using devour.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝, hydroponics 🌱) #14857
  • Fish can now be loaded into the chemical extractor and be injected with syringes
  • Fish from the wholetuna cordata plant now can gain botany chems, the plant gains the "inert" gene strain on mutation, though
  • Plants spliced with the wholetuna cordata plant now contain fish oil.
Ikea updated: #15140
  • The paper found in the molitz beta briefcase has been rewritten a little bit

Thursday, July 27th, 2023

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #15054
  • Resprited light engineering spacesuits.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Conveyor belt switches now accept a mechcomp signal to adjust their speed from 1-10, nice sedate sushi bars are now possible.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

Minor Changes

Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #15059
  • Rancher closets have been standardised across all maps, and added to Nadir and Clarion accordingly
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #15115
  • Stun cane manufacturing blueprint works now.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, UI πŸ“„) #14958
  • Brand-new players are now known and tagged as Newbees in OOC/LOOC. They have a special green chat color and a bee icon for easy identification. Players are encouraged to welcome Newbees into the community.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, traits πŸ’ͺ, RP 🎭) #15012
  • Added a new trait: Picky eater! Picky eaters can only eat specific, randomly selected foods!

Minor Changes

Froggit Dogget updated: #15082
  • Adds the censorium alloy. It does nothing.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, respawning 🐣) #14807
  • Tourists now spawn with a lanyard containing their ID.

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Mintyphresh updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝) #15065
  • Greatly reduced the ABV of most non-evil drinks. See minor changes for exceptions. Drink up!

Minor Changes

Mintyphresh updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, chemistry βš—, catering 🍝) #15065
  • Necroni, Grog, Bo Jack Daniels, Squeeze, Suicider, Murdini, Moonshine, BOOrbon, Bloody Scary, and Ling Island Iced Tea have increased in strength.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

Minor Changes

Skeletonman0 and Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, UI πŸ“„) #14895
  • New UI for the station's advanced computers, go bother cargo for a Home Networking Kit and build your own dream computer today!
Flourish updated (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, removal β›”)
  • Removed straightjackets.
Flappybat updated (balance βš–, chemistry βš—)
  • Sorium throw scaling reduced. A large quantity is now needed to throw more than a few tiles.
  • Sorium now throws anything on the same turf in a random direction.

Friday, July 21st, 2023

Sian updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #14642
  • Added Wall Trophy for fish available as a ticket purchase in Fishing Supplies Vendor.
Mantwerp and Mcdangus updated: (sprites 🎨, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #14999
  • Added the electric guitar, which you can get from cargo. Sprites and sounds by Mcdangus.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #14903
  • Silicons can now use the supply request consoles
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14983
  • The mulebot's destinations are now scanned automatically when opening the menu and displayed as a list.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #14628
  • The wifi signal splitter component can now have its checked string changed via mechcomp signals.
Blackrep updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #14811
  • Buff: Pipeshot shells are now tiny objects.
Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #14945
  • Lollipops have colours once again.
Cheffie updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, critters 🐁) #15015
  • Mobs will now fit under flaps, give slowdown when grabbed and fit in low storage containers (crates, bodybags) when dead. This mostly applies to mob critters which now will not laydown on death.

Thursday, July 20th, 2023

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #14974
  • Added a couple more bespoke lizard sprites.

Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”, medical πŸ’Š) #14765
  • Pathology has been removed from Oshan, and has been replaced with a toxins storage room.

Minor Changes

Retrino updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #15017
  • adds 2 more roundstart borg spawns to nadir
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #15004
  • Light space suit helmets and martian helmets no longer hide your face.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (balance βš–, hydroponics 🌱) #14616
  • Seeds of hydrangea, birds of paradise and gardenia plants now start with the splice disabler gene strain rather than gaining these directly after planting/mutating.
  • Superior and inferior quality gene strains now work with negative potency values, e.g. superior quality making negative potency less bad.

Monday, July 17th, 2023

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #14899
  • AI camera coverage of Clarion maintenance has been significantly reduced.

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #14988
  • Trickster wraith can now spawn a slippery runetrap. Intangible mobs no longer trigger the runetrap.
Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, tooling πŸ”§, secret πŸ”’, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, critters 🐁) #14759
  • Robots in space are now mobs and are resistant to unarmed strikes. Bring something heavy!
tarmunora updated
  • space lube pre-stun removed, superlube pre-stun reduced.
Flappybat updated (balance βš–, critters 🐁)
  • Rattlesnake venom injection reduced from 20 to 12.

Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Lube now makes a noise when splashed on the floor.
Froggit Dogget updated: #14968
  • Added paper to cigarette machines.
Sord updated
  • Light Engineering space suit recipe now requires extremely tough metal (bohrum)
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14944
  • Atlas's catering rooms should be a little easier to get around.
Flappybat updated (balance βš–)
  • Trophy belt has been removed from maps, making it exclusive to the Hunter antag.

Saturday, July 15th, 2023

MitchSmith updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14605
  • A large amount of inhands have been improved.

Friday, July 14th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Conspiracy mode has been disabled on RP pending a rework. The pick weight from conspiracy has gone to Gang mode instead.

Minor Changes

colossusqw updated: (balance βš–, critters 🐁) #14951
  • Rattlesnake bite injected reajents cut from 40 to 20 to account for them not flushing themselves anymore.

Thursday, July 13th, 2023

TemThrush updated: (sprites 🎨) #14887
  • Added 14 new hairstyles into the game, see minor changes for the list!
Caio029 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14556
  • Conveyor belts are now buildable! Use a device analyzer on a conveyor belt and a conveyor switch, then go ham. See the help message on a conveyor belt for more information.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • The cloaking shield generator is now sneakier, and will copy the appearance of doors, windows, and grilles. It's also a little easier to use.
TemThrush updated: (sprites 🎨) #14887
  • New hairstyle options are; Salty, Wolfcut, Brushed, Walnut, Mop, Acorn, Curtain, Scott, Curly Bob, Charming, Spoon, Messy Waves, Blunt Bob, Jelly.

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Ikea updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #14911
  • Silicons now only WOOP or BZZT when first stunned.

Minor Changes

Blackrep updated: (balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #14536
  • Surplus vests from Sketchy D-5 are now made of carbon nanofiber.

Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

Amylizzle & Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, tooling πŸ”§) #14694
  • Cogmap now comes with a random engine type, or a rare chance to use the brand new NT Engine Teleportation System, which lets engineers select the engine they want to use.

Monday, July 10th, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Poisoned surgical tools only transfer poison during surgery.
Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #14856
  • AI camera coverage of Cogmap1 maintenance has been significantly reduced.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #14863
  • Nadir's breach hull has gone dark, and its second GardenGear is back.
tarmunora updated
  • Cyberlungs no longer grant stamina bonuses.

Sunday, July 9th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Added a new traitor item, the Fingerprinter. Costs 1 TC, is a little scanner that lets you read fingerprints off of things and plant them onto other things. Also gives you the names of the fingerprints owners and works with glove IDs.

Minor Changes

aloe & Phrogge updated
  • *nod-ing while wearing a flipped-up welding mask now flips it down.
DeeDotVeeA updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #14823
  • Clarion QM is now slightly more spacious.
aloe updated
  • Gave the captain (and the gimmick leadership roles like VIP and RegDir) a new traitor item, the black market megaphone. It costs 5 TC and makes your text really, really large and annoying.

Saturday, July 8th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Tripled the recharge rate and charge capacity of erebite power cells.
tarmunora updated
  • Pancuronium stun delay increased to match neurotoxin.

Thursday, July 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sian updated: (sprites 🎨, catering 🍝) #14839
  • Shrimps now butcher into raw shrimp meat.
  • Cooking a shrimp in the oven will now output cooked shrimp meat.
  • Cooked shrimp meat can be combined with a rice ball to make a shrimp nigiri roll.

Tuesday, July 4th, 2023

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • increase volume of microjetpacks and belt-sized oxygen tanks.

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Minor Changes

RubberRats updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž, game objects πŸ“¦, vehicles πŸš—) #14695
  • Plasma cutters and other mining weapons can break multiple asteroid tiles at once again.

Saturday, July 1st, 2023

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #14758
  • Fish can now be quickly stuffed into crates/lockers

June 2023

Friday, June 30th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Syringe guns and similar fit in gun components now (the mechanics kind).
aloe updated
  • Spy thief stealing action bars are no longer interrupted by movement.
  • The click when a spy starts stealing an item is now only audible to the spy.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Chem dispensers now show the temperature of the reagents in their contained beaker.
  • Engineering cyborgs now start with 200 of their resources (sheets, glass etc.) as oppose to 500.
  • Engineering cyborgs now start with 300 reinforced cables on Oshan.
  • Reinforced cables can now be made at the engineering fabricator using pharosium and synthblubber.
  • Glowstick trees now glow even more:
Retrino updated: (QoL πŸ’…, mutantraces πŸ‘½) #14639
  • Werewolves will now speak normally again.

Thursday, June 29th, 2023

armunoratay updated
  • Addedyay igpay atinlay accentyay utationmay

Minor Changes

Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14684
  • Genetics in Oshan now has a disposal chute.
  • Robotics Storage in Oshan now has a door connecting to the morgue directly.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Port-a-puke, wrestling belt no longer in spythief bounty reward pool.
  • Spythieves spawn in pair in mixed.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Glowstick trees now glow in soft rainbow colours while ready for harvesting.

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

aloe updated
  • During ion storms, silicons will now experience sensor malfunctions (drugs).

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #14685
  • Enables the space GPS to be able to be wrenched into the device frame and mechcomp cabinet.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (rework πŸ”„, chemistry βš—) #14698
  • The E.Coli recipe was changed entirely, requiring the mixing of sewage with either beff, meat slurry or cholesterine. Beware of the miasma generation!
pali updated
  • The Finnish, Scots and French accents no longer add words to the end of sentences. And Swedish bork chance has been decreased.

Monday, June 26th, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • A certain machine in the void now only works on humans and small animals.
  • Several "tougher" mobs that were converted to mob critters recently are now immune to stamina stuns once again.
Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, experimental 🧫, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14596
  • NT Research has revealed that Plasma can become unstable in the nuclear reactor. Please consider using other coolants. (See the minor changelog for details)
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, catering 🍝) #14665
  • Added a kitchen dispenser to cogmap1. It's in the spot where hot dog carts used to be.

Minor Changes

Gannets & Sian updated: (sprites 🎨) #14729
  • Adds 5 more fish. Sprited by Sian.
Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, experimental 🧫, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14596
  • Plasma's heat capacity has been reduced by 25%
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, N2O and CO2's heat capacities have been doubled (or more)
  • In the nuclear reactor, Plasma will now produce lots of neutrons and decay more quickly into Fallout.
  • In the nuclear reactor, CO2 will act like a control rod, absorbing neutrons and slightly increasing in temperature.
  • In the nuclear reactor, Fallout will occasionally decompose into a random gas.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, catering 🍝) #14665
  • The hotdog cart in cogmap1 has been moved to the back rooms.
MitchSmith updated: (sprites 🎨) #14696
  • Resprited Fire Alarms

Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Taking items off of unconcious people is now faster. Taking items off of dead people is much faster.
aloe updated
  • Petting werewolves now gets you bit.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Inspectors now have unique "miranda rights"

Saturday, June 24th, 2023

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #14687
  • Artifact generators will no longer shoot lighting through walls.

Friday, June 23rd, 2023

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14574
  • Donut 2 Escape has been refurbished to include a larger area and escape pods.

Minor Changes

Skeletonman0 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #14458
  • Added a new mechcomp component that lets you more easily manipulate text for stuff like signs
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14574
  • Donut 2 Robotics and adjacent maintenance has received an overhaul.
Azrun updated: (secret πŸ”’, balance βš–, experimental 🧫, gamemodes πŸ§›) #14667
  • Salvagers investigate securing their comm channels...
zay25325 updated: #14634
  • vending machines put money into your hand instead of dropping it

Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Wizard fireball is now stonger with a longer cooldown, prismatic spray damage reduced.
mbc, pali updated
  • Oshan trench holes are now a lot more visible. The trench algae just illuminates them a lot or something.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #14572
  • Added a catering warp beacon to cog2
RubberRats updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14612
  • The detective now has a clipboard in their locker.

Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

Gannets updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, hydroponics 🌱) #14659
  • A fishing pool, research terminal and fishing supplies vendor has been added to most in-rotation maps. You'll find them in hydroponics, hydroponics storage or the ranch.

Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • RP werewolves now have their hunger deplete at half speed, but they can only fill the need by feeding on humans.

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (QoLπŸ’…) #14645
  • Basic fishing rods are now free in fishing vendors.
  • There's now less log-spam when fishing around other players.

Sunday, June 18th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Wizards and werewolves have been enabled in mixed RP mode with a low probability. May revert this depending on how it goes.
tarmunora updated
  • Prismatic spray spell cost reduction, increased power.

Saturday, June 17th, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Benign grenades deal significantly less damage when launched out of a grenade launcher.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14603
  • Adds a sign to Clarion and Nadir to track how long it's been since the last nuclear meltdown on each map.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, code quality πŸ”Ž, secret πŸ”’, QoL πŸ’…, internal βš™) #14491
  • Fishing tokens now stack.
Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #14618
  • Adds 12 additional fish to exisiting fishing spots.
  • Sprites by Wolfolotl, Thatdude & sian.

Friday, June 16th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Balloons can now be filled at gas canisters and inhaling from them will inhale a portion of the gas inside. Each balloon can hold 5 breaths.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Revolutionary status is now always removed on death, and head revolutionaries who are turned into cyborgs will not retain their ability to see other rev icons.

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Grave Fever now has an incubation period before it starts causing stuns etc.
aloe updated
  • Promethazine (anti-vomit chem) now works in hyposprays and the medical director's syringe gun.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Mops now actually clean cleanables (like bloody footprints etc.)
  • Plague rats now fit in pet carriers.

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Late-join antagonist roles will no longer override antag preferences. If you would become a latejoin antag but you have that type disabled, you simply won't be an antag.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • pod portals no longer have 1% chance to gib, instead it is 2% chance to get teleported to a random space tile
Virva & Gannets updated: (sound πŸ”Š) #14561
  • Added Virva's sounds for catching fish, researching fish and using research tickets.
Cheekybrdy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #14527
  • Added 2 new fishing spots, the mainframe and the ice cream machine!

Monday, June 12th, 2023

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…) #14550
  • You can now empty out portable aquariums in to the fishing research terminal. This saves you 6 whole clicks!
Erinexx updated: (sprites 🎨) #14545
  • Added Boar Vessel, 600-500 BC, Etruscan, ceramic
pali updated
  • Glue duration increased by a factor of 4. (Now 20 seconds per unit of glue.)
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, medical πŸ’Š) #14547
  • Resprited Plasmatoid lungs. Ow... pointy.
tarmunora updated
  • taser recharge rack can hold waveguns, taser smg, taser shotgun as well.
  • postit boxes limited to 20 sticky notes
pali updated
  • You can now emag the fishing hats for even wackier hat text.
Blackrep updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #14538
  • The bartender's sawn off can now be spun closed using twirl emote

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

monkeymilesmoo updated: (bug πŸͺ², materials 🧱) #14501
  • Plating on a wall can now be of a different material from the girder it was built on without being absorbed by the girder on placement.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•) #14522
  • Civilian cyborgs can now go fishin'.
Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #14511
  • Neutrons emitted by the nuclear reactor are now visible for people with infrared vision, (which is granted by mesons amongst other means.)

Friday, June 9th, 2023

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14438
  • Winter coats now have an unbuttoned variant.
pali updated
  • Player built lattices now autoconnect. (If you don't want that remember that you can use a welding tool to deconstruct lattices which keeps their facing.)
Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, station systems πŸ’‘) #14467
  • De-activating a nukeman nuclear charge now makes a more noticeable announcement

Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Tarmunora updated: (bug πŸͺ², secret πŸ”’, experimental 🧫, mutantraces πŸ‘½) #14354
  • "Human" is now a mutantrace. This will probably cause some bugs. Please report any mutantrace-related weirdness
DisturbHerb + Sunkiisu updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14245
  • Adds pet carriers to the game. These bulky carriers can hold a single small animal.

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, events 🌠) #13192
  • Wrestler antagonists now start with an appropriate outfit.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14435
  • Nuclear reactor meltdowns now leave a molten core behind.

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14397
  • Added sugar cubes next to most coffee machines.
Gannets updated: #14464
  • Added 10 additional fishing spots.
  • Balanced some existing fishing spots.
Sord updated
  • CE and MDir now have command teleporter access
  • The ghost area teleport now includes space diner areas.

Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

Nexusuxen updated: (QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14415
  • Gene Booths can now be upgraded with GeneTek research to work faster by up to 75% (~5 seconds per gene).
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, secret πŸ”’, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #14326
  • Emergency power kit added to Cargo for when the station really needs more power. Put staff assistants to good use today.
Gannets & Mora & Adhara & Wolfolotl updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #13460
  • Fishing has been expanded with new fish, fishing spots, equipment and a progression system. More details in minor changes below:

Minor Changes

Nelamil updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14401
  • Glass Recyclers play sounds when used and put created glassware in user's hands if possible.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #14413
  • Small update batch for Nadir, primarily focused on new and improved signage.
Sian updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #14321
  • You can now slice fish fillet with a cutting tool to get fish fillet slices.
  • Nigiri rolls recipe now require fish fillet slices instead of fillet itself. Nigiri rolls can also be made out of small fish fillet slices.
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, science πŸ”¬) #14277
  • Added solipsizine to ??? pills, as well as a few extra chems to artifact injectors and bombs.
Cheffie updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #14313
  • A new structure has been detected in the asteroid belt.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14410
  • NanoTrasen has supplied command with fancy new coffee machines.
Skeletonman0 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14349
  • Ladders now have a brief climbing animation
Gannets & Mora & Adhara & Wolfolotl updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #13460
  • ~30 new fish & ~30 fishing spots on-station, out in the debris field and away in adventure zones. Some fishing spots require upgraded or specific rods before you can fish in them.
  • A machine that will convert caught fish in to a new currency and a new vendor which accepts this currency in exchange for fishing equipment. A rarity system to support different fish being more valuable than others.
  • Added Angler as a random gimmick job.
  • Fish added to the shipping market.
  • Full suite of Angler's tools avaliable to purchase from QM.
  • Angler Job XP, I think.

Monday, June 5th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Geoff Honkington has a fancy new sabre for sale

Sunday, June 4th, 2023

Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13541
  • The engine room on Cogmap 1 has been remodeled and overhauled.

Minor Changes

monkeymilesmoo updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #14372
  • Fixed vending machines not paying the owner.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

pali updated
  • Getting thrown off the shuttle no longer instantly kills you. Instead you get teleported to a random point in space.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Yobihodazine requires at least 1u to clear oxy damage, brain damage conversion ratio 40:1 -> 15:1
pali updated
  • Ghosts can now use the Observe Objects button to observe singularities

Friday, June 2nd, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Flock doors now have slightly more health, close 3x faster than normal doors and can be clicked by flockminds/traces to open or close them.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Fire alarms now visually show when they are disconnected.
aloe updated
  • Changelings are now mostly immune to the effects of choking (knife grabs and fibre wire will still make them bleed, rag choking will make them ingest reagents).

Thursday, June 1st, 2023

Minor Changes

Piesuu updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14317
  • Pipe Frames now have help messages that explain their usage in construction

May 2023

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Chatauscours updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #14292
  • The Clarion medbay has been entirely remapped.
LeahTheTech updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #14299
  • Added a printing press in or near the chapel on all rotation maps.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Security hangars now have remote controllers that can be accessed from space. Sec pod users rejoice.
colossusqw updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #14296
  • Makes it so neurodepressant doesn't make you drool or puke while capu is in your system.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14181
  • Attaching a limb while off-handing a suture/stapler automatically secures the limb.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Ore scoops can now be used in hand to toggle picking up rocks and ice chunks.

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

FlameArrow57 updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14264
  • ProDoc goggles now show a purple indicator next to health icons for those with cyber organs of any form.

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14264
  • Health analyzers without an organ scan upgrade now show if patients have a cyber organ, but not which ones.

Monday, May 29th, 2023

Sian updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, sound πŸ”Š, status effects ⏰) #14169
  • Changeling Speed Regeneration now applies a status effect to you that regenerates your health over time.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #14019
  • There is now a seven minute cooldown for using cyborg recharge upgrades
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #13946
  • Added Promethazine, a anti-emetic agent that stops vomiting.

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (hydroponics 🌱) #13697
  • The unstable gene strain can now malform the quality of all botany produce items instead of food only.
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, chemistry βš—) #13946
  • Slightly refactored many instances of vomiting messages, please do point out any weirdness that occurs.
Cheffie updated: (balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #14163
  • Robotic critters are now immune to electric shocks
Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, player actions πŸ”¨) #14216
  • Clown shoes in deep space look funny...

Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sound πŸ”Š, chemistry βš—) #11942
  • Added Solipsizine, a drug that causes you to be unable to hear or see other people!

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #14274
  • Added a new robotics winter coat.
Skeletonman0 updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13957
  • Skeleton heads will now also speak when attached to corpses while their skull has no brain
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #14190
  • Added showers to Cogmap Medbay bathroom.
Skeletonman0 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #14252
  • Headless skeletons can now have their contents poured into open containers with an aggressive grab

Saturday, May 27th, 2023

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #12361
  • You can now Alt+Doubleclick things to see a help message on how to use them. So far this is only implemented for a few things (disposal pipes) but expect this to be more widespread in the future. (Rightclick + clicking Help also works.)
Soleilan & pali updated
  • L337 Hacker accent mutation added, slightly rarer than the rest.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Soviet engineers figured out how to glue pod weapons in place really really well.

Friday, May 26th, 2023

pali updated
  • Two new accent mutations. One shuffles letter and the other one words.
Skeletonman0 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14031
  • Microwaves can now warm chemicals and skeleton skulls / other organs are now microwavable

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14005
  • The HoS and Captain now have slightly unique looking eguns, to match their usual outfits.
FlameArrow57 and Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, code quality πŸ”Ž, game objects πŸ“¦) #14093
  • Added lanyards as a random lootcrate item! These are three item storages that can hold tiny items and fit in your ID slot. They accept IDs and can be used for ID checks if holding one.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, clothing 🎩) #13820
  • Construction cones stack up to five at a time, can be placed on the ground by clicking, and can be worn on your head.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #14228
  • Mail booths are now gone. No more penpals. Should've been removed a while ago actually.
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #13883
  • The generic space cola is no longer hidden in soda vending machines, but the off-brand colas now require hacking the vendor to access

Thursday, May 25th, 2023

pali updated
  • If you die / get hit as you are typing a message the message you were typing to say gets sent with an --URK etc. at the end. This is an old feature that has now been slightly fixed up.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #14156
  • The singularity has received a visual overhaul. Tell someone in #imcoder if it makes your framerate suck. Bendy space.

Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

pali updated
  • Chaplains can now examine dead mobs to see their last words.
Possibly subject to change, idk, ping me with feedback.
DisturbHerb & BatElite & pali updated
  • Floodlights!
Engineering lockers now start with one floodlight each (power cell included) and the engineering fabricator can create more (power cell not included but the fab can now make power cells).
You can deploy them with a wrench (if you have a floodlight in one hand and a wrench in the other you can just use the light in hand to do this).
They use APC power if available and internal power cell if not (they use the large APC power cells).
Clickdrag to rotate!
pali updated
  • In chat options you can now toggle mild highlighting on odd/even lines for better readability

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • The comically large captain's hat can now be recolored using the normal medal rewards.
pali updated
  • Various record programs now show pronouns of the person

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023

pali updated
  • AI status screen BSOD now means that the linked AI is dead. AIs can no longer pick BSOD status screen manually.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • You can now make pod mining phasers in the ship component fabricator.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • blobs no longer require level 3 attack to break girders
Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13617
  • Satchels (e.g. mining, produce satchels) cannot hold stacks of items anymore. Stuffing a stack of items splits part of it up into singular items.
  • The ore scoop doesn't need two hands to be reloaded anymore. Enjoy quick reloading of your scoop without annoying dropping of mining satchels!

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Minor Changes

Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, AI πŸ“‘) #14055
  • Rockworms can now be tamed to not eat ores and can vomit up ores while alive. make a friend today!

Sunday, May 21st, 2023

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #14114
  • Reduced Nadir's internal reinforcement, improved its extraction nexus, and gave it MULE beacons to accommodate purchased MULEs.
FlameArrow57 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨) #13888
  • Items that can fit on your back will no longer auto-swap with worn backpacks when using the equip hotkey.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #14183
  • Lollipops are now candy, and thus contain sugar.

Friday, May 19th, 2023

DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #13854
  • Added the Obon Festival Crate to QM, containing traditional summer robes and fireworks for the observance of the Space Japanese Obon festival. Costs 3000 credits.

Minor Changes

colossusqw updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #13977
  • Viper bites no longer make histamine or stun

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Minor Changes

colossusqw updated: (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, science πŸ”¬) #14110
  • Chemical barrels can now be wrenched open/closed to avoid horrible chemical leaks.

Wednesday, May 17th, 2023

LeahTheTech and Flaborized updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„, chemistry βš—) #14137
  • Reworked dispensary interlinks to use mail pipes, a linked chute and monitoring terminal is now available in chemistry.
Caio029 updated: (game objects πŸ“¦) #13900
  • Cargo can now order wooden sheets in two new selections: x10 Wooden Sheets (for 500 credits) and x50 Wooden Sheets (for 2500 credits).

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #14131
  • Cargo appraisers can now evaluate market requisition fulfillment by scanning a crate with an appropriate bar code applied.
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #14063
  • The HoP now carries a "T-MO Watch" on their person: it can measure a lot more than time, with many modes that can be swapped through by using it in-hand. Thanks to grifflez for helping with the name!

Monday, May 15th, 2023

LeahTheTech (name courtesy of Kubius) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, medical πŸ’Š, game objects πŸ“¦, chemistry βš—) #14086
  • Added dispensary interlinks to medbay and chemistry lab for easier and more organised supply of medical chemicals.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech (name courtesy of Kubius) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, medical πŸ’Š, game objects πŸ“¦, chemistry βš—) #14086
  • The interlinks replace one existing nanomed, synchronize their contents and accept bottles, pills, pill bottles, patches, ampoules and syringes.

Saturday, May 13th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Nanomeds (portable and normal) now require medical locker access.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Small bots (cleanbots, firebots etc.) can now be loaded into mail and disposal chutes by click dragging.
Colossusqw updated: (balance βš–) #14073
  • Reduces max sticky floor slowdown time to 10 seconds.

Friday, May 12th, 2023

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #11905
  • Science can now fabricate unwieldy reagent barrels to aid in chemical production.

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #13911
  • Added some new sprites to some special keys.
Colossusqw updated: (balance βš–) #14064
  • Sticky floors, such as the ones made by glue, now slow you down to a noticeable amount.

Thursday, May 11th, 2023

aloe updated
  • The cape changes have been expanded to scarves and all the other capes (loot crate ones and vampire cape, mostly).
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13855
  • Replaced the capsaicin grenades in the security weapon vendor with flashbangs.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • You can now wear capes and scarves in either the back or suit slot. Wearing them in the back slot layers them higher than in the suit slot.
DimWhat updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩, mutantraces πŸ‘½) #14047
  • Added a few extra monkey belt sprites
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #14003
  • Tools now come in additional colors, based on where they're sourced from.

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Security mind protection health implants now only self destruct *after* sending the death alert.
Ikea updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #13749
  • Jones can now be mechscanned with a syndicate analyzer

Monday, May 8th, 2023

Sord updated
  • Added new departmental ID computers. They allow promotion to that department or demotion to Staff Assistant by that department's head. *Not on atlas

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”) #13986
  • Removed shields from Atlas
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #13935
  • Made the MDir and RD labcoats slightly more chemical resistant
RubberRats updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13993
  • Bloody footprints are moppable again.

Sunday, May 7th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • You can now buy fake money in the card vending machine.
  • You will only see what cards are in a hand if you're holding them (or on the same tile as them)
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #13994
  • Minor Nadir fixbatch, including new vending machines and a mechanical toolbox for Security.

Saturday, May 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Ghost critters may now only nibble at food.
Flappybat updated
  • Pest respawn roboroach has been nerfed to small critter limbs instead of medium.

Friday, May 5th, 2023

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #13925
  • Added a unique sprite for the "syndicate field protective mask". (That's the mask nukeops spawn with.)

Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13680
  • Health Implants now have a 15-25 second delay before sending crit/death alerts

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #13949
  • Kondaru's security wing teleporter beacon has been moved to the brig.
Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #13950
  • Reduced the complement of televisions in Nadir's cafeteria for ease of rearrangement.
Flaborized updated: #13826
  • Added a new accent mutation, Frontal Gyrus Alteration Type-AR. Arrr!!πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
DimWhat, LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…) #13975
  • Monkeys now have unique sprites for robotic and synthlimbs.
Flappybat updated
  • Only one beartrap can be armed per tile.
  • Prevented beartraps being armed when inside an object, such as a pod or locker.

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

Skeletonman0 updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13932
  • Severed skeleton heads can now speak inside backpacks and while on spikes

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Botany produce chutes now have a unique green sprite.

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, experimental 🧫, UI πŸ“„) #13667
  • Replaced the static space background with parallaxing background layers, with layer contents varying between station maps and z-levels. Should you wish to toggle it off, you may do so through the `Game -> Effects -> Parallax` toggle.

Monday, May 1st, 2023

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13898
  • Donut3's Security Foyer has been relocated to be adjacent to the entrance.

Minor Changes

Keiiro updated: (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13923
  • The Research Director now brings their unique labcoat to work!
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #13853
  • The captain's locker has been stocked with a megaphone to help them get their finer points across.
Cheffie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #13905
  • Added a new prefab to Z5. Clean some clothes at Larry's today.

April 2023

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

The_Kakapo updated: (sprites 🎨) #13630
  • Adds Foam Dart Grenades

Minor Changes

Flyingcow01 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13339
  • You can now insert a penlight into your PDA.
The_Kakapo updated: (sprites 🎨) #13630
  • Foam Dart Grenades can be purchased from Geoff Honkinton

Friday, April 28th, 2023

Minor Changes

Virvatuli updated (balance βš–)
  • Pipeshot ammunition now has significantly improved damage potential.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, clothing 🎩, mutantraces πŸ‘½) #13833
  • Added several unique clothing sprites for lizard tails.
KolIsDumb, DeadMan164 updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #13843
  • Adds a new medal reward for 'Slow Burn'
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #13794
  • Added buttoned versions of the Detective, HoS, and Beepsky coat.

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #13848
  • Swords will now auto-sheathe if using the equip hotkey while they're held in hand.
DeeDotVeeA updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #13785
  • Atmos barriers can now be found on most external airlocks on cogmap2
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #13866
  • Spatial interdictors can now initialize at 70% or higher charge, instead of requiring completely full charge.

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: #13860
  • Blood & paint footprints will no longer track onto space tiles.

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Ikea updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #13818
  • The colors for the command, medical, and intercom channels for radio headsets have been changed to make them stand out more from each other.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • After some shady dealings with the heads of staff on the NSS Manta, CARL (the listening post vendor) now sells high explosive torpedos on Oshan.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The rockbox now displays a count of how many of each ore have been purchased.
  • Manufacturers now have category tabs.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13752
  • Sylvester can now be walked through
monkeymilesmoo updated: #13842
  • Monkeys are no longer bodybuilders

Sunday, April 23rd, 2023

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13782
  • All security officers including NTSCs (not assistants) now receive mind protection health implants. Said implants now self-destruct upon death.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13782
  • Traitor slip and signs have been buffed slightly, they now have a 100% chance to activate, have a reduced cooldown and can be anchored with a screwdriver.
  • Attempting to disarm someone who is grabbing you will now resist the grab instead.
  • Fibre wire no longer shows an attack icon and twitch unless you are actually able to grab someone.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Missing organs now displayed in red in health scan.
Piesuu updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13762
  • The NCS Atlas has been equipped with AI intercoms
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #13786
  • Chief engineers can now find an extra jumpsuit in their clothing box and a new green stripe on their hat.
Lofijuno updated: (sprites 🎨) #13783
  • SWAT Gas Mask medal reward is now more NT coloured.

Friday, April 21st, 2023

Minor Changes

rdcb updated: (sprites 🎨) #13739
  • Added a respirator gas mask skin, redeemable via the Old Enemy medal.
aloe updated
  • During Gang rounds on RP, less gangs will spawn (down from 1 per 9 roundstart players to 1 per 15)
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #13764
  • Full tile windows now have damaged sprites.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Ghostcritters now die instantly to mousetraps and cannot interact with them.
Caio029 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #12426
  • Updates the Barbering Menu into a new, fancy TGUI version with previews!
Piesuu updated: (bug πŸͺ², silicons πŸ€–) #13771
  • Cyborgs can no longer recall the emergency shuttle
DeeDotVeeA updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #13751
  • Atmos barriers have been added to several external airlocks on cogmap1.
Chatauscours updated: (QoL πŸ’…, station systems πŸ’‘) #13759
  • Underage drinking now relies on sec records rather than true age

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Meteor showers can now leave behind solid lumps of rock containing ore.

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, materials 🧱, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #13590
  • TEG Semiconductor gone?!? Now you can replace it with some sheets or with the help of the Nano-fabricator if you really need to.
Wisemonster, Ikea updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13742
  • Security implants will no longer send crit alerts to security pdas. Normal health implants/pdas unaffected.

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • The syndicate cargo transporter now rewards money for anything teleported using it.
  • Pods and cars now damage things (windows, tables, vending machines) they crash into, and also take slightly more damage from said crashes.
Caio029 updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #13643
  • Catwalks are now constructable. Click on a lattice with a steel rod and you'll start building a catwalk on it. Check minor updates for more details.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Objects sold via the syndicate cargo transporter will be dele- teleported to the syndicate, and humans sold will reward money based on their assigned job.
Sord updated
  • Engineering manufacturers now have some more items available for production
  • Engineers now spawn with their own jumpsuits instead of mechanics jumpsuits
Caio029 updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #13643
  • While normal roles have to wait an actionbar to build the catwalk, players with engineering training don't have to wait for such actionbar.
  • To destroy the catwalks and the support beams, click on it with wirecutters or scissors.

Monday, April 17th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Mimics now hide their faces after sitting still for a few seconds.

Sunday, April 16th, 2023

ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #13689
  • Cyborgs with the ProDoc upgrade and people with upgraded ProDoc Healthgoggles or Healthview cybereyes can now see if a brain has gone cold.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Money can now be laundered.
  • Clown cars now start with 5 banana peels.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, events 🌠) #13586
  • Tuned down spatial interdictors' power usage significantly in most scenarios, and added the ability for authorized users to calibrate their power intake.

Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #13696
  • Added a couple of mimic themed random rooms.

Friday, April 14th, 2023

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, silicons πŸ€–) #13623
  • Renames the cyborg chemist module to science module.

Thursday, April 13th, 2023

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated (clothing 🎩)
  • SWAT Gas Mask medal reward now gives a NT appropriate blue mask. You will have to work harder to acquire a red version.

Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • The singularity now takes materials and reagents into account when calculating gain from consumed objects. (this may be a bad idea)
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, station systems πŸ’‘) #13103
  • The health implants no longer send the coordinates of the implantee on an alert. The area is still sent.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #13633
  • Critters can no longer pilot pods. They can still travel as passengers in large pods.

Minor Changes

Blackrep updated: (balance βš–, clothing 🎩) #13656
  • Syndicate command, specialist heavy operative combat and salvager juggernaut combat armors are now flagged as contraband.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The PTL no longer deletes pods.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #13646
  • Nadir's diner now has a certain adventurous safe common to other diners.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech, Kubius updated
  • Clicking on disposals pipes or cables with floor tiles will now interact with the turf beneath them for easier repairing.
  • APCs now correctly charge at a maximum of 1% per second.

Monday, April 10th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Added new specialist manufacturer to all engineering departments that can manufacture laser mirrors and splitters, and interdictor components.
  • Added laser mirrors that can deflect emitter lasers and PTL beams. Anchorable using a screwdriver.
  • Added beam splitters that can split PTL beams. Also anchorable using a screwdriver.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13637
  • Nuclear reactor power output has been buffed.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Removed interdictor crates, the manual can now be found on top of the specialist manufacturer.
  • Beam splitters can now be rotated using a crowbar

Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Flappybat updated (balance βš–)
  • Removed burst mode from the security taser.
The_Kakapo updated: (sprites 🎨, catering 🍝) #13482
  • Adds special sprites for different ingredients used in brain/heart/buttburgers

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Taser SMG auto projectiles brought into (near) parity with Signifer II projectiles and vice versa
  • Taser shotgun falloff curve adjusted, less powerful within ~2 tiles.
  • everyone is a teeny tiny bit slower. You probably won't even notice!
LeahTheTech updated
  • Vomiting from severe addiction is now a lot rarer and addiction progresses slower.
  • Disorient now slows you down slightly less (8 -> 7 slowdown)
Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13625
  • Adds clearer signage to the emergency coolers for the nuclear reactor. They are for emergencies only. You should not use them in normal operation.
The_Kakapo updated: (sprites 🎨, catering 🍝) #13482
  • You can make flock heart/brainburgers, synthbutt/brain/heartburgers and cyberbutt/heartburgers and Spontaneous Intelligence Creation Core burgers

Saturday, April 8th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #13572
  • The PTL has been internally reworked, and should respond a lot faster. Please report any weirdness with the beam.

Friday, April 7th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Mimics can now spawn as antagonist critters.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #13600
  • Mimic nametags are now invisible when they're disguised.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž, balance βš–, materials 🧱, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #13588
  • Fixed a minor bug with molitz beta, and enabled it to produce gas inside the nuclear reactor (and other things)

Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Experimentally, the gangs game mode will rarely appear on the RP servers.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Standing next to a UV lamp will now warm you up slightly.
aloe updated
  • Emote volume is now halved if you're suffocating/being choked/have negative stamina, etc (any time you're forced to whisper when speaking); the range is adjusted proportionally.

Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, secret πŸ”’, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦, AI πŸ“‘) #13544
  • Mimics are now capable of disguising themselves as a wide variety of objects, and can cause hallucinations.
Ikea updated: (feature πŸ†•, gamemodes πŸ§›) #13574
  • The game now tries to award the commander role for nukeops to an operative who has previously won a nuclear round before picking any non-winner operatives.

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12733
  • Pod Wars: The NSV Pytheas and Lodbrok have both been installed with debris field map displays and map controllers, similar to the ones that may be found on the Cairngorm, situated in their Bridges.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, status effects ⏰) #13548
  • A HUD warning will pop up while you're actively taking rads now.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, materials 🧱, game objects πŸ“¦) #13441
  • Nuclear Reactor numbers have been tweaked. See minor changelog for details.

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13526
  • Added a warp beacon for the Cogmap 1 security hangar.
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, catering 🍝) #13551
  • MONSTER burgers now take about 20 bites to eat.
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13536
  • Security RecordTraks now have the ability to set a SecHUD flag as an option. Upon being dropped the flag will be reset.
  • RecordTraks can now be examined to see their current arrest mode, as well as any SecHUD flag set.
TDHooligan updated: (balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š, chemistry βš—) #13401
  • Styptic Powder & patches no longer fix extreme bleeding. Cauterization and bandages still work fine.
  • Proconvertin now reduces stamina, but doesn't cause blood clots until overdosed.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, materials 🧱, game objects πŸ“¦) #13441
  • Nuclear components now cost only 2 materials, down from 3.
  • The nuclear engine thermodynamics sim has been fixed, so things will work a little differently. In particular, the reactor will respond much quicker to changes in temperature, and material's thermal and electrical conductivity matter a lot more. As a result of this, control rods will be much more meaningful. It's also much easier to meltdown.
Nexusuxen updated: (feature πŸ†•, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #13535
  • Three new PDA ringtones added, modeled after the highly regarded two-beep ringtone!

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

pali & walpvrgis updated ( jeans πŸ‘–)
  • NanoTrasen has signed a contract with Jiscount Jan's Jomfy Jeans and upgraded the station wardrobe and possibly more than that!

Minor Changes

pali updated (bug πŸ›)
  • Fabricators now work with alloy materials.
Wisemonster updated: (bug πŸͺ², station systems πŸ’‘) #13469
  • AIs can once again issue lockdown/guard orders using the securitron app while in Eye Mode.

March 2023

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Hans and ability sprite by Mr Moriarty updated
  • Mobifies rattlesnakes.
LeahTheTech updated: (experimental 🧫, atmospherics πŸ’¨, internal βš™) #13268
  • The atmos process is ticking twice as fast, this should make repressurizing and so on a lot less tedious - but may cause Issues. Please report any if you find them.

Minor Changes

Nexusuxen updated: (bug πŸͺ², station systems πŸ’‘) #13430
  • Airlocks now make sounds when un/bolted via packets. Can no longer toggle door bolts via packet if bolt wire cut.
Hans and ability sprite by Mr Moriarty updated
  • Rattlesnakes will no longer chase people around, instead biting once and hoping you go away.
Nexusuxen updated: (bug πŸͺ², station systems πŸ’‘) #13466
  • Amusing Ducks now correctly respond to packet controls. Quack.
Flappybat updated: (bug πŸͺ², silicons πŸ€–) #13118
  • Silicon and robotic life can no longer eat, drink or be forcefed.

Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Minor Changes

Blackrep updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #13453
  • Salvagers have recently been spotted with some heavier firepower.

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Traitor scuttlebot now costs 4 bad guy coins

Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Sord updated (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦)
  • Industrial space suits now are heavier armored, and slower to wear
  • Added a new light engineering space suit for miners, with basically no armor but no slowdown.

Minor Changes

Sord updated (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦)
  • The CE spawns with one of the light space suits in their locker instead of a normal eng space suit.
Azrun & Lord_Earthfire updated (bug πŸͺ²)
  • Nitrous oxide should cause people to be sleepy again.
Blackrep updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #13409
  • Macro-phasers now have a proper in-hand sprite and can be worn on your back.

Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #13415
  • Securitrons will now properly arrest unauthorized people when on lockdown.

Friday, March 24th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Changelings are now completely immune to the effects of missing organs. (apart from the brain)

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • The in-game bug report form is now working again- ahem I mean it definitely wasn't broken. At all. No bugs here.

Minor Changes

Laboredih123 updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„) #13144
  • Made the Disposal Pipe Dispenser TGUI!
  • Make more than one pipe at a time, up to 20!
aloe updated
  • Added a custom suicide to the claw machine. Hope the doctors have carnival skills!

Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • You can now use 'Ctrl+M' to do auditory custom emotes (ie, they can be read by blind people but not deaf people). 'M' has the same behavior as before, which is visual custom emotes (can be read by deaf people but not blind people).

Saturday, March 18th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Conspirators will now all correctly receive identical objectives.

Thursday, March 16th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Atmospheric analyzers can now be used in-hand to track the nearest hull breach.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #13048
  • Trying to gang tag a room containing a rival tag will now point you in the direction of the offending tag.

Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, materials 🧱) #13065
  • Processed planks and bamboo can now be used to craft many things, such as walls or floors or furniture. Process bamboo and wood with the chainsaw!

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, chemistry βš—) #13090
  • One unit of Lavender essence is now able to purge two units of miasma
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockdrones now do more damage to pods and move slower in space.

Monday, March 13th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Security cameras now give off a little bit of light, making them easier to notice/find in the dark. Cutting the cam disables the light, and repairing it reenables it.

Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • Hydroponics trays now output slightly more useful signals over the radio.
  • Hydroponics trays output their radio signals over MechComp as well.
  • Hydroponics trays have a new "scan plant" input that gives you the plant's stats and reagent levels.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, internal βš™) #12781
  • Nadir's maximum rated occupancy has increased to 70.
Zamujasa updated
  • Microphone component show-source now uses a more signal-y format, similarly to the radio scanner component.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Added a custom suicide to bladed gloves.

Saturday, March 11th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • The flock relay now has visual feedback upon being damaged.
DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #13145
  • Added the T-Ray scanner to the general fabricator.

Friday, March 10th, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • The thermo-electric generator, Oshan vent capture units, solar controller computers, and radiation collector controls now output a MechCompβ„’ signal when they process, with "power" (e.g. 420690) and "powerfmt" (420.69kW) fields, as well as some others depending on the device. This brings them in line with the gas turbine.
  • Go for the high score! Impress all your friends!

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Virvatuli updated (sound πŸ”Š, silicons πŸ€–)
  • Cyborgs now have unique talking sounds! And yes, they work with the voice pitch robot command.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #13333
  • Cockroaches are now very resistant to radiation.

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #13217
  • Crew credits now use TGUI - make sure to report any bugs!
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #13204
  • Cog1's Upload Chamber has been remodeled to be a bit more secure.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², AI πŸ“‘) #13322
  • MobAI is now better at chasing you.

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Sord updated
  • You may now buy a single use law rack manudrive from QM. Crate is locked to Head access.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The AI law rack can no longer be deconstructed while it still has laws inside.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated
  • Selection component has a "send + next" signal to compliment the "next + send" one.
  • Message Sign component will now interpret "|n" as a newline (similar to most consoles).
  • Pixel Display components now accept optional x2 and y2 parameters to draw rectangles.
FlameArrow57 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨) #13162
  • Players using VR goggles or a scuttlebot controller will now have an examine text saying their mind is "elsewhere."
LeahTheTech updated
  • Having CBD in your bloodstream will now negate the effects of the "nervous" trait.
  • The AI law rack is now more resistant to explosions, notably being able to survive one breaching charge.

Monday, March 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #13133
  • The minimum number of traitors needed for a wraith to replace a traitor in the traitor gamemode has been increased to 4 (up from 3)

Sunday, March 5th, 2023

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², events 🌠) #13259
  • Fixed some requisition handling goofs that could cause orders to fail, most notable in the handling of steel sheets for an aid contract.
LeahTheTech updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, internal βš™) #13280
  • The "Hide genetics abilities" button now hides/unhides all abilities instead.
aloe updated
  • Pugs can *woof. Other people can too, I guess. Sound by Virvatuli!
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockminds and traces now get the tracker pointing to where to the relay will realize before it does.

Saturday, March 4th, 2023

Minor Changes

Mordent updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #13224
  • APC UI improvements
Azrun updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #13238
  • Cyborg cell cables now use an actionbar when interacting with APCs.
Sord updated
  • Added Research Apparel job clothing vendors to all maps
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #13203
  • The southern reaches of Nadir's pit are now ready to explore, at your risk.
aloe & Virvatuli updated
  • Gas canister (the big kind) suicides have been given improved sound and effects. Audio by virva, animation by aloe.
FlameArrow57 updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–) #13263
  • The E-Meter will now correctly measure Thetan levels.

Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, station systems πŸ’‘) #13187
  • You can now check the status of the nuclear reactor and turbines in the PDA powerchecker app!
Bartimeus973 & Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, AI πŸ“‘) #13123
  • Attacking mobs with an ai will now cause them to fight back.
LeahTheTech updated
  • The clown car can now be loaded with banana peels and drop them on a 4 second cooldown. Honk.

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #13137
  • Made it so morphine's adverse effects only happen on overdose, reduced it's stamina regeneration debuff from 3 to 2.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #13240
  • Fuel rods in the nuclear reactor will decay faster if they are hit by more neutrons.

Thursday, March 2nd, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • New MechComp component: the Automatic Signaller Component. It sends a signal on a configurable interval, a configurable number of times (including infinite).
  • MechComp buttons have a fun new feature when mixed with a certain material.
  • New MechComp component: pixel display component. Give it an x, y, and color, and you can draw on it.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated
  • MechComp Message Signs have a few more styles avaialble (use a multitool).
  • MechComp Relay component cooldown adjusted.
  • MechComp Association component has a "send as signal" option for building signals.
Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13169
  • The semi-automatic artifact analysis form bin has been swapped with a analysis form sticker box.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–, science πŸ”¬) #13167
  • The chemistry cyborg module has been refitted to the research module
Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • A new Message Sign MechComp component for displaying text, as an alternative to massive letter display arrays or sound synths.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • You can no longer print gas masks from the science fabricator
Tyrant updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #13220
  • Nadir now has a solar cycle, like Oshan does.
Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–, science πŸ”¬) #13167
  • The chemistry (now research) module now comes with a pen, artifact analysis from bin, and gps.
Soleilan updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #13165
  • Atlas has received a Confiscated Items locker with its Contraband stickers!
  • Atlas QM and Medbay windows have received access requirements.
Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • MechComp payment components now output a signal containing the payment amount, total collected, and customer's name.

February 2023

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

Minor Changes

Mora updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, medals πŸ…, clothing 🎩) #13201
  • Adds a certain Aerostatic Pilot jacket as a medal reward.

Monday, February 27th, 2023

Minor Changes

Azrun updated
  • Power use adjustments for: Printers, Scanners CheMaster, and morgue tray? ⚑
Zamujasa updated
  • MechComp letter display components have a "color" option (and signal). Available colors: red, blue, green, gray. The power of color matrixes.
  • MechComp arithmetic components have a toggle to automatically evaluate when their inputs change.

Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Flock compute node compute provided reduced from 50 -> 30.
Zamujasa updated
  • New clock/stopwatch mechanics component.
  • Counter and clock components have new icons.
  • Letter display components can be right-aligned; use negative letter indexes (e.g. -3, -2, -1).
  • Health scanners (the ones on the floor) can be connected to MechComp and will send scanner information.

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Bartimeus973 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, secret πŸ”’, game objects πŸ“¦, AI πŸ“‘) #13121
  • Dogs are now mobs. They have been taught to play fetch!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • Added mirabilis.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated
  • The day/night cycle on Oshan/Centcom has been adjusted. Centcom should roughly match North America again.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated
  • Changed solar panels to full speed again, which should smooth out their output. Hopefully. If the game lags a lot, it's my fault. Sorry. Be sure to revert this if it turns out to make the game unplayable.
  • Power-generating furances now output 20kW instead of 5kW.
Cherman0 updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, UI πŸ“„) #12484
  • TGUI-ified the experimental local generator.
Azrun updated (salvagers π“„Ώ)
  • Salvager Vessel Magpie is less friendly to non-salvagers. ⚑

Monday, February 20th, 2023

glowbold updated: (balance βš–) #12496
  • Power usage has changed for some machines. Details in minor notes.

Minor Changes

Caio029 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #13134
  • Bible beatings from the Chaplain can now burn thralls as well.
glowbold updated: (balance βš–) #12496
  • Power usage added: AI Law Rack, Coffee Maker, Sec Scanner, Singularity Emitter, Photocopier
  • Power usage increased based on use: Chem Dispenser, Airlock-linked force-field, Cyborg Docking Station, Microwave, Glass Recycler
  • Power usage decreased: Conveyors only use power when active

Sunday, February 19th, 2023

Azrun updated (salvagers π“„Ώ)
  • Beware the Salvagers! They want your stuff! (Update your preferences accordingly.)
Cogwerks updated
  • Sarin reagent is now Saxitoxin. Effects and counters remain the same, recipe will be changing shortly.
Flappybat updated
  • The Donut 3 morgue now has blinds, a lightswitch and a solid door to enable crime like most other morgues.

Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Sord updated
  • Captain now requires 30 rounds played to be selected on all servers.
Shiiba updated: (sprites 🎨) #12821
  • Adds the paper folding option for cigarette packets, make your own customs joints and cigs today!

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (QoL πŸ’…, status effects ⏰) #13071
  • Being actively de-revved by a loyalty implant will now display a status effect.
Cherman0 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #12620
  • Added a second bathroom to Donut3, by the bar.

Friday, February 17th, 2023

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦, events 🌠) #12687
  • Spatial interdictor mass radiation protection no longer scales with protected individual count, and should reliably weather a whole storm if external power's good.
  • Spatial interdictors also no longer require a wire beneath them to initialize, but can't initialize in range of another active interdictor.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • The clown car can now fit people who are stunned but not lying down, and can fit non-human creatures (including borgs).
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦, events 🌠) #12687
  • Spatial interdictors ALSO also can now be emagged (removes access requirement), don't need a soldering iron for assembly anymore (securing wires is now done by screwing down wire terminals), and their electrical draw under low use has been cut down a bit.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

Sord updated (game objects πŸ“¦)
  • Transport shuttle computers (Diner shuttle, research shuttle) now play a sound when the shuttle is moving.
Tanker updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #12835
  • Added a mustard plant. Grow some for the chef's mustard cake.

Minor Changes

Piesuu updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12990
  • Nanotrasen Commanders are now entitled to a special headset, worthy of their rank.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated
  • The chance to pick the mixed (action) gamemode has been increased, with changeling, vampire, and arcfiend being lowered to compensate.

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #13080
  • 9mm bullets now correctly leave 9mm shrapnel, instead of .22
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13074
  • Added a warp beacon for cog1's catering hanger.
Munien updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #13029
  • Audio logs and tapes are now printable from science fabricators.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Major threat antags (Blob, Flock and Wraith) are now less common in mixed.

Monday, February 13th, 2023

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Donut 2 now has another shower off the side of the pool.
  • Nukie armor is now fairly radiation resistant.
Flappybat updated
  • Scaling of number of traitors vs crew in the Traitor game mode has been adjusted to move the maximum of 5 traitors from a minimum of 30 to 35 crew. RP scaling unchanged.

Sunday, February 12th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockminds now have one less pity respawn (3 -> 2 lives aka one actual respawn).

Friday, February 10th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12736
  • The flock relay will now automatically realize when the flock reaches 500 compute. See minor changes for details.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Reworked flock radio stun burst ability to be a point and click smaller AOE instead of a screen spanning one and increased the cooldown to 30s.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12736
  • The relay will appear as a ghostly outline at 300 compute, hovering around the centerpoint of the flock's feathertiles and growing more solid as the flock gains compute. Upon reaching 500 compute it will become fully real and activate in the usual way, destroying anything unfortunate enough to be caught underneath it.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #13020
  • The space diner's parking lots now have atmos door shields
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #13025
  • A familiar alien vessel has sufficiently fortified itself to reach the Nadir Extraction Site, albeit a bit worse for the wear. It's come to rest by the northern pit face.
Roddy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, clothing 🎩) #12960
  • Adds in a Wedding Crate to the QM.
BatElite updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12971
  • Restored search and category filter functions to manufacturers

Thursday, February 9th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Sleepers (the medbay ones) now eject dead people. The port-a-med doesn't.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Radstorms now inflict a lower radiation dosage per tick. (average of 0.25sv reduced to an average of 0.15sv per life tick).

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

Sord updated (game objects πŸ“¦)
  • Disassembling a table now requires you to be on harm intent.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–) #13010
  • Joining the round as an observer no longer sets DNR, observers can get respawn events but other ghosts will be prioritized over them. Observers can also once again respawn on RP.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockdrones are now affected by EMPs.

Minor Changes

Cherman0 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #12710
  • Added MULE support to Atlas, with one in cargo.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #12980
  • The radio station pod bay doors now come with atmos shields.
KolisDumb, DeadMan164 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12984
  • Adds a foam dart shotgun to the loot crate item pool.
gabringis updated: (bug πŸͺ², UI πŸ“„) #12914
  • custom emotes with quotes and other characters no longer show up as escaped HTML characters
Piesuu updated: (game objects πŸ“¦) #12998
  • Nanotrasen has restocked all snack vending machines with nougat bars.
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, materials 🧱) #12790
  • Added unique sprites for many construct-able things made out of mauxite sheets, for that industrial warehouse look. Includes walls, floors, tables, and chairs. Go build stuff with it! Mind the rust.
DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, medical πŸ’Š) #12855
  • A genebooth info PDA program for Geneticists has been added.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Mob critters can now be flung by pulse rifles.

Monday, February 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

Piesuu updated: (game objects πŸ“¦) #12989
  • The HoP's headset no longer hints towards the HoP being capable of listening in on security communications.

Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • A new mechanics component that you can count on. It counts things. It's a counter. No more feedback-loop arithmatic chains!
DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”) #12791
  • Cogmap 1's Pathology Lab has been replaced by a wing containing a Psychiatrist's Office and Podbay.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Sliiiiiiightly tweaked the meteor shower event. Just a little. Fun for admins too.
BatElite updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #12978
  • Deconstructing roundstart walls no longer generates gaps in the station's atmosphere, so remodeling projects are more viable.
Lord_Earthfire updated: #12977
  • Blocking with a katana enables you to slice fruits thrown at you in midair!

Saturday, February 4th, 2023

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (rework πŸ”„, hydroponics 🌱) #12518
  • Reworked superior/inferior quality to work on most plant interaction scaling of potency, e.g. potato batteries & money trees. These gene strains now increase/reduce effective potency by 20%.

Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #12499
  • Prank your friends and/or enemies with a hilarious bucket-above-the-door prank! Just click a wooden door with a bucket to set it up. Don't forget to fill the bucket with glitter for some extra harmless fun!
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • February special - "Send Candy Heart" spacebux purchase. For a mere 2500 spacebux, you can send a random crewmember from the manifest a candy heart through QM. No guarantee the QMs will actually deliver it though.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Removed "Mail Order" spacebux purchase.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Minor Changes

Cheffie updated: (balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #12751
  • Halved the damage from cancel stuns and gives the vampire a bit more stamina back when it successfully cancels a stun. Cooldown increased to 4 seconds.

January 2023

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

Minor Changes

pali & Shiiba updated
  • Ghosts now have a button to observe objects. (Previously it was just a verb.)
DisturbHerb updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12489
  • Phones now have a TGUI interface.

Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #12853
  • Pilot personnel have found a way to reach Nadir - arrive this way at your own peril.
  • Nadir's artifact ejector is no longer biofiltered, for improved ejection reliability. Don't fall in.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #12853
  • Nadir's cargo market no longer restricts purchase of ship component fabricators

Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • toolboxes are now a little heavier.

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12721
  • Donut 2 is now equipped with an interdictor crate for all your spatial phenomena needs.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Josh now buys HoS boots for a decent price.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated
  • Thick blob membranes now properly displace fluids.

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

Amylizzle updated: (sprites 🎨) #12869
  • Oh no, that white hole connects to a nuclear reactor!
Tanker updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12805
  • Replaces the Pathology Lab on Kondaru with a Psychiatrist's Office. For the trauma caused by diseases.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • You can now clickdrag crates onto custom vending machines to load stuff from them en masse. Clicking on the machine with a satchel will now also work correctly.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #12728
  • Engine room cables are now brown, solar cabling is now all in a consistent yellow, and PTL cables are black across all maps.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

pali updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #12774
  • Light mode users will now have light mode applied to (most) TGUI windows too

Saturday, January 21st, 2023

Minor Changes

RubberRats updated: #12839
  • Rolled blunts inherit any size modifiers from the plant used to make them.
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12643
  • AI intercom override now uses the frequency of your second radio
DisturbHerb updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12619
  • Credit transfer devices have been reworked and TGUI-ified.

Friday, January 20th, 2023

pali & Leah updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, events 🌠) #12824
  • Added a new random event - the white hole. Which is like the other end of a black hole. So stuff is thrown out of it. Better build some barricades.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Going shambler or monkey mode as a changeling now removes pins.
tarmunora updated
  • Biblethump brain damage is now affected by head armor instead of blocked outright by helmets

Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Walpvrgis + Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, hydroponics 🌱) #12817
  • Added gardenias, hydrangeas, birds of paradise, and lavender as both growable botany plants and wearable head accessories
  • Also added lavender essence and lavender latte (lavender essence + milk + espresso) as reagents. Lavender essence, when applied via TOUCH, will apply the "fragrant" status effect to the user, with each unit increasing the status duration by 5 seconds.
Tanker updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #12487
  • Adds french toast. Simply combine bread, two eggs, and milk in the oven.

Minor Changes

Tanker updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #12487
  • Baguettes will now produce french bread slices when sliced.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Amylizzle. Spritework by Mr Moriarty & Hans updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12795
  • Reworked nuclear centrifuges. See minor changes for details.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • beakers/etc in chem dispensers count as closed containers. fluorosurfactant recipe uses carbon again instead of oil
Amylizzle. Spritework by Mr Moriarty & Hans updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12795
  • Centrifuges now accept multiple rods and nuclear waste items at once.
  • For each point of fissile isotopes material property, one plutonium bar is produced
  • Any remaining fissile isotopes are output as nuclear waste, which can be added back into the centrifuge when you have more fuel to process.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flock sentinels now chain to less targets by default, but more with sapper power.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockdrones now dodge a little slower.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flock compute nodes now provide 50 compute, down from 60.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockminds and traces now have a tracker hud element pointing to the relay while it is active.
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², player actions πŸ”¨) #12658
  • Leaving the afterlife bar now teleports you anywhere but the afterlife bar.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • Football mode now removes all traits. No more spawning blind/deaf/whatever.
Emily updated
  • Stationfinder RPG added to the tabletop gaming kits
DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, code quality πŸ”Ž, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, chemistry βš—, silicons πŸ€–) #11826
  • CheMaster3000 rework with TGUI.
Flourish updated (QoL πŸ’…)
  • Added a bunch more emotes - *squint, *scoff, *nodslowly, *starehands, *rubface, *rubtemples, *scratchhead, *jazzhands, *thumbsup, *pose, *rolleyes, *sideeye, *examine, and a very special and secret *jsay!

Minor Changes

DisturbHerb updated: (game objects πŸ“¦, mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”) #12783
  • The rollout of more advanced chessboards aboard NanoTrasen assets is now complete.
Cheffie updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, player actions πŸ”¨) #12717
  • The penalty for draining a corpse as a thrall now only applies if it's rotting.
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #12761
  • There are now unique sprites for joints rolled out of space credits.
DisturbHerb updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12784
  • Gaming machines now have 5 board game clocks available for purchase.

Monday, January 16th, 2023

Flourish updated (bug πŸͺ²)
  • Hitting Z / blocking on non-grab intent while on top of a chair will now buckle you in again. It was a bug that all intents made you climb the chair, so I've fixed it. I know this was a pretty longstanding bug, though, so let me know if you have feedback or want buckling to be help intent only.
Flourish updated (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…)
  • The cloning console now has an "in-progress" screen for when all connected pods are in use (i.e. currently cloning someone).
LeahTheTech updated
  • Vampiric thralls now have a HUD element to track their master.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated (QoL πŸ’…)
  • Injector belts and vapomatics can now only hold small sized items. This means they can no longer hold artbeakers.
  • Phones now record their last caller on their screen.
  • You can now compost organs with the compost tank.
  • When drinking something, bartenders can now discern both the reagents and how it tastes.
Sovexe updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12588
  • Rancher now spawns with a belt that can fit chicken carriers and fishing rods. Sprite by BatElite.

Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • Football mode is now 10 minutes long.
  • Football players have a team-colored outline.
  • New type of license to kill that adds a crappy visual indicator over your head. Now everyone will know who's valid.
pali & Shiiba updated
  • Ghosts now have a button to toggle seeing other ghosts and even themselves.

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11684
  • Flockdrones will now deal less damage when attacking with items and point-blank shoot instead of gun-grab.
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #12730
  • Adds a cleaning grenade manudrive to the janitor locker on Atlas

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

DisturbHerb + Grokberg updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, sound πŸ”Š, UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦, documentation πŸ“œ) #12390
  • The NanoTrasen Recreational Appropriations Committee has secured funding to upgrade the quality of crew entertainment in its stations. Chess boards and game clocks have been made available at gaming vendor machines, and a further rollout of the new equipment is anticipated in the near future.

Minor Changes

Buyrcsp2 updated: (bug πŸͺ², catering 🍝) #12731
  • Unopened cans of soda now can't be poured, unless popped open.
Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, science πŸ”¬) #12405
  • The quartermaster's office now contains a chemical request console, so you can ask chemistry for meth to sell!

Friday, January 13th, 2023

aloe updated
  • Rebalanced cloner defect numbers. You'll get less defects for the first few clonings, but are guaranteed to get some if you've been cloned a few times. You can no longer get major defects on the first cloning.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #12667
  • Nadir has received a nuclear engine and a mining department.
LeahTheTech updated
  • Flockdrones are now less resistant to burn damage (0.2 -> 0.4 damage multiplier), sentinels are slightly less powerful, and the relay cannot be cancelled.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12720
  • You can now use the gas analyser on the nuclear reactor and turbine.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #12667
  • The mining department is fairly small, and two miners are on staff. Their cherished reinforced exploratory pod lives in a hangar below surface.
  • Other things changed in Nadir include a larger Hydroponics Bay, a slightly wider Kitchen, several new random room spots, and a small Crime Conduit.

Thursday, January 12th, 2023

Tanker updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12678
  • Updates Atlas' Medbay. Medistan above all!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • ghosts can use the examine and point hotkeys to examine and point at humans without also observing them now.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

Zamujasa updated
  • Artifact analysis results will now tell you what you got incorrect (but not what the correct answer was).
Mr. Moriarty & LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, experimental 🧫, UI πŸ“„, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12463
  • The Syndicate have installed the Cairngorm with a new station map display and associated controller remote, in the hope that these investments will result in a higher mission success rate. See Minor Changelog for details.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12508
  • Cyborg docking stations are now easier to refill.
Cherman0 updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12688
  • Gave the CE more useful tools in their locker and PDA.
Mr. Moriarty & LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, experimental 🧫, UI πŸ“„, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12463
  • The Cairngorm station map will display, alongside the station, the location of the listening post, the two plant locations, all station warp beacons, and the position of the AI. The map controller may pan and zoom the map, and may place, delete, or toggle the visibility of the aforementioned map markers.
Tyrant updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12364
  • Unspaghetti'd the Cog2 TEG room cables.
Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, materials 🧱) #12609
  • Koshmarite becomes even spookier, as it is now a weak source of neutron radiation.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (feature πŸ†•) #12530
  • The botanical mister can be anchored into the ground by the use of a wrench or screwdriver.
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #12659
  • Adds a single cargo locker to Clarion
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12431
  • Flock statistics can now be found on a teal stained note in Sa.Le's flockship.
Binne Boi updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12103
  • Sounds synth components will now also output text above them when activated. Along with a robotic bweep.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12674
  • Flock sentinels will no longer target incapacitated enemies.

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², gamemodes πŸ§›) #12684
  • Flockdrones can now stun silicons again.

Sunday, January 8th, 2023

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12673
  • Flock incapacitors now take 3 hits to stun a human rather than 2.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated
  • Corpses stop farting miasma everywhere when they fully decompose.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #12479
  • More types of stones can now be broken with mining tools.

Saturday, January 7th, 2023

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12632
  • Resprited .38 FMJ, Stun, and AP speedloaders.

Friday, January 6th, 2023

Minor Changes

goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #12644
  • Ranch random room is no longer airless
Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #12598
  • Building external radiation shielding for the nuclear engine is now much more effective.

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Minor Changes

pali updated (bug πŸ›)
  • The custom emote and whisper popups now autofocus correctly when opened again
  • Tgui input popups no longer eat last few characters when typing quickly
Azrun updated: #12631
  • Generated planets may contain ore and be constructed on.

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023

glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, silicons πŸ€–) #12386
  • AIs can override an intercom to the AI intercom frequency by holding the Bolting key and clicking on it.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • killer tomato and buttbot plants have stricter yield limits
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, silicons πŸ€–) #12386
  • AI intercom override locks down the frequency for one minute and enables microphones and speakers.

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

tarmunora updated
  • Vampiric thralls burn in space and the chapel. Space/chapel burning drains blood from vampires and thralls
aloe updated
  • Zombie arms can now interact with items. Using an item with an empty hand takes an extra 1.5 second action.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12585
  • Flockdrone incapacitors now recharge at half speed while not on a flock tile.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Werewolves now have 100% cold protection. So much floof!

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

aloe updated
  • Vampiric thralls now have zombie arms instead of regular arms. This makes them a lot better at mauling people and smashing things, and a lot worse at everything else. The health debuff due to blood loss has also been made a bit less punishing.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Vampiric thralls lose blood at half speed on RP mode
BatElite updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12581
  • You can now clean up those mugs and shit that's been soaking into the desks for over a decade
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², gamemodes πŸ§›, game objects πŸ“¦) #12594
  • Flock gnesis turrets will now only shoot at targets they can hit, instead of trying to shoot through obstructions.

Sunday, January 1st, 2023

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12316
  • Flamethrowers now have a shiny new TGUI interface.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, UI πŸ“„, internal βš™) #12369
  • As a ghost, observing a mob will now auto-open TGUI windows as they view them. This behaviour can be toggled in the Ghost tab.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #12464
  • Radioactive floortiles now have a glow overlay, instead of an outline, to make them more obvious.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦)
  • Artifact large power cells no longer spawn activated. Take them to your local artifact scientist today!

December 2022

Saturday, December 31st, 2022

Shiiba updated: (sprites 🎨) #12582
  • Resprites the cannabis leaves! Happy toking.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, game objects πŸ“¦) #12470
  • Trees can now be felled using any sawing or chopping tools.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦) #12555
  • You can now configure the turbine for the nuclear engine at the turbine, without needing the control room computer.

Thursday, December 29th, 2022

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², UI πŸ“„) #12550
  • Slightly upped the radiation shielding on the nuclear engine.

Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

Amylizzle, Danger Noodle, WALPVRGIS, ZeWaka updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, FUCK ❗, UI πŸ“„, station systems πŸ’‘) #8767
  • Adds a nuclear fission engine which replaces the TEG on Clarion. Sprites by WALPVRGIS and ZeWaka, mapping by Danger Noodle.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle, Danger Noodle, WALPVRGIS, ZeWaka updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, FUCK ❗, UI πŸ“„, station systems πŸ’‘) #8767
  • Make reactor components out of mined and alloyed material: pizza control rods, ice heat exchangers, erebite fuel rods.
  • Feed gas into the reactor to cool it and use the heat to generate power in the turbine.
  • Mechcomp integration as standard!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12326
  • Spy-thief delivery teleportation should now work regardless of what you are clicking on (bags, tables etc.)

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12528
  • Nadir fixbatch 10: Kitchen item improvements, instrument piano in the nerd dungeon, and exterior beacon improvements.
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12326
  • Spy-thief area GPS now works again

Monday, December 26th, 2022

Minor Changes

Chatausours updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #12498
  • Signaler implants will no longer appear in surplus crates.

Sunday, December 25th, 2022

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Vortexes random event now plays a warning sound and has a delay before the vortexes sppear

Friday, December 23rd, 2022

Keiiro updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #12480
  • The chef & bartender spare clothing can now be found in a proper catering clothing vending machine around the bar, along with multiple other job related costumes.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

Conchuckter, sprites by NightmareChamillian updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, chemistry βš—) #9083
  • Adds a generator that can be powered by burning reagents.

Minor Changes

Sord updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Spooky critter summoning vortexes can now occur as a random event after 45 minutes on Classic and 60 minutes on RP
Sord updated (balance βš–)
  • Csaber has received a slight buff. Reduced stamina cost per swing.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #12471
  • Some critters were butcherable when they shouldn't have been. If you find a critter that isn't butcherable but should be, report it as a bug.

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

glowbold updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„, medical πŸ’Š) #12208
  • Operating Computers have been updated to the latest in health tracking systems.

Minor Changes

Blackrep updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12179
  • The Salvagers gotten their hands on some heavily armored space suits
Chatauscours updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #12461
  • New operating computers have been shipped to all operating rooms on NT stations.
glowbold updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„, medical πŸ’Š) #12208
  • Unless you have medical training, you must lay down or be unconscious to be tracked by operating computers.

Monday, December 19th, 2022

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #12398
  • Twirling soda cans with soda, tonic or soda water in it will now make it spray it's contents on the person who opens it. Prank colleagues today!
WALPVRGIS updated: (sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #10704
  • Added a bunch of new cloaks and scarves to randomized loot crates.

Sunday, December 18th, 2022

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #12446
  • Fixes seeds being able to be damaged by over 100%. Prepare to have your phlog infusions to fail more often!

Minor Changes

Tyrant updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, game objects πŸ“¦) #12366
  • The bridges in clarion, destiny, donut3 and atlas now have radio headset crates.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12278
  • The singularity will now react violently to being fed nuclear warheads.

Friday, December 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • cyborg expansion modules properly add exponential power drain, recharge packs restore 15k cell power

Thursday, December 15th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • glass tables chain-react when broken

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

aloe updated
  • Clicking on an item someone has equipped in the human inventory menu (the one where you strip people/put items on them) while holding an item now clicks that equipped item with your held one. Paint people's clothes! Stuff grenades in people's backpacks! Melt people's shoes!
  • This WILL have jank, and I'll revert it if the jank becomes too much to handle.
Sord updated (balance βš–)
  • Going into Critical Condition now grants a large negative debuff to stamina and stamina regen. Once you leave crit you will receive a smaller "Recent Trauma" debuff.
  • Recent Trauma can be reduced by having painkillers (salicylic acid, morphine) in your system.
Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, experimental 🧫, sound πŸ”Š, player actions πŸ”¨) #12394
  • Arcfiend now deals less direct stamina damage but has knock backs to take advantage of various environmental hazards, see minor changes section for full details.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • genetic stability starts at 100%
Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, experimental 🧫, sound πŸ”Š, player actions πŸ”¨) #12394
  • Arc Flash - cooldown reduced 15 > 12
  • Flash - now has a 0.75 second charge up before it applies knock back to all foes within 3 tiles, pushing them out to a distance 7 tiles away. Direct stamina damage from elecflash reduced 63 > 47
  • Discharge - knocks back the target back 4 tiles. Direct stamina damage reduced 130 > 115. Half (15) of direct burn damage is now always applied even to targets with electrical immunity. Cyborg targets now randomly receive 30 damage to either a random limb or distributed across their various parts
  • Ride the Lightning - reduced cost per step 3 > 2

Sunday, December 11th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, game objects πŸ“¦) #12380
  • Added a new 1TC traitor purchase: the signaler implant, which sends configurable signals on emote triggers.
Roddy, Meow Meow, DisturbHerb updated: (sprites 🎨, catering 🍝) #11135
  • Adds churros to the game. Combine a dough strip and sugar in the oven for 7 seconds, on high. Dip one into your favorite soup based items!
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #12172
  • Spatial interdictors may now be constructed with alternate control boards that grant them new functionality, such as wireless cyborg recharge. Their efficacy against mass radiation events has also dramatically increased.
glowbold updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #12356
  • Omnitools auto-swap to the needed tool when using the deconstruction tool context menu.

Minor Changes

Cheffie updated: (QoL πŸ’…, atmospherics πŸ’¨) #12325
  • You can now see the volume of various atmospherics objects by examining them for portable objects or with the atmospherics scanner for pipes.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • humans that are not in crit are slighly more resistant to gibbing from explosions
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #12307
  • Nadir's breach hull now includes four auxiliary compartments.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, player actions πŸ”¨) #12218
  • Wraiths can now toggle their ghost chat with the "toggle_deadchat" ability.
Bartimeus973 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, AI πŸ“‘) #12024
  • Cats are now mobs! Try and see if jones can defeat the captain in a drinking contest!
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12235
  • Coagulated gnesis gib chance now scales with volume.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #12317
  • Stunned people can now be shoved up/down ladders using grabs (previously only people capable of climbing ladders could be shoved down them).

Saturday, December 10th, 2022

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, gamemodes πŸ§›, player actions πŸ”¨) #12222
  • Plaguerats now have an ability to move through disposal pipes.
glowbold updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, game objectsπŸ“¦) #12355
  • You can throw items from certain rideables, like segways and skateboards.

Friday, December 9th, 2022

Minor Changes

Sord updated (balance βš–)
  • Containment fields now stun you for significantly less time.
Munien updated: (feature πŸ†•, clothing 🎩) #12311
  • Added a few extra items to hacked medical clothing vendors for other medical occupations.

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • emagged segways no longer inexplicably safer than normal ones.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Flaborized updated πŸ’Ž
  • New artifact sprites and some tweaking of their visuals!
tarmunora updated
  • Vampire enthrall has a scaling cost based on number of living thralls.

Minor Changes

Sord updated (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…)
  • Donut 2's Engineering Department has received a new coat of paint.
tarmunora updated
  • Vending machines deal stamina damage instead of auto-stun when falling.

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022

Minor Changes

Virvatuli updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #12310
  • Expanded Donut 3's medbooth to be consistent with other maps, no more free defib
Zaniff updated: (sprites 🎨) #12302
  • Resprited the pod secondary systems.

Monday, December 5th, 2022

Stonepillar updated: (performance πŸš„, tooling πŸ”§, experimental 🧫, AI πŸ“‘, internal βš™, documentation πŸ“œ) #11902
  • Made pathfinding go faster, so that flock doesn't melt the server. This changed some important parts of the game, please report any new weirdness with critters or any movement related bugs!
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11796
  • Added an interactive Flock tutorial, so you have a chance at learning what at least half the buttons do before playing.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12270
  • Flockdrone egg cost now scales with the number of active flockdrones.

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

Cheffie updated: (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #12136
  • Omnitools now use a Context Actions menu.
tarmunora updated
  • Wizards now have magic hands, which do not like certain technology. Good thing they packed their EMP-resistant headsets!

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, clothing 🎩) #12252
  • Freshly laundered clothing stays warm for a bit after coming out of the WashMan.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12271
  • Fake guns that pop out a flag when fired can now be reused.

Friday, December 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • AI law captcha returns.

Thursday, December 1st, 2022

pali updated πŸŽ„
  • Ho ho ho, Spacemas is here. Be sure to click the Spacemas tree and make your own Spacemas tree ornament!

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • The Chief Engineer's belt has been modernized to use the new energy shield mechanic.

November 2022

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

Minor Changes

Mora updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨) #12228
  • Added a alternative blue labcoat for the medical director via alternate outfit spacebux purchase, check it out in the PR or in game!
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #12171
  • Mining cyborgs now get mesons instead of a jetpack on ocean maps.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

aloe updated
  • The bartender now has a couple boxes of straws in their booze vendor. Click things to slurp out of them, real simple.
MitchSmith updated: (sprites 🎨) #12223
  • Credits now use the new βͺ½ symbol in their design.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, game objects πŸ“¦) #12209
  • The syndicate cyborg conversion chamber is now slightly more resistant to explosions.
Azrun updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, UI πŸ“„, status effects ⏰, mutantraces πŸ‘½, catering 🍝) #10479
  • Aquatic Genetics gives immunity to Kuru and minor food buff when eating brains.

Monday, November 28th, 2022

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12192
  • Nadir fixbatch 9: relocated a cyborg dock prone to accidentally blowing up Robotics, reinforced some high-value external windows.
TDHooligan updated: (rework πŸ”„, chemistry βš—) #12205
  • Medibots now use Potassium Iodide as their tox treatment.

Saturday, November 26th, 2022

aloe updated
  • NanoTrasen forgot to order new cloners, and the ones they have right now are kind of janky. Expect more mistakes and aberrations. Would recommend health/genetic analyzing people after they're cloned to make sure they're good to go.
  • Each big NanoMed has one genetic analyzer.
Cherman0 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #11885
  • Various QoL changes to Donut3 Mining and Cargo areas. They should be noticeably less cramped.

Friday, November 25th, 2022

glowbold updated: (balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #12159
  • Cryogenic healing pods use power, with an increased rate while on and occupied.

Minor Changes

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #12019
  • Ghost respawn events now show what antagonist you would be respawning as
glowbold updated: (balance βš–, station systems πŸ’‘) #12104
  • Nanotrasen now calculates station profitability based on the station stipend; use the bank records computer to track your progress in-round.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #12146
  • Kondaru news office's attached bathroom has been expanded, now featuring nicer toilet stalls and a shower room. Did a pass over camera coverage as well.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (balance βš–) #12133
  • Splices with peanutbutter sandwhich-plants grant the bread-reagent and splices with free-range eggplants now grant the egg-reagent
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #12080
  • White handkerchiefs can now be printed at hacked clothing manufacturers. You can color the handkerchiefs with paint.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #11890
  • Connected Oshan's mech lab with engineering eva storage.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, secret πŸ”’, status effects ⏰) #11771
  • Adds the ability for a number of critters to traverse disposals.
Bartimeus973 updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, player actions πŸ”¨) #12163
  • Wraiths can no longer summon creatures if there is something in the way.
aloe updated
  • Cigarettes and welding tools now produce a bit of light while on. Bug me if there's anything else that doesn't produce light and you think should!

Thursday, November 24th, 2022

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, quality of life πŸ’…) #11793
  • The armouries of all in-rotation maps have been standardised as to contain the same essential equipment. Some armouries still retain additional non-essential equipment to vary them from others.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12079
  • Adds face-covering bandanas to the game! Use a handkerchief in hand to do your best bandit impression!
Conchuckter updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #11923
  • Manufacturers are now packet integrated, become a nerd today!

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11793
  • Standardised the Donut2 Armoury, and added a perimeter defence.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11084
  • Removed organ damage from the battle royale gamemode.
Roddy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, internal βš™) #12055
  • Nanotrasen has begun hiring from a wider pool of employees. Adds in around 500 new random names.
Wivernshy updated: #11352
  • Plush toy vocabulary has been improved!
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #12109
  • You can now examine a cell charger to see how full the cell is.
glowbold updated: (balance βš–, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦) #12137
  • Freezers now use power based on how many degrees they shift the gas inside.
LeahTheTech updated: (gamemodes πŸ§›, player actions πŸ”¨, silicons πŸ€–) #12131
  • Silicons now hear a lot less flock system messages.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, station systems πŸ’‘) #11689
  • Quartermasters on Nadir can now consult their pocket guide for basic transception array guidance. A more in-depth book is available in the array control room.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11954
  • Handwashing update for RP: Washing your hands now automatically loops, and is more effective for medical or culinary personnel, but cannot raise your hygiene if it has fallen below half.
aloe updated
  • String highlighting no longer strips spaces, and now works properly with regex. For example, "(?:\W|^)ai(?:\W|$)" will highlight 'ai' in "ai help" "help ai" and "this ai sucks", without highlighting "hairy" or "aint".
ZeWaka updated: (bug πŸͺ², performance πŸš„, tooling πŸ”§, code quality πŸ”Ž, rework πŸ”„, FUCK ❗, UI πŸ“„, documentation πŸ“œ) #10388
  • Changed our internal UI systems quite a bit. Remember to report bugs via the button on the top right!
Cheffie updated: (sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…) #12051
  • The security RecordTrak now uses a context actions menu.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Armory authorization now plays robotic voiceover saying "ARMORY AUTHORIZED". TEG at high power levels says "WARNING" once a few minutes in the same voice. Let me know if this is neat or sucks on Discord / forums (and suggest other places where this could be appropriate if you like it).
Cheffie updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #12132
  • Changes how the ExperimentalCircle context layout is created to be more intuitive. Changes current items that use this layout to roughly match how they were before in terms of layout.
glowbold updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #12063
  • Donut3's shield generator now properly protects the CE's aquarium c:
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨) #12052
  • Scuttlebots can now birdwell and will beep when they flip.

Monday, November 21st, 2022

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #11729
  • The Harmonic Siphon's extraction over-charge threshold has been made more inate guidtuitive, and the Resonance Calibration Database has been updated with more in-depth and up-to-dance on Siphon operation.
Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, catering 🍝) #11929
  • Changed how food is sliced. That means melons aren't inert anymore while being sliced and more wedges/slices now keep the name of the spliced produce.
tarmunora updated
  • powered mining tools have a short delay before they can be repowered after powering down, and a longer one if they completely ran out of charge

Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, station systems πŸ’‘) #11878
  • Nadir's transception array has been overhauled. It's now equipped with an internal capacitor capable of drawing down excess grid power at a configurable rate, and improved on-device indication of system status.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, UI πŸ“„, chemistry βš—) #12072
  • Air scrubbers now store the airborne reagents they collect.

Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, clothing 🎩) #11331
  • Janitors now start with a janny pack which contains some custodial supplies.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11836
  • AI station minimaps will now display the location of all AI cores and AI eyes.
Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, clothing 🎩) #11331
  • They also start with a mop in their hand now.
Caio029 updated: #11977
  • Floor health scanners and health status screens are now mech-scannable. You can switch their IDs to work together with a multi-tool!
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #12006
  • Gunbots will now be pushed backwards by firing their guns in space.
Zonespace updated: (bug πŸͺ², gamemodes πŸ§›) #12031
  • You can no longer access Syndicate Intelligence via VR uplinks

Friday, November 18th, 2022

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, UI πŸ“„) #12000
  • Mostly RP-focused change: You can now fill out "Syndicate Intelligence" in character setup, which is visible to antagonists.
  • Exploitable information is intended to be things such as character weaknesses or blackmail material, try to lean into it, should you fill it out!
  • Antagonists can find this at the bottom of their uplink traitor item list.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11760
  • Flockminds and traces can now designate people as ignored, preventing them from being automatically marked as enemy for damaging the Flock.
Bartimeus973 updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #11876
  • Wraith-summoned critters recieved some changes! Details in minor notes.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (QoL πŸ’…, clothing 🎩) #12022
  • Black lawyer suits are now available in the security clothing vendor.
DrWolfy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, chemistry βš—, silicons πŸ€–) #11501
  • Cyborgs can now use their beakers in the reagent extractor.
Bartimeus973 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, AI πŸ“‘) #11577
  • Turns all mouse into mobs. Go hug Remy today!
Bartimeus973 updated: (bug πŸͺ², sprites 🎨, balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #11876
  • Skeleton commanders do slightly more damage and have a bit more stamina. Voidhounds heal in the dark and when cloaked. Tentacle fiends stun longer and have a new ability to escape.
  • Plaguerat dens now heal more at a reduced range. Plague rats can no longer summon more plague rats. Plague rat summon ability now costs points and has a shorter cooldown. Rats get a bit more health to compensate!
Bartimeus973 updated: (mappping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„, AI πŸ“‘) #11537
  • Roaches are now mob critters.

Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Minor Changes

goonstation-enjoyer updated: (feature πŸ†•, silicons πŸ€–) #11860
  • Mining cyborgs now get Cargo alerts.
Lizzy updated: (bug πŸͺ², chemistry βš—) #11854
  • Fix mutini sometimes removing abilities you already have or your mutantrace
pali updated
  • Skeleton limbs damage for vestigal ballistics has been lowered because they can reuse this ability really easily
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, removal β›”) #11940
  • Nadir fixbatch 8 - including public tool storage, coffee creamer, notice boards and bio suits.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², station systems πŸ’‘) #11986
  • Increased connection range of Nadir's transception pads and interlink computers to 100 tiles, from 20; player-constructed pads should now consistently be operable from QM's interlink computers.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š, chemistry βš—) #10758
  • You now bleed blood and reagents at the ratio to which you have them on your body. It's also now scaled by how much you are bleeding.
goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11973
  • Fixes guardbuddies patrolling on Kondaru

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž, UI πŸ“„, catering 🍝) #11941
  • Pizza vendors now work again and have a new TGUI interface.

Minor Changes

DrWolfy updated: (rework πŸ”„, atmospherics πŸ’¨, game objects πŸ“¦, chemistry βš—) #11111
  • Reagent and atmospheric analyzers report temperature in Kelvin.
pali updated
  • The APC pinpointer now has a "current room" option.

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • adjust bilk depletion, overdose

Sunday, November 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

NightmarechaMillian updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11683
  • Fueltanks, when they blow up, will now have a sprite change. Blown up fueltanks also count as open containers.
MarkNstein updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11943
  • Kondaru: added rancher & normal cameras to rancher area.

Saturday, November 12th, 2022

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, experimental 🧫, game modes πŸ§›) #11915
  • As flockmind/flocktrace, you can now double-click a drone to take control of it

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

Bartimeus973 updated: (balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨) #11880
  • Plaguebringer's curse of death can now be cancelled by holy water or a chaplain's bible beatings, like other curses. Trickster's creeping dread is faster.
LeahTheTech updated: (rework πŸ”„, UI πŸ“„, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11654
  • Greatly simplified Flockdrone manual control. Drones now infer orders from the target given.

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #11849
  • Minor Donut 2 changes: Beepsky is no longer homeless, notably.
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, atmospherics πŸ’¨) #11755
  • Adds nuclear fallout gas. Don't breathe the glowy green stuff.
Waffleloffle & Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, admin 🚨) #11804
  • Adds Iguanas! Maybe you'll see one in a tree!
Kubius updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦, events 🌠) #11870
  • Spatial interdictors can now protect most devices from ion storms if the affected device is within interdiction range. Law racks are an exception, due to the sensitive nature of involved components.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

Roddy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, medical πŸ’Š) #11785
  • Updated Wrestlemap's medbay.

Minor Changes

Mora updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11823
  • Adds Security clothing vendor to clarion
tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Added new 40mm door-breaching flashbang rounds to the armory.
Lizzy updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨) #11856
  • Made ctrl+click on dragging object stop dragging the object.

Monday, November 7th, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11513
  • Spatial interdictors are now quicker to assemble, require fewer secondary assembly steps and consume much fewer materials.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11766
  • A wrecked vessel has been located southeast of the Nadir Extraction Site. Personnel are advised to approach with caution.

Minor Changes

goonstation-enjoyer updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #11862
  • You can now rotate Trip Lasers with a crowbar again.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11513
  • Spatial interdictor mainboards are now part of the kit created at manufacturers, and no longer need to be separately scanned and reproduced.
thegrb93 updated: (bug πŸͺ², catering 🍝) #11514
  • Terrible food that gives you food poisoning no longer fills hunger

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, medal πŸ…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11509
  • Added medals for Arcfiend and Spy Thief!

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11722
  • Added a new mechanics component that lets device frames move around. You can read about it in the ingame mechanics book.
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, medal πŸ…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11664
  • Added a medal for Flock, unlocked by transmitting the Signal!
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², rework πŸ”„, game objects πŸ“¦) #11806
  • Station forcefields that aren't solid to objects should now be transparent to clicks.

Friday, November 4th, 2022

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated: (secret πŸ”’, balacne βš–, rework πŸ”„) #262
  • Changed misc gun balance
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, code quality πŸ”Ž, game objects πŸ“¦, station systems πŸ’‘) #11668
  • Conveyors can now turn corners. Thanks to Arthur Holiday for helping me with the bendy conveyor sprites!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11350
  • Floorbots now have color based on the toolbox used and use only one floor tile to be created.
RSG250 updated: (balance βš–, events 🌠) #11653
  • Certain Major Random Events are now able to appear earlier in a round in Classic

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • Fally and Holly Dolly
tarmunora updated
  • If you have an antag-ineligible role as favourite, you will not roll captain/HoP/detective on antag rounds.
Bartimeus973 updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #11723
  • Wraiths now inherit point regen rate and corpse counts when they evolve.
DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11350
  • Players can now put floor tiles inside toolboxes, as long as the toolbox is not empty.
  • Floorbots in the first stage of construction can now be deconstructed with an empty hand. The floor tile will be lost.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, medal πŸ…, admin 🚨) #11753
  • If you manage to make our code error-out you now get a medal, you monster.
Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–, medical πŸ’Š) #11767
  • Too much burn damage to a limb can now incinerate that limb.
Kubius updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, chemistry βš—) #11706
  • Changelings' biology has adapted to the unique variety of acid surrounding Nadir. Be watchful.

Minor Changes

Bartimeus updated: (feature πŸ†•, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11065
  • A manifested wraith/poltergeist cannot be immediately re-manifested after a spirit candle was used on them anymore.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

Minor Changes

Lord_Earthfire updated: (bug πŸͺ²) #11754
  • fixes carrot splices having no occuline or carrot juice
Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #11646
  • Emergency suits' Nadir acid survival time has been doubled from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. As before, they are guaranteed for Nadir personnel.

October 2022

Monday, October 31st, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11614
  • Kondaru's engine is now atmospherically gapped from the station, connected by two airbridges and a conveyor belt. This should result in significantly fewer instances of adjacent departments being barbequed by ambitious TEG setups.

Sunday, October 30th, 2022

KolisDumb, DeadMan164 updated: (sprites 🎨) #11727
  • Added the tall chef hat to the game - a chef job reward available at chef level 2.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #11701
  • Filling bowls of soup on trays, including kitchen islands, should no longer detach the bowl from the tray.

Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Ikea updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, sound πŸ”Š, atmospherics πŸ’¨) #11260
  • Molitz crystals now come with unique examination text relating to how much gas is left inside of them
pali updated: #8395
  • Credits symbol has been changed from $ to βͺ½
Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #11095
  • Added stinging nettle to the list of plants botany can make! (More info in minor changes)

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #11095
  • Stinging nettle will periodically inject anyone close with histamine and the chemicals spliced with it, similar to rafflesia but without the smoke.
  • Stinging nettle can be circumvented by wearing chemical protection, and the frequency of injecting people depends on it's endurance, while the amount of chemicals varies upon potency.
  • Leaf sprite provided by Clover.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11642
  • Nadir's listening post has been overhauled and reflavored. It has moved to the southwest of its predecessor.
DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…) #11666
  • Hyposprays and menders can now refill from reagent dispensers (foamtanks, welding tanks, etc)
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11578
  • Substantially increased the extraction rate of Nadir's Harmonic Siphon and removed the cap of one yield per machine tick. Most mineral targets extract two to three times faster; energetic materials received a smaller buff, while gold received a larger one.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11665
  • Overhauled Nadir's kitchen to significantly improve workflow for Chefs.
lofijuno updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, clothing 🎩) #11507
  • Added a western dress costume to the clothing booth.
Shiiba updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11499
  • New sprite for Genetics PDA cartridge.

Friday, October 28th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11388
  • Reworked the Flockmind heal ability to be an AOE.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #11643
  • You can now make flippers for 5 rubber. Uniform manufacturers always have the ability to make them, and underwater maps also allow making them at general manufacturers and mining fabricators.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, player actions πŸ”¨) #11599
  • Flipping coins has been made more dramatic.
Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #11600
  • Pies can now be sliced!
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, gamemodes πŸ§›, chemistry βš—) #11613
  • LSD hallucinations are now a little more realistic.

Thursday, October 27th, 2022

aloe updated
  • Security's contraband locker now contains a box of 10 stickers which can be applied to an item to change that item's contraband value. The stickers can be adjusted from 0 to 10 contraband.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, catering 🍝) #11621
  • Putting ice in a deep fryer will now cause... predictable results.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨, science πŸ”¬) #11598
  • Resprited long range teleporter.
pali updated: (QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #11616
  • Vendor UI is now more compact

Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11551
  • Mining fabricators are now capable of manufacturing dive suits while on an underwater map.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11564
  • Fifth fixbatch for Nadir, prominently including a third Janitor slot, removal of a nonstandard Security slot, and inner maintenance camera coverage adjustment. The Research hall is no longer radstorm immune.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (balance βš–, chemistry βš—) #11608
  • Aqua tenebrae, Nadir's sea acid, will no longer vaporize your loose items if somebody smokes it.
ZWRh3 updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11605
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed flashes to stun at twice the intended speed.
TDHooligan updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦, catering 🍝) #11607
  • X Cakes and similar recipes will now more closely match the color of their ingredients, rather than being bright red.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #11553
  • Mechanics storage has been modified on cog1 to now be merged with the engineering power room.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Gave the brobocop module a foam dart gun. It fires biodegradable bullets synthesized from the borg's battery.
Waffleloffle & amylizzle updated: (sprites 🎨) #11585
  • Added a capybara to the game.

Monday, October 24th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Thermal printers now have a limited stock of paper that slowly replenishes.
Sord updated
  • Jobs with clothing vendors now have less clothing in their secure lockers.
  • This will be the standard going forward for any jobs that receive clothing vendors.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11482
  • Added two new trench prefabs to explore, a Martian remnant for all underwater maps and a Nadir-exclusive piece of history.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11412
  • Standardised the Atlas Armoury.
DrWolfy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #11332
  • Engineering cyborgs now have an APC pinpointer to find APCs.
DrWolfy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #11345
  • Add a light switch to Kondaru HoP quarters.
DrWolfy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, science πŸ”¬) #11361
  • Added science fabricator to Atlas science.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Flourish updated
  • RP servers only - motives now have an individual 1/5 chance of starting at a random value between 50-100.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–, experimental 🧫, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11015
  • 27-30 minutes into a rev round everyone recieves a tracker for revheads/heads on their pda.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • Motive warning messages now only happen when you're below 50 (previously 75). Their frequency has also been reduced.
Bartimeus973 updated: (sprites 🎨, code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #11550
  • Being forcefully summoned as a wraith is more obvious. You can now use abilities while summoning things as a wraith. Harbinger portal visibility improved.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, code quality πŸ”Ž, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11448
  • Audio logs now display maptext. This is accompanied by some internal code changes; please report any bugs that you may encounter.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11541
  • Widened Nadir by two tiles to improve foot traffic flow in secondary hallways.
Momoberry updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #10909
  • Wraiths blood writing no longer has a cooldown and costs 2 points, instead of 10.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • There is a new Engineering clothing vendor, found in most Eng storage rooms or common areas.
pali updated
  • Radio station sound playing cooldowns are now shared so you can't interrupt music with an ad etc.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸͺ², feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #11475
  • Third batch of Nadir improvements, including a new tour guide, Janitor gear adjustments, and catalytic generator support in the Power Checker PDA program.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11476
  • You can now record sentences in audiologs if it is in your hand/pocket and talk into a microphone is someone is holding it close to you.

Friday, October 21st, 2022

Ikea updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, station systems πŸ’‘) #11374
  • The Mechanic job and their traitor items have been merged into the Engineer job, and the Engineer job has been upped to 8 slots. The contents of the mechanics locker remains the same.

Minor Changes

MetricDuck updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, catering 🍝) #11506
  • Pizza slices sharpened with the syndicate pizza cutter can no longer be caught mid-throw.
Shiiba updated: (rework πŸ”„, hydroponics 🌱) #11466
  • Moves bean, corn, peas and soybean to the vegetable category and cucumber to the fruit category in the seed fabricator.

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Minor Changes

DrWolfy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11431
  • You can now see the destination set when examining or using a cargo transporter.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7730
  • Added a new map, the Nadir Extraction Site. Located on the caustic planet of Magus, Nadir is nestled deep within an acid sea to escape the corrosive sleetstorms that ravage its surface.
  • The Site was constructed over a vast deposit of Miraclium, and its unique circumstances necessitate prototype machinery; extract and transmute Miraclium with the cutting-edge Harmonic Siphon, harness the acid's unique properties for power with catalytic generators, and "safely" transport goods on- and off-site with the Transception Array.
  • Thank you to the community testers who tried the map in early test sessions, and the devs who adopted it for the iteration to come. This was kind of a wacky idea, and I'm amazed that it has come to fruition.
Caro updated
  • Removes Destiny from the map rotation.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (QoL πŸ’…, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11441
  • Coagulated gnesis tinting now wears off after 3 minutes.
Caro updated
  • Adjusted player caps for Nadir and Clarion, max player cap is now 60.
Shiiba updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11414
  • Ghost Busters now have their own headset and radio icon

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #11418
  • Firing a kinetic gun in space now pushes you backwards.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #11362
  • Oshan's refinery now includes an unstocked general manufacturer.
DrWolfy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, science πŸ”¬) #11337
  • Added a science fabricator to Oshan's research and two cargo transporters and a recharger to Oshan's artifact lab.
DrWolfy updated: (silicons πŸ€–) #11433
  • Adds a hand labeler to chemistry cyborgs.

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Ikea updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11383
  • The price of manufacturing RCD cartridges has been reduced
Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, game objects πŸ“¦) #11359
  • Added the Veritate PDW to nuke ops Field Medic class crates.

Minor Changes

DrWolfy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #11309
  • Enables drag and drop QoL feature to glass recycler for silicon usage.
Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #11400
  • Added a syndicate backpack (regular 7-slots) to the listening post gear closet so you get to ditch your old grey backpack and look extra evil.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, station systems πŸ’‘) #11391
  • Ion storms can now cause PDA alert systems to malfunction.
What/SgtManGuy updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #10254
  • Updated most vending machine sprites with directionals.
tarmunora updated: (code quality πŸ”Ž, balance βš–, player actions πŸ”¨, internal βš™) #11406
  • Hulk/etc no longer stack with bear/etc arms, bladed gloves, etc
  • Can no longer kick with a bear/etc arm, bladed gloves, etc

Sunday, October 16th, 2022

Sord updated
  • Most standard shuttle interior doors are now not hackable, boltable, or weldable. We'll see if this stays.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #9724
  • Added a new traitor item for mimes: a poisoned rose.

Minor Changes

Glamurio (Ryou) updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #11386
  • Added three new random rooms, a 5x3 and two 3x3s.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11377
  • Turned down the misstep applied by Flockmind radio stun ability.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #9724
  • The poisoned rose temporarily mutes anyone who smells it and adds a small amount of capulettium to their system.

Friday, October 14th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, silicons πŸ€–) #11189
  • The Cybernetic hypospray now uses a shiny new context action menu.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • The Discount Superhero has had their job title changed, and their gear is now contraband to reflect they're not on the side of security, only JUSTICE!
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, catering 🍝) #11317
  • Zongzi can now be made with a bamboo shoot, rice ball, and any meat. Yum!

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•) #11318
  • Coconuts and pumpkins now keep their reagents when made into drinks.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, chemistry βš—) #11330
  • Added basic chemicals to the chemical request console.
DrWolfy updated: (QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #11344
  • Remove fabricator range limit for cyborgs.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Skeletonman0 updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11039
  • New breakthroughs allow multiple mining magnets to operate at the same time. Please report any bugs you find

Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

Minor Changes

Ryou updated: (bug πŸͺ², code quality πŸ”Ž) #11308
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Kleptomaniacs to pick up items while lying down.
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11300
  • Robotics consoles on Kondaru and Donut 2 have had their safety screws removed due to budget cuts.
Ryou updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11297
  • Added espresso machine and cups to the bar in Oshan Laboratory.
Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„) #9963
  • New UI for the material sheet's in-hand construction menu.

Monday, October 10th, 2022

DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, silicons πŸ€–, catering 🍝) #11266
  • Add some features to the espresso machine and given it a TGUI.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•) #11229
  • Most tree mutations now require reagent infusions.

Minor Changes

DrWolfy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, QoL πŸ’…, UI πŸ“„, silicons πŸ€–, catering 🍝) #11266
  • Two cups can be put in the espresso machine and filled at the same time.
  • The espresso cups can now be dragged into the machine for silicon usage.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11285
  • Expanded and standardised the Destiny Armoury.
Zelda4040404 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #11201
  • Added a new space prefab, an adrift cargo router.

Sunday, October 9th, 2022

aloe updated
  • You can now use the 'analyze' button on the ChemMaster to view the recipes of (non-secret) reagents.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11031
  • Flock are now capped at 75 flockdrones per flock.

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11277
  • Standardised the Oshan Armoury.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11192
  • Standardised the Cogmap2 Armoury.

Saturday, October 8th, 2022

Flourish updated
  • The Remy, bumblespider, and crow Spooktober jobs are now restricted to mentors only. Please ahelp if you see people still being griefy.

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: (feature πŸ†•, game objects πŸ“¦) #11231
  • Pods now require some plasma in the fuel tank in order for the engine to run.
112358sam updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11258
  • Made changes to the Donut 2 mail system to allow the station and Zeta to send mail to any room on the other
Bartimeus updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11195
  • Trickster wraiths now have access to a slippery trap.
Waffleloffle updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #11233
  • Renamed the red space suit to the syndicate space suit.
ZeWaka updated: (bug πŸͺ², station systems πŸ’‘) #11223
  • Quick-loading from crates into furnaces has been fixed.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, silicons πŸ€–) #11197
  • Cyborgs can now rename themselves in docking stations.

Friday, October 7th, 2022

Azrun updated: (balance βš–, experimental 🧫, UI πŸ“„, medical πŸ’Š, chemistry βš—, science πŸ”¬) #10536
  • Chem groups have been reworked to be recordings of actions performed.
Flourish updated
  • The Remy, bumblespider, and crow Spooktober jobs are now available for anyone who has played over 50 rounds. If people are consistently griefy they'll get removed.
Ikea updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #10898
  • Medical doctors, directors and specialists now come with a belt filled with automenders, one empty hypospray, a health analyzer and a defib.

Minor Changes

Bartimeus updated: (feature πŸ†•, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11063
  • The harbinger wraith's summons now see in the dark and so does the trickster wraith.
Sord updated
  • Med and Sec clothing vendors now sell PDAs and headsets for those departments. They also have shoes for free.
DrWolfy updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11218
  • Disable roundstart AI Control in Donut2 and Oshan armory doors.

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Minor Changes

ZWRh3 updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #11076
  • The main ring on wrestlemap is no longer damageable (mostly).

Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Roddy, Meow Meow updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, hydroponics 🌱) #11108
  • Adds a new pumpkin spice latte mutation to the pumpkin. Infuse capsaicin to see it in action, and use a spoon on the finished product for a cute, drinkable pumpkin version.

Minor Changes

Ikea & Mr. Moriarty updated: (sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11088
  • Resprited pulse rifles and pulse rifle racks.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #10990
  • Cyborgs now drop their clothing on death.
ithebinman updated: (feature πŸ†•, sound πŸ”Š, game objects πŸ“¦) #11075
  • Replaced and added piano samples with new A0 to C8 keys so that a full high quality 88 key range is possible!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, game objects πŸ“¦) #11093
  • The botanist traitor exclusive hotbox lighter now burns 5 times hotter than a normal zippo in addition to it's normal effect of improved hotboxing.

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², UI πŸ“„, game objects πŸ“¦) #10296
  • TGUI'd the Plantmaster. Now with multi-agent infusion!
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11157
  • Disaster round wraiths can now evolve without having to absorb any corpses.
LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11090
  • Mixed "major threat" antagonists (Blob, Flock and Wraith) are now twice as common and replace fewer normal antagonists.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, code quality πŸ”Ž, game objects πŸ“¦, AI πŸ“‘, bug βš™) #11129)
  • Sticks-to-snakes spell snakes are mobs now. You can set them on fire and poison them.
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11157
  • Flockdrone corpses no longer block 100% of shots

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

Sord updated (bug βš™)
  • Mineral magnetizer device on mining z-level spawns loaded with plasmastone again
callaghanrs updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, game objects πŸ“¦) #11116
  • The coachgun can now be gilded with the appropriate medal.
tarmunora updated
  • Drinking glasses shatter when thrown, but reagent contents are not preserved.
Herbert updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, QoL πŸ’…) #11038
  • The botanical mister has been added to maps previously missing it. Hooray!
Grokberg updated: (sound πŸ”Š) #11079
  • Updates the fiddle with the new interface and new sounds.

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦, silicons πŸ€–) #10992
  • Silicons can now use space GPSs
Zglowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, game objects πŸ“¦) #10907
  • Destiny and Clarion's airbridges now extend, pressurize, and retract automatically for traders
FlameArrow57 and DimWhat updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, science πŸ”¬) #9043
  • Added an artifact limb variant to the surgery machine artifact, with six types of artifact limbs!

Minor Changes

DrWolfy updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11120
  • Add maintenance access to Cogmap1 North-East maintenance doors.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #10805
  • The mining magnet can rarely pull in a chunk of rock from the depths of Abzu.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, game objects πŸ“¦) #10907
  • Cogmap2's trader docks now light up when traders are set to arrive and depart
Sord updated (bug βš™)
  • The Security and Medical job clothing vendors can now be accessed by anyone who has access to those departments.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸͺ², balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›, game objects πŸ“¦) #11071
  • Substantially buffed the Flock's Gnesis Turret.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–, gamemodes πŸ§›) #11101
  • Removed vuvuzela gun from the battle royale gamemode.

September 2022

Friday, September 30th, 2022

aloe updated
  • You can now write.... IN BLOOD! and also any other reagent. Just dip your pen or crayon into some reagents. Only coats the pen in enough for one piece of writing per dip.

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11086
  • Moved some strangely placed space diner APCs from inside the walls to
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, QoL πŸ’…, game objects πŸ“¦) #10628
  • Chameleon outfits now have the option to create new and delete existing outfit sets.
Sord updated
  • Security and Medical have had their clothing lockers replaced with new clothing vendors.
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², game objects πŸ“¦) #11064
  • The flock relay now takes the correct amount of explosion damage.
tarmunora updated
  • Drinking glasses no longer shatter when thrown.
  • Balloons need to be tied off before being thrown.
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², gamemode πŸ§›) #11077
  • The Hydra smart pistol is now slightly smarter and no longer targets sawflies or nukeop gunbots.

Thursday, September 29th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸͺ², mapping πŸ—Ί) #11066
  • Moved some strangely placed space diner APCs from inside the walls to more normal locations.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…) #11073
  • Standardized Cogmap1 armory equipment. External perimeter cameras have also been added.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2022

Sord updated (rework βš™)
  • Sords, errr, Swords have received some backend changes. Please make a bug report if any common swords (katanas, captains sword, etc) behave strangely.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #11058
  • Equipping a cyborg module in the cyborg docking station while already

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoL πŸ’…, #11019
  • Added two additional night vision goggles to the Donut3 Armoury, alongside making the riot gas pipe visible overfloor.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, catering 🍝) #10736
  • Adds in ratatouille to the game. Combine eggplant, cucumber, garlic, and tomato in the oven.

Monday, September 26th, 2022

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #11024
  • Added several new hairstyles + layering parts and hair fades for some existing hairstyles. Check minor changes for a list of style names.

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #11024
  • New hairstyles: Pompom Pigtails, Untidy Ponytail, Long Twin Tails, Scruffy, Sparks, Wavy, Lionsmane, Pinion, Breezy. New Layering parts: Flat bangs and Long Wavy Bangs. New fades: Wavy Faded, Lionsmane Faded, Breezy Faded, Ripley Faded, Violet Faded, Willow Faded, Flick Faded, Rock Ponytail Faded and Afro Faded.

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

Caro updated
  • Arrivals airlocks can no longer be tampered with by welding or hacking them.
Ikea updated: #10903
  • MD now spawns with an unique labcoat
Caio029 updated: #10905
  • NanoTrasen has developed a new hi-tech storage box for the containment of disc-shaped foods. Theses new boxes are available at FoodTech vendors.
Hans updated: #10759
  • Suit and Head slot items now stop you from seeing what they obscure in examines.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated:(feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, silicons πŸ€–) #10967
  • Playable emagged firebots now how have a new skill to spray burning welding fuel, and come in less ugly colors.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mappingπŸ—Ί, balance βš–, QoLπŸ’…#10917
  • Redesigned the Kondaru Armory, adding a phaser crate, two more night vision goggles, one additional breaching sledgehammer, and a box of flashbangs. The communications console has been moved back inside of the Armory.
ZeWaka updated
  • Added a clientside 90fps option to the top menu bar.
Mr. Moriarty & Arthur Holiday updated: #10864
  • Resprited scalpels, circular saws, hemostats, surgical scissors, enucleation spoons, and sutures. The wonderful circular saw sprite was kindly provided by Arthur!
DrWolfy updated: #10926
  • Equipping a cyborg module in the cyborg docking station while already having one installed will swap the two.
Caio029 updated: #10581
  • Makes General Manufacturers capable of printing instruments.

Friday, September 23rd, 2022

Emily updated
  • Cleaned up a bunch of Key Stuff. Look in #imspoiler for the details.
ZeWaka updated (all the possible emoji πŸš¨πŸ“‘πŸ’¨πŸβš—πŸŽ©πŸ“¦πŸ§›πŸ—πŸŒ±βš™πŸ—ΊπŸ§±πŸ…πŸ’ŠπŸ‘½πŸ”¨πŸ”¬πŸ”’πŸ€–πŸ’‘β°πŸ”§πŸ’ͺπŸ“„βš–πŸͺ²πŸ”ŽπŸ“œπŸ§«πŸ†•πŸš„πŸ’…β›”β†©πŸ”„πŸ›πŸ”ŠπŸŽ¨πŸŽ‰)
  • The Changelog now has full color Emoji support, and is expanded for the new PR labels. Contribute on GitHub today!
LeahTheTech updated: #10956
  • Vampiric thralls no longer have "thrall" added to their name, and instead have a gurgling speech effect.
LeahTheTech updated: #10943
  • Flockdrones are now slowed whenever they would have been stunned.
  • Flockdrones now EMP any item they pick up.
Grokberg, pali6, glowbolt/pgmzeta updated:#6679
  • Re-redesigned the musical instrument interface for the piano and saxophone

Minor Changes

Grokberg updated: #10974
  • Fixed so that the first key on the new music instrument interfaces can be pressed using the keyboard.
Wisemonster updated: #10690
  • Custodial supply lockers now come with a cleaner grenade manudrive.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

tarnunora updated
  • miscreants removed.
Rodimus and LeahTheTech updated: #10754
  • Added pumpkin bowls, made by hollowing out a pumpkin.
LeahTheTech updated: #10843
  • Reworked flockdrone incapacitors to use a recharge mechanic.
Ikea updated:#10886
  • Stun cane is now unswappable and no longer fits into rechargers, however it now has a disruptor power cell.
Hans updated: #10861
  • You can now tame rattlesnakes by giving them food, try not to get bit too many times trying.
flappybat & CloverOfCrystal updated
  • Adds special skulls for vampires. Sprite by CloverOfCrystal.

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: #10780
  • Cargo orders now consistently land on intake belts.
  • Using an EMAG on a QM supply console removes intake targeting.
LeahTheTech updated: #10843
  • AI controlled flockdrones are now more evasive.

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #10801
  • infusion-related plant mutations are now obtainable
CrystalClover updated: #10912
  • Added Skull and Eye expressions to the cyborg screen head.
Gannets updated: #10938
  • Added Fomalhaut MRL to the nuke ops commander uplink for a cost of 3 points.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

aloe updated
  • Cyborgs can now construct furniture parts into furniture by click dragging to the floor.
aloe updated
  • Engineers on Oshan now get Stomper Boots, and there's an extra pair in engi lockers. They act kinda like a stomper, but they're boots. You'll figure it out.
Sord updated
  • Every map in rotation now has 3 oxygen vending machines on station, with one always being in Escape. Buy your life 2day
Emily updated
  • Baby ranch animals now follow Momma (You are Momma).
  • Puritans can no longer be revived with Strange Reagent
  • "Monkey Cloning" no longer circumvents Puritan
Gannets updated: #10888
  • Added the currently unattainable Fomalhaut MRL, 6-shot homing missile launcher. Homing projectile code by Zjdtmkhzt!

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #10902
  • Freeze now cools you down 20 k per lifeloop
golferjoe updated: #10913
  • Buttcrabs are now immune to tox damage.
CrystalClover updated: #10914
  • Adds Skull to Crayon options and Blood Writing options.
Emily updated
  • Inserting someone's old brain in a corpse no longer kills them
Sord updated:
  • Added a new hyper capacity power cell to manufacturers. Requires expensive mats and has capacity of 25000. Also increased erebite cell's power capacity.
golferjoe updated: #10895
  • Moved "stumped" trait from uncategorized to body

Monday, September 19th, 2022

Sovexe updated:#10893
  • The cog1 medbay has had some alterations made to its layout
Blackrep updated: #10874
  • Two new (old?) Soviet firearms have been added. The PM Pistol, and the MTs-255 Revolver Shotgun
DimWhat & aloe updated: #10803
  • A number of 2-handed guns (common ones being the tranq rifle and riot shotgun) no longer fit on the belt, but do fit on the back. They also have neat sprites when you wear them.

Sunday, September 18th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: #10844
  • Donut 2 Barbershop moved to crew quarters, new nerd dungeon in maint behind arcade. Made other small fixes and tweaks

Saturday, September 17th, 2022

Ikea, tarmunora updated: #10505
  • Cryoxadone brute/burn healing has been reduced from 12 to 2, oxy healing also reduced to 2, however it now can combat losebreath, counters radiation, and provides some protection from random death rolls in crit while in effect. Cryoxadone will no longer work when body temp is below -240C or so
ZWRh3 updated: #10858
  • Thralls are now immune to all diseases and maladies

=Minor Changes

BotchKing updated: #10825
  • Changes criminal status to "released" upon being flushed
Flappybat updated
  • Nerfed sawfly. Damage now reduced by armor, less bleed. A security officer batoning sawfly now loses half health instead of reaching crit.

Friday, September 16th, 2022

NightmarechaMillian updated: #10661
  • New pipeshot subtype: Plasmaglass! See minor changes for more details.
BatElite updated: #10819
  • Nuclear operative teams now have 2 options for where to plant the nuke.
Amylizzle updated:#10818
  • Ghosts can shoulder surf your TGUI windows now. You're always being watched.
  • As an observer, when you're observing someone, click on the machine they're using to open the window they see.
glowbold updated: #10552
  • Cyborg Docking Stations have a new interface.
Virvatuli & Dimwhat updated (balance πŸ”„, sprites 🎨)
  • The AK is back and has been added exclusively to the traitor surplus crate! The gun has been overhauled codewise and features new gunfire sounds, as well as both new inhand and worn back sprites by Dimwhat. This is a 12TC item which is randomly rolled in the crate, and comes with 1 thirty round magazine. This rifle cannot fit in a backpack, but can be slung in your back slot, so there is no being sneaky with it equipped!

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated:#10641
  • Conspirator headsets now have a removable private radio channel upgrade, instead of their immutable radio channel.
  • Wiretap radio upgrades (alongside the Conspirators' private radio channel upgrades) may now be removed with a snipping tool.
LeahTheTech updated :#10685
  • Flock can no longer break into the listening post or convert the ghostdrone factory. Bad radio pigeons.
NightmarechaMillian updated: #10661
  • Plasmaglass pipeshot shoots like a middle ground between scrap and glass (fires 4 projectiles at a 15 degree spread), but has armor piercing properties.
ZWRh3 updated: #10542
  • following items were removed from battle royale: makeshift armor, microbomb, holographic disguiser, syndicate sponge capsules and turboflash box

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated:#10378
  • Changed Flock relay compute cost 1000 -> 500, resource cost 1000 -> 750.
tamuonra updated
  • Hydra smart pistol now tracks targets without needing to hold LMB, fires on click. Locks decay after a couple seconds.
aloe updated
  • Pouring reagents onto objects or walls will now pool the reagents on the floor. Pouring on dense objects and walls will pool the reagents on your tile; otherwise the reagents will pool on the object's tile.

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

Bartimeus973 updated: #10773
  • Overhaul to the wraith. Wraiths can now pick from three paths upon consuming enough bodies, each with their unique abilities. Sprites done in collaboration with: Swinglow, CalliopeSoups, Mora and Shiiba!
  • Adds a new item to counter wraith: the spirit candle. Created by combining a skull and a candle. While lit in hand it reveals wraiths in the surrounding area and using it in hand will manifest the wraith. One time use.

Minor Changes

Idiot updated:#10806
  • Lowers chance of falling down stairs on a wheelchair heavily, and reduces duration of the stuns that come from it.

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: #10797
  • Kondaru's ranch has been expanded to accommodate additional ranchers.
Idiot updated: #10714
  • Adds Stumped trait that spawns you with no legs and a free wheelchair.

Monday, September 12th, 2022

Hans updated: #10576
  • Adds bladed transparent gloves as a 3TC traitor purchase. Snap your fingers to deploy/retract the blades!

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: #10786
  • Resprited the riot helmet's object sprite.
Amylizzle updated:# 10688
  • Fire elementals explode into flame when gibbed now.
DimWhat updated: #10785
  • Removed the antique lawbringer skin

Sunday, September 11th, 2022

Moberry updated: #10731
  • Radiation Collectors can now be deconstructed and scanned by mechanics!
Sord updated
  • The emergency shuttle can no longer be called on blob rounds until 20 minutes have passed

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • Buff to Plant Chicken eggs; give feedback on the usual places
Mr. Moriarty updated: #10734
  • Added an announcement for when the Armoury is deauthorised.

Saturday, September 10th, 2022

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: #10573
  • Vampire's bat form no longer works on restricted z levels.

Friday, September 9th, 2022

Mr. Moriarty updated: #10573
  • Custom emotes now have a typing indicator.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • fixed bug where the rate at which internals were used wasn't consistent across server population values (i.e.: tanks should no longer drain significantly slower on highpop than on lowpop)
Sord updated
  • Raw gemstones now have their own value on the shipping market
LeahTheTech updated: #10460
  • Cyborgs now also get a killswitch warning overlay.
Conchuckter updated:#10527
  • Tranquilizer darts and old hunting rifle clips have been resprited, they now look like stripper clips.
glowbold updated: #10713
  • Donut3's taxi/mining shuttle can now be boarded through a new maintenance dock, south of nerd lounge.
aloe updated
  • You can now click through the cloaking field generator hologram floor things. Still can't see through them though.

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

NightmarechaMillian updated: #10658
  • ??? pills have been updated with some new chems.
aloe updated
  • Cyborgs are now faster when missing arms. Previously light arms were faster than no arms.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

Ikea, Zonespace, and Yellow/Myco updated:#9898
  • Pressing the PDA crisis or security alert now alerts people nearby through the use of a sound effect, chatbox message, and overhead text.
Sord updated
  • Donut 2's Research Outpost now has a public telescience pad. No research access required.
Stonepillar updated: #10537
  • Fixed syndicate drones not dropping their loot (including sharkdrones!)

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Sord updated
  • The Mining Outpost and Diner have swapped places.

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • The mining shuttle, now renamed, also stops at all three locations. Station, Diner, and Mining Outpost.

Monday, September 5th, 2022

glowbold updated: #10652
  • Shambling abominations can no longer be pinned.
ZWRh3 updated: #10660
  • Werewolves no longer forcibly transform.
glowbold updated:#10653
  • While pinned, using movement keys resists against the pin.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #10656
  • Silicons can now use the chemical request console.
FlameArrow57 updated: #10621
  • Silicons can now use the chemical request console.
LeahTheTech updated: #10631
  • Canvases now support pixel-precise pointing.
ZeWaka updated:#10589
  • Made some large internal changes to how our walls smooth out and look pretty. Be sure to report any bugs!
Wisemonster updated: #10554
  • The interdictor blueprints are now on a single manudrive.
Ikea updated: #10625
  • Nukies now come with a bit more explosion protection
NightmarechaMillian updated: #10645
  • Windows and doors will now tell you roughly how damaged they are on examine!
Caio029 updated:#10380
  • Allows health analyzers with organ scan upgrade to scan for eye health as well.
glowbold updated: #10653
  • You can still use IKJL to flail uselessly while pinned.

Sunday, September 4th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: #10639
  • QoL changes to Donut 2.
  • Adds a new wreck to Donut 2.
tarmunora updated
  • firebrands get a little firebot buddie that puts out (mostly) only allies.
LeahTheTech updated: #10361
  • Messages from sentient elements of the flock are now much easier to pick out.

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022

LeahTheTech and JulyJade updated: #10564
  • Added a glowstick tree mutation, obtained from infusion with radium.
Ikea updated: #10622
  • Changed how slips work: you will no longer slip, as long as you won't exceed the "default" movespeed (running with full health). However, for example, sprinting, taking meth or having mechboots will make you vulnerable to slips again.
Emily updated
  • Floating Chat for Ghosts! OooOOooO! Yeah this will probably be buggy.
  • New Chicken Grenade sprite by Walpvrgis!
  • Fixed bug with cluwne-ified henks dying of old age before they can lay any cluwne eggs.
LeahTheTech updated: #10517
  • Added chemical request consoles for requesting chemicals. Find them outside science and in medbay, with another terminal in chemistry to let scientists decide whether to fulfil or deny the clown's request for 200u of space lube.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: #10610
  • Space suits provide a little bit of radiation protection.
Emily updated
  • Fixed bug with dream chicken eggs where lag could interrupt your rest before you even started.
TheTrueMunchkin updated: #10561
  • Artist is now a playable gimmick job. Go paint your dreams!
Wisemonster updated: #10557
  • The detomax bomb program has be renamed to self-destruct.

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #10405
  • You now have to be able to see the singulo in order to get irradiated by the singulo.
NightmarechaMillian updated: #10568
  • Drinking glasses now have a 33% chance to break when shot at - spectate a bar fight today!
LeahTheTech updated: #10563
  • The nuke ops combat engineer battle wrench now hits a lot harder.

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Emily & Walpvrgis updated
  • Dragon Chickens' new favorite food is now gold. Thank you Walp for the BEAUTIFUL dragon sprite!

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #10577
  • Cows can now walk on mousetraps without hurting their hooves.
CrystalClover updated: #10551
  • Restructured Donut 2 Janitorial, added biohazard locker and removed redundant disposal chute.

August 2022

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Sovexe & Emily updated
  • New Rancher exclusive traitor item: Chicken grenade. Load with 5 chicken eggs to instantly deploy an aggressive horde syndicate-brainwashed chickens, even if the chickens would normally not be aggressive.
Emily updated
  • Wizard Chickens now accept credits to fund their education. They will gain more powerful spells with more funding.
Sord updated
  • Added new pocket sized oxygen tank. All backpacks/boxes will now spawn with these.
  • Pocket tanks hold roughly 3 minutes worth of air on spawn, more if filled up to maximum.
  • The old emergency oxygen tanks are now "mini oxygen tanks", found where you'd find them normally. They hold more volume, but no longer fit in your pocket, only on your belt slot.
Sord updated
  • Added new micro jetpack to all maps, standard size jetpack can be produced by the miners at greater cost

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: #10549
  • Forklifts are no longer being haunted by ghost crates
Wisemonster updated: #10550
  • Destiny qm can now print barcodes to the shipping market.
RubberRats updated: #10490
  • Captains now always spawn with an emergency oxygen tank in their bag.
ZWRh3 updated: #10529
  • On the battle royale gamemode people will now start with armory/HOS office access.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

Amylizzle updated: #9741
  • Changes how radiation works. All radiation sources are now visible, with a green or blue highlight and a glowing light!
  • You now have an accumulated dose, which starts to make you sick over time.
  • Radiation protection now stacks and approaches 100% but never reaches it. Better not hang on to those radioactive ores!
  • Radiation resistance is now split into two forms: Internal and external. Wearing a rad suit will no longer protect you from eating radium.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #10442
  • Made jetpack ability icons properly reflect whether the jetpack is on or off.

Monday, August 29th, 2022

Sord updated
  • Added 4 new Research accesses, view minor changes for details

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • New Research accesses are "Research Foyer", "Telescience", "Artifact Lab", and "Robot Depot"
Roddy updated: #9442
  • Adds a cheese wheel to the game.
Azrun updated: #10499
  • Head Access no longer required to deconstruct fabricators and Genetics booth.

Sunday, August 28th, 2022

Minor Chances

zjdtmkhzt updated: #10442
  • Terminals should now respect font size settings.
LeahTheTech updated: #10494
  • AIs can no longer track Wraiths
CrystalClover updated: #10469
  • Fixed custom pizzas so that Pepperoni, Meatball and Mushroom can be added alongside other toppings
flappybat updated (balance βš–)
  • Upgrade the single landmine given by the surplus crate to a landmine pouch with three random mines.
  • Add beartrap pouch to the surplus crate loot table.
  • Add 25% chance of a random extra weapon to the Battle Royale syndicate lockers.
  • Add 33% chance of a mini synthflesh healing patch to Battle Royale chests.
  • Add Micro Phaser, Macro Phaser, Optio 1 and Heavy Ion to Battle Royale.
  • Remove Butcher Knife, Dagger, Hunter Spear, Garotte, EMAG, Sawflys, Wasp bow, Wasp grenades, Radbow, Chameleon Projector, Slip and Sign from Battle Royale for being useless or overpowered.
  • Remove Light Machine Gun, Assault Rifle, Laser Gun from Battle Royale for being comparitvely strong.
  • Remove belts from Battle Royale.
  • Remove Medical vendors and Port-A-NanoMed from Battle Royale.
  • Battlers start with an empty backpack.
  • Nerf the Battle Royale shotgun spawn to the Nukie engineer version.
  • Remove chemistry equipment from BR. It's Battle Royale not Nerd Royale!

Saturday, August 27th, 2022

ZeWaka updated: #10484
  • Reworked internal list sorting code - be sure to report any bugs you see (hopefully less, as this fixed a lot)

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: #10476
  • The Armoury's stinger grenades have been moved to the special grenades crate.
Mr. Moriarty updated: #10461
  • Moved the forensic scanner's print option to the text window, alongside adding the ability to print previously made scans.
LeahTheTech updated: #10325
  • Gunbots no longer take eye damage from welding
flappybat updated (balance βš–)
  • Remove turrets and firelocks from Battle Royale.
  • Remove Syndicate Donk Pockets box from Battle Royale.
  • Battlers start with a mini synthflesh mender (50u) instead of a Donk.

Thursday, August 25th, 2022

ZWRh3 updated: #9518
  • Cyborg prodoc upgrade now acts like upgraded prodoc glasses and can scan people on examine.
Sord updated
  • Security can now buy Night Vision SecHUD Goggles from the vendor

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: #10462
  • Removed the sunglasses, NVGs, and 12ga rubber slugs from the special equipment locker in the Armoury.
ZWRh3 updated: #9518
  • You now only need one prodoc eye for it to work.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

Mr. Moriarty updated: #9908
  • Added Ctrl-I as the *twirl hotkey.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: #10383
  • Flock response emergency shuttle now comes in 60 seconds (down from 3 minutes).

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022

Sovexe updated: #10439
  • The Nanotrasen Applied Paints art gallery has opened its doors at Centcom and welcomes submissions from artists throughout the frontier

Minor Changes

Sord updated
  • Donut 2 now has a public refinery near mining
Mr. Moriarty updated: #10403
  • Clowns will now always spawn with the comic sans accent mutation.
uwumacaronitime updated: #10433
  • Adds ability sprites to the hunter.
LeahTheTech updated: #10421
  • Stammering now applies when whispering
CrystalClover updated: #10398
  • Increased Cleaner bottle base reagent size to 100u (these are the refills in janitorial closets).

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • captain's antique laser gun now fires glitter-lasers by default, upgrades to standard lasers with better materials

Friday, August 19th, 2022

Wisemonster updated: #9792
  • Capsaicin (the stuff in crowd dispersal grenades and peppers) now requires chem smoke protection (or internals) and glasses to be protected from it.

Minor Changes

RichardGere updated: #10307
  • Capped space movement at base speed.

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Roddy updated:#10340
  • Updated the Donut 2 Pool/Arcade/Gym area.
Cogwerks updated
  • Added orderable crates for the Micro and Macro Phasers

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: #10334
  • Arcfiend Jolt now has reduced cost (500 -> 200) and cast time (18 -> 12 seconds)
Cogwerks updated
  • All three classes of phasers are encouraged for use in Player vs Environment adventures
  • Ask security to open the crates if you wanna use them for telesci or space exploration
  • Added Egun-Jr. More like a holdout blaster than the full-size egun
  • Egun Jr crate and Huge Phaser crate will require armory access to open
  • Updated naming scheme and descriptions for rad crossbow and phasers.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2022

MylieDaniels updated: #9902
  • Forcefeeding pills has an action bar, and time to forcefeed scales with size of pill, from 3 seconds at 30u to 5 seconds at 90u.
tarmunora updated
  • Defibs must now be primed (used in-hand) before being used, and will discharge themselves 3 seconds after being primed.
Kubius updated: #9904
  • Chem protection on gear now properly factors into most chemical touch effects. Menders and patches are exempt.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #10186
  • Flockdrones now do ~40 damage per shot to pods, up from 4 (yes really)

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Jan.antilles updated: #10282
  • Resprited and rebalanced lunchboxes.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #10163
  • Vampire bite action bars are now only visible to the vampire, and biting a victim will now cause a little of their blood to drip to the floor at your feet.
Amylizzle updated: #10234
  • Removed the broken pod colosseum
ZeWaka updated
  • Stickers now have fingerprints

Monday, August 15th, 2022

Roddy updated: #10136
  • Updates Donut 2 Crew Quarters

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #10144
  • Lost your tray of artifact forms in a terrible accident? You can now make a new one at the Science Fabricator!
Roddy updated:#10260
  • Moved several Cog2 pest starts.
Gannets updated:#10262
  • Redrew the syndicate combat knife & amended the description to mention it's throw-stun utility.

Sunday, August 14th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: #10259
  • Moved some pest spawns on Oshan.
Amylizzle updated:#10185
  • Non-hostile flock actions are now much quieter, and can be heard from less far away.
ZWRh3 updated: #10081
  • Cyborg teleport upgrade no longer works while stunned
glowbold updated: #10226
  • Engineering cyborgs can no longer insert their material stacks into a reclaimer.
Amylizze updated: #10237
  • You can now clean up paint with a wet sponge.

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

tarnunora updated (balance βš–)
  • taser shotgun singlefire now energy "slug" with high (30) power and high (33) cost, round up spread pellet power (17.5 -> 18)
Flourish updated: #10071
  • You can now adjust the game's saturation through Game > Effects > Saturation in the upper left corner.

Minor Changes

tarnunora updated (balance βš–)
  • taser shotgun fire delay 6ds -> 8ds
  • taser shotgun force 8 -> 12
DisturbHerb updated: (bug πŸ›) #10103
  • Removed the variability of CheMaster bottle styles.

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

Minor Changes

TTerc updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Russian revolver suicide is now WAY more brutal. Give it a try!
NightmarechaMillian updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9794
  • Glass pipeshot now requires 2 shards instead of 1.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #10026
  • Civilian cyborg cleaning spray bottles refill speed has been increased from 1u to 5u, maximum volume changed from 25 to 100.
Chatauscours updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9761
  • Forensic scanners can now print the copy of the last report.

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

LeahTheTech, Amylizzle, FlameArrow57, Stonepillar updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9915
  • Flockminds can now spawn in the (non RP) mixed gamemode and as random event antags.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9835
  • Upon being converted through counterrev implants or beatings, you now gain 5 seconds of additional melee protection.
Munien & Avimour updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #9892
  • Added a new Rose mutation: Holo-Roses. Give one to your favourite silicons today!
Ilysen updated: #9966
  • Arcfiends and mid-round/mixed gamemode traitors have been moved onto the new system. Please keep an eye out for bugs and report them on GitHub if something comes up!

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–) #9958
  • The fire orb no longer gives fire damage immunity.
  • The fire jewel's heat protection has been reduced to 50%, down from 100%.
Hans updated: (balance βš–) #9856
  • You can now shoot rattlesnakes, scorpions have a longer special ability delay, and viper venom's bleeding isn't as RNG dependant and can't hit as hard as fast now.

Monday, August 1st, 2022

Flourish updated (rework πŸ”„)
  • The "time until payday" countdown has been removed from the status panel. Now, every payday you get a PDA message informing you how much has been deposited into your account and how many credits you have total. (You may block PAYROLL-MAILBOT if you wish.)

Minor Changes

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Clowns can now stow a single tiny item in their clown towel. This is compatible with eating and vomiting back out the towel.

July 2022

Sunday, July 31st, 2022

Roddy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9982
  • Updates Donut2 civilian sector (bar, kitchen, botany) to modern standards.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›, πŸ“„ tgui) #9790
  • Timers and proximity sensors now use TGUI
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–, πŸ“„ tgui) #9986
  • Genetics reclaimer can now only reclaim active genes.
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›) #9976
  • Eyespider mark ability is now more accurate, and points at the marked target.

Saturday, July 30th, 2022

Minor Changes

Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #9571
  • Traits have been moved into the main character setup window

Friday, July 29th, 2022

Minor Changes

DisturbHerb updated: (sprites 🎨) #9770
  • Chemical bottles have been resprited.
NightmareChamillian updated: (bug πŸ›) #9350
  • Sawflies have had their targeting AI reworked, and should be much more responsive now! Ping me if this breaks anything.
Blackrep updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #9776
  • Safes have a fancy new UI

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9868
  • "Mindslave" implants and cloning modules have now been renamed to "mindhack". Additionally, when you are mindhacked, you now receive a special status effect that tells you your mindhacker's name and how long you are mindhacked for.
Roddy updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9727
  • Added in five new drink recipes for the bartender; Iced Coconut Milk Espresso, Iced Pineapple Matcha, Thai Iced Coffee, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Minor Changes

Garash updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, πŸ“„ tgui) #9875
  • Vapo-Matics and Injector belts have a new UI menu, go ask the HoP to transfer tens of thousands of credit into your account to buy one and check them out!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

TemThrush updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9834
  • Added three hairstyles, Combed Front, Combed Front Short, and Longfront.
ZWRh3 updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #9877
  • Fire no longer clips trough walls
maybeserendipitous updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9759
  • Synthorgan max health and failure threshold increase with Endurance.

Minor Changes

ZWRh3 updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #9903
  • Most wizard spells have no longer work while phase shifting.
Ikea updated: #9833
  • You can no longer plate implants with the arc electroplater.
Luxizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9758
  • Silicons can now surround parts of their messages with ` to display it in a monospace font.
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›, tgui πŸ“„) #9785
  • Remote signalers are now tgui
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #9848
  • Nukeop laser designator now fires faster and has a more powerful explosion
Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #9720
  • Changed the blob recycling ability to cost 0 biopoints. Increased the cooldown to five seconds.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #9720
  • Flockdrones with nothing to do will now hibernate, providing 5 extra compute. They will wake from hibernation when given orders or an enemy is detected.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #9852
  • Added high-capacity fire extinguisher to Nuclear Operative Field Medic class crate.

Monday, July 25th, 2022

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #9850
  • The medborg inventory has been shuffled around a bit.
Flourish updated
  • Reduced number of loot crate spawners in the debris field. Increased frequency of loot crates while mining asteroids (including mineral magnet).
Luxizzle updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #9842
  • Artifact paper dispensers now act like paper bins. You can pick them up and put artifact papers back in.
Luxizzle updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #9841
  • Cogmap2's Artifact Lab now includes a thinktape.

Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9718
  • Wizard incantations are now a bit more magical looking.

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

NightmarechaMillian updated: #9579
  • Clicking a disposal chute with a storage object (toolbox, backpack, boxes, etc) will now place the object in if it's empty and dump contents if it's full. To place the full object in, use non-help intent.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9546
  • Aid contracts in the quartermasters' requisitions market now last for a fixed amount of cycles, instead of having a chance to rotate out.

Minor Changes

ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #9793
  • Clown cars now make people who they run over fall to the ground instantly.
Amylizzle updated: #9743
  • Walls are made of materials now.
ZWRh3 updated: #9745
  • Cyborgs now get XL fire extinguishers.
Roddy updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9749
  • Creaca's Fruit Milk has outsourced production. Local vending machines now contain 10 new flavors of fruit milk; try one today.
Skorps updated: (sprites 🎨) #9796
  • Resprited the sterile mask icon.

Thursday, July 21st, 2022

Minor Changes

Luxizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #9719
  • You can now set a preferred cyborg name in your character profile
DimWhat updated: #9547
  • Reworked how opening and closing labcoats works, report any unusual things with them.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

NightmarechaMillian updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9726
  • Added craftable slamgun shells to the game.

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: #9581
  • The mining cyborg module now includes the cargo appraisal and material analysis tools.
CodeJester updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #8835
  • The Rockbox now has a tweakable default price for new ore entries, and an auto-sell feature for automatically marking new ore entries for sale. "Please use it." -Mechanics and Roboticists

Monday, July 18th, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #9476
  • Window disassembly now involves action bars, with more reinforced windows requiring more disassembly time.

Minor Changes

Munien updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9507
  • Rose names now pull from the names of player mobs. Give someone a rose today!

Sunday, July 17th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9678
  • Added pumpkin juice and pumpkin spice lattes (milk, pumpkin juice, and coffee)
TTerc updated (balance βš–)
  • Vending machine throw stun duration: 10 seconds -> 5 seconds
Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›) #9606
  • Matter eater now lets you eat food properly, and also transfers reagents. Eat big bottles of whiskey all at once!
LeahTheTech updated: #9721
  • People with the mute gene no longer have typing indicators
Chan Walrus updated: (sprites 🎨) #9399
  • Added a new tour console sprite.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #9677
  • Kondaru's kitchen has been upgraded with a second oven and a more robust serving area.

Saturday, July 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9692
  • Donut 2's qm has been updated to reduce mid-space crate collisions

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Ilysen updated: #9366
  • Began a refactoring/update of the antagonist system in the code. This should result in only a few user-facing changes (ideally!) but it might cause bugs, broken interactions, or other unintentional changes. Please keep an eye out while playing as an antagonist, and report bugs on GitHub!
Flaborized + Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„) #9605
  • Loot crates (the kind which you can find across the debris field) have been reworked. Along with now randomly spawning across the map, they no longer require you to solve a puzzle and instead are anchored and locked through an anti-tamper device. Smash the anti-tamper device with a hefty object (such as an extinguisher) to unanchor and unlock the crate.
  • Loot crate contents have also been adjusted - they now pull from a larger pool of possible loot and will always contain at least three different kinds of items. Sprites by Flab!

Minor Changes

Moberry updated: (balance) βš– #9582
  • Increases Spell shield cooldown to 60 seconds.
Roddy updated: #9418
  • Added additional last names to the random name pool.

Thursday, July 14th, 2022

Blahowsky updated: (sprites 🎨) #9336
  • Added a new, unique Head of Personnel's jacket to the Head of Personnel's locker.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9639
  • Vending machines will always fall down on people tossed at them. Vending machine stun has been reduced to ten seconds.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›) #9635
  • Ling horror form can now slash at blob flesh. So can bear, brullbar, claw, and KING CRAB arms
DimWhat updated: #9660
  • Added sterile masks to the JaniTech vendor
Shiiba updated: (sprites 🎨) #9620
  • Instead of giving raises, NanoTrasen gave out NT branded water bottles, enjoy!
Stonepillar updated: (bug πŸ›) #9636
  • Bank records computer is now deconstructible

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

MetricDuck updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9611
  • Changelings can copy the DNA of NPCs for transformation purposes by attempting to absorb them.

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Chatauscours updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9337
  • The Horizon QM does not rely on piping anymore, having now direct imput and export loaders.
Chatauscours updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9128
  • Added Security record scanner program for PDAs. Only available on ROBUST, Forensics and ROBUSTER cartridges.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #9585
  • Human NPCs are no longer valid targets for Changeling's DNA absorb, Werewolf feast and Vampire blood abilities.
Azrun & Virvatuli updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #5663
  • Slamguns are back!
Azrun updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9529
  • New Space Epoxy to give strength to the windows, to the walls, and even pipes!

Minor Changes

Azrun updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Glue in TEG Circulator Bad! Graphene compound good?
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9488
  • The corrosion resistance material property has been renamed to chemical resistance. All applications of permeability has been completely merged with chemical resistance and the permeability material property has been removed.
Moberry updated: (balance βš–, removal β›”) #9376
  • Changes QM Ore values and removes the electronics commodity.
TTerc updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Changed the layout of Donut 3 QM pipeline. The pipes should no longer break each time a welderbomb goes off in the tool storage.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9550
  • Gas extractors are now capable of producing red oxygen grenades.
Roddy updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #9439
  • Adds in some tasty fruit milk to a vending machine near you.
DimWhat updated: (bug πŸ›) #9591
  • The strange vampire clothing can now only be claimed with the vampire cape
DimWhat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9589
  • Added a vampire costume to Geoff Honkington's shop.
DimWhat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9587
  • Bartenders can now use *twirl and *spin while holding glasses safely.
Azrun & Virvatuli updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #5663
  • Zipguns no longer accept shotgun shells.
Waffleloffle updated: (sprites 🎨) #9590
  • NanoTrasen's interior decoration committee has changed indoor plant suppliers after difficulties with the previous bush wholesaler.

Monday, July 11th, 2022

Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9537
  • Furnaces can now accept any flammable material, with fuel effectiveness scaling with material flammability.

Minor Changes

CheekyBrdy updated: (sprites 🎨) #9287
  • Mechanics now have mechanic headsets instead of engineering headsets.
CodeJester updated: (bug πŸ›) #9171
  • Using floor tiles as a ghostdrone is less awful now.
Sord + Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Added randomized rooms to Cog2.
HauntedAngel updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9521
  • Ingesting acid now scars your vocal chords and makes your voice appear as unknown.
  • Ingesting Synthflesh can repair the damage done from ingesting acid.
avimour updated: (removal β›”) #9573
  • Synthmeat plant mutations are now only infusion based.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #9522
  • Made some edits to the alchemist robe sprites
ZWRh3 updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #9343
  • The Syndicate has upgraded the space suits of nuclear operatives to resist chemicals penetrating them
Luxizzle updated: (bug πŸ›) #9572
  • People can no longer see what are in your pockets like they used to. Finally some privacy again.

Sunday, July 10th, 2022

Mora updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9539
  • The bartender has a new shotgun to replace their very out-of-place riot shotgun! It's a sawnoff break-action double barrel that functions the way you'd expect, yeehaw. Still uses standard rubber slugs for the moment. Sprites by cogwerks.

Minor Changes

Ilysen updated: #9317
  • Device analyzers will no longer attack an object when you scan it, meaning you can scan things without potentially smacking fragile objects, angering Beepsky, etc.
  • Using a device analyzer on Harm intent will skip the scan and make it function like any other item, meaning you can hit people with it, put it into disposals or on tables, and so on.
  • Note that due to the above change, you'll need to be on Harm intent to put device analyzers into your bag.
Munien updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9508
  • Werewolves can now happily enjoy dog treats!

Saturday, July 9th, 2022

Minor Changes

Roddy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9347
  • Updates Donut 3 break room and adds in a medical uniform locker

Thursday, July 6th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–) #9504
  • Made freedom implants more reliable.
Hans updated: #9462
  • Added a new chemical, neurodepressant! A compound that messes with muscular function and causes dizziness.

Minor Changes

XyzzyThePretender updated: #9499
  • Added robustissin to the medical vendors.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9487
  • The stability material property has been removed from the game.
DimWhat updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #9342
  • Made a few new more of clothing work with the inspector clothing medal reward.
Mr. Moriarty updated: #9460
  • Attempting to drop an item will now drop any grabs made with it first.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Luxizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #9226
  • TGUI Human Inventory
tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #9463
  • materials have (hopefully) reasonable defaults for properties, and property values have been squisified down to the 1-9 range.
  • Some things, especially with respect to fabrication, may not work as they did before/as expected. If there are any serious problems, make a bug report or something so it can be looked at.

Minor Changes

XyzzyThePretender updated: (bug πŸ›) #9473
  • Brave Bull can be made using coffee from a coffee maker.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #9433
  • Disfigured faces can now be mended with synthflesh, and no longer persist with you into the ethereal plane.
tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #9463
  • neutronium recipe disabled
Taylor Kellogg updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #9406
  • Makes it so tgui number inputs can be tabbed between.

Monday, July 4th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9416
  • Changes the shipping market timer from 12-9 minutes to 10-5 minutes.
Moberry updated: (balance βš–) #9377
  • Added a new botany plant: Tea. Which can be used to create matcha!

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #9416
  • Welding masks now use a vision obscuring overlay instead of a screen tint
Moberry updated: (balance βš–) #9377
  • Artifact Resupply is now a flat one minute delay.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #9409
  • Changeling regenerative statis now removes more negative status effects and bad genes.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #9354
  • Werewolves are now immune to walking on shards similar to cows.
avimour updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #9356
  • Combine matcha and water to get...matcha tea!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2022

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #9352
  • Removed the penlight flash effect
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #9370
  • Made the radio show host headphones more protective against loud noises.
LeahTheTech updated: #9436
  • Using a mop in hand will now mop the turf you're standing on, mopping now comes with 13% less RSI!
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9430
  • Replaced old Security Records computers with ThinkDOS SecMate computers.

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #9437
  • Removed stimulants from battle royale.
ZWRh3 updated: (balance βš–) #9438
  • Removed sarin grenades from BR
Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #9434
  • TEG Circulator maintenance panel now protected with aerogel. Less likely to be impacted by environmental temperatures when panel is closed.

Friday, July 1st, 2022

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #9425
  • Some botany herbs have had a visual makeover, and Shivering/Quivering Contusine now have unique growth sprites rather than using the same one.
Munien updated: #9424
  • Nicotine patch boxes are now available for purchase in cigarette vending machines.

June 2022

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

Minor Changes

End updated: (sprites 🎨)
  • Resprited the Syndicate teleport gun.
  • Updated the armory shotgun rack.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

singh updated: #9368
  • Mineral magnets, how do they work? Maybe you can find out with its new UI menu.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated
  • Frozen fart will no longer jump out of objects.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #9365
  • Resprited many instruments, including bike horns and amplified vuvuzelas.

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Minor Changes

singh updated: #9368
  • Monkeys will now drop their inventory when meat spiked

Friday, June 24th, 2022

Flaborized updated: #9325
  • Quartermasters can now buy a banjo for 2,000 credits.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„) #8140
  • Energy-shield generator upgrade: new door-shield generator, support for manufacture of all 3 variants, and new wire-connection behavior.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, rework πŸ”„) #8140
  • The Door-Shield Generator has a lower range and power, and interfaces only with doors, shielding them while they're open and consuming less power while they're closed.
  • General manufacturers are now capable of manufacturing the existing energy-shield and meteor-shield generators, as well as the new door-shield generator. They do not come with cells.
  • Electrical draw is now calculated based on generator types, and wire-powered operation now actually requires the wire to be powered, permitting shield deactivation by severing grid connection.
Amylizzle updated: #9296
  • Announcement computers are now deconstructable.
Taylor Kellogg updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #9188
  • Converted the APC's UI to TGUI
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9042
  • The amount of station/big station item bounties for spies has been increased.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9225
  • Space Rhinovirus roams the stars again, stay true to yourself in the face of such adversity!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

Roddy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9092
  • Updated the Cog1 medical staff room and shifted several objects in pathology to make space.
ohjoy updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8790
  • Added a new non-instant recipe for Saltpetre that produces miasma as it occurs: (1) Nitrogen + (1) Compost + (1) Potash -> (1) Saltpetre + (1) Water
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #9281
  • Fixes wraith being able to emag the escape shuttle console
Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–) #9273
  • Removing/inserting/screwing in a module from a law rack now takes 2 seconds (down from 5). Welding now takes 6 seconds (up from 5).

Minor Changes

CalliopeSoups updated: #9228
  • Crew no longer need divine help to paint tables.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #9271
  • Minimum rounds required to play Detective has increased to 15.

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

Minor Changes

Azrun updated (balance βš–)
  • Singularities will pull harder when they get big. Good luck?
aloe updated
  • plate stacks are back
  • plates break more easily
DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #9262
  • Added a new glove type to go with the princess dress.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #9264
  • Janitor gloves are now much more chemically resistant instead of insulating
LeahTheTech updated: #9240
  • The photocopier will now warn you before eating your manuscript.

Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (balance βš–) #9227
  • Kudzu can no longer spread to flocktiles and flock conversion now deletes kudzu
Chatauscours updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9089
  • Coffee makers can now be emagged.
LeahTheTech updated: (sprites 🎨) #9199
  • The RCD now uses a context actions menu, allowing you to immediately switch to deconstruct slightly faster!
DimWhat updated: #9220
  • Added a few more scientific equipment to the science fabricator
Mr. Moriarty updated: #9163
  • Two Security Assistant requisition tokens can now be found inside the special equipment lockers in the Armoury.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #8971
  • Made bio suits slow you down a bit when worn.

Saturday, June 18th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #9161
  • Security cameras in AI core/upload can now only be used by the AI.

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #9206
  • Replaced the fabricator in science with a unique variant.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (sprites 🎨) #9191
  • Resprited 40mm smoke shells, 40mm paint marker rounds, 40mm HE pod and pod seeking shells, 40mm HEDP shells, and 40mm HE shells.
TTerc updated
  • Personal lockers no longer require you to use the ID card specifically on them to claim/lock/unlock them. You just need a valid worn ID on yourself.
Ilysen updated: #9207
  • The Matter Eater mutation now correctly deletes the item that you're eating.

Friday, June 17th, 2022

aloe updated
  • T-ray scanners can now see where pipes were at the start of the shift. Should make reconstruction a bit easier.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9155
  • Rebalanced coagulated gnesis and added a new drink to counter it.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #9166
  • Reworked permeability into chemical resistance which has been applied to several clothing items. Please report any weirdness with chemical splashing.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #9094
  • Security Assistant tokens now have a single utility credit.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9155
  • The gib threshold is now 200, and has been made much more reliable. Watch out!
  • Tealquila Sunrise rapidly purges coagulated gnesis from your blood, and is made from equal parts Tequila Sunrise and coagulated gnesis.
Ikea updated: #9145
  • Tealquila Sunrise rapidly purges coagulated gnesis from your blood, and is made from equal parts Tequila Sunrise and coagulated gnesis.
Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9173
  • The CE's law rack blueprint has been swapped out with an unlimited-use law rack manudrive.

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

Tterc updated
  • Cloning storage lockers are a thing now. They're simply the same lockers that spawn next to cloners, except they no longer are bolted to the floor roundstart.
Virvatuli updated (balance βš–)
  • The NTSC no longer has access to the Clock 188, and the Signifer's energy cell now self-charges considerably quicker. This change was supposed too happen when the Signifer was introduced, since the Clock doesn't fit themeatically. Better late than never!
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, mappingπŸ—Ί) #9164
  • DetNet is now equipped with three new intercoms, interfacing with General, Security, and the Detective's private channel, for all of the Detective's communication needs.
LeahTheTech updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #9162
  • Added an intercom to Kondaru AI upload chamber. Use it to tell the AI "law 2 stop being rogue".

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9097
  • Added PDA notifications to cargo pads.

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #9146
  • The syndicate has fixed a bureaucratic error and now syndicate command armor from surplus crates and spy bounties comes with the helmet as well.
Bartimeus973 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #9127
  • Cow people can now graze on bushes. Watch out for plastic replicas!

Monday, June 13th, 2022

NightmareChamillian updated: (balance βš–) #9111
  • Reduced the number of sawflies in nukie utility pouches from 4 to 3 in order to give secoffs a fighting chance.
ZWRh3 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #8978
  • Nuclear Operatives now get syndicate field protective masks by default instead of breath masks.
  • Due to the above change the rack with spare syndicate field protective masks has been edited to have 5 breath masks and 5 normal gas masks, this is for infil use.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #9132
  • Flockminds and traces may now issue movement commands to drones by clicking and dragging them onto a destination.
Flappybat and Enderthunder updated: (mappingπŸ—Ί, sprites🎨) #9131
  • Converted the Confiscated Items Locker into a safe. Sprites by Enderthunder

Sunday, June 12th, 2022

Ikea updated: #8981
  • Flock caging no longer costs resources and takes 4 seconds instead of 6.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #9061
  • Singularities can be recaptured! Assuming they don't get too big...
Virvatuli updated (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–)
  • AI Core Frames are now very limited. They are no longer in roboticist fabricators, but located on a limited-use disk that spawns in the Medical Director's locker.
Chatauscours updated: (balance βš–) #8933
  • The Lawbringer is now linked to the user's DNA and not the fingerprints.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated (balance βš–) #9061
  • Collector arrays will capture all nearby Hawking Radiation.
Virvatuli updated (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–)
  • The Artificial Intelligence License disk can be inserted into a fabricator to unlock the AI Core Frame blueprint, and is limited to two printings. The disk has been added to spy bounties.
  • AIs are not meant to be mass printed, and having excessive AIs in a round is a detriment to both the crew and other AIs trying to play the role well.

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

nefarious6th updated: (balance βš–) #9041
  • SecVend donut utility lunchboxes now only come with one robust (blue) and one robusted (red) donut each. Snack wisely!

Minor Changes

nefarious6th updated: (balance βš–) #9041
  • Robust and robusted donuts no longer contain salicylic acid and are only 4 bites each.

Friday, June 10th, 2022

Flappybat updated (balance βš–)
  • Nerfed medbay floor scanner to give basic health scan. Pester a doctor today!
ZeWaka updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„, tgui πŸ“„) #8843
  • Reworked the Engine Statistics computer on Cog1 to be TGUI, graph-based, and much more intuitive.
Blahowsky updated: (sprites 🎨) #9014
  • Added two new hairstyles and one fade; Loose Long Braid (with Loose Long Braid: Twin Color to customise) and Loose Long Braid Over Shoulder.

Minor Changes

SgtManGuy/What updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • Four new species of domestic space-bees have been discovered. Unfortunately, they only like to nest in the stomachs of stage performers.
FlameArrow57 updated: #9054
  • Added new medals for changeling, blob, head rev, and werewolf antagonists!

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Cogwerks updated (sprites 🎨)
  • Made a new sprite and name for the heavy ion blaster
  • Occasionally testing a micro-phaser, macro-phaser, and egun Jr. in rounds

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›) #9052
  • Renamed the "Open antag popup" verb to "Special role popup".

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

NightmareChamillian and Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8418
  • Added a new general-purpose syndicate item: the sawfly. See minor changes for details.

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian and Amylizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8418
  • Sawflies cost 2 TC and come as a 1.5 second grenade that spawns a single sawfly drone on detonation.
  • Sawfly drones have 50 HP that deal 14 damage a hit to crew. They can be returned to grenade form by traitors.
  • Furthermore, all sawfly purchases come with a remote, which can be used to fold and deploy all sawflies in in a 4 tile radius.
Taylor Kellogg updated: #9032
  • Adds an abort button to the Chemicompiler.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora, catface updated (balance βš–)
  • Hand teles have a 100PU internal cell, and use 25PU per portal. Rechargers in tele rooms ~~coming soonβ„’~~ added to maps
Azrun updated (balance βš–, πŸ”₯)
  • Pipe repairs use slightly less fuel and should stay repaired a bit longer.
Waffleloffle updated: (balance βš–) #9006
  • Upped the number of morphine autoinjectors in Security's morphine autoinjector box utility purchase from 4 to 6.

Monday, June 6th, 2022

TTerc updated
  • Injecting/drawing blood from mobs with a syringe now has actionbars. Injecting containers is now instant.
Ikea, Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #8652
  • Medical doctors and directors now spawn with medical labcoats. Regular labcoats can now be found in medical clothing lockers and the Patchwork medal reward now grants a cool medical labcoat (sprite by Flaborized!).

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian updated: #8991
  • You now have to confirm when glass recycling a full container. No more accidentally dumping your mixes!
Moberry updated: #8890
  • Changed the Electroplater to allow bulky items and storage items.
Bartimeus973 updated: #8986
  • Posters, wall-mounted potted plants, loudspeakers and linen/bedsheet bins can now be deconstructed.

Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: #8960

  • Jailbirds are now wanted for a bunch of new crimes!

Saturday, June 4th, 2022

Ikea updated: #8909
  • The bounty refresh interval for spies has been decreased from 25 minutes to 15 minutes on classic. For roleplay the refresh interval remains at 25 minutes.

Minor Changes

TTerc updated
  • You can now pin people by clicking fluids, smoke clouds and cleanable decals.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #8938
  • Replaced the SWAT helmet in the captain's locker with a more fitting captain helmet.

DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8948

  • QM is now functional on destiny when the shields are on.

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: #8913
  • Decapitated skeletons now speak from their heads, use the radio and listen in on conversations!
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8939
  • Added status displays to Clarion
CrystalClover updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8934
  • Rearranged Horizon's pharmacy's layout and added a glass recycler
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #8593
  • Most harmful projectiles now leave a wound on your body.
aloe updated
  • Plates now just act like. Plates. You can grab food off of them without a menu, they don't make food all weird and small, and you can still use a utensil to eat off them.
  • Click dragging a food item on a plate to you will pick up the plate (in case you filled it with too much food)
  • Because I am a developer and I have a pathological need to remove features, plate stacks have been removed for being musty and generally bad.
CodeJester updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8727
  • Cyborgs can now click-drag food items onto each other to use them on each other. Try dragging sugar on dough to make sweet dough!
  • Civilian cyborgs have a new "tongs" tool that can use a food item as if it were used in-hand. Try using tongs on a dough strip to make a dough circle!
  • The "tongs" tool can also get food items out of containers, like egg cartons or boxes.

Thursday June 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

Munien updated: #8821
  • Operating tables are now deconstructable.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #8839
  • Changed a few miscellaneous glove conductivity values; gloves that barely cover your hands (rings, fingerless gloves) don't offer electrical protection, and some random gloves have higher conductivity.
glowbold updated: #8856
  • Cyborgs can now dump the contents of their ore scoop and satchels into material processors and the Rockbox
CodeJester updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8869
  • Pointing is now animated. Throw arrows at people today!

Wednesday June 1st, 2022

Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites🎨) #8761
  • Skeletons can now detach their head and limbs by targeting the respective part and using a wrench, crowbar, and wrench again. Once their head is detached, the skeleton's "eye" remains centered on their head object. Once a limb is detached, it can be used as a boomerang that automatically re-attaches upon catching.
  • Skeletons now also spawn with a jar of "joint wax" which can be applied to empty joint sockets for a small status buff. Check out the <a href="" target="_blank">PR page</a> to learn more. Special thanks to Virva, DimWhat, and Flaborized for the sfx and sprites that made this possible!
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #8627
  • Portable flashers no longer flash anyone with security access and disable their checks for 1.5 seconds. The flasher colors will dull when on cooldown to indicate it is safe to run pass.
  • Portable flashers now flash for bigger critters. Be careful of sprinting your antag critter respawn into security.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #8841
  • Power gloves when augmented to stun can now be charged from wires and APCs! Now holds additional charges and will augment lightning with some additional damage based on charges.

Minor Changes

Momoberry updated: #8763
  • Added a Mimicry crate to cargo. It comes with a standard issue baguette, full mime attire, a pack of cigarettes and a Zippo.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #8873
  • Limits how quickly other pipes in the same pipeline can rupture.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #8841
  • Power gloves no longer have any effect when used on dead wires.
TDHooligan updated: (balance βš–) #6952
  • The gods of the Lava Moon's Shield of Souls demand a toll for their power.
fwll & aloe updated
  • You can now obtain changeling meat by either butchering changeling critters (buttcrabs, legworms, etc) or tossing a changeling in the gibber. This meat can either be cooked into a steak, or cooked with dough for an aburgination, which is very unsafe to eat. Otherwise, it's like mystery meat.
  • Sprites and ideas by fwll, code by aloe

May 2022

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

aloe updated (balance βš–)
  • The swooshy cloaking device effect is now only visible to the user, not people with thermals and the AI and whatever else. You can still see the person with thermal vision, you just can't immediately tell they're using a cloaker.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Changeling control transfers should be fixed (usually wouldn't put this in the changelog but it seems important)
aloe updated
  • Cyborgs now have text for determining if they're connected on examine; the 3 states are operational (has a player connected), hibernating (has a brain but player is disconnected), and dormant (no brain or inactive SICC)

Monday, May 30th, 2022

Bartimeus973 updated: (sprites 🎨) #8651
  • Detectives now have a weak scuttlebot of their own! It has taken the shape of the detgadget hat in their locker.
tarmunora updated
  • sec token crate now gets sec assistant token instead and made cheaper

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • chlorine, acetaldehyde, fluorine splash multipler reduced to 0.33, formaldehyde splash multiplier reduced to 0.5, skin penetration removed from nitrogen dioxide
  • chorine, acetaldehyde depletion rates 0.4 -> 0.6
  • fluorine damage burn/tox damage reduced 1 -> 0.75

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

TTerc updated
  • Clicking doors with open panel via empty hand or bumping into them will now open them, as long as you have proper access. Hacking UI panel will open only if you have hacking tools/remote signaller in any hand.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8762
  • Added status displays to Kondaru, Horizon, and Destiny.
DimWhat updated: #8809
  • Increased the material cost of flashes
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6811
  • Synthrubber conductivity 20 -> 30
TTerc updated (balance βš–)
  • Cleaning gloves conductivity 10% -> 30%
MomoBerry updated: #8697
  • Removed Atmospherish Crate from Cargo. Added crates for pipe dispenser, portable fuel tanks, and a two piece scrubber/airtank set.

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • welderspecial blocked by things that block gas. rangedstab special blocked by things that would not permit the item to pass.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8735
  • Atmos pipes will take some time to rupture after being repaired.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Minor Changes

C.Clover updated: #8739
  • Added option to print Freezer Crate from Crate manufacturer
CodeJester updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, TGUI πŸ“„) #8554
  • Hyposprays have a new UI menu, making it easy to administer proper doses of methamphetamine.
MomoBerry updated: #8680
  • Adjusted the tail regrowth ability cooldown from five minutes down to two minutes.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • burst taser has slight spread

Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #8607
  • The VR murderbox has been upgraded with an arcfiend simulation.
Flappybat updated: (removal β›”) #8662
  • The noise_maker artifact has been removed, reducing incidents of exploding speakers by 57%.

Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8671
  • Some layout changes have been made to Cogmap2 security, in particular the Solitary cell controls have moved north from the tables to the wall outside the cell.
KubeRoot, Kapu1178 updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8056
  • The 'say' verb and typing indicators should now be much more responsive

Minor Changes

Azrun updated (🚽🎣)
  • Toilet Fishing
Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–) #8693
  • The med/hydro restock cartridges purchase from qm has been split into two separate purchases.
Blackrep updated: (TGUI πŸ“„) #8162
  • The mechanical dropper has been updated to a fancy new UI!

Saturday, May 21st, 2022

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7498
  • Added the implanter artifact, complete with nine new alien implants!
Flappybat & Dimwhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #8582
  • Due to increasing number of monkey uprisings the Valuchimp vending machines are now access restricted according to their station area.
Azrun updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #8560
  • Adds visual indicator of pipe gas leaks. Gas leaks more and will scale with insanity pressures.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Virvatuli updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New addition to surplus crates and spy bounties: energy-based concussion grenades! Those who have played Pod Wars should be familiar with them. These stick grenades let loose a forceful energy wave upon detonation, similar to being hit by a pulse rifle. They work best in tight spaces where you can disarm your targets when they are flung into a wall.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: #8610
  • Status display screens' now glow in the dark!
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #8628
  • Resprited the captain's antique lasergun

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Sovexe updated: (sprites 🎨) #8615
  • New spacebux purchasable, the Pixel Pass. Can be redeemed at the Centcom canvas to place an additional pixel. Keep it safe until you get there!
aloe updated
  • Dart and syringe projectiles (lawbringer dart, syringe gun, tranq rifle, tranq pistol, etc) now apply their reagents slowly rather than instantly, and stop applying their reagents after pulled out. As a reminder, you can pull a dart out of yourself or someone else by clicking them on help intent. Syndicate darts (nukie pistol, traitor syringe gun) are barbed and require surgery to remove.
  • The reagents added by darts are no longer reduced by armor.

Monday, May 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8591
  • Added status displays to Donut 3

Sunday, May 15th, 2022

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #8478
  • Health analyzers will now show non-syndicate type implants in those scanned. The Nuclear Operative Field Medic helmet is exempt from that restriction.
  • ProDoc health goggles now show an orange indicator on health icons for those with an implant in them other than a health or cloner record implant.

Minor Changes

Pali + Sord updated (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Added randomized rooms to Oshan!
Flappybat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #8586
  • Nuclear Operative pistol belt sprites show if they contain a pistol.
Roddy updated: (sprites 🎨) #8506
  • Resprited the nurse dress and added a new hat to go with it.

Saturday, May 14th, 2022

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8550
  • Add a new objective for Arcfiends!
Emily updated
  • Dungeon Master 2.0 has completed its takeover of the VR Dungeon. It has gone through extensive remodelling, and there is now a new prize for completing it. Enjoy!

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated:#8499
  • Throwing things into disposal chutes isn't luck based anymore, and you can throw more mobs into chutes. Clumsy people will always set the chute off when thrown in.
LeahTheTech updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #8512
  • Donut 3's AI upload chamber has been redesigned slightly to remove a safespot.

Friday, May 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • Vampires and their thralls can now identify each other through small V icons.

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Wisemonster updated: (balance βš–) #8549
  • Arcfiend's Jolt ability will now apply burn damage to a target's heart throughout the ability if they do not have a gene resistant to electricity.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • You can now meat spike monkeys by throwing them at the spike. You can also scan the spikes with a device analyzer.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

zcrow updated: #8493
  • Added "Change vocal pitch" verb to Robot Commands. Borgs can now modify their voices to better express themselves.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: #8484
  • Ghostdrones can now auto-pry floors when placing tiles, provided they left their omnitool on prying
Nexusuxen updated: #8502
  • AI plating kits can now be applied to existing AIs that have the default skin!
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8489
  • Added status displays to Atlas.

Monday, May 9th, 2022

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8474
  • Mr. Rathens has been rescued from the singularity generator area on Donut 3 and safely moved to the engineering break room.

Sunday, May 8th, 2022

Minor Changes

aloe updated: #8303
  • Things which animate objects now make the living objects act like the objects they came from; batons will stun you, food will feed itself to people, etc.
LeahTheTech updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #8378
  • The control panels for AI chamber and armoury turrets have been upgraded to TGUI.
ImJustAStrangeMan updated (sprites 🎨)
  • Resprited the traitor cloaking field generator.

Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Arborinus, ZeWaka, & skeletonman0 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7514
  • Asteroid and trench walls/floors have new perspective sprites and ways of displaying ore/algae.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #8486
  • Added round victory messages to the scorescreen popup, will hopefully reduce "OOC: who won tho" by up to 12%!

Friday, May 6th, 2022

SgtManGuy updated: (sprites 🎨) #8356
  • Added a sushi chef outfit as a chef job award (Level 0).

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: #8234
  • You can now stuff people directly into washing machines for efficient cleaning.

Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Minor Changes

Boussard's Bargains Budget Bot updated: #8460
  • Civilian cyborg modules now have three product satchels.
Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #8210
  • NanoTrasen Has added the proper systems to Donut 3 to allow mulebots to function. (Mule bot included)

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

Bartimeus973 updated: (sprites 🎨) #8430
  • The detective and spy thieves now have access to a new item: The scuttlebot! A strangely hat-shaped robot that is eager to spy on everything and everyone.
Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8410
  • The Horizon Listening Post has been reinforced with stronger walls, a podbay blast door and backup power furnace.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #8415
  • RP shuttles have been fitted with the newly developed hotbox shields to reduce complaints.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #8422
  • Cowpeople can now wear cowboy boots.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8459
  • Adds status displays to cog1 that the captain/head of personell/AI can use through their pda.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #8434
  • Added a 6-slot tactical pouch utility for nukies to use

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8464
  • Status Displays have been added to Oshan for the captain/HoP/AI to use from their pdas.
Chatauscours updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8399
  • Removed reinforced walls from under windows in horizon robotics.
Amylizzle updated: #8432
  • Carbon and silicon touch artifacts can be activated with appropriate life-related and robot-related chems now.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #8427
  • Football cleats now have extra grip.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Minor Changes

Shiiba updated: (sprites 🎨) #8420
  • A new sprite for the compost bag!

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8374
  • Adds yerba mate and mate gourds to the game, available through the coffee vendors.
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8398
  • Forcing another to drink now uses an action bar.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #8040
  • Conspirators are now joined by a single lone antagonist.
Virvatuli updated (balance βš–)
  • Reduced shotsound volume of the Gwydion tranquilizer pistol, and it now acts like a suppressed gun.
  • Drastically reduced volume and range of melee range vampire bloodsucking sounds.

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Chatauscours updated: #8396
  • Added mining headset. Spawns on miners and in miner equimpent boxes.
Chatauscours updated: (balance βš–) #8405
  • Changed the chameleon suit to the chameleon outfit in the infiltrator class crate.
Bartimeus973 updated: (sprites 🎨) #8262
  • Using the "regrow tail" ability as a reptilian will now make the tail twitchy for a bit!
Flaborized & TheMightyAltroll updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8315
  • Added a new wizard spell, 'Stave Of Thunder'. It can summon three lightning bolts to strike your foes with lingering disorientating electricity before needing to be recharged by recalling it. Awesome lightning bolt sound effect from TheMightyAltroll!

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian updated: #8383
  • Drones now get a more inbuilt floor tiles. 500 more, to be precise.
Bartimeus973 updated: #8371
  • An apple a day will keep doctors away if you throw it hard enough
Chatauscours updated: (πŸ—Ί) #8387
  • Redesined bridge lockdown on Atlas

April 2022

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

Flourish + Waffleoffle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8385
  • Added towels and handkerchiefs, sprites by Waffleoffle. Bartenders, janitors, and clowns spawn with a special towel. Handkerchiefs are available as a spacebux purchase. Check out the PR page to learn more about what you can do with these cool pieces of cloth!

Friday, April 29th, 2022

pali updated
  • GardenGear vending machines in hydroponics now have two brand new smoke-shield generators to contain your hotboxing into a safe area! Hotbox responsibly!

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #8369
  • Donut3 telescience has been provided with a camera helmet for safe exploration.

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7673
  • Added a kitchen baster for adding pois- DELICIOUS INGREDIENTS to food. Find it in the kitchen vending machine.
Bartimeus973 updated: (sprites 🎨) #8336
  • Security can now put down crime scene tape to show that business is being done! Find it in sectechs! Sprites made in collaboration with shiiba!

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7804
  • Tranquilizer darts and syringe projectiles can now stick into your body! Along with throwing darts, these items can be pulled out using the help intent, except for the syndicate fired variety, which must be cut out using a scalpel.
Bartimeus973 updated: #8333
  • You can now use an RCD on deconstruction mode for limb surgery!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #8014
  • In an effort to introduce greater diversity into the crew's diets, NanoTrasen has officially sanctioned the preparation of several new non-pasta noodle dishes. These include ramen, udon, and curry udon; available at the cafeteria today!
NightmareChamillian updated: #7986
  • Gives ghostdrones three new tools for maintenance: A sponge, cleaner bottle, and stack of floor tiles.

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (balance βš–) #8342
  • Reduces the rattlesnakes's health and makes the bite cooldown bigger.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8264
  • You can now re-insert oxygen/plasma tanks into tank storage units, which you definitely shouldn't misuse for the purpose of crime.
Shiiba updated: #8340
  • Removes oculine from sunrise venne.
  • Adds oculine to carrots.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #8351
  • Thermite breaching charges now destroy any doors on the same tile.
Hans updated: (balance βš–) #8005
  • Makes ricin induce food poisoning instead of custom emotes.
  • Adds a potency requirement for ricin rice.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #8324
  • Pawnstar now costs 0 trait points

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›) #8170
  • Added a new verb to re-open closed antag popups.

Sunday, April 24th, 2022

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8207
  • Player pianos now have mechcomp integration

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Satchels now distinguish between seeds based on their plant types and mutations

Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Flaborized updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #8233
  • Changed DNA scramblers. On first injection, it will randomize appearance like normal. On the second shot, it'll give the appearance of the person first injected by it, and become expended and unusable. It's also now instant when using it on other people.
Nexusuxen updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6684
  • Catering maintenance on Cogmap1 has been expanded. Check it out!

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8274
  • Rattlesnakes now wander about and are butcherable.
glowbold updated: #8101
  • AI units can now change their name via a new AI Command: "Change Designation"
Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8276
  • Now once tamed, scorpions can be made docile by clicking them with help intent, or aggressive by clicking them with disarm or grab intent, now you can show your friends your new dog without fear of it killing them.
Sord updated: (sprites 🎨) #7946
  • New jellyfish critters added to water maps

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #8097
  • Many Battle Royale changes. Shuttle call moved to 10 players left. Cloaking device, Wrestling Belt, Red Saw removed. Whole load of mostly useless Syndicate items removed. More weapon and armor variety added. Loot chests now always hold a weapon and 50% chance of also some armor. Vehicles removed except escape pods.

Saturday, April 16th, 2022

Yellow/Myco updated: #8168
  • Adds names to where the announcements for anomalies/weather events/command updates are coming from.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8193
  • QM requisitions have received a buff / balancing pass, and a new civilian contract variant.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7853
  • Bathtubs now apply reagents to occupants as turf fluid puddles would - but you can only drown while laying.
NightmarechaMillian updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7367
  • Matsci spacesuits have been given a massive facelift and their properties have been heavily reworked. See minor changes for a full list of how this is determined.

Minor Changes

Bartimeus973 updated: #8197
  • Some bulky cargo orders now come as frames.
RSG250 updated: (balance βš–) #7048
  • Buffed Matsci shoes and Cleats Kick bonus. Cleats are now stronger than cow feet. FOOTBALL.
UrsulaMajor updated (bug πŸ›)
  • Martian Psychics will properly gib you again.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8029
  • EMPs now delete some of a cloner's records.
glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7853
  • Bathtubs now have a tap, visually fill up over time, and occupants now appear under the fluid.
NightmarechaMillian updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7367
  • Helmet melee protection is based off the density of the visor's crystal
  • Suit bullet protection is based off the density of the fabric's material
  • Suit melee protection is based off the density of the reinforcement's material starting at -2, but cannot go above -6 damage
  • Suit movespeed is dependent on the reinforcement's density, but cannot exceed the range of 0.3-0.7
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can now make dog biscuits; granola bar + meat paste + peanut butter, 6 seconds on low in the oven.
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Statues can now be destroyed with large explosions.
Flourish updated (removal β›”)
  • Removed corpse Spacebux purchase.
Azrun and Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5797
  • Graphical assets for sand experiences and future desert planets...

Friday, April 15th, 2022

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #8218
  • NanoTrasen has added the proper systems to Clarion to allow mule bot to function. Cargo will now have a use for that mule bot they have in storage.
Ikea updated: #8183
  • Adjusted blob scaling so 4 should hopefully be seen. If something is bad please yell or something k thanks.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #8198
  • Lockers, fridges and coffins now have unique opening and closing sounds.
TheMightyAltroll updated: #8203
  • Added a new sound to flamethrowers to make them sound properly terrifying.

Thursday, April 14th, 2022

Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #8071
  • Closets and lockers can now be broken open by hitting them with items or shooting with projectiles. Lockers have between 100HP and 300HP depending on their security. Energy weapons and low damage items are less effective against them.
  • HoS, Armory and Confiscated item lockers are reinforced and can only be broken open with explosives and higher damage kinetics.
  • Secure lockers started bolted to the floor. They must be unbolted with a wrench to be moved.
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7469
  • The traitor chameleon jumpsuit is now a full chameleon outfit, allowing you to further your diabolical disguises! It comes with a remote that lets you quickly swap the costume to all match a particular job.
pali updated: #8204
  • Fingerprint IDs should now be slightly easier to remember
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #8185
  • Nuclear Operatives now spawn wearing Hi-grip Assault Boots. They have also been removed from the Syndicate Weapons Vendor purchase list.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #8152
  • Horizon has recently been fitted with the proper systems to allow mule bots to function. Additionally, a mule bot was found in storage and added to cargo. (Some assembly required).
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7797
  • Nanotrasen has added the necessary systems to Oshan for mulebots to function! (Mulebot included)

Tuesday, April 12th, 2022

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7984
  • The trench can now spawn patches of vibrantly colored bioluminescent algae on its walls. Sprite by Waffleloffle
None updated: #8166
  • Revhead scaling has been adjusted to where you should actually see more then 3 revheads on higherpops. Please yell or something if there's you believe theres an imbalance of revheads.
Amylizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #8142
  • Spacebux purchase menu is all nice and shiny now. With icons!

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8110
  • You can now mine for buttcoin.

Monday, April 11th, 2022

pali updated
  • You can now pin canvases onto noticeboards. These should persist across rounds just like other pinned stuff. I recommend using a labeller to give them descriptive names first.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Most power-cell using guns and stun batons deployed from frames (i.e.: mechscanned) come with a smaller (and initially empty) power cell.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Flyzapper implants have had their range lowered but should be generally stronger
aloe updated
  • Dead emagged/syndicate borgs now drop emagged/syndicate frames

Sunday, April 10th, 2022

TTerc updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Airlocks, lockers and crates now have new fancy welding animations and actionbars! They also take 2 seconds to weld/unweld now.

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: #8161
  • You can now buy ashtrays at cigarette vending machines.

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (rework πŸ”„, removal β›”) #7489
  • Reworked conspiracy objectives.
NightmareChamillian updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8117
  • Roach people (and some bug critters for that matter) now bleed hemolymph instead of normal blood

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7912
  • The vault prefab has had its contents nerfed, and has undergone minor changes.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #8081
  • Roboticists now spawn with a stocked toolbelt
NightmareChamillian updated: (feature πŸ†•) #8117
  • Hemolymph can be broken down with space cleaner, acetone, and some heat.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #8087
  • Added purple jumpsuits and hats to uniform manufacturers
  • Sorted jumpsuits and hats in manufacturers by the rainbow
Flappybat updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #8149
  • Added protection to nodamage/spellshield from force drinking, flash and Securitron batons.

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • Ammo cell in security pouch replaced with donut.
  • Distruptor cell utility purchase in sec vendors removed, tokens now give a "ammo" credit that can be used to acquire either a spare 200u cell or the distruptor cell.
  • Distruptor cell self-charge rate reduced back down to 5.
aloe updated
  • Werewolf/abomination/zombie arms now prevent you from moving while they grab you. You can still resist out it's just a bit harder than a passive grab. Will tweak the percentages as needed.
  • Fiber wire should work now
Ikea updated: #7914
  • The records contained within the radio station are now randomized.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

aloe updated
  • Taking items off people now takes 30 stamina when starting the action.
  • Some timings for taking items off people have been slightly adjusted. See minor changes for a list.
aloe updated
  • You can now construct furniture on adjacent tiles by clicking those tiles.
  • You can now walk on tables as long as you're also on a table. However, you can no longer build tables on the same tile you're standing on.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • INCREASED: Backpacks, jumpsuits, helmets, space suits
  • DECREASED: Radios, gloves, non-helmet hats, glasses
  • Exact timings vary, but most are 1 second increase/decreases. Space suits take significantly longer.
  • Grenades can be put in people's pockets very fast. If you're into that.
aloe updated
  • Furniture can no longer be built on the same tile as impassable objects- e.g. no stacking multiple tables, no building chairs on the same tile as a vending machine.
Sovexe updated: #8111
  • Hovering over a pixel in the canvas editor now displays its coordinates.

Monday, April 4th, 2022

pali updated
  • CentCom dance floor has been covered by some kind of a canvas, huh. r/place don't sure me pls
RubberRats updated: #7796
  • Added a new negative trait: Frail Constitution. Taking this trait greatly increases the amount of damage that your internal organs take from all sources.
Flaborized updated: #8060
  • The human torch trait is now worth two points, but totally prevents the burning status counter from decrementing on its own.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: #8062
  • The Adamantium Skeleton trait now outputs a message in the chat when it prevents you from losing a limb.

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: #8058
  • AI law changes are now highlighted and display removed laws

Minor Changes

ThyOverlord updated: #8072
  • Resprited Mono cards and their respective stacks/hands. Also updated MonoRules.txt to

Saturday, April 2nd, 2022

Cogwerks updated
  • Revising positions of stuff in the debris field and the dining level
  • Hemera, zombie-roid, drone carrier, time ship, and flock ship moved around
  • Martian derelict moved to dining level
  • Added more background space planets and moons to the imagined plasma giant orbits
Flappybat updated: #7950
  • Battle Royale now forces a shuttle when five players remain. A deadly storm will hit the entire station, finish everyone else off or escape on the shuttle to survive!
NightmareChamillian updated: #7694
  • Deconstruction devices can now be used in surgeries- at your own personal risk
Flaborized updated: #7952
  • LSD now has a different, unique color-changing animation when in your system.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Pods now "eject" you on exploding. This also applies to the SEED.
Flappybat updated: #7950
  • Battle Royale now prevents you leaving the station level edges, be careful spacing players as they may return.
Flappybat updated: #7929
  • Spellshield now protects wizards from the syndicate saw, butcher knife and katana.

March 2022

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Minor Changes

Laboredih123 & glowbold updated: #7928
  • Nanotrasen has now made windows fully connected, removing seams.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7563
  • Added space rattlesnakes to the game. Beware!
CodeJester updated: #7822
  • The Reagent Heater/Cooler has a new UI menu. Enjoy the blazing red color of setting the temperature to 1000 K every time.
aloe updated
  • Macrobombs have been removed. You can still just buy 12 micros, though.
  • Engineers get a flyzapper implant- costs 1 TC, acts sort of like a micro except you shock the shit out of people when you die instead of exploding. Stacks. Probably a bit weak (when compared to micros) currently, will do a numbers pass soon.
Amylizzle updated: #8019
  • Hologram expansion modules now work properly with AI Law Racks.

Minor Changes

Yellow/Myco updated: #7983
  • Changes the sprite of almost every beard, along with Hogan and Vandyke
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #8026
  • The nukeops heavy energy sword can now reflect projectiles like a csaber can. (This was always there, it just didn't work because it was bugged until now.)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

Wisemonster updated: #7956
  • Engineering cyborg modules now come with a battery-hungry power shovel, to help with the Oshan engine. (Shovel is restricted to modules on Oshan)

Monday, March 28th, 2022

Yellow updated: #7547
  • Changes up Research Assistant, Medical Assistant, and Technical Assistant to make them more applicable for those who want to learn

Minor Changes

Yellow updated: #7547
  • Gives both Barbers and Musicians civilian headsets

Sunday, March 27th, 2022

NightmareChamillian updated: #7443
  • Weird and stupid material properties' numbers have been made less weird and stupid

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: #7992
  • Adds a hint to the AI Law Module description telling users they can reset it with a multitool if it's glitchy.

Saturday, March 26th, 2022

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #7907
  • Kondaru armory has changed, it now has a NARCS instead of an interior turret, it has interior/exterior logical areas so the exterior turrets no longer attempt to shoot through the walls and the turret control panel has moved inside and now controls the exterior turrets (HoS access).
Gannets updated: #7951
  • Syndicate requisition tokens now award players 2 utility credits instead of 1.
  • Hi-grip Assault Boots now cost 2 utility credits.
  • Adds a pouch of 4 beartraps as a new 1 cost utility purchase.
NightmareChamillian updated: #7833
  • The mini-syndies from the syndicate pipe bomb now have more ammo and health, but shoot .22 rounds instead of .375

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Spaceacillin cures food poisoning. This is medically dubious but a guy in an alleyway told me it works so uh.
glowbold updated: #7955
  • Crowbars can now stand up and lay down dowsing rods.
glowbold updated: #7932
  • Chocolate pie is now made from sweet dough and chocolate.
Amylizzle updated: #7961
  • Adds a blueprint for the AI Law Rack to the Chief Engineer's locker on all maps in rotation. Don't use it for crime!
Amylizzle updated: #7973
  • Bank account balance now counts towards richest escapee.
Flaborized updated: #7962
  • Resprited cargo loaders.

Friday, March 25th, 2022

NightmareChamillian updated: #7778
  • Adds seven new faces for ghostdrones to choose from! See minor changes for a list

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian updated: #7778
  • Faces are as follows: sleepy, exclamation mark, question mark, lopsy, kitty, and eye
  • Furthermore, drones can now nod (Ctrl+N) and shake (Ctrl+X) their heads to respond to basic yes-no questions

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Wrestler changes: suplexes have a brief self-stun and will never be "explosive" (that's what your powers are for); throw power now knocks people around after the first second of spinning; all powers cd reduced by 10s and stun duration increased by 1s; cooldowns no longer scale with stamina buffs

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • You can only suplex once per person per flip
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Power cell sec utility purchase cost raised to 2 credits, only-a-baton loadout comes with an additional utility token.
aloe updated
  • The nuke op sniper has been changed a bit- it no longer disorients people (still does stamina damage), loses some damage when shooting through obstacles, and doesn't throw people back as far. The class gets an extra mag in their pouch to offset this a bit.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7636
  • Added ricin to the game as a slow stealth poison.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #7777
  • Nuclear operative assault pods are detected much later when there are more than 70 players.
Eagle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #7677
  • The blueprint for a certain gun has been swapped out with some examples of it.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7904
  • The Syndicate get their own rack now, which all Syndicate borgs and AI will be connected to. It's on the Cairngorm.
  • Emagged borgs can no longer be connected to a new law rack.

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7904
  • Welding the module on the law rack now has a nice animation which shows others what module you're welding.
  • Borgs/AI can now see if a rack they are examining is the one they are connected to.
nefarious6th updated: #7886
  • you can now break firelocks down by hitting them repeatedly, just like airlocks

Sunday, March 20th, 2022

Amylizzle updated: (balance βš–) #7881
  • The Linker tool can now overwrite the connection on a cyborg/AI without needing to be emagged first.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7827
  • Added the Slipping Hazard trait, for people who'd like to slip worse.

Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7861
  • The Cog1 ranch has been redesigned.

Friday, March 18th, 2022

Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, tgui πŸ“„) #7555
  • Replaces the AI upload computer with a rack of law modules. These law modules are physical objects each containing a law, which can be removed, rearranged, and added to the law rack to change the AI's laws.
  • Multiple Law Racks can exist, and be connected to different AIs and borgs, giving them different law sets.
  • If the original law rack is destroyed, building a new one will reconnect all non-emagged borgs to the new one.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • adjust blob firewall and reflector health - firewall 30 -> 40, reflector 85 -> 40
Amylizzle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, tgui πŸ“„) #7555
  • The roboticists get a new tool called the Linker to connect cyborgs to law racks, if they've lost their existing connection.
  • Roboticists can now print off new law sets, in case something happens to the original Asimov laws.
  • Cyborgs and AIs can examine one another to see if they are following the same law set.
  • Using the linker tool on a connected borg will tell the user where the rack they are connected to is.
  • Ion storms cause law modules to malfunction, and they must be ejected from the law rack and reset before the module will return to normal.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • wizard gear now takes 4x normal duration to remove, instead of an RNG 25% chance to succeed.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #7785
  • The nuclear bomb has improved armor plating against energy and kinetic projectiles, taking roughly half the damage of the previous model.
Carsontheking updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7377
  • Adds a new prefab to explore!
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7809
  • Cargo appraisers can now be used on artifacts. They need to have a form attached, and the analysis will only be correct if you've filled out the form correctly. Due to artifacts being unique items, the price may vary quite a bit from what the appraiser says (mostly upwards).

Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

Minor Changes

Cogwerks updated (sprites 🎨, mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Made some more background art for a bunch of orbital objects
  • Slightly rearranged solar control rooms on Cogmaps 1 & 2 for view of stars

Monday, March 14th, 2022

Minor Changes

Conchuckter updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7784
  • Ampoules now change colour based on what is inside them.
Zamujasa updated
  • The adminhelp and mentorhelp dialog boxes now mention that your requests are sent via Discord.

Sunday, March 13th, 2022

Pali and Sord updated: #7800
  • Added some new randomized rooms, coming soon to a station near you!
Gonzako updated: #7462
  • How intrigue chooses game mode has been tweaked, traitors should be slightly more common while aliens should invade the station a bit less frequently.
Wisemonster updated: #7593
  • NanoTrasen has added the proper systems to Kondaru to allow mule bots to work! (mule bot included!)
Jan.antilles updated: #7776
  • Added two new hair/beard styles: Shaved Head and Five O'Clock Shadow.

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: #7686
  • AI players now have a `Map` and `Core` button in their interface for easier station traversal.
Kubius and Sord updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7803
  • Added randomized rooms to Kondaru.
Pali and Sord updated: #7801
  • Added some new randomized rooms to Cogmap1
Hans updated: #7499
  • Made scorpions "tamable" with food offerings.
  • Slightly nerfed critter scorpions via adding a delay to their special attacks.
LeahTheTech updated: #7507
  • Ion storms now mess with a small number of vendors, manufacturers and fire alarms.
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7774
  • Nuclear operatives now have an ammo bag on their shooting range.
Gonzako, DisturbHerb updated: #7656
  • Created a brand new, completely original card-game. Come play MONO!
112358sam updated: #7637
  • Cryo pods now show the defibrillator on their sprite if they have one.
LeahTheTech updated: #7680
  • Robotic talk, thrallspeak, and blob hivemind communication got a facelift and should now be much more noticeable.
Amylizzle updated: #7701
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally say a slur due to speech mutations.
LeahTheTech updated: #7693
  • Changeling hivemind members can now point, visible only to their master and other members of the hivemind.
Flappybat updated: #7775
  • Battle Royale loot amount scales with player counts.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #7719
  • Artifact analysis forms should look a little bit neater.

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: #7782
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from calming down angered and frightened chickens by hand feeding.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Minor Changes

Amylizzle updated: #7736
  • Transposed Particle Field now warns you that it's killing you with a big flashing icon.
Fwll updated: #7708
  • Mocha Coffee and Latte Coffee beans can now be processed in the food processor
Amylizzle updated: #7718
  • Missile Arrival and other Spacebux purchases are now available and working as Cyborg and AI!
Spell Tech updated: #7697
  • The controls for the Tetris arcade are smoother and less laggy.

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Cloning consoles now update every minute or so and display a distinct animation when there is someone in the records who can be cloned. Let me know what you think.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated (bug πŸ›)
  • Fixed bugs that made Ixworth and Shieldmaidhen chickens unobtainable.

Monday, March 7th, 2022

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • Did you know grilles are immune to bullets? now they aren't
zamujasa updated
  • Fixed a bug involving the mineral magnet not clearing itself out properly on destruction that prevented the mineral magnet from being repaired if the magnet itself reached critical damage.
  • Fabricate replacement magnet parts and click the empty chassis with them to install a new magnet. Or just don't break it in the first place.

Sunday, March 6th, 2022

pali updated
  • The glue reagent can now coat items in glue which lets you stick them to other stuff.
    This is highly experimental, likely unavoidably buggy despite my best attempts and subject to change or very likely to a revert.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Highly experimental cryoxadone rework - now has varying efficacy for different damage types based on the temperature, instead of being a boolean on/off. Highly subject to change/reversion.

Minor Changes

Juggernaut2442 updated: (bug πŸ›) #7692
  • Fixes some antique lawbringer bug and cleans up how iconstates are called.
AmazingDragons updated: (feature πŸ†•)
  • Nanotrasen has updated your favorite guardbuddies to include more insults for pranking your co-workers!
aloe updated
  • The syndicate cargo trasporter now welds crates and lockers at the start of the teleport rather than the end.
  • Also I reworked how cargo pads and transporters work. Nothing should be noticeable (other than QoL stuff), but report any bugs you find thanks
pali updated
  • Character flavour text no longer appears in the examine text if their face is hidden.

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7527
  • Added space glue to the game.
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7689
  • The Donut3 Ranch now has space to grow your crops and a kitchen freezer chute.

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian updated: #7631
  • Resprites the SMG magazine
Fwll updated: #7688
  • Added Chip Butties and Innitium
Nemiko updated: #7588
  • Added nine new drink recipes, a mostly non-alcoholic.

Friday, March 4th, 2022

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #7685
  • The merchant shuttle will now announce its arrival shortly BEFORE instantly gibbing anything in its way.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

glowbold updated: #7666
  • As a changeling victim, your pleas for help/mercy/death/JOIN US are now audible when your master goes into horror form!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

Minor Changes

Jimmyl updated: #7657
  • Fixed the bug of the PDA Packet senders Delete button not working

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: #7663
  • Ranchers now start with a pair of rancher boots. Rancher boots grant their wearer the ability to vault railings more quickly.

February 2022

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Ikea updated: #7600
  • The syndicates have noticed an overstocking of nanotrasen stations and has decided to increase the max amount of revolutionary heads it will send to a station to 5.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, tgui πŸ“„) #7577
  • Added a map for the AI to move around with. Open with the "Open station map" verb and click to teleport.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7602
  • Arcfiend's Jolt ability will now cure cardiac arrest in people with SMES human and can now be self cast.
Sovexe updated: #7658
  • Produce satchels may now hold feathers.

Sunday, February 27th, 2022

Jimmyl updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6907
  • Added 3 new artifacts -- Emote Forcer Field,Warper and Heat Surge
TTerc updated
  • Clicking a vehicle that has a pilot as a ghost now makes you observe the pilot. Works for all kinds of vehicles: pods, segways, clown cars, minisubs.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7641
  • Added 11 new hairstyles accessible in the character creation screen; check minor changes for a list of their names, or the PR for names + preview images!

Minor Changes

Jimmyl updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6973
  • The Packet Sender PDA program can now make (simple) programs with the packets
LeahTheTech updated: (bug πŸ›) #7468
  • Microwaves are now able to be emagged again.
Conchuckter updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7496
  • Added MechComp functionality to ChemiCompilers
CodeJester updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7615
  • You can now dump the contents of a hypospray back into a beaker or other reagent container.
Conchuckter updated: #7626
  • Fixes being able to dump handheld MechComp cabinets into chutes
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7641
  • You can find the new hair options under the names; Flick, Ignite, Mysterious, Ripley, Violet, Willow, Bun Undercut, Glam Ponytail, Rock Ponytail, Spiky Ponytail, Messy ponytail

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Minor Changes

TTerc updated
  • Arc plater now automatically ejects the item when it finishes working. You can now also eject the material you inserted into it manually by clicking the plater with empty hand.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #7580
  • Resprited the gas extractor and disposal pipe dispenser

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Minor Changes

tamunora updated
  • microdosing ( <1 depletion) stam boosting/etc chems doesn't work anymore

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022

aloe updated
  • The Head Surgeon got too fucked up and is, once again, fired. They've been replaced with a medical specialist- NT doesn't really understand what they do, but it sure sounds important. (Realistically they're just the HS but without command radio/access. Also they can get revved.)

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • You no longer need to remove all of a cyborg's limbs to take off their chest or head. Do note that they'll fall apart if you remove either of these.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

Amylizzle updated: #7583
  • Enzymatic Reclaimers no longer destroy item arms, the item will now drop.

Monday, February 21st, 2022

CodeJester updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #7438
  • The seed fabricator has a new UI, allowing you to find and dispense cannabis seeds easier.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #7574
  • Cluwnes have been trained to make a less ear blasting horn sound.
CodeJester updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #7523
  • Added Isolate button for reagents in the Reagent Extractor.

Sunday, February 20th, 2022

AmazingDragons updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7437
  • Added a new morale-boosting problem to the mainframe for control of your favorite guardbuddies!
FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7413
  • Security computers now provide a SecHUD flag that can be set for someone. If a person has an active arrest status, the flag will appear in their examine report for anyone wearing SecHUDs.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • you digest 3x as hard
Yellow/Myco updated: (balance βš–) #7545
  • Staff Assistants now spawn with a Civilian Headset, giving them access to the civilian channel

Saturday, February 19th, 2022

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7373
  • Renamed Loyalty implants to Counter-Revolutionary implants to make their purpose clearer.

Friday, February 18th, 2022

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • blob poisoning change:
  • mitochondria individually less vulnerable to poison, suck poison out of nearby non-mitochondria/non-lipid tiles, store up to 50 poison in adjacent lipid tiles
  • lipids slightly more flammable and no longer have increased poison spread on death

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Danger Noodle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7471
  • A new art themed prefab has been added to space maps.
pali updated
  • Persistent pickle jars now spawn on the station. You can put things into the jar and leave the jar somewhere and next round the jar will be on the same place (if it's the same map) and contain the things you put there but pickled and edible!

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #7522
  • Tracking beacons start anchored. You can unanchor them with a screwdriver.
TTerc updated
  • Fish now deal 0 damage. Invite your friends for a fish slap fight!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

TTerc updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can now show off your security badge to people by clicking them with it.

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

Minor Changes

Kyle updated
  • One Armed Spaceman trait now costs 0 points.
Conchuckter updated: (bug πŸ›) #7511
  • Fixes computer frames always giving 5 sheets instead of their proper amount

Monday, February 14th, 2022

Kyle updated
  • You can now handcuff people that have only one arm. (If they're cuffed and lose an arm, they'll still be uncuffed like normal)

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7502
  • Updated the sprites for shuttle and airbridge floors.

Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7486
  • Added stink lines for smelly RP players
Vantatrauma updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7442
  • Added a genetics-themed winter coat to the game, findable in geneticists equipment boxes!

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

aloe updated
  • The cyborg converter (syndicate item) has had its price increased to 8 Baddie Bux. It now makes Syndicate Cyborgs. It also works faster, comes with a wrench, is a little less noisy, and you stuff other people in it by agressively grabbing them and clicking it.
Flappybat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7372
  • Red chainsaw gets an ability to chop off your arm and attach with no surgery
  • Added start/stop sound to the red chainsaw.
  • Made the green chainsaws electric and gave them a new, less abrasive sound.
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #6794
  • Antagonists can buy Syndicate headsets from CARL, and the wiretap upgrade grants access to the Syndicate channel.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7372
  • Chainsaws now have animated inhands.
MetricDuck updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #7336
  • Spaceacillin is much less effective at treating cluwnes and will no longer outright cure wizard cluwnes.
Zonespace updated: #6816
  • SWAT gloves now are insulated against most regular forms of shocking (such as doors).
Danger Noodle updated: #7470
  • Added artistic toolboxes to all maps in rotation.
Flaborized updated: #7452
  • Resprited gas canisters.
FlameArrow57 updated: #7460
  • Civilian headsets and staff assistant jumpsuits can now be printed from uniform manufacturers.
FlameArrow57 updated: #7458
  • Sleepy pens can now appear as fancy pens.
Amylizzle updated: #7476
  • Adds an additional check to secscanner to prevent scanning intangible living mobs.

Friday, February 11th, 2022

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7071
  • The AI now has a "Reset All APCs" command, which will attempt to reset all APCs to their default settings.

Minor Changes

FlameArrow57 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7071
  • Ion storms may now disable AI control on some APCs.

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Minor Changes

avimour updated: (sprites 🎨) #7459
  • Stethoscopes have had their speakers removed and given a new appearance

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

Flaborized updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7429
  • Updated the wizard shuttle.

Minor Changes

Josephin23 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7374
  • Added a stove to the kitchen in Destiny, also moved the intercom.
Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #7316
  • Due to a shortage in cotton supply, the price of cotton and the price traders purchase jumpsuits for has increased.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7441
  • Donut 3's medical morgue now comes with a bottle of embalming fluid.
TTerc updated
  • Fire extinguishers no longer automatically switch safety to off when used on another mob on help intent. Being on help intent and using an extinguisher while safety is off still doesn't perform the attack.
Danger Noodle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7439
  • Horizon's genetics department has been blessed with a gene power module. Enjoy!

Monday, February 7th, 2022

aloe updated
  • QM Requisition payouts have been significantly increased.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • The sponge capsule crate from QM now only comes with 1 pack of capsules. That's still 12 animals.
aloe updated
  • AI eyebots (the shells you start with) can pull things now via... magnets or something. Their health has been reduced to accommodate this.
aloe updated
  • Traitor chefs can now buy a hotdog cart that crunches people similar to the janitor's trash compactor cart. I didn't make it, I just found it. It's also a little tastier.
avimour updated:#7426
  • Medical fabricators can now create stress balls.

Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Flappybat and Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7269
  • Added a Recover Gear ability to Hunters. Use it to teleport your rifle, spear or cloak back to your position if you lose them. Animations by Flaborized.
  • New Hunting spear sprite and inhands by Flaborized!

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Nukies now have a unique radio record on their battlecruiser.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #7354
  • Added unique sprites for the syndicate tranquilizer darts, meowtizer, and .22 smartgun magazines.
NightmareChamillian updated: (sprites 🎨) #7236
  • The sweatshop that produces NT's pride wardrobe now manufacturers reversible jumpsuits for the MLM sexuality
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7412
  • Resprited cloning upgrade modules.
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7315
  • Made so you can play as a scorpion if an admin wants it.
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7347
  • When you die in Battle Royale you are now vaporized and drop your gear.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7397
  • Resprited the comms dish.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #7167
  • Added a new option for mechcomponents to connect them without clickdrag.

Saturday, February 5th, 2022

Minor Changes

Stonepillar updated: (balance βš–) #7411
  • Reduced the damage of high-level loaves.
ThyOverlord updated: (sprites 🎨) #7378
  • Resprited the fish you see around the station.

Friday, February 4th, 2022

Adhara in Space updated: #7398
  • Clicking on a desk (or any table with built in storage) with an empty hand opens the storage now.
Emily updated: #7390
  • You can no longer struggle out of grabs while stunned

Minor Changes

NightmareChamillian updated: #7392
  • Light switches are now too high for ghost critters
TTerc updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Donut 3 engine room now has a blast shield you can (and should!) use to protect the crew from bigulo setups.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #7382
  • Hunter mask now self destructs on death.

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

LeahTheTech updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #7306
  • The barcode computer now has a new UI, this one shows the scanned ID card clearly so you can keep track of how rich the other QM is getting.

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • The Retention Center no longer has a sequence break to getting to Dino Jason's early. If you go to Dino Jason's, don't forget to thank the bus driver!
pali updated
  • The prompt to change your ring message on a PDA now has pre-typed traitor code for your convenience (if you are the owner of the uplink in the PDA).

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

Nexusuxen updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6844
  • AIs will now produce flying text above intercoms when speaking through them, provided they're not tuned to 145.9.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • chainsaw no fall apart
Mr. Moriarty updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #7180
  • Added 'Open/Close Floor Flusher' brig door timer buttons.

January 2022

Monday, January 31st, 2022

Minor Changes

Keiya updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #7339
  • Colorful paper should now work better, and maintain its colors on persistent noticeboards.

Sunday, January 30th, 2022

CodeJester updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #7265
  • The reagent extractor has a fancy new UI, with changes to allow for quick extraction and transference!
Keiya updated: (sprites 🎨) #7323
  • New "Bee Exposition Extravaganza" book, now available at Books4U vendors system-wide! Your local apiculturist might have a copy, too.

Minor Changes

Keiya updated: #7356
  • The apiculturist's suit now stops small bees. It still doesn't do shit against Space Bees.
Arborinus updated: (sprites 🎨) #7184
  • New sprites for certain burgers and burger-esque sandwiches.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7346
  • Added unique burning sprites for the changeling horror form.

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

pali updated
  • Slipping on banana peels has been changed a bit and it now has fancy comedic animation

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • MechComp tesla coils now use up a bit of APC power.
NightmareChamillian updated: (bugs πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7258
  • After losing a lawsuit, NanoTrasen has now added adequate warning labels to some medicine bottles.

Friday, January 28th, 2022

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Head of Security now feels a disturbance in the force when Sylvester gets rigged with plasma.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7324
  • Resprited katanas.
DisturbHerb updated: #7283
  • Head Surgeons now have their own headset (Med, Command) and radio icon.

Thursday, January 27th, 2022

AnguishedEnglish updated: (sprites 🎨) #7295
  • Added a Nun Robe and Nun Hood to the Chaplain's lockers.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • New 0 point trait- Heavy Sleeper. You spawn in a random bed, asleep (for 10 seconds). Can't be taken with stowaway etc.
112358sam updated: #7308
  • Floorbots now yell at you if you have tiles or sheets they want.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7293
  • Resprited the blob UI buttons.
colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7244
  • Added scorpions to random pest events.
Stonepillar updated: (bug πŸ›) #7297
  • The space convention centers have re-opened. The stock market has events again. Go and gamble your money.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #7230
  • Navbeacons are now mechanics scannable.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•) #7261
  • Added a button to AI shells to eject in place, no more scrolling across half the map to find your shell again.

Monday, January 24th, 2022

DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #7035
  • Made choking with sharp objects, like knives, deal much more bleed and a small amount of brute damage.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7285
  • Donut3's brig piping has been fixed.
Mr. Moriarty updated: #7007
  • The Radio Show Host and the Communications Officer now have unique radio icons.

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #7176
  • Added a new hat and apron for the Head Surgeon role.

Minor Changes

adharainspace updated: #7272
  • Changed bookshelf sprites.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–)#7246
  • Welding actionbars will only be seen by welder, but new animations for everyone to see!

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

BatElite updated: (bug πŸ›) #7256
  • AIs can also use normal radio prefixes now (though the :3 prefixes still work too)

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7245
  • "Port-a" machines now have a teleporting animation.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7217
  • Added an animation for opening and closing zippo lighters.

Friday, January 21st, 2022

TTerc & Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7173
  • Weedkiller (atrazine) can now affect kudzu tiles.

Minor Changes

glowbold updated: #7238
  • Fixed scanners breaking the dwarfism gene effect
TTerc & Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #7173
  • Atrazine will reduce the amount a tile of kudzu can spread and inhibit it from becoming more dense.
Zonespace updated: (bug πŸ›) #7241
  • Syndicate Specialist ammobags now work with all nukeop guns again.

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #7188
  • Martian diplomats should now be able to use vocal translators.
Zonespace updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7225
  • There is now a manifest in the Cairngorm's storage room, containing stats on what's been purchased from the Nuclear Commander's uplink across rounds.
  • Nukeop Commander uplink has been resprited (thank you Dimwhat!)

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

pali updated
  • The bug report button (in the top right corner) works again and has a new UI!
Flappybat and Flaborized and Virvatuli. updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7130
  • Hunter laser rifle, spear and cloaking device self destruct on the hunter's death. These items have been renamed to make them stand out more.
  • Hunter's laser rifle and cloaking device have new sprites by Flaborized!
  • Laser rifles are renamed to plasma rifle to reflect their projectile and have a new sound by Virvatuli.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7209
  • Resprited and animated bullet casings.
Cogwerks updated (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨)
  • Replaced my older drawn background assets with some fancier new 3D-rendered plasma giant, a couple moons, and stars
DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6997
  • Added an ability button for some hooded clothing.
LeahTheTech updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6805
  • The Inspector's report will now be displayed at the end of the round. The contents of that ominous clipboard are now much more important.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, tgui πŸ“„) #6276
  • Nuclear Operative Commanders now have a specialized uplink! More info in Minor Changes. Nuclear bomb remote has been moved to the uplink.

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨, balance βš–, tgui πŸ“„) #6276
  • The commander's uplink uses "points" versus the traditional TC, and gains 1 point for every 20 people online (minimum of 2 points)
  • The uplink has 6 items, being the Nuclear bomb teleporter, reinforcement beacon, ammo bag, specialist ammo bag, laser designator, and rapid deployment remote, the new ones described in further changelog entries.
  • First is a reinforcement beacon for 2 points to summon a syndicate gunbot to assist the nuclear team.
  • Second is the Ammo Bag and its specialist version (2/3 points, respectively), which both allow the nuclear operatives to fabricate more ammunition for their guns.
  • Third is the laser designator for 3 points, which allows the commander to call in two high-explosive airstrikes from the Cairngorm to hit anywhere they designate!
  • Finally is the Rapid Deployment Remote, costing a whole 4 points, which allows the commander to send the nuclear team in through drop pods onto anywhere on station!
  • Thank you to Cogwerks for the 152mm gun sprites, Waffleoffle for the laser designator/ammobag sprites, and Dimwhat for the gunbot/drop pod sprites!

Monday, January 17th, 2022

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #7117
  • Added backpacks, belts, radio, and a couple special helmet sprites for monkeys!
CrystalClover updated: (sprites 🎨) #7162
  • Added Bald clown mask variants and the ability to swap to and from them

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: #7153
  • Resprited stools.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7190
  • Resprited the Amusing Duck and the easter eggs it lays.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #7026
  • Removed buggy "State Laws (Advanced)" verb from AIs and instead added the new "Set Fake Laws" and "State Fake Laws" verbs as replacements.

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Minor Changes

TDHooligan updated: (sprites 🎨) #7101
  • Soda cans can now be printed in the CheMaster 3000, start a brand!
aloe updated
  • Sutures and bandages are now quite a bit faster, and are capped at 5 seconds. I'm reasonably sure the old behavior was a bug.
Nexusuxen updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #6871
  • AI Cores will now properly disconnect and reconnect from data terminals when you screwdriver them or gib them.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7182
  • Many more kinetic weapons will animated while firing.

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7040
  • Donut3 security corridor to the armory is now part of the main security area.

Friday, January 14th, 2022

Minor Changes

Nexusuxen updated: (sprites 🎨) #6428
  • Adds sliced cheese & tomatoes, and a couple recipe fixes. 1 cheese wedge = 4 slices, 1 tomato = 3 slices. Cheese slice sprites by Erinexx.
  • Multiple recipes now use cheese slices instead of whole wedges. BLTs and Weird Cheeseburgers added. Minor recipe tweaks.

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7086
  • Morgues, crematoria and tanning beds have been reworked internally with several accompanying QOL changes and minor bugfixes. Most important additions are that they require power to operate properly and silicons can operate the trays now.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7163
  • Resprited stunbatons.

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6981
  • The Part-Time Vice Officers that appeared on saturdays have been fired and replaced with some musicians instead.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7086
  • Specifically, tanning beds and crematoria will not activate and morgues will not prevent decomposition without power
Mr. Moriarty & End updated: (sprites 🎨) #7111
  • Resprited the Cargo Transporter.
Colossusqw updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #7120
  • Makes you aware of your surroundings instead of asleep during the capulettium effect, but still unable to speak or move.

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • πŸŒ­πŸ›€
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #7136
  • Added several unique sprites for worn IDs

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7144
  • Resprited botanical seeds.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7145
  • Resprited vomit.

Monday, January 10th, 2022

Nexusuxen updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #7129
  • Added skins for the AI core! 4 new appearances for AIs are now obtainable in-game. See the PR for more details!

Minor Changes

Nexusuxen updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7113
  • Cargo router doors on Cog1 should now stay open for the correct amount of time; belt hell should be operational now.
Waffleloffle updated: #7133
  • Various foods and drinks are now more flavorful.
Flappybat updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #7125
  • Battleroyale storms now start out less dangerous and scale up over the round. Removed some consoles and machinery that could be used for disruptive purposes, added a special AI law and blocked shuttle calls.
DimWhat updated: #7134
  • Increased the disarm resistance of nuke ops knight gloves.

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7122
  • Resprited eyes and eyespiders.

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

ZeWaka updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • When block-sliding, you now 'kick' items on the tile you enter in the direction of your movement.
Waffleloffle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #7112
  • Added a couple new coffee mutations.
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6933
  • Players need at least 5 rounds to play team-based antagonist roles.
CrystalClover updated: #7097
  • Added mugs to the glass recycler

Minor Changes

ZWRh3 updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #6774
  • Extinguishers with the safety on will no longer count as an open container.

Friday, January 7th, 2022

Yellow/Myco updated: #7029
  • Voices and Emotes now go over the blindness layers

Minor Changes

Colossusqw updated: (balance βš–) #7102
  • Changed the heparin recipe from needing meat slurry to needing blood.
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6735
  • With security training, you can remove handcuffs from other people twice as fast.
Nexusuxen updated: (bug πŸ›) #6718
  • Firedoors and a couple other things can now be deconstructed. Telepads and Teleconsoles will also connect to data terminals when you redeploy them instead of bricking.
TTerc updated (balance βš–)
  • Furnaces no longer accept alive mobs (similarly to gibbers).

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

FlameArrow57 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7064
  • Additional air scrubbers have been added to Horizon.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7077
  • Resprited the device analyzer, device frames, ruckingenur kit and blueprints.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7076
  • Resprited basic knives, forks, spoons and bowls, as well as food that goes inside bowls.
Nexusuxen updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6670
  • Cog1 now has a mail sorting room in Northeast maintenance, check it out! Also, where did Chompsky go...?
eX.n0x updated: (bug πŸ›, sprites 🎨) #7083
  • A large chunk of clothing items fit better on/with lizard heads.

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #7060
  • A number of changes have been made to Battle Royale. 40% of lockers and crates are randomly removed each round with the remainder replaced with Syndicate gear lockers and treasure chests. More armor and weapons are available with less useless items. Going off Z1 will now deal constant damage, stay battling!

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #7051
  • Football pitch gets cleaned between rounds, slightly longer delaybefore rounds.

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #7044
  • Added glasses sprites for lizardssss.

Saturday, January 1st, 2022

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7036
  • Resprited ampoules.

December 2021

Friday, December 31st, 2021

tarmunora updated (balance βš–, happy new years πŸŽ‰)
  • Thrown drinking glasses now splash some of their contents to the floor as well

Thursday, December 30th, 2021

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Clicking on the pull hud button now shows a popup where you can select what to pull.
Mr. Moriarty updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #7028
  • The NSS Clarion has invested in sturdier windows for the HoS's Office, in order for them to survive the relentless onslaught of StirStir's forehead.
Blackrep updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #6831
  • The glass recycler has been updated to a fancy new interface!

Wednesday, December 29th, 2021

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #6942
  • Added a bunch more monkey clothing including gloves, shoes and masks! Ook!

Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

Stonepillar updated: #6898
  • Flusher components now have a limit of 100 things to flush at once.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #6988
  • The material costs for several drone types have been made much more difficult.

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #6988
  • The material cost for miniature syndicates has been lowered.
Gonzako updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6900
  • Button pannels can now create new buttons from signals. Use ButtonLabel=ButtonSignal to define new buttons. These can be separated by ";" or "&"
Keiya updated: #7011
  • Made it/its pronouns selectable in the the identity computer and character setup screen.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6966
  • Updated sprites for belt items.

Monday, December 27th, 2021

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5712
  • AI's now have access to text Holograms by way of Phrase Templates! Find some hologram expansion modules to add phrases/words.

Minor Changes

Skeletonman0 updated: #6710
  • Grilles now try to electrocute mobs thrown or launched at them.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)#6799
  • Plasmatoid results in respiratory "issues". The infection will spread to the lungs and they will no longer function like they used to.

Sunday, December 26th, 2021

pali updated
  • Manta has been disabled
Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6864
  • Changed phones on Donut 3, removed arrivals/office phones. Moved and added some phones.

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: #7004
  • Suicide command now always opens a suicide method selection window.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #6985
  • Santa and Krampus no longer spawn in modes that prevent antag spawns.
Magma Hunter updated: #6989
  • Changes the AZERTY number row to use the French layout. Also fixes it for ghosts.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #6957
  • Made some small sprite changes to a few glasses sprites.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6995
  • Resprited the arc plater and ore processor machines.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #7001
  • Resprited pills.

Saturday, December 25th, 2021

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (πŸŽ…)
  • Super Hairgrownium has 3u minimum volume to trigger moustache effect

Friday, December 24th, 2021

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #6978
  • NanoTrasen has shipped breaching hammers to armories that were missing them.

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨, balance βš–) #6984
  • Added unique bedsheet sprites for lizards.

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)#6910
  • Added ember particle effects to burning barrels, using the new particle system.
aloe updated
  • You can now click telescience portals to go through them while you're standing on the same tile.

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #6861
  • Added one second cooldown on bodybag open/close. Reduced stun on bodybag open.
Dimwhat updated: (balance βš–) #6943
  • The obsidian crown is now blacklisted from petasusaphilic
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6958
  • Macrobomb explosion power average increased to 27 from 25.
Zonespace updated: #6883
  • Syndicate Donk Pocket's smelling salts changed back to synaptizine, the methamphetamine in the Donks no longer purge brain healing chems.

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

TTerc updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Firefighting grenades are now also able to extinguish mobs.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6932
  • Updated many jumpsuit item sprites to be more consistent with their worn states.

Minor Changes

TTerc updated (balance βš–)
  • ValuChimp restock cartridges are now only available via certain cargo traders, similarly to monkey crates.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Werewolf and tentacle arms become weaker when severed.
RSG250 updated: #6915
  • Gemstones make good windows again.

Sunday, December 12th, 2021

Jan.antilles updated
  • Shrubs now have Spacemas lights.

Minor Changes

Terra_GS updated: (sprites 🎨) #6888
  • Updated the launcher/ignition switch sprites.

Thursday, December 9th, 2021

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Lethal hypotension starts after missing 200u of blood instead of 125u.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • For the low price of 6000 spacebux you can now adopt a frog.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6244
  • Added seven new crew objectives.
Sord and Pali updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6782
  • Nanotrasen has bought all new, larger, escape shuttles!

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6244
  • Added the furnace objective that the CE has to the possible engineer objectives.
Sord and Pali updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6782
  • All new large sized shuttles for all space maps, new Centcomm dock

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Riot launchers no longer a bulky item.
Jawns updated: (bug πŸ›) #6865
  • SecMate can now properly choose a printer and print records on it.
aloe updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can wring hearts out to dump a quarter of their reagents on the ground. Has a 2 second cooldown between squeezes. Sound effects are placeholders (probably????)

Monday, December 6th, 2021

Vocalpocal updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6466
  • Hydroponic plants now make a sound when they mutate

Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Nexusuxen updated: #6502
  • TermOS messaging with the AI has been significantly improved. See the PR or minor changelog for more details!
pali updated
  • You no longer need to mash space to shoot in pods. Holding it down is enough now!
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6519
  • Resprited the cyborg HUD elements.

Minor Changes

Nexusuxen updated: #6502
  • TermOS messaging for AIs now include audio feedback, properly route everything to shells and eye, with a new window to log and view your conversations! Accessed with the 'View Message Log' AI command.

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #6380
  • Polymorph now has an action bar.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

pali updated
  • You can now slide glasses across tables. Just stand next to a table and click on another table far away with a drinking glass in hand

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

sovexe updated: #6836
  • Refactored a bunch of update_icon procs. Please report if you see any bugs such as invisible items.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • booster enzyme now exothermic and depletes faster.
Gannets updated: (sprites 🎨) #6843
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Send a letter to Spacebe - er, Santa! Find their helper under the Spacemas tree.
pali updated
  • When entering your PIN into things the input popup now defaults to your actual PIN. The future is now.

November 2021

Monday, November 29th, 2021

pali updated
  • The say popup (on pressing T) should now appear instantly. But as a downside the typing chatbubbly might now persist if you cancel the popup. Please report any other bugs related to speaking and/or chat bubbles.
  • The status bar which shows what you are hovering over has now been squished next to the command bar. Also its colour now respects dark mode.

Minor Changes

Momoberry updated: #6258
  • Modifies the polymorph List for wizard, adds naming convention to poly victims.
Sovexe updated: #6832
  • Fire alarm status lights now shine through the darkness
  • Toggling the lights / power off no longer breaks fire alarms

Friday, November 28th, 2021

Flaborized + Flourish updated
  • Pugs can now choose from several different color variants in character setup using the "Special Style" option. Sprites by Flab!

Minor Changes

Nexusuxen updated: #6685
  • Cog2's Medsci Router now has a shuttle for scientists to take them to the Research Outpost.

Friday, November 27th, 2021

Aloe, Flaborized, Flourish, and mbc updated: #6806
  • Added playable pugs. The pug trait costs 4 points, as pugs are intended as a challenge mode for players who’d like to show off their prowess.
  • Most notably, pugs take double oxy damage, are poisoned by chocolate, can sprint til they run out of stamina, have a small chance of throwing themselves towards thrown items, and have a special *sleuth emote. Check out the PR page for full details.
pali updated
  • T-ray scanners now only visible to the user, they penetrate walls and have higher range.

Friday, November 26th, 2021

anonymous updated: #6784
  • Clarion kitchen changes: Added a stove, soup pot and ladle. Shrunk the Kitchen Freezer horizontally by one tile. Reshuffled all of the Kitchen to make more walk space and put things where they make sense to be.

Minor Changes

LeahTheTech updated: #6769
  • Thralls can no longer be made to look human again using the genetics console.
Sovexe updated: #6771
  • Conveyor belt switches now affect their linked belts instantly.
Sovexe updated: #6750
  • You no longer need to remove the battery from an energy/meteor shield generator to connect it to a wire.

Thursday, November 25th, 2021

Sovexe updated: #6708
  • Blob rounds can now have up to 4 blobs at once.
Flourish updated
  • Oshan's cloning, EVA, security lobby, and armory are all a tiny bit more spacious now.

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021

pali updated
  • You can now search by rank (job) in SecMate and MedTrak. Also both of those programs now allow searching by partial matches.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Addict and Allergy traits now persist properly after cloning.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #6650
  • Hangar door access levels should now actually be checked.
  • Security pods now start with a Security Comms Array to be able to open their hangars. If you know the code, you can also open them from the outside with your Comms Array!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Flourish updated
  • Customs now has a cool service bell. Ring it a bunch to annoy the HoP.
  • The chef also gets a cool dinner bell in their backpack. Sprite by Arthur Holiday!
Flourish updated
  • You can now emag segways. Emagged segways are faster and don't throw you off when you crash into other people.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Blob has some new animation for spreading
  • Entering the ocean should now apply its reagents to you, this shouldn't really change much for now probably
  • Clientside lag caused by lots of messages in chat has been greatly reduced, woo!

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Jan.antilles updated: #6668
  • Resprited pies and added some new pie recipes!
Flourish updated
  • You can no longer take multiple allergy traits.

Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated
  • methamphetamine acts as a purgative for brain medicines mannitol and synaptizine.
  • haloperidol additionally purges synaptizine

Saturday, November 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #6741
  • Nanotrasen has noticed they were using an older recipe of plasma cutters for there ship manufacturers and has begin using the modern cheaper recipe again.

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Nexusuxen updated: #6632
  • Cargo router doors should now stay open for long enough to allow for cargo to not get stuck in space.

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: #6730
  • Syndicate weapons vendors are now explosion immune.

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

pali updated
  • You can now killswitch ghostdrones on the robotics console.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

pali updated: #6707
  • Changeling absorb ability now adds a the person to your list of transformation targets immediately, no matter whether you finish the absorption or not

Tuesday, November 16th, 2021

Skeletonman0 updated: #6643
  • Made Strange Reagent require an electric shock to restart people's hearts.
Walpvrgis updated: #6671
  • Added a couple of new floor styles/sprites to the Floor and Wall Planner. Station renovating grows ever more powerful.
Walpvrgis updated: #6672
  • Two new furniture crates are available from Cargo for 20000 credits each; a neon table and chair set, and a scrap/junk table and chair set.

Minor Changes

aloe updated
  • The Head Surgeon no longer has access to the Medical Director's office and locker. A comprehensive NT study determined that the tranq rifle was not needed for surgery.
Sbmhawk updated: #6484
  • Security vendors now come stocked with colorful lunchboxes of donuts, instead of boring grey boxes!
Danger Noodles updated: #6618
  • Added a new table type, it can be found on the cairngorm.
Arborinus updated: #6649
  • In an effort to appeal to new consumers, Discount Dan has updated the burrito extruders in their factories.

Monday, November 15th, 2021

Nexusuxen updated: #6537
  • AIs may now text people directly from examine text if their PDA (or PDAs) is visible and their messenger active, except if the AI is piloting a shell.

Minor Changes

Merlin1230 updated: #6188
  • The rockbox UI has been updated, and now you can see the stats of ore from the menu!

Sunday, November 14th, 2021

BatElite updated: #5884
  • Added the engineering materiel vacuum, a hand-or-back-or-belt item which allows them to collect loose debris and construction materials as well as place floor tiles by simply walking around with it!
Azrun updated: #5645
  • Status Displays are back (but as of right now not placed on all maps). But you can order a crate of them from cargo for now.

Minor Changes

Mr. Moriarty updated: #6470
  • The NSS Clarion now trusts Security Assistants enough to allow them to retrieve their own gear without supervision from a superior officer.
anonymous updated: #6631
  • Atlas got a bunch of small improvements
zjdtmkhzt updated: #6642
  • Long range teleporters are now deconstructable, and their mechcomp integration should now work.
Flappybat updated: #6682
  • Battle Royale tweaks: Fixed the bugged Battle Storm ended message in BR. Raised and set storm warning period at 60 seconds. Removed security lockers.
Flappybat updated: #6675
  • Most damaged and richest escapee now only tracks humans.
tarmunora updated
  • prismatic spray spell now hits targets once/burst, and has full ground-hit-chance

Friday, November 12th, 2021

Azrun, Gannets & Aquarlo updated: #6646
  • Adds the Bard class crate to Cairngorn Syndicate Weapons Vendors.
  • The bard is equipped with: A stylish flying V guitar which does decent damage to humans and considerably more to airlocks.
  • Two amplifier stacks, which can be worn on the back slot, which serve as the center of any area of effect skills you play.
  • A variety of instant use abilities and extended play support effects to boost your team's performance.
  • Tip: strum along to your songs to keep them going longer!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021

Zamujasa updated
  • Testing out canvases, little icons you can draw on with crayons, pens, etc.
  • You can use a paint can on them to reet the canvas color as well.
  • Please report any bugs. I'd like to make a way for these to persist over rounds!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #6629
  • Artifacts can now also be sold in crates. We apologize for the inconveniences.

Monday, November 8th, 2021

Ikea updated: #6559
  • Loot crates no longer have stripes indicating their tier.
Zonespace updated: #6577
  • Armory Special Grenade crates now have a box of NT stun mines in them!
Gousaid67 updated: #6579
  • Chefs are now able to examine food to get additional information!

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: #6603
  • Replaced the spacelubed floor tile effect with new art; should be easier to see on resprited floors now.

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Glowstick light range increased

Friday, November 5th, 2021

FlamingLily updated: #6543
  • The crew manifest has been overhauled, now sorted by department.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #6516
  • Buffed artifact selling prices.
Zonespace updated: #6576
  • Powersinks now need tier 2 conductors and tier 2 metals to fabricate.
tarmunora updated
  • Tweaked a number of nukeop gun/bullet numbers
tarmunora updated
  • Power sinks now kick back ~20% APC charge when disconnected.
Momoberry updated: #6256
  • Changes the Flail ability of spiders to be less obnoxious.
  • New critter abilities and ability icons!

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • You can now insert prizes into claw machines.
Gannets updated: #6564
  • The Firebrand's syndicate napalm thrower now slows more and for longer.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: #6565
  • Added a one second firing delay to the Betelgeuse sniper rifle.
tarmunora updated
  • chem dispensers take miraclium to fabricate.
112358sam updated: #6532
  • Adds the mining PDA group to the list of default message groups
Jimmyl updated: #6524
  • MechComps can now be returned to the Vending Machine
Nexusuxen updated: #6533
  • Cargo mass drivers/loaders now operate significantly faster and are generally more reliable now.

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

Kubius updated: #6379
  • Quartermasters now have access to a Requisitions clearinghouse through which they can fulfill a rotating list of off-station orders.
pali6 updated
  • Spy stickers now come with a pinpointer that lets you track a specific sticker!
  • Pinpointers now show a fancy arrow on your HUD that's better than the screen of the pinpointer.
  • The same is now applied to BloodTrak. Also BloodTrak can now scan puddles of blood and bloody items.
  • Engineer lockers now have an APC pinpointer useful for when you can't find those damn things.
  • Research adventure crate now has an artifact pinpointer which points to artifacts in limited range.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: #6463
  • Adds 3 breaching charges to the Oshan armory
Kubius updated: #6379
  • Requisition contracts have a high chance to disappear each market shift, but one at a time may be pinned to retain it through shifts. Each requisition is slightly to significantly randomized.

Monday, November 1st, 2021

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Mechanics teleporter component got some fancier new visuals and also is harder to hide.

October 2021

Sunday, October 31st, 2021

pali updated: #6342
  • Holding alt + hovering over people with your cursor shows their names and pronouns
  • AI, borgs and ghosts see all mobs' names when holding alt
Ikea updated: #6119
  • Loot crates contents have undergone some balance changes, check minor changes for more details.
  • Predator rifles now come with half the charge and half the self recharge rate, but with half the firing costs.
Nexusuxen updated: #6480
  • You can now see who's in cryo by looking at the manifest or, if they have one, their security/medical record.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • ID cards now have pronouns on them, HoP console can modify those. Useful if you want to fully impersonate someone
  • Hiding in shrubs / bushes now hides your arrest status / health status from people with appropriate goggles
BatElite updated: #6433
  • You can use the hotkey to drink from glasses now.
pali updated: #6331
  • Hovering over radio icons now shows their name.
Ikea updated: #6119
  • Crates will now pull from a pool of handheld arts instead of just telewands. Telegun has been completely removed from loot crates. The atomic cell and disruptor cell have been replaced with better cells. The one million crates from loot crates has been replaced with three hundred thousand credits.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #6348
  • Non-bartenders will now be able to taste some of the reagents they drink. (Bartenders will continue to know exactly what they drink.)

Saturday, October 30th, 2021

Zonespace updated: #6094
  • There's a new admin-spawn antagonist on the loose, try not to get stabbed!
pali updated
  • PDA ringtone sound range drastically decreased

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Falling over or laying down over a puddle of fluid will make you splash into it now
Flourish updated
  • You can now print up to five QM barcodes at a time.
  • The automatic lockers in the brig now start anchored.

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Grokberg and pkfiremain710 updated: #6464
  • Adds a new drink, the Wellerman (sweet tea + rum)

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #6473
  • Removed the sanctuary zone from the Battlecruiser Cairngorm's medbay

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated: #6465
  • Reduce RP antag counts.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

pali updated: #6423
  • You can now press ; directly to talk over the main radio channel instead of having to press T and then type in ;.
pali updated
  • Skeleton is now a -1 trait

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #6225
  • Old hunting rifle surplus item cost reduced to 3 tc. Spy bounty for old hunting rifle made slightly more common.
Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6374
  • The glass tables in Oshan arrivals have been sent to the grave yard, and in their place basic metal tables were summoned.
Vocalpocal updated: #6430
  • Botany's plantmaster mk3 now has sounds for most of its functions.
Flourish updated
  • Medical doctors and roboticists now spawn with upgraded ProDoc health goggles.
Sovexe updated
  • Morgue trays now have a neat opening animation.

Monday, October 25th, 2021

TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #6389
  • Changed how slips work: you will no longer slip, as long as you won't exceed the "default" movespeed (running with full health). However, for example, sprinting, taking meth or having mechboots will make you vulnerable to slips again.
  • Clown PDAs, banana peels and ice will still slip you when running, as usual. Lube effect is also unaffected.

Minor Changes

kyle updated
  • Give legless spacebux purchase a wheelchair.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #6414
  • Antag cleanbots and firebots can now pick up small-tiny items instead of only being able to pick up tiny items.

Sunday, October 24th, 2021

pali updated
  • the GPS verb has been made better. Try it today to find your way around the station. It's in the Commands tab above chat.
Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • made it so that when you push [t] (or whatever) to talk you get a little bubble over your head that looks like you're typing something in.
  • this will probably have bugs but i did testing and nothing immediately caught on fire.
  • if something does catch on fire feel free to revert it (

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (bug πŸ›) #6339
  • Fixed Oshan trench elevator pinpointers.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6270
  • COMMaster Message command has been added. It lets you send a message to another Goonstation server.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #6218
  • Station floor tiles have been resprited (and the floors available in the Floor and Wall Planner have been updated to match). Lemme know if you notice any weirdness with them!

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6335
  • Resprited crematoriums and morgue slabs.
pali updated: #6373
  • Ghosting in cryo now starts respawn countdown on RP

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6361
  • Geoff the clown trader is now selling Witch Costumes in two cute colours. It's still October, I'm not too late!!

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6338
  • Removed cryotube system valves on cogmap2, destiny, kondaru and oshan to match the other maps cryo setup.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #6400
  • Genetics abilities are now displayed by default, clicking the button now hides them.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6385
  • Added new trait that spawns you with no hair, but a wig instead. Also works for mutantraces.
Vocalpocal updated: (removal β›”) #6327
  • Increased tobacco genome from 2 to 11
  • To make tomacco, you now have to use splicing instead of infusing tomato seed with nicotine
Nexusuxen updated: #6391
  • Recolored AI Intercom Monitor text from default green to color used by AI Intercoms

Thursday, October 21st, 2021

Wisemonster updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6376
  • Added a long-range teleporter to Destiny's science department.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

Gousaid67 updated: #6382
  • You can now see the charging progress of an item by examining the recharger while close!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Minor Changes

aloe updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”) #6362
  • NanoTrasen finally realized that they shouldn't be selling Generic Candy in vending machines. They now sell chocolate bars, which work in all the same recipes that the old candy did.

Monday, October 18th, 2021

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: #6368
  • Security Assistants may spawn with a new(ish) objective.
Gannets updated: #6358
  • Nuke ops medics can now see what reagents are contained in their combi-injectors.

Sunday, October 17th, 2021

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance 🧊πŸ”₯)
  • Cryoxadone and Cryostaline on-life effects are surpressed by fire.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjust moonshine efficacy, omnizine return, and bottle size.
Gerhazo updated: (sprites 🎨) #6344
  • The kitchen gibber has received some mechanical upgrades.

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Admins can now set a message for a player that will be displayed on next login, for when we need to tell you something but you aren't online.
  • The future is now.

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #6333
  • It now takes 3 seconds to shove someone in the portabrig instead of 1 second

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Flaborized & pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6300
  • Nukie radio icons are now letters based on their callsigns
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6298
  • Nukie commander is now a separate antag preference. Turn it on if you want to be the commander (you still need regular nukie antag preference toggled on).

Minor Changes

pali updated: #6308
  • Nukie default radio channel is now in Syndicate red instead of being green.
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6284
  • hatstomp emote is now animated.
FlamingLily updated: (balance βš–) #6295
  • After a long and intense class action legal battle, Discount Dan's has finally removed Ghost Chili Juice from their products, dine away without fear of incineration!
FlamingLily updated: #6294
  • Added hot-swapping of beakers to chem dispensers, no need to eject when replacing a beaker

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #6239
  • You can now select your pronouns separately from your sex. Saved pronouns have been reset to they/them.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6080
  • A bee farm has drifted into the asteroid field recently. The bees do the farming. They're lesbians.

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: #6271
  • Clicking backpacks/satchels/belts with an item that does not fit in them will now open them.
TTerc updated: (bug πŸ›) #6243
  • Small update for wraith/revenant UI: Added points and generation rate counter + turning into a revenant removes all the wraith ability buttons, instead of making them unusable.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

Mr. Moriarty updated: (sprites 🎨) #6223
  • Added three new waistcoats and a guard's coat to the clothing booth.
Zamujasa updated
  • Trying to move while dead will now ghost you. Don't worry, you can still wiggle with IJKL.

Minor Changes

kyle updated (balance βš–)
  • Ritual AOE creation effects now require energy per each thing it attempts to effect.
112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6173
  • Made LOOC text visible over the head of the speaker.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6221
  • Nectar Perspiration visual effect upgraded to slightly larger buzzing insects.
alexkar598 updated: #6179
  • The description instructing you how to deconstruct reinforced walls now has bolded words to hint to the next step.

Monday, October 11th, 2021

pali updated
  • For Spooktober the space colour now varies slightly
Zamujasa updated
  • Ghosts become visible to everyone at the end of a round.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa (feature πŸ†•)
  • Using floor tiles in hand now acts like using them on the turf you're on. This means you can add tiles to plating with the use key, or (if holding a crowbar) swap out the tiles.
  • Using < and > in messages should now work. <3? This might break things, though, so report any new issues...

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5978
  • Added a new prefab to the asteroid field, a Syndicate Laboratory.
Gerhazo updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Halloween plush toy job is now in a true halloween mood.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6206
  • Arcfiend - max charge increased (2000 -> 2500)
  • Arcfiend - Jamming Field ability point cost reduced (200 -> 150)
Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6151
  • Added three new cooking recipes: Fettucine Alfredo, Chicken Alfredo, and Chicken Parmigiana!
  • Resprited existing spaghetti dishes to not use plates and look even tastier.
Batelite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6131
  • Silicons no longer have control over the firelocks of airlocks with disabled AI control.
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6086
  • Only spy thieves can deploy and undeploy their camera's flash.
Eagle updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6021
  • Added a ranch to mushroom, along with some very very tiny qql things.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6219
  • Resprited wizard spell ability icons.

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • increase napalm contact damage volume scaling (max unchanged), round burn DOT values
Nexusuxen & pali updated
  • When there's no roundstart AI it now gets replaced by a cardboard box. This box can also be made out of cardboard in a hacked robotics fabricator. (You can get cardboard by wrench-disassembling those cargo crates made out of cardboard for example!)
Flourish updated
  • The Devil has gone back to Hell to visit their parents. But what's that? A tattered plush toy? Aw, how adorable...
  • Holographic disguisers are now available in the Syndicate uplink for 2 bad guy bucks.
  • Chameleon projectors can now copy the appearance of any object. They also now cost 5 evil energy crystals.

Friday, October 8th, 2021

Danger Noodle updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6214
  • Added a new space prefab, a school for securitrons.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #6043
  • Silverglass has been set adrift in deep space.
Ikea updated: #5944
  • Engineering now come with lamp manufacturers.
Dr. Cogwerks updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Reworked Cogmap2 security checkpoint and podbay layouts. Added minibrig and a little pilot/merchant booth.
  • Reinforced Mining Magnet viewing areas

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5928
  • Antagonist critter gunbots now have muzzleflash, thermalvision and cyborg style punch immunity.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Port-a-nanomed and chemdepot non-scannable
  • Organ Swap special order additional rewards of 3x medical restock cartridges and 1x advanced medical restock cartridge (portamed restock)
Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #6204
  • When putting down a chair you will have to wait 1 second before climbing on it

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Dr. Cogwerks updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Reworked cogmap2 engineering hallway so the PTL only bisects one side of the primary corridor by default
MetricDuck updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6048
  • Added a new space prefab - a seemingly abandoned safe house.

Minor Changes

Carsontheking updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5782
  • Gold ID card the hops equipment manufacturer can make now requires gold rather than reflective material.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Emily & Eagletanker updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6195
  • Manta's Mining has moved from the Sea Turtle back shipside.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #6006
  • Wish granters now give out less dollars.
Tarmunora updated
  • adjust expresso recipe
HauntedAngel updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #6171
  • Removes cast time from the prismatic spray spell, allowing you to cast it while on the go.
Arthur Holiday updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #5873
  • You can now destroy printers and disposal chutes by shooting them.
MomoBerry updated: (balance βš–) #6010
  • Holy water and Firefighting Foam damage caps are now 80 and 74.75, respective to their antags.
Hans updated: (balance βš–) #5924
  • Enhances the capacity of some of the bottles so they can serve more glasses.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5937
  • Chameleon bomb traitor purchase cost reduced to 3 tc and now gives a box of 2 chameleon bombs, power of chameleon bombs lowered to compensate.
Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6174
  • Added three new botany plants: Raspberry, Blackberry, and Blue Raspberry!
  • Added three new cocktail recipes: Blackberry Bramble, French Martini, and Jazzberry Hard Lemonade!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #6177
  • Destiny's science department no longer has as many public access doors.
  • Destiny's Medbay lobby is now accessible to the public.
TTerc updated: #6107
  • You are now able to put critter corpses into disposal units via clickdrag.
112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6120
  • Added a new crew objective for miners
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #6175
  • Gwydion tranquilizer pistol magazine size reduced to 10. Tranquilizer ammo pouches now contain 3 spares.

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Waffleloffle updated: (sprites 🎨) #5915
  • Adds a new botany plant, turmeric, and its associated reagent. Turmeric root can be put in a food processor to make curry powder, which can be used in some new recipes.

Minor Changes

Wisemonster updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #6158
  • The Oshan medbay storage door connected to maintenance now requires medical access.
BatElite updated: #6147
  • Engineers now have access to the construction worker's overalls from their lockers.
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #6162
  • Discount Superheroes have their access reduced to Security Assistant.
Grokberg updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #6100
  • Adds a new interface and new sound to the piano and saxophone.

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #6140
  • Added a barricade dispenser to the Syndicate Battlecruiser Cairngorm.

Minor Changes

aloe updated: (balance βš–) #6135
  • Mechanics Reconstruction Kits from QM now include one deconstruction device.
Gannets. updated: (balance βš–) #6139
  • Adds LMG ammo pouch to Heavy Weapons Specialist crate. Spare LMG belts increased to 5.

Friday, October 1st, 2021

Minor Changes

aloe updated: (bug πŸ›) #6134
  • The fungus shortage is over, and spaceacillin has returned to to NanoMeds

September 2021

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #6062
  • Added a new space prefab; the DreamPlaza Mall (or what is left of it).

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Fabricated vending machines are constructed empty. Visit your local Quartermaster for restock cartridges!
tarmunora updated (rework πŸ”„)
  • Armored gloves now give bonuses to unarmed blocking values based on material stats. Experiment!

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #6117
  • Betelgeuse sniper rifle magazine size increased to 6. Spare magazines increased to 7.

Monday, September 27th, 2021

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: #6111
  • Honey, the material, has been renamed to refined honey for all the cloning pod enthusiasts out there.
JordanTheKitty updated:#6106
  • Lowered the alcohol density of many drinks typically served tall such as Bloody Marys and PiΓ±a Coladas.
  • Replaced the sugar in the Tequila Sunrise recipe with grenadine
TTerc updated: #6108
  • Portable reclaimer now accepts anything with a set material e.g. honey, butts, electroplated items.
aloe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5998
  • Special attacks can now be used to bonk securitrons, medibots, and other small robots.

Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New Secret Chem: Marteeny

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (removal β›”) #6099
  • Tourettes has been removed.

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New Secret Chem: Miasmosa

Friday, September 24th, 2021

Emily updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #6090
  • A strangely shaped chicken has wandered into the ranch!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5592
  • Added a few more cyborg recharging stations to Donut 3

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Carsontheking updated: (sprites 🎨) #5813
  • Salted oats and Pepper corn added!
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #6056
  • Ouija boards have moved to the 21st century and now contain emoji
Obama Gaming updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5901
  • Added a new location to quantum telescope. Accessible through long range teleporter.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #5917
  • You can mix and match lungs!
pali updated
  • Vomit now contains DNA of the person who vomited it.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #5962
  • Spliced plants should now properly inherit the special behavior of their dominant parent. (For instance, rafflesia.)
  • The rafflesia can now smoke all of its spliced reagents, instead of just miasma.

Minor Changes

Carsontheking updated: (sprites 🎨) #5813
  • Adds in a new crop mutation for oats, salted oats, which contain salt. Also adds in a new crop mutation for corn, pepper corn, which contains pepper. They can also be processed into bags of salt, and bags of pepper respectively, both of which which serve no purpose currently.
Sord updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5890
  • Destiny now has a customs booth near the bridge, as well as a new clothing shop replacing some of the old crew quarters!
eX.n0x & Nefarious6th updated: (sprites 🎨) #5758
  • Card decks can now be taken out of pockets using the "pick up" action.
  • The process to open a Spacemen: the Grifening deck box is now easier!
  • Realistic card shuffling re-added; your cards might stick to each other!
RSG250 updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5984
  • added 2 ""new"" cloner modules to a certain space trader.
Vaskritaya updated: (feature πŸ†•) #6055
  • Cigarettes can now be put back into packets.

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Ikea updated: #6052
  • Quartermasters now get quartermaster training, this has the exact same effects of smooth talking trait.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #6019
  • Added a few new hats in multiple colours; baseball caps, goggles (worn as a headband) and pirate hats, as well as some extra mime beret colours. These can be found in the clothing booth under Accessories and Headwear.
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5950
  • Blades can once again be forged in the Hidden Workshop. A lot of blood, sweat and tears must be expended to craft one.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: #6014
  • You can now remove reinforcement from material sheets in bulk
Owari updated (sprites 🎨
  • New sea ladder in-hand sprites.

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6030
  • Geneticists, scientists, roboticists, and engineering jobs now spawn with visually unique backpacks.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • asslaser direct damage reduction.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • sprinting while prone costs extra stamina.

Minor Changes

Flappybat and THISISANICEGAME updated: (sprites 🎨) #5923
  • Resprited the critter security bot, now with animated treads and glowing eyes.
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5818
  • CARL now sells the Syndicate command helmet to go with the command armor.

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–) #6024
  • Special Order events added. Help your QMs make some money today.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #6004
  • Security personnel now spawn with a visually distinct bag.

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Emily updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #6020
  • Chickens partially reworked. Please report any bugs.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #6013
  • Shield Generator and Meteor Generators use power to block melee and projectile attacks.

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5904
  • New item, glow stickers. Stickers that glow when stuck to something. Now provided to undersea miners.

Sunday, September 12th, 2021

aloe updated: (bug πŸ›) #5967
  • Cyborgs die a bit differently now- the destruction of your head will always kill you, and any sort of death will cause you to fall apart. Report any new bugs, please!
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Item slot machine rebalanced. Notably, the best prizes require a wager of no less than 250 credits
MarkNstein updated: (balance βš–) #5880
  • AI Law Boards now have tighter character limits.
Ikea updated: (sprites 🎨) #5969
  • New-style windoors are now hackable.

Minor Changes

Ikea updated: #5990
  • Cargo traders have realized they were accidentally selling fibrilith and will now sell cloth fabric instead.

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Emagging the NT syringe gun makes it fire it's entire contents, instead of clearing the whitelist.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5968
  • Strange reagent requires a minimum of 1u to revive.
Emily updated (balance βš–)
  • Chickens can now be butchered significantly faster to make cleaning out the ranch easier.
  • Flashbangs are now severely less available. Check the armory for them.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Radprot now affects incoming rad status duration instead of existing rad status damage.
Ikea updated: #5970
  • Neurotoxin and capulettium sting cooldown has been increased to 140 seconds.

Minor Changes

Obama Gaming updated: #5936
  • Apprentice caps can now be handmade.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5798
  • Scanning Syndicate command helmet now requires a syndicate device analyser.
pali updated
  • The overcharged vacuum now has smaller movement penalty for the special attack.

Friday, September 10th, 2021

tarmunora updated
  • Blob overmind teleport only on right-click.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #5961
  • Added some more clothing options to the clothing booth, and the detective's locker.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Sprinting is less effective when lying down.
  • Speed penalty from lying down is extended through standup animation.

Minor Changes

edwardly updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5953
  • Power monitor / solar controls are now computers that can be deconstructed
BatElite updated: (sprites 🎨) #5927
  • Headsets have new sprites and now look like something!
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #5960
  • Splicing garlic should now properly give the resulting plant the holy water reagent.

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Zamujasa updated (rework πŸ”„)
  • The shipping market has been beaten with a hammer a few times. Fluctuations are now somewhat more consistent, and commodity prices will tend towards their base prices.
  • This means that commodity hyperinflation/total devaluation should no longer be a thing.
  • "Hot" prices only show up when a commodity's value is actually higher than its base price.
  • As usual, this is subject to further changes later.

Minor Changes

Zamujasa updated (rework πŸ”„)
  • Cleanbots no longer absorb reagents they mop up. No more Oshan Arrivals turning into a lubed up deathtrap.
  • You can still dump reagents into them to cause chaos, though. You knew about that, right?

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can now craft windows by clicking the floor with glass sheets (also reinforced windows with reinforced sheets)

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Emily updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5935
  • Resist Buff: you can now struggle out of grabs and pulls while stunned using the resist button/key (Default Z), unless cuffed
Emily updated: #5933
  • You can now resist (Default Z) out of pulls like you can with grabs
Tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–)
  • Gunbot (and fire elemental) critters can pointblank

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5913
  • Ling Island Iced Tea recipe now requires heating to 100C when being created.

Monday, September 6th, 2021

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•, balance βš–)
  • The station's payroll budget is now funded automatically by Centcom, based on crewmembers' initially assigned jobs.
  • Any payroll stipend that is not distributed is added to the station's budget. If payroll is higher than the stipend, any deficit will be funded by the budget (unless that is also exhausted).
  • The banking control computer has a somewhat better interface.
Gannets & BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5876
  • Adds a new utility purchase to the Syndicate Weapons Vendor on the Cairngorm: the Military Headset.
  • This headset allows an operative to communicate on their usual radio frequencies, but with the advantage of blocking 100% of ear disorient damage from things like flashbang grenades.
DoctorStupid updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5830
  • toy guns sold by Geoff Honkington are much cheaper and have been reworked. More powerful toy guns are now sold by Josh in the QM console

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #5902
  • Resprited some ore, material bars and other intermediate matsci products.

Sunday, September 5th, 2021

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Players in Ghost VR or the Afterlife Bar should now get alerts and be eligible for random event antagonist/pest spawns.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5903
  • Added a new spacebux ghost critter purchase; Lil Bird Ghost Critter. It costs 1000 spacebux and lets you play as a little sparrow or robin if you decide to respawn after tiring of the afterlife!

Minor Changes

Vaskritaya updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5789
  • Flasks are now available from the Spacebux menu.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5909
  • Small set of Kondaru adjustments; cloning room rearranged for easier reclaimer loading and patient release, and hydro grow lamp count reduced for parity.
Tarmunora updated (rework πŸ”„)
  • Drowsiness migrated to status system.
Mordent updated: (balance βš–, removal β›”) #5878
  • Removed medical locker access from security officers on the RP servers (to be the same as the non-RP servers).
Zamujasa updated (bug πŸ›)
  • fix scissors

Saturday, September 4th, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Chickens age twice as fast if injected with ageinium
  • Miners now spawn with the equipment needed to mine
  • There are now more miner job slots open

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5899
  • Werewolf serum requires 3 u to infect lycanthropy instead of 0 u

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Yass + Flourish updated (balance βš–)
  • Shoving an unarmed target will do 1.5x the stamina damage shoving an armed (i.e. holding something in at least one of their hands) target will do.
Flourish updated
  • Cyborgs should now be able to hear and speak even when stunned or immobile.

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Yellow/Myco updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5870
  • Refurbishes Destiny by updating walls, doors, and windows to the modern style!
Ikea updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5849
  • Nanotrasen has decided to reconstruct the Tunnel snake with some design modifications, and has decommissioned the old mining outpost for manta.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (features πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5883
  • The radio show host found a pair of vintage headphones in their closet, so they now spawn with that.
Flappybat updated: #5882
  • Welders will always do damage on harm intent rather than trying to cauterize bleeding.
Flappybat updated: #5875
  • Added a sound to the hand labeler.
Flappybat updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #5869
  • You can no longer emote while unconscious.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

kyle updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5841
  • Changelings now automatically start to regrow their limbs after making a limbspider. (Don't be by anyone when the timer runs out or they might notice!)
Mordent & Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5859
  • Geneticists get a new genetic analyzer device (which they spawn with) that lets them quickly check someone's genetics.

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #5858
  • Adjusted Field Medic autoinjector loadout:
  • Adds cardiac injector, filled with saline and epinephrine.
  • Adds lifesupport injector, filled with mannitol and salbutamol.
  • Adds blood-loss injector, filled with filgrastim and proconvertin.

August 2021

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #5837
  • Rebalances 'beneficial' bioeffects to accept the Power Booster chromosome. See PR for details. There are a lot of details.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #5837
  • Rebalances genetic stability costs of many bioeffects (mostly buffs). See PR for details. Again,
  • Removes robust genes trait, increases base genetic stability
  • Change formula for genetic power failrates at lower stability
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Artifact guns must be activated to swap cells.
  • Chef is keeping a closer eye on their meatcleaver

Monday, August 30th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Stimulants are now a 6TC purchase for 3 3-minute stimpacks. The syndicate would like to remind it's agents that withdrawl symptoms are natural, and to not try to ride them out with another dose, as you will eventually run out.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Reinforced walls are immune to being punched down by hulks

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5834
  • Skeletons heal 1 brute and 1 burn from milk per cycle instead of 2 brute, 2 burn, and 1 tox
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #5842
  • Resprited cats.

Sunday, August 29th, 2021

Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Added the "cargo appraiser", a tool that will tell you what stuff will sell for when you use it on items or crates.
  • If a crate is tagged with a trader, it will show the value that trader will pay.
  • Will also scan the contents of hydro and mining satchels, so you can value your ore before dumping it all in that crate.
  • QMs start with one in their pockets. Hydro, Mining, and Cargo supply closets should also have one available.

Minor Changes

Azrun and Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #5573
  • Graphical assets for snow experiences and future snow planets...
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5765
  • Amusing Duck's will sometimes quack in response to interaction with the AI.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5815
  • Wasps, rockworms, seals and walruses have been resprited.
Vocalpocal updated: (balance βš–) #5824
  • Custom cigarettes now last half as long but make you twice as high #nofilter
Zonespace updated: (balance βš–) #5826
  • Poison Bottles no longer contain: Sulfonal, Loose Screws, and Cyanide.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #5838
  • Resprited mass drivers.

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Full reagent container no longer provides immunity to changeling stings

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Light Lotus plants act as UV growth lamps in a 1-tile radius when ready to harvest
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Voltgen rework - no longer shocks on touch react, instead grants retaliatory arcflashes against attackers when drunk

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjust some bottle sizes. (sorry jan)

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #5774
  • Clicking on the mailgroup name to reply to a message to a group should now actually work for replying to it.

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #5794
  • The MD now spawns with a medkit containing a brute and a burn automender, meaning that they have three menders total.
Flappybat updated: (rework πŸ”„) #5661
  • Microwaves now let you empty out the contents instead of throwing them away.
  • Microwaves now can be cleaned with a sponge

Sunday, August 22nd, 2021

kyle updated: #5781
  • Buff the brute/burn medkits, replace the refill carts with normal patches. Menders now need gold to manufacture not electrum.

Minor Changes

Waffleloffle updated: (sprites 🎨) #5776
  • Resprited the large tree found in most Owleries.
kyle updated: #5781
  • Give Roboticists a brute mender in their pocket on round start.

Saturday, August 21st, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Donkpockets heated outside of proper cookware at temperatures exceeding 500F will be far too hot to enjoy eating (read: no omnizine if overheated). Please cook donk pockets responsibly.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Wizards get 6 spells up from 4. Staff of Cthulu, Fireball, Prismatic Spray, Clowns Revenge, Baleful Polymorph, Rathens Secret, Teleport, Doppenganger, and Summon Golem cost raised (1 -> 2)
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • DOC has come to its senses, and has stopped buying cyberorgans, and buys normal parts for about 20% of what it used to
  • Beds now count as somewhere inbetween regular tables and surgical tables. They require the patient to either by unconcious, or for them to be have ethanol/morphine in their system (same thresholds as standing self-surgery)
Kyle, Virva, Flab updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5747
  • Greatly reduce the availability of Auto-Menders for non-doctors. Adds Auto-Mender Refill Cartridges for brute/burn to vendors.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Reduce donkpocket to 10u omni, remove adding condiments to donks
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Forcewall cooldown doubled (10s -> 20s)
Flourish updated
  • You can now buy packs of power cells (the large kind that fits in APCs) from QM.
Ikea updated: #5778
  • Incapacitators now have an unswappable battery.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • MDir's Doctor Bag comes with surgical scissors
Flourish updated (balance βš–)
  • Removed the first aid kit from the sec support pool. Added a new type of donuts to the robust donut kit - robusted donuts. Robusted donuts contain salb, epi, saline, and salicylic, which are helpful for when you're in crit.
Flourish updated
  • You can now find menthol pills in public minimeds.

Friday, August 20th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Expresso will cease causing BRAIN damage past 60
  • Chem contact damage changes (see minor)
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Wizard hats are acidproof.
Emily updated: #5768
  • Auto Call Time shortened from 120 minutes to 90 minutes
  • RP Respawn Time shortened from 15 minutes to 10 minutes
  • You can now leave Industrial Cryo after only 5 minutes (prev. 15)

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Reduce max acid contact damage by 1/3
  • Basic acids (sulferic, hydrochloric, nitric) have diminishing returns on touch reaction damage when used together
  • Hot/Cold chem contact damage changed to a flat 7 BURN, matching hot/cold chem ingestion damage
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Prismatic spray projectiles have reduced chance to hit downed targets (90% -> 10)

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Sovexe updated (bug πŸ›, balance βš–)
  • Resolved an issue with Arcfiend's discharge ability that was causing it to apply stamina damage twice per cast. Discharge and Jolt will now produce sparks when in use.

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • Charcoal pills now contain 20u. Analgesic and menthol pills now contain 10u.
Sord + Flourish updated
  • Replaced the prefilled syringes in the Nanomed Plus with bottles. Reorganized the inventory a little.

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–, tgui πŸ“„) #5754
  • The house no longer takes such a massive loss on slot machines, and you can wager up to 1000 credits at once instead of just 20 (minimum bet 20 credits).
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5748
  • A new antagonist type, the Arcfiend joins the fray. Be sure to enable it in your job preferences to be among the first to play!

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #5703
  • The cow mutantrace has had a few visual adjustments.
Flourish updated (balance βš–)
  • Security barriers now provide slight disarm resistance when activated. Let me know how this feels and if you think it makes a difference.
Flourish updated
  • Large mop buckets now have a capacity of 400u. Handheld mop buckets have a capacity of 120u.

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (bug πŸ›, balance βš–) #5667
  • Hemostats now will fix EVERY bleeding caused by surgery, instead of only a few of them.
DoctorStupid updated: #5694
  • Donut boxes, egg cartons, and lollipop bowls are easier to move around in your inventory and can be re-closed by clicking/activating them in hand.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • port a sci remote costs a telecrystal to print

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • removed melee meatshielding. bet you didn't know it existed in the first place
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New Chicken Breed! See Minor Changes for a hint!

Minor Changes

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • La vie est de la merde, petit clown. Fume avec moi. [Gen 2] [From Clown Chickens]

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5709
  • You can now chug from all the drinking containers, not just glasses and pitchers (with a few exceptions).

Sunday, August 8th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Red chainsaw provides disarm resistance.

Minor Changes

Emily updated (removal β›”)
  • Removed meathead trait. I doubt anyone will notice.

Friday, August 6th, 2021

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, balance βš–) #5611
  • Silicon folks can now use the Long Range Teleporter and Quantum Telescope from a distance.

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Riot launchers are now a bulky item.
112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5565
  • Added a MedTrak Scanner PDA program for scanning people to search for their medical record.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Ectothermid adjustment - protection efficiency decreases if blocking lots of damage in a short time, and releases stored heat in a medium-sized fireflash on death.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5646
  • The Cranial Keratin Formation gene now randomly chooses sets of horns from several different sprite options.

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #5653
  • Resprited the crusher.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #5587
  • The right click interact option should now hit stuff with held objects instead of dropping the current object and picking the other one up.

July 2021

Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5616
  • Three new furniture crates are now available for Quartermasters to purchase at Cargo; a fancy red-tableclothed table, a set of regal furniture, and a golden throne.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #5567
  • The Floor and Wall Planner now has a few new flooring designs to choose from. Check the PR link above for preview images.

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5635
  • A certain box of syndicate donkpockets on a certain ship now contains normal donk pockets

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–) #5631
  • Roaches are now a little more durable to crushing and blunt damage. Roach vulnerability to crush / blunt reduced from 166% to 150%.

Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Janonas + jigjagboi45 updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5580
  • Added Rafflesias (corpseflowers) to the game. - Admire how pretty they look! Make them stink up the place! Wear them on your head like a silly person!

Minor Changes

Janonas + jigjagboi45 updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5580
  • The hydroponic trays are now open containers, as they should be.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Projectiles bypass ground hit/miss rolls when passing over a mob within the first half-second of resting (other sources of resting (stunned/etc) not affected). i.e.: frame-perfect rest-dodging tasers will be less/not possible, while not affecting ground-hit system much outside of that case

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5606
  • There is now a per herb hardcap on the reagents transferred into smoke when burning herbs.
  • Traitor botanists can now purchase a hotbox lighter for 1 credit. This lighter has unlimited fuel, bypasses the herb hardcap, and gives a bonus multiplier to the reagent volume of the smoke. Sprite by DimWhat.

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #5609
  • Supply requests are now shown with their price.

Sunday, July 25th, 2021

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5597
  • Added several more monkey clothing sprites. Go bananas!

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5597
  • Made sprite edits for many monkey jumpsuit sprites.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5530
  • Gifts and duck eggs now give a costume version of the sneaking suit.

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨, tgui πŸ“„) #4861
  • Extreme-Pressure Pressurization Deviceβ„’: the latest in emergency pressurization equipment can now be ordered from cargo.
Emily updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5591
  • Implements heat capacity for reagents. This changes basically all reagent temperature exposures.

Minor Changes

DisturbHerb updated: #5574
  • (Most) PDAs will start with writing utensils in them by default.
Emily updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5591
  • Heat capacity water 4x, heat capacity weldingful 0.05x, heat capacity cryostylane 6x

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjust blob spread cooldown stuff again.
Kobold Commando & DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5424
  • Added several new clothing items to the clothing booth and two backpacks to Geoff Honkington.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Revert buff to base spread cooldown (1.1s -> 1.6s base)
  • Change size-based cooldown increase to instead act as as multiplier to distance from nearest nucleus (1x penalty up to 400 tiles, +1x penalty for each 200 tiles past 400 [i.e.: if you try to spread 50 tiles away from nearest nucleus while at size 600, the cooldown penalty is as if you tried to spread 100 tiles from nearest nucleus at size 400])
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Flashes always get 5 uses before burnout scaling begins; flash burnout scaling is much more agressive.
Kobold Commando & DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5424
  • Changed the clothing of a certain lizardy halloween role

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjust radiation statuseffect to deal damage based on remaining duration.
  • 🀏radbow buff reverted

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #5483
  • Added latejoin traitor and sleeper agent spawn events to spy thief gamemode.

Saturday, July 17th, 2021

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: #5195
  • Adds custom job save slots to the ID card computer.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Emagging a welded door deals damage to the door equal to 80% of the door's current health (also fixes issue where emagged doors could not be attacked)
vocalpocal updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #5486
  • Regent extractor auto-extract now works with produce satchels and drag and drop
Asche updated: (balance βš–) #5523
  • Made the vampire "Retreat to Coffin" ability a lot speedier

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #5250
  • UV Lamps now requires power. Plantpots display will only update when power is available.
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5522
  • Added a new dripper plant mutation, the Leaker. Leakers produce orange goop containing oil and yuck.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (balance βš–) #5250
  • Updated passive power usage for various machinery.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5526
  • Remove Syndicate hat from revhead uplink
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • add combat click delay to using patches on self
  • Increase base patch rate (0.35 -> 0.5)
  • Diminishing returns on multi-patch scaling: multi-patch rate scaling changed to only affect the rate at which the patch contents are used/transferred, while not affecting the rate at which it applies touch effects (i.e.: 2 patches will heal a total of 2x faster, but will use more than a total of 2x reagents/cycle to do so)
BatElite updated: (sprites 🎨) #5484
  • Capsule machines can now be restocked, cartridges available in the necessities restock crate. The empty capsules can also be crushed into oblivion now.

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5451
  • Made minisubs constructable on underwater maps
112358sam updated: (balance βš–) #5516
  • Triples the increase of the hunger motive from eating food on the RP servers.

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5451
  • Added the heavy, industrial, and strange minisubs

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Misc blob balance (see minor changes)
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5248
  • Pod Wars team wins and deaths are now tracked, with a structure containing the stats being half-buried in an asteroid, near the Reliant.
Superlagg updated: #5463
  • Stable mutagen now only copies over "normal" mutants, like lizards and skeletons.
Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5472
  • Added hairbows! Find them in the Clothing Booth!

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Blob tiles and obj critters cost 2 fuel when attacked by weldingtools (same as attacking mobs)
  • Ectothermids have a passive 0.5 biopoint drain instead of an active cost when absorbing damage
  • Blobs gain evo points every 25 size (was 20)
  • Blobs gain one evo point for every 100 new blob tiles placed (allowing blobs under assault to slowly gain in power if not killed decisively)
  • Base blob spread cooldown reduced by 0.4 seconds
  • Spread speed upgrade effect halved (1s reduction -] 0.5s reduction), cost scaling reduced (+4/buy-] +3/buy)
  • Nucleus distance spread penalty increased to 1s/20tiles distance (from 25)
  • Nucleus distance spread penalty grace zone fixed
  • Blob spread cooldown increased linerally at very high blob sizes (+0.1s cooldown/10 size after 400)
Ikea updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5467
  • The refinery on Manta is now public access

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Monkeys are now sold by traders at QM instead of an always-active crate.
Hans updated: (balance βš–) #5456
  • Changed the behaviour of cyanide to be more consistent and less RNG based.
Carbadox updated: #5361
  • White and brown fedoras can now be tipped without the risk of death.
Carbadox updated: #4352
  • Shitty grills can now be moved with screwdrivers/wrenches
Flappybat updated: #5446
  • Added crisis alert for janitors to the PDA, let them know of a big mess!

Monday, July 12th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5382
  • Welding fuel is now slightly toxic.
Ikea updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5468
  • Donut3 is now public access.
TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #5268
  • Increased the random antag event frequency on non-RP servers.
Carbadox updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5426
  • Lowered the cost of the midslave cloning module and the mindslav cloning module kit from from 7 to 6 and 11 to 10 respectively.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5455
  • Resprited the HoP uniform and suit as well as their in-hands.
TTerc updated: #5473
  • You can now click the APC with wirecutters/multitool to open the hacking panel, if wires are exposed.
Tarmunora updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί, removal β›”) #5477
  • Removes police baton
KoboldCommando updated: (bug πŸ›) #5458
  • Fixed incorrect lizard skin colors in preview windows

Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: #5465
  • Changeling lesser form, monkey burger, jungle fever and admin monkey transformation no longer drops all your items.

Saturday, July 10th, 2021

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5299
  • C.A.R.L at the listening post now restricts his best contraband to syndicate agents.
Owari updated: (sprites 🎨) #5434
  • Added a new sprite for the magic mirror on the wizard shuttle.
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5410
  • Added golden peas plant mutation. Golden peas contain ammonia.
nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5208
  • Added numerous new headwear clothing options to the clothing booth, new clothing qm crate, general sprite fixes.
Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4884
  • Adds a new Space Casino space prefab.
Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5055
  • Mechanics can now set the access requirements of newly constructed airlocks- find the new Access Lite in your secure lockers to try it out!

Minor Changes

Asche, Charlietan, MomoBerry, Penny, and Unfunny updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5213
  • Added three new drinks!
  • Fruit punch = apple juice + lime juice + simple syrup + ginger ale + pineapple juice
  • Milk punch = fruit punch + milk (probably will make you sick)
  • Hard punch = apple juice + sangria + simple syrup + ginger ale + pineapple juice (knocks you back when consumed)
TTerc updated: #5413
  • You can now click a vending machine/manufactuer/seed fabricator with wirecutters/multitool to access the hacking menu, if the panel is open.
Emily updated (removal β›”)
  • Removed the incredibly laggy internals display from the status tab. Maybe someone will fix it eventually.
112358sam updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #5193
  • Slot machines use bank account funds.
  • ATMs no longer withdraw to and deposit from ID cards.

Friday, July 9th, 2021

Minor Changes

Gerhazo updated: #5359
  • Back-end overhaul to how sechuds and prodocs work. This shouldn't be noticeable from a player standpoint.

Thursday, July 8th, 2021

Zonespace updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5385
  • You may now eject telecrystals from uplinks, to be put in any other unlocked uplink.
  • There is also an explosive version of these telecrystals, for when you want to be a little less cooperative.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5384
  • Adds the following recipes for Chefs looking to do some baking; baguette, garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, fairy bread, croissant, pain au chocolat, apple danish, cherry danish, blueberry danish and the cannadanish!

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3796
  • The lamp manufacturer can now make and remove fixtures!
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Mousetrap pies and graviton accelerators now use the person who sets them up as the owner of the item throw instead of the person who triggeres them.
TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5420
  • Frogpeople can now chairflip further distance.
AmazingDragons updated: (balance βš–) #5234
  • Changes the minimum, maximum, and default times (in seconds) on the nuclear charge to 120, 600, and 180 respectively.
DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4739
  • PDAs can now hold pens. And cigarettes. Because it's funny.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5281
  • Breaching charges now have an explosion effect and sound.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Ikea updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4818
  • Molitz B has more distinct indicators for if it's producing agent b and oxygen or just oxygen. Explosions near crystals leads to resonance, increasing the total amount of times Molitz can produce gas. Molitz B gas output has been overall buffed. Amount of Molitz B obtainable from mining has been nerfed.

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (removal β›”) #5058
  • Synth-O-Matic modules are no longer sold by merchants.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Tweak botany mutations: add insulin to green grapes, swap synaptizine and methamphetamine mutations, replace erebite mutation with uqill
  • Change botany base reagents: Light lotus produces luminol instead of omnizine, melons produce watermelon juice instead of water

Monday, July 5th, 2021

Emily updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • New QGP Recipe and effect. Happy hunting. Nerds.
Lythine updated: (balance βš–) #5175
  • Rathen's Secret no longer weakens. Magic Missile's weaken time slightly shortened.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Acid takes 5 seconds to melt stuff

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5364
  • You can now deconstruct multiple chairs at a time.

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Sec loadout weapons all start with 200u cells, and sec pouch contains a 200u cell. Power costs of wavegun, tasershotgun, taser SMG adjusted to compensate

Minor Changes

Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #5172
  • Adds a small ranch space prefab.

Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5365
  • Atlas' mining department and main pod bay have received a significant overhaul, including the opening of the main pod bay, the arc smelter, and the merchant docks to public access.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #5368
  • disarm stam cost 10 -> 30
  • base disarm chance 37% -> 40%
  • Disarm chance scaled down to 50% of current (20%) at targets with 200 or more stamina, and linerally scaled to current value (40%) on targets with 100 or less. Blocking prevents disarm (not shovedown though), at the cost of (10) stamina if the disarm would have succeeded
  • Disarm targets all held items at once
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5166
  • Made some sprite changes to the HoP uniform and dress as well as the HoS Dress.
TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5362
  • Added colorful backpacks and satchels to uniform manufacturer.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5374
  • Allow walking in clown shoes without slipping and added a cooldown to prevent chain slips.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5217
  • Surgery type artifacts can now replace all kinds of organs.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #5367
  • Buddies should be able to rack the riot shotgun now.

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Single tread leg blocks lying too

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5305
  • Frog Flu progresses much slower

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

MarkNstein updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #2152
  • Entering chutes now has an animation and action bar. Chute-entry has been made faster.

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: (bug πŸ›) #5345
  • Welding fuel tanks only refill welding tools if they contain welding fuel.
BatElite updated: (balance βš–) #5293
  • Miniature bibles are no longer visible in-hand, nor will they spare atheists.
Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #5311
  • The Head of Security does not get a taser at roundstart anymore.
BatElite updated: #5294
  • Emagging cyborgs no longer randomly fails.

June 2021

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Walpvrgis and BatElite updated: (sprites 🎨) #5300
  • AI players now have 20 new faces to choose from, so you can more effectively simulate just how disappointed you are in the crew.

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5140
  • QM consoles and supply request consoles are now constructable.
  • Added QM console and supply request circuitboards to tech storage for current maps.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (balance βš–) #5318
  • Laser Rifles now require more difficult materials.
Ryumi updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5093
  • Significantly expanded Donut 3's Ranch
112358sam updated: #5194
  • Borgs and AI can now see packet sniffer device output and set filters.
112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5003
  • Makes the quantum telescope console constructable.
  • Adds the new quantum telescope circuit board to tech storage and the mining outpost.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5286
  • Removed the space proofness of the snow suit and altered its stats.

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Smoke and foam reactions will only succeed when reacted from "open" containers (e.g.: beakers, drinkss, puddles, etc) and will fail from closed containers (pills, mobs, foam-tiles, etc)

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #5307
  • If your gloves have atleast 7% heat resistance, patting out people on fire won't damage you and you will be 2x more effective at it

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5245
  • Scientists now start with a random pen or pencil. See if you get the rare red pen!

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Tarmunora updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5168
  • Improves the layout of cog1 mechanic's lab and adds equipment and a data closet

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Weldingtools now use 2 fuel each time you hit someone and have an improved special attack.

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Arthur Holiday updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5036
  • Added Customizable banners, use cloth on a wall to make one, color and draw on it with crayons.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5267
  • Made doors half as strong, you can now break them this century. Explosive/fire/projectile scaling is adjusted so it will still take the same number of bullets to destroy a door.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5274
  • Kondaru detective's office front door is once again detective-only with remote open. Also made maintenance near the Foundry more construction-friendly and added a sink/drain to the Morgue.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • There are now buttons for adjusting skintone in character setup.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #5244
  • Reduced power output from solar panels.
Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #5265
  • The werewolf feast ability now gets interrupted if the target stands up.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • pill bottles and patch boxes from chemmasters cannot fit more items than they spawn with
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5262
  • Nuclear bomb is now EMP proof.

Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Zonespace updated: (balance βš–, removal β›”) #5263
  • Prison Loafers no longer have nugget mode.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5237
  • Custom sandwiches now combine the healing and hunger restore of their ingredients.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Crusher now has an actionbar

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5155
  • Two new backpacks are now able to be purchased from Geoff Honkington; one is a teddy bear and one is Bread.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4933
  • Pod Wars team wins and deaths are now tracked, with a structure containing the stats being half-buried in an asteroid, near the Reliant.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Replaced 40mmPBR ammo from sec utility purchases with a 40mm Paint Marker round, which will paint the target orange and cause them to leave a trail of paint behind them. 5 rounds/box.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5246
  • Repairing ruptured atmos pipes now only ever takes one successful weld, and has an action bar.
Sovexe updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #5231
  • Made changes to pathfinding procs to resolve the chicken fence issues.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5089
  • The backpacks and satchels in personal lockers now come in a small variety of random colours!
Penny updated: (bug πŸ›) #5218
  • Networked equipment can finally now be re-deployed onto new data terminals
Flappybat updated: #5082
  • Every scientist now starts with a pen.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Ammotech has more 40mmPBR ammo (5 boxes of 5 rounds each)
  • Drinking space cleaner no longer washes off blood/etc (?????)

Monday, June 21st, 2021

Flappybat & Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5125
  • Replaced the ocular prothesis (SecHUD) kit from surplus crates with a fully automatic implanter.
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Rearranged Oshan a little, primarily the area surrounding the bar. Let me know what you think.

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #5225
  • NARCS can now be scanned by a Syndicate Device Analyzer.
TTerc updated: #5219
  • You can now examine the broken APC to learn how to fix it. Also added actionbars for all the APC fixing steps that require the player to stand still

Sunday, June 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

eX.n0x, Sovexe, & ZeWaka updated: (bug πŸ›) #5141
  • The rad blowout event no longer changes access levels on non-maintenance doors.
Sasskp updated: (bug πŸ›) #5214
  • Added new layer for sheaths so they appear above overcoats

Friday, June 18th, 2021

DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #5200
  • Made fabricating a nuclear charge take more difficult materials

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated
  • buff concussive gauntlet block-special-thingy
  • add a tranq rifle and a mag of halop darts to surplus crates when safari kit is rolled
  • once their owner dies, podwars blasters stop charging, are non-rechargeable, and cannot have their cell swapped
Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5201
  • Replaced a certain syndicate device analyzer with a certain specific manufacturing blueprint
  • Added syndicate device analyzers to surplus crate pool

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

eX.n0x updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #5148
  • Horizon genetics/monkey dome are completely restricted to geneticists.
  • Horizon/Kondaru detective receiving office is now open to the general public.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5130
  • Gnesis and Gnesisglass tables will reform when smashed.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Minor Changes

Penny updated: #5152
  • SoftTech vendors now sell data disks

Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Yellow-Mushroom updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5123
  • Reworks Cogmap2's robotics to increase player interaction
Penny & Ludolf updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4231
  • Players can now construct vending machines to sell their own items. Find the frames in the steel sheet menu and vending modules in your local general manufacturer! Sprites and animations by Ludolf!
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5129
  • Added LOTS more monkey clothing items. Bonk into walls with style.

Minor Changes

UnfunnyPerson updated: #5156
  • You can no longer become a werewolf through mutini.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #5129
  • Added a small zipper to the back of the human monkey suit sprite.

Monday, June 14th, 2021

Ikea updated: (balance βš–) #4765
  • EMP blast from the singularity has been removed, radiation damage has been buffed from singularities. Wear radsuits people!

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • 25% increased evo-point gain from blob size
Nefarious6th updated: (feature πŸ†•) #5088
  • Added 5 new cocktail drink recipes: Bellini, Rossini, Appletini, Lemon Drop, and Pisco Sour
  • Bellini: white wine + peach juice. Rossini: white wine + strawberry juice.
  • Appletini: vodka + apple juice + cider
  • Lemon Drop: vodka + orange juice + lemon juice + simple syrup
  • Pisco Sour: egg + white wine + lime juice + bitters + simple syrup
eX.n0x updated: #5084
  • Reworded some traitor objectives for clarity.
eX.n0x updated: (bug πŸ›, tgui πŸ“„) #5077
  • Forklifts can now pick up/load restricted crates.

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Wizard Empower spell now grants mild stamina regeneration and passive wrestler bonuses (improved suplex, punch, etc) instead of oldTK
Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4989
  • Ruck kits now use Wi-Fi for all their networked functionality. Jab them with your multitools and start hacking!
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Various blob balance changes -- check minor changes for details

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • innate wrestlers (non-belt, non-empower) get some mild stat bonuses
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4900
  • Instrument player components can now choose which note to play via their input.
Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4989
  • Airlocks can now be properly scanned with device analyzers and PDAs will now upload scans reliably
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Blob spread cooldown affected slightly by distance from closest owned nucleus (1 second/20 tiles distance past 20 tiles).
  • Blob spread speed upgrade more expensive (+1 base cost, +1 cost-scaling)
  • Blob tiles have an internal 6 second cooldown before the blob repair ability can repair them again after being repaired. Spread the Love! (change does not interact with mitochondria)
  • Halved blob evo points from absorbing humans (4 -> 2)
  • Cost of most (all with cost >=2) single-purchase blob unlocks reduced by 1 evo point
  • Reinforced spread upgrade requires half as many material deposits (60 -> 30)

Friday, June 11th, 2021

DisturbHerb updated: #5083
  • RecordTrak scanners are now available from Security weapons vendors.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Robot legs counteract damage slowdown for humans as opposed to direct speed buff.
  • Humans with tread legs will not fall over when resting, matching behavior when stunned etc.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5008
  • Added toy guns! You can purchase ammo and the gun from Geoff Honkington.

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Minor Changes

eX.n0x updated: (bug πŸ›) #5087
  • Radbow no longer shows an impact effect.

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Gannets & Tarmunora updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5071
  • Added the Hydra smart pistol to the Syndicate weapons vendor sidearm options on the Cairngorm.
Walpvrgis updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5080
  • Three new Spacebux bags are now available to purchase; Studded Backpack, Itabag (in one of 5 random pastel shades), and a brown backpack!
  • Backpacks and Satchels have been resprited. You also can now turn almost all backpacks into satchels using the medal reward.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Beepsky's baton, if stolen, will get exactly 4 uses, and cannot be recharged or cell-swapped.
  • Nerf non-knockback side-effects of pulse projectile
  • Added small stamina damage and long disorient to EMP projectile
  • Lawbringer detain no longer has special-cased slow status, affected by range falloff
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #5085
  • Killer tomatoes now actually do damage (4-6) when biting you.
Gannets & Tarmunora updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #5071
  • The Hydra smart pistol locks on to its target and never misses unless blocked by an object or dodged.
  • Can be charged with the fire button up to a burst of three bullets per target.
  • Will not target other nuclear operatives (but may still hit them by accident).

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: #5073
  • Security belts now accept the RecordTrak

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Minor Changes

Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #5024
  • Resprite of the Chef's FoodTech vending machine.
Gannets updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #5057
  • Added a pill bottle of mutadone to the Cairngorm medbay.
Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #4712
  • Securitrons locked or welded into a locker can no longer attack people. They aren't happy about this, though.
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3747
  • Most targetable emotes now bring up a menu of valid targets.
Carbadox updated: #5042
  • Raises the limit of posts on the notice board from 5 to 15. Now you can leave even more notes for your space friends, without fighting for advertising space. Hopefully.
112358sam updated: (bug πŸ›) #5046
  • Reagents will no longer be wasted when topping off reagent containers.
Jan.antilles updated:#5056
  • Touching an artifact with your own robotic arm counts as a silicon touch.
112358sam updated: #5040
  • Metal arms no longer bleed when picking up a rose.

Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: (bug πŸ›) #5038
  • Prevents cyborgs repairing at docking station when out of materials.

Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Four New Chicken Breeds! See Minor Changes for hints!

Minor Changes

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Onagadori; Japanese long-tailed chickens. Peanut feed. [Gen 1] [From White Chickens]
  • Shieldmaidhens; these armored chickens need a high-iron diet to maintain their natural armor. [Gen 2] [From Onagadori]
  • Phoenix; Love will set your heart on fire. Try breeding two appropriate chickens! [Gen 3]
  • Dreamsicle Chickens; Sweet ice cream. Try breeding two appropriate chickens! [Gen 3]
112358sam updated: #5027
  • Fixes borgs dropping items on the material processor.

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Minor Changes

Asche updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4984
  • You can now (usually) pull people out of cyborg converter artifacts to save them. The conversion process has also been made a bit more... gradual.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4994
  • The Detgadget hat will now automatically light requested cigarettes if it can, so you can continue punching crime and drinking uninterrupted.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Booster enzyme now produces some harmless but slow-depleting leftovers when replicating chemicals.
  • milk + vinegar -> cheese

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Minor Changes

Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #4889
  • Added a new Diner Waitress's Dress in two colors, a matching hat, and four colors of Mary Jane shoes. Look for them in the Clothing Booth!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4977
  • In Pod Wars, general fabricators can now produce handcuffs on RP.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Port-a-brig now has a short delay before shoving someone inside
  • quivering contusine curare -> histamine

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•)
  • Chicken carriers are now safe for aquatic chicken transportation. Chicken carriers can also scoop deceased chickens for ease of cleanup.
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4977
  • In Pod Wars, moved grenades and power cells to the general fabricators.
Asche updated: #4986
  • You can now dowse for hotspots indoors.
Sovexe updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #4987
  • Constructing mineral magnets now displays an action bar. Corrected constructed magnets breaking fullbright space.
Jan.antilles updated: #4997
  • Inspecting mugs, paper cups, and the skull chalice will now allow you to see what's inside.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4827
  • Added some new spy bounties, most significantly the Head items such as the HoS medal. Removed the Port-A-Sci bounty,
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Lie down while being used as a meatshield and bullets may pass over you at their normal rates.

May 2021

Monday, May 31st, 2021

Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4809
  • Added experimental red oxygen grenade to station repair equipment. Violently releases large amounts of oxygen into an area.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • 10 degree spread on dual-wielding guns.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4755
  • Made fanny packs (not funny packs) only have inventory 5 slots.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: #4978
  • Renamed the epilepsy mutation to 'Stupefaction'.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4809
  • Red oxygen grenades are available from QM and each engineer starts with one.
Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #4940
  • Multitools can now wipe storage devices
  • Security disks are now read only, and read only disks can be read in the cloner
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #4973
  • Scanning Syndicate command armor now requires a syndicate device analyser.

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4858
  • Added a new prefab to water maps, a torpedo deposit, it contains a few torpedoes and a cool back story. Check it out!
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4958
  • Adds a roburger variant, the cheeseborger. Just add cheese! Sprite modification by BatElite.

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Flourish updated
  • Player monkeys now must be dead in order to be monkey spiked or reclaimed, gibbers now require all victims to be dead.

Minor Changes

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4942
  • Resprites bread loaves/slices/toast and related recipes found in food_bread.dmi.
Blackrep updated: (bug πŸ›) #4932
  • Fixed stun and radiation mines not applying their effects on people caught in their blast radiuses.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4853
  • Roach critters have had a resprite to match perspective better.

Friday, May 28th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4925
  • Resprited land mines.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4874
  • Kondaru mini fix-batch - Test Chamber control room no longer partially depressurized, toxins a bit bigger, market a bit spiffier.

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can now use GPSes to track beacons, tracking implants, and other GPSes. Select your tracking target in the menu and your GPS will point you in the right direction!

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Synthflesh/styptic/sulfazdine consumed from fluid puddles on touch reactions.
Flappybat updated: (rework πŸ”„) #4911
  • Segway crashes now knock you down instantly, instead of waiting a few seconds to think about it.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4860
  • Added a new medal "Brown Pants" which has the reward of the red captain set.
virvatuli updated (sounds 🎢)
  • Added six new songs to the random record pool, 3 metal and 3 funky for some more diverse tunes over the radio!

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4860
  • Made a red version of the captain's fancy uniform.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4872
  • Spatial Interdictors may now interdict spatial tears after they form, requiring a fresh initialization within range of the tear.
Vaskritaya updated: #4877
  • Salesman and tourists can now change their name on spawn, in case they spawn as a mutantrace or just if they feel like it.
DimWhat updated: #4888
  • Made satchels layer under tails.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Synthflesh/styptic/sulfazdine topical healing capped to 10u at a time.
Blackrep updated: (balance βš–) #4865
  • Arc plating small / large power cells no longer changes their capacity or recharge rate.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4843
  • Resprites donut boxes, and various cooking ingredients; check PR for a list and preview images.
COOLVAPE updated: #4799
  • Added vocal translators as a hidden item in Valuchimp Machines.

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #4575
  • The HoS can now unauthorize the armory.

Minor Changes

Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4851
  • Getting splashed with Black Powder now gives gunshot residue.

Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Minor Changes

edwardly updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4773
  • Sure, use a spoon to eat mashed potatoes, why not?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Tarmunora updated
  • Swapped out a certain pressure tank by a certain cenote.
Disturbherb updated: (sprites 🎨) #4819
  • Added googly eyes to the game, and you can buy them from a certain trader! 🀑

Minor Changes

TDHooligan updated: (balance βš–) #4490
  • Increased frequency of gene strains when infusing with the PlantMaster.
edwardly updated: (bug πŸ›) #4821
  • duckbots, buttbots, chefbots, etc, can be contained within a crate and won't wander out of them
Azrun updated: (bug πŸ›) #4803
  • Fittings for atmos pipes re-adjusted to properly allow for rods when severely damaged.

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Minor Changes

edwardly updated: #4778
  • Include seconds in Cryosleep countdown so progress can be estimated below 1 minute.
kyle updated: (balance βš–) #4768
  • Poltergeists now need to be near an item to throw it telekinetically. Otherwise you only can toss it one tile.
112358sam updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4810
  • Changes genetek combine to check genes to combine.

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

kyle updated (balance βš–)
  • Changed the burning status effect so that now the burning state will decrease in intesnity as duration of the statuseffect approaches zero. This slightly changes the way burning damage is calculated. Edit - retweaked a bit
Mordent updated: (bug πŸ›) #4793
  • Cyborgs now correctly show their active upgrades (e.g. shields, propulsion) when they are toggled on/off.

Minor Changes

pali updated (πŸ¦ΎπŸ€–)
  • Cyborgs can now *flex if they have heavy arms.
Blackrep updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4772
  • Fixed a bug that unintentionally nerfed a matsci space suit's ranged protection.
  • Buffed the melee and ranged protection of matsci space suits based on material used.
Sartorius7 updated: #4784
  • More possible gifts from ducks and santa.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021

Mordent updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #4779
  • Cyborg treads reduce effect of heavier cyborg parts on the cyborg's speed.
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4745
  • C.A.R.L., the Syndicate merchant, now sells Voice Changers.
  • Part of C.A.R.L.'s inventory is now random.
Yellow-Mushroom updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4735
  • Kudzu people organs are now synthetic
  • New infusions to allow for an easier time coming across specific synthorgan plants
kyle updated (balance βš–)
  • Weapon power cells can now be swapped while moving. Still uses the timed action bar though.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Migrate 1/4 of spacesuit slowdown to the helmet
  • Also do it to EOD and riot armour
  • And welding masks don't count as space helmets
  • Also made many many hats that are not space helmets no longer count as spacewear
Yellow-Mushroom updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4735
  • Addition of the synthetic version of appendixes, intestines, kidneys, livers, lungs, pancreata, spleens, and stomachs
  • Addition of crops for all the new synth organs
edwardly updated: (bug πŸ›) #4780
  • Fix guardbuddy logic so they will eventually stop trying to arrest you if there's more than one of them.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4761
  • Resprited plating.

Monday, May 17th, 2021

Mordent updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4756
  • Cyborg shield upgrades have been pretty heavily reduced in effectiveness, especially against higher-damage weapons. They no longer reflect projectiles.
  • Drain rate of cyborg force shield upgrade reduced by 60% (250 to 100)

Minor Changes

112358sam updated: #4770
  • Added the names "Trench" and "Asteroid Field" to the landmarks the GPS device and app can report.
Pali and DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4763
  • Made off station space suits have an NT on their back instead of a 13.

Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4629
  • Spy thief objectives with difficult delivery locations now give a higher value reward.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4363
  • The hard hats that came with firesuits on station have been replaced with firefighter helmets
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4716
  • Traitor tactical grenades, EMP grenades, sonic grenades, and banana grenades now come in pocket pouches instead of boxes, which can be reused as storage after you empty them of grenades.
SynthFox updated: #4318
  • Added "throw", "incendiary", "fog", and "clown" to the list of acceptable lawbringer mode phrases.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #4700
  • Nuke ops Scout armour now provides a move speed boost to the wearer.
edwardly updated: #4696
  • Ghosts now have a timeout before they can become a Ghost Drone.
Tarmunora updated: (removal β›”) #4760
  • Nitroglycerin recipe removed

Minor Changes

Hans updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4727
  • Changed chem vapor events to prevent exploits.
Erinexx updated: (sprites 🎨) #4401
  • Resprited APCs, they now show their cell and wires when opened
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4629
  • Spy thief can no longer have multiple objectives for the same trinket/limb.
  • Spy limb/trinket rewards that roll the 10% chance to upgrade rewards are now marked as HOT
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4363
  • Altered the stats of the firefighter helmet and suit.
  • Added firefighter helmets to fire lockers and crates
edwardly updated: #4715
  • Bees can wear a big big hat now.
Stonepillar updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4691
  • Lipstick now uses the same color as the crayon that was used to make it.
Kyle updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4740
  • Wearing the monkey suit will prevent most monkeys from trying to attack you.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4652
  • The Spatial Interdictor has received an adjustment to functionality; its frame now comes in a more portable box, and new weaker rods may be manufactured without requiring more exotic materials.
edwardly updated: #4759
  • Fix the `send_alert` function in PDAs

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›) #4711
  • Guardbuddies will now actually handcuff people instead of just bullying them all day.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: #4679
  • Artifact forms should now be easier to remove from non-artifacts. You can still remove them from artifacts via knives/scalpels/scissors/wirecutters/other stuff.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4747
  • Bang! guns are now more convincing
112358sam updated: #4706
  • Removes the blood level check for performing the milk emote.

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #4699
  • Added belt packs to Heavy Weapons Specialist, Marksman & Firebrand class crates.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #4698
  • Added a pouch of napalm smoke grenades to the Firebrand class crate.
pali updated
  • Clonescanning people now implants people with a clonescan implant. This implant lets you see their health status on the cloning console (and the health implant no longer does this). It shows up as a red dot on health goggles view.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Material stuff as blob maybe no longer worse than nothing? Try it.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #4698
  • Buffed damage and stamina damage of the fire-axe, in both one and two-handed modes.

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

pali updated: (balance βš–, removal β›”) #4633
  • Cloners no longer automatically implant people with health implants on scanning.
UnfunnyPerson updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4559
  • You can no longer freely dab on the bible.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4646
  • All cyborgs now have typewriters.
  • Brobocop cyborgs now also have ticket typewriters.
Zonespace updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4678
  • Syndicate Wiretap can now be scanned using a syndicate device analyzer.
Mordent updated: (balance βš–) #4675
  • You no longer randomly miss cyborgs when melee attacking them.
Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4372
  • Handheld arcade machines are now available from Josh

Minor Changes

edwardly updated:#4648
  • Prevent showing paper through cameras when the camera is inactive.
Lythine updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4584
  • Added more trays to Oshan's hydroponics.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4682
  • Added more lizard headwear sprites. Hiss.
112358sam updated: (bug πŸ›) #4670
  • Fixes the creation of invisible, zero item stacks when entering 0 in a dialog for splitting a stack of items.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Staff of Cthulhu summoning spell will generate a new staff if the old one is destroyed
  • Staff of Cthulhu will only do strong brainmelts (>1s stun) on attacks if the victim already has 30+ brain damage
  • Napalm direct burn damage is reduced by firesuits etc
  • erebite asteroids less dense and more dangerous

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Chickenish updated: (balance βš–) #4639
  • Replaced the Ghost Drone's RCD with the Cardboard RCD.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated
  • Salt melts ice decals, carbon (dirt) splashed on floors undoes lube
  • 1 second cooldown on being hit by magic missiles (will no longer get 'shotgunned' by a wizard at point-blank ranges)
112358sam updated: (bug πŸ›) #4655
  • Fixes the exploit with sheets, rods, shards, tiles, and cable coils in the material processor and re-enables processing these items.
edwardly updated: (bug πŸ›) #4667
  • Fix the 1 minute countdown on the cyborg killswitch timer.
RSG250 updated: #4661
  • booster genes now show what they are in the scanner like the record

Sunday, May 9th, 2021

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4643
  • Dwarves are back! Better than ever!
pali updated: (balance βš–) #4548
  • Port-a-Puke now has unlimited capacity for mobs
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4509
  • A new trait - Clown Disbelief. Pick it and clowns are no longer visible to you!
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4637
  • Traitors may now buy a roll of duct tape for 1 TC, instead of it being exclusive to surplus crates. It's handcuffs that you can use ten times.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4644
  • Engineering departments have received a crate for assembly of the Spatial Interdictor, a device which can mitigate certain random events in its range of influence given sufficient power.

Minor Changes

edwardly updated:#4647
  • AI is no longer an all-seeing entity and snipped cameras should correctly be removed from coverage.
Flourish updated (balance βš–)
  • The stun baton now features a stacking 15 second stun (up from a non-stacking 15 second stun).

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4635
  • Lab monkey crates are now card locked and cost 2500 credits to purchase.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • themite turf reaction in smoke nerfed
  • wizard crystal is no longer radioactive (but is still magical)
edwardly updated: (balance βš–) #4602
  • The cloning process now prioritizes pods that are closest to completion.
Penny updated: #4437
  • Portable reclaimers now load materials directly from boxes and satchels
Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›) #4631
  • Clown cars should now be able to reliably hold their passengers hostage again.

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Carbadox & pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4557
  • Added round persistent notice boards. Stick a message on them and they'll stay there, even between rounds!
Jan.antilles updated: #4583
  • Hitting a small storage container (such as a box or belt) with another small storage container that can't fit into it will move all its contents with one click.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4599
  • Added yet more monkey clothing sprites. Together strong!
Flaborized updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #4547
  • Added the captain's space helmet to their locker. Captain's hats and gas masks no longer count as space helmets.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4121
  • Allows department head of staff to lock down output from Genebooth and Ruckingenur Kit.
112358sam updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4604
  • Added a Space GPS program to the default list set of PDA programs.

Minor Changes

Lythine updated: (sprites 🎨) #4370
  • Butts and butt bombs can now be put on mousetraps.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸ›) #4457
  • Guardbots now (again?) use easier-to-escape biodegradable cuffs.
edwardly updated: #4550
  • Wearing other masks no longer protects you from the Honking of the Syndicate Clown Mask
Hans updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4572
  • Adds a new drink, caipirinha.
Penny updated: (bug πŸ›) #4597
  • Hand labeler will no longer destroy the names of borgs, ID cards, and other items
DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4618
  • The captain's space helmet resides with its respective space suit.
None updated: #4619
  • Fixed character names in examine text with empty PDA's in the ID slot
TDHooligan updated: (balance βš–) #4565
  • Silver fulminate is now hotter & significantly safer to carry when 25% concentrated or less.
TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #4614
  • You can no longer put cable coils into the material processor. Wires can still be inserted into the portable reclaimer, letting you convert one coil stack into one synthrubber block.
TTerc updated: #4360
  • Added reagent scanner to botany PDA cartridges.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4121
  • Department heads can now adjust price of Genebooth items as well as delete downloaded schematics from fabricators.

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Flaborized updated: (removal β›”, sprites 🎨) #4515
  • Removed dwarfism.
edwardly updated: (balance βš–) #4564
  • Apply sonic stun to deaf mobs even without auditory headset - such as the shambler scream, vampire screech, and flashbangs.
pali updated
  • Honey (the item produced by bees) is now made out of a new honey material. Cloning pods now require honey instead of beeswax. (This is mostly because people understandably didn't know where to get beeswax.)

Minor Changes

Carbadox, Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #4427
  • The stun baton reduced to a non-stacking 15 second stun, down from a stacking 20 second stun.
Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #4603
  • Added a new fire elemental ability, fireball! it is similar to the wizard spell but a bit weaker.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4595
  • Added acid-proof masks to the Cairngorm
Gannets updated: (balance βš–) #4593
  • Adds authentication disk pinpointer to the infiltrator and scout class crates.
  • Removes the authentication disk pinpointer that spawns with the nuke ops commander.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4594
  • Added eye coloring for cows

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4579
  • Added 11 new hairstyles (including two new options for layering bangs and a new faded style)! Check the Minor Changes for the style names. Time for ANOTHER makeover?!
edwardly updated: (balance βš–) #4566
  • Removes the ability to unanchor the nuclear bomb once it's been anchored

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Cyborg CheMaster can now create patches and ampoules
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4579
  • New hairstyles can be found under the following names; Two Bangs: Long, Two Bangs: Short, Long Mini Tail, Visual, Tulip, Bloom, Smooth Waves, Smooth Waves: Faded, Floof, Spiky and Subtle Spiky.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Riot launcher grenade conversion chamber now requires a 1 second delay before the grenade is loaded

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Sea Ladders may be used from the sea floor (on/around tiles with lightshafts)
  • Undersea explosions will open holes to the trench (allowing escape via ladder)
pali updated
  • The 'MakeCaptain' law module can now be emagged to stealthily turn it into an indistinguishable 'MakeClown' module.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated
  • Added more ladders to the trench
Flourish updated
  • You can now feed snacks to all kinds of critters.

Sunday, May 2nd, 2021

Tarmunora updated (removal β›”, balance βš–)
  • Port-a-sci PDA app can no longer summon the port-a-sci. The port-a-sci can be taken along on adventures either by dragging it with you, or via the RD's physical remote.
  • You can now fit sea ladders in bags.

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Minor Changes

Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #4534
  • Resprite of popcorn, fries, and the takeout box.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4407
  • Fabricating a stun baton now takes more difficult materials.
edwardly updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4543
  • Add the Love Gun & Hide it in the Debris Field

April 2021

Friday, April 30th, 2021

MomoBerry updated: (balance βš–) #4392
  • Changes several values for sold and bought commodities, and increases the QM console buy cap from 20 to 99. New dialogue for traders, yay personality!
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Zipguns changed to deny ammunition of too large calibre (notably adding 40mm shells and antisingularity rockets to blacklist).
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3751
  • Spies starting flash is replaced with a spy camera with a built in recharging flash! Use it to swap between flash and photo mode
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4522
  • Kondaru's test chamber, accessed from the research pod bay, has been upgraded with more equipment and a pressurized causeway.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #4505
  • Mimes now have a Fancy Mime Suit and Mime Dress to choose from as lvl 0 job rewards. Go forth and gesticulate wildly in style.
Carbadox updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4333
  • Added a new iron oxide reagent. The recipe is iron, oxygen, acetic acid and salt, heated. It's now a required ingredient for thermite.

Minor Changes

MomoBerry updated: (balance βš–) #4392
  • Removes Research Cardlock from "Chemistry Resupply" Crate.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3751
  • Sprite modification by Gannets
Brixx79 updated: #4350
  • Added new Chemistry and Robotics radio tape adverts.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) 4526#
  • Added the ushanka, pinwheel hat and frog hat to the clothing booth. Added the boater hat to roundstart barbers.
Flourish Updated
  • The progress bar for entering a pod will now be interrupted by any movement.

Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Kubius updated: (balance βš–) #4513
  • Rathen's Secret nerfed - weaken duration reduced from 3 seconds to 0.1 seconds.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4510
  • The amount of time to break a loyalty implant with a revolutionary flash has been lowered to 4 seconds

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

pali updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • A new trait, Mildly Mutated. It activates a random mutation in you when you spawn in!

Minor Changes

pali updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • RP respawn timer now has a better visual indication. It also no longer gets reset by ghost respawn options like ghostcritters or ghosdrones or VR etc.
  • Also the timer is now 15 minutes instead of 30!

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3917
  • Adds Haunted TEG Event. Spooky!
TTerc updated: (bug πŸ›) #4361
  • Added actionbars for unwelding the wall plating and all the console/computer construction steps.

Minor Changes

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4004
  • The station's floorbots now start the shift off, having tired themselves out from immediately running around gathering up metal and boarding up space every morning.
TTerc updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4364
  • Vampire/thrall bite now only requires the player to take off victim's headgear, if the headgear has choking protection.
Luxizzle updated: (bug πŸ›) #4487
  • Fixed AIs not able to track players from chat.
  • Fixed AIs not able to interact with intercoms.
mopcat updated: #4458
  • NanoTrasen Security Operatives now spawn with a barrier on their belt.
DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4465
  • Added even more monkey clothing sprites. Chimpers.
Flourish updated
  • Attacking someone with a drinking glass while on harm intent no longer splashes your drink onto them (it just tries to forcefeed them).

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4339
  • Converted power monitors to tgui.
ZeWaka, BenLubar, & Rohesie updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4468
  • Added some wall smoothing to the game. Expect some walls to look a lot smoother soon, and potentially other things too in the future!
Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4325
  • Radio & Intercom UI's have been converted to tgui.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4451
  • Added two new hairstyles: Mermaid: Faded and Longbeard: Faded. They can be combined with the originals to make an interesting gradient effect.

Minor Changes

Ludolf and DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4386
  • Adds unique eyeballs to cows, skeletons, and lizards.

Saturday, April 24th, 2021

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (sprites 🎨) #4422
  • Several new sprites have been added for monkey clothing. Ook!
pali updated
  • Verbs for (un)muting (L)OOC have been removed because people kept clicking them accidentally. Use the chat filters in the chat cogwheel menu instead.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Armored fire/bio/paramedic suits no longer are more bulletproof than the armor used to make them.
Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #4445
  • Fixed the Pride Locker to not appear locked.

Friday, April 23rd, 2021

Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4426
  • Adds skin tone customization and talk sounds to the roach mutantrace.
Chickenish updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #3984
  • Mutations are now lag adjusted.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

BatElite & ZeWaka updated: (sprites 🎨) #4086
  • Material sheets, rods and tiles look a lot better now. They also show roughly the amount that's on a stack.

Minor Changes

Mordent updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4405
  • Pressing arrow keys when you have a tgui window focused will no longer attempt to move your character.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #4120
  • Removed some spy delivery locations: Asylum, AI core, singularity core and combustion chamber.
Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4331
  • Converted weapon vendor to tgui.
Tarmunora updated (removal β›”, balance βš–)
  • Removed recipe for aerosol propellant.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4410
  • Updated the cow sprite a bit more.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Limit acid splash damage against blobs to 10u worth (per acid)
  • Un-nerf fire damage against blobs somewhat
Tarmunora updated (removal β›”, balance βš–)
  • Changed recipe of one secret chem (think of what chem might *propel* something unanchored)
DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4348
  • Added medical clothing lockers to Atlas, Cog 1, Cog 2, Clarion, Destiny, Horizon, and Oshan.
  • Added medical winter coats to medical clothing lockers and increased their amount of clothing.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #4400
  • The Human Resprite has finally been completed, humans have been resprited! Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this impossibly large project a reality, see a full list in minor changelog.
Luxizzle updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4326
  • Converted brig timers to tgui.
Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4375
  • Added a syndicate weapons vendor to the VR Sim/Murderbox. You can now practice with nuke ops gear without the pressure of letting your team down!
Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4229
  • Chief Engineer now has a pet!
Luxizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, tgui πŸ“„) #4261
  • The Character Setup screen has been tgui-fied!

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #4400
  • For Human Resprite: Huge thanks to Erinexx, Gannets, Supernorn, Jan-antilles, Flourish, Batelite, Skeletonman0, Matheus, Schwick, Virvatuli, Retrino and Walpvrgis for contributing sprites, and to Mordent, Zewaka and Pali6 for coding help and other technical stuff

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Chickenish updated: (balance βš–) #3950
  • Nuclear Operative garb and some other antag garb is now immune to acid splashing, see minor changes for details.

Minor Changes

Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4362
  • Small change batch for Kondaru with assorted fixes and improvements, including a Ranch upgrade, lots more mugs, more clothing closets, and a Hooty duty rotation.
TTerc updated: (bug πŸ›) #4366
  • Having jailbird + stowaway trait combo sets you to arrest again. Creating a security record with a proper name clears the arrest status.
Chickenish updated: (balance βš–) #3950
  • The Syndicate space suit and helmet, the Safari hat and clothing, the Football armor, helmet, pants, and cleats, the Hunter suit, mask, belt, and boots, the Faustian lawyer suit and briefcase, the Wrestling Belt, and the Bowling suit and Syndicate Hat are now all immune to acid. The transition from the inside of a beaker to the outside of clothes may have removed the fire immunity property of that coating, but it looks like it acid-proofs just fine!

Saturday, April 17th, 2021

Minor Changes

Eagletanker updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4328
  • The Atlas record is back on the NCS Atlas. Find it in the command room.

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4337
  • The Nuclear Bomb Teleporter Remote can now summon a nuke contained within a pod's cargo hold.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4313
  • Anyone wearing the Head of Security's hat is now able to be choked or receive CPR.

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Gannets updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4321
  • Nuke ops combat engineers can now hit the nuclear bomb with their battle wrench to repair a small amount of damage dealt to it.
Arthur Holiday updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4271
  • Revamped the security department on Clarion.

Minor Changes

Gannets updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4319
  • Additional pods added to the Syndicate Battlecruiser Cairngorm.
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3778
  • Added some basic ways to earn Job XP for Chefs.
Lythine updated: #4312
  • Added overhead health pop-up to upgraded ProDocs and floor scanners.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: #4049
  • Ice dispensers now pour ice into containers if interacted with a glass in hand.
Azrun updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4317
  • GeneTek Console now has toggle for DNA Sequence display on Mutations page.
Carbdox updated: #4276
  • Added some extra phrases for switching modes on the Lawbringer, specifically "exterminate" for execute, "sleepshot" for knockout and "push" for pulse

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Gannets updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4310
  • Raised the total nuclear operatives possible in a round from 8 to 10. Scaling is also adjusted to account for higher population, for example, 48 players ready at round-start will result in 8 operatives. Any fewer players will mean less operatives.
  • Renamed the syndicate combat knife to syndicate fighting utility knife, increased it's damage, throwing damage & reduced it's stamina cost.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #4291
  • Reduced the maximum power level of melee and magic wand artifacts.
Azrun updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4308
  • GeneTek Console now has toggle for Subject Preview (DNA Render).
Penny updated: #4170
  • Intercoms may now be fabricated by mechanics as well as deconstructed.

Monday, April 12th, 2021

Minor Changes

Jawns updated: (bug πŸ›) #4232
  • Clown names are now properly updated in security records.
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4262
  • Added the ability to make fingerless gloves by using snipping tools on black gloves.
Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #4268
  • Resprited granola bar and yoghurt cup.

Sunday, April 11th, 2021

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4244
  • Additional large air mix and oxygen canisters can now be purchased through the Quartermaster console

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

Flourish updated (balance βš–)
  • If you're a human, martian crevices will now, at worst, slash off both your arms. They also no longer contain laser guns, but rather an assortment of various baubles and artifacts.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • Attacking someone with a feather will now make them sneeze.
  • Using a paper bin inhand will now dispense papers.

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Comradef191 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4256
  • You can now tell which cables on Cogmap 1 are directly connected to the Engine thanks to their Brown colour!
Gannets updated: #4255
  • The new prototype melee class, the Knight is now avaliable in syndicate weapons vendors on the Cairngorm. Full details in minor changes.

Minor Changes

Camryn Buttes updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3894
  • Added a new limb randomizing contract to the pool of satanic contracts
Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4109
  • Made a bunch of minor improvements and additions to Donut 3.
Jan.antilles updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4267
  • Added Lasagna as a tasty new food item for the Chef to cook.
Comradef191 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4256
  • You can also now tell which cables are connected to the Solar Arrays on Cogmap 1, as they are now Yellow.
Gannets updated: #4255
  • The new prototype knight crate includes:
  • Hadar heavy power-sword, a two-handed melee weapon that can be used in-hand to swap between a long range stab special attack and a wide sweep that applies knockback. The sword will build up additional attack damage when used to hit living humans outside of the Cairngorm up to a maximum force of 100 (or 105?)
  • Citadel heavy combat cuirass and a great helm, a massive suit of armour that provides multiple large damage resistances at the cost of a slow walk speed.
  • Combat gauntlets that reduce the likelihood of disarms against you.
  • Combat sabatons with non-slip properties and magnetised soles to keep you planted on the point.

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Arthur Holiday updated: (balance βš–) #3961
  • Securitrons don't target invisible people anymore. This includes those who are using a cloaking device or a genetics, vampire ability.

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

pali updated
  • Baseball bats got a small overhaul. The range and angle of reflection is now slightly randomized and depends on a few factors (athletic trait, alcohol, ...). Bats are now scannable and craftable using wood.
Sovexe updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #4174
  • Critter abilities can now be bound to ctrl/alt/shift+left click

Minor Changes

Erinexx updated: (sprite 🎨) #4219
  • TEG now has an additional turbine speed animation when at >10k atm.
  • Local generator now displays anchored state and whether there is a tank loaded.
Asche updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4198
  • Security personnel can now baton-fry dough into donuts. Remember to hold the baton the right way.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Minor Changes

Penny updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4068
  • Multitools now detect if your equipment or data terminal is unplugged
TTerc & Virvatuli updated: #4224
  • Added a notification sound for receiving mentor PMs. You can adjusts its volume via the Audio tab in the top menu.
NeekothingFan2020 updated: (sprites 🎨) #4187
  • Chief Engineer now has access to all engineering PDA groups and programs.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4226
  • Resprited most organs.

Monday, April 5th, 2021

Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4212
  • The long awaited nuclear operatives melee class is being added in a prototype state.
  • It's listed in the syndicate weapons vendor under Knight (Prototype)
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Wizard den teleport computer now puts the teleport spell on cooldown if the person being teleported knows the spell.
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Replaced high-capacity power cell from sec vendor with distuptor charger power cell, reduced cost to 1 token

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4210
  • NTSO, Security Assistants, and Part-time Vice Officers now heal more from donuts
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #4116
  • Removes the following items from spy rewards: Boom Boots, Banana Grenades, Surplus crate
tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • shivering status shorter duration at milder temperatures

Sunday, April 4th, 2021

Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3967
  • Added a new prefab to the pool of space prefabs: the candy shop! Complete with an open-ended mystery and some clues that don't quite add up. (also lots of candy)

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (bug πŸ›) #3963
  • You can now split material stacks (ores, bars) by clicking them with empty hand and click material stacks with each other to stack them together, similarly to sheets.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4152
  • Riding through fires on segways, forklifts, and cats may catch you on fire.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2021

Goonstation Coding Team updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • A lot of people have brought up how the game has lost its 'soul' as of recent, especially with how the game looks. As such, we've made some changes to the sprites in the game to be more in-line with our classic ones.

Minor Changes

Goonstation Coding Team updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • Something's going wrong with the changelog, weird.

March 2021

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

w arc updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • compl,ete re-pipe of jhorizon, a;so remodele secuty , please repot bugs @ discod
pali updated
  • January monthly contest posters have been added to the game!
Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #4160
  • Blocking unarmed while wearing concussive gauntlets will charge up a slam attack, similar to the power hammer.

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: #4119
  • Added actionbars to welding/unwelding singularity emitters and field generators.

Monday, March 29th, 2021

kyle updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4129
  • Injecting the right amount of formaldehyde into a corpse can now temporarily prevent a wraith from absorbing it.
Gremy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4167
  • Revamps the Atlas, Cog2 and Horizon ranches to include two pens, more access to other departments and extra amenities. Also chicken masks. Bok!
TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3974
  • Donut 3: Expanded and improved the botany and ranch areas.
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #4016
  • Rebalanced firearm melee damage

Minor Changes

kyle updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4129
  • Slight rework to Poltergeists. Now they aren't strictly bound to X distance from their anchor/master, instead they can travel wherever and just take a bit of damage (up to 50%) and certain abilities require being close to their anchor/master.
  • Poltergeists also have a new ability that lets them teleport to their anchor or inside their master Wraith. When inside their master they can use all their spells and get increased point generation. Clicking on the master also makes em start following em.
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #4157
  • New handheld sea elevator pinpointers are now available on Oshan.

Sunday, March 28th, 2021

Gremy updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3969
  • Expands the Manta ranch and changes the construction area below it to be a market stall with a cute little duck with a hat in it.
Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #4113
  • Added the Block Stacker medal and a Tetris AI skin reward for it.

Minor Changes

DisturbHerb updated: (feature πŸ†•) #4023
  • You can now check the time on your PDA or the status screen, hooray!
TTerc updated: (removal β›”) #4162
  • Removed unused matsci recipes from the refining nanofab.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3833
  • You can now place butts on chairs. Pry them back off with a crowbar.

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #4158
  • Random dodge chance from blocking removed.
  • Blocking armor bonus and disorient resist buffed, and blocking now prevent stamina criticals ("devastating hit")

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3896
  • Some minor changes to how artifact selling and the analysis forms work.
  • The research department now receives a score based on the accuracy of the artifact analysis forms they filled out.
Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #4158
  • Deflection object property now provides passive block chance against disarm attempts

Friday, March 26th, 2021

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #3933
  • Nanotrasen no longer pockets money from rounding down when paying out for PTL. Lower end MW drastically improved.

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Mean Bitch Warc updated: #4136
  • Reverted buggy eating changes and various dependencies, pending rework.

Minor Changes

Jan.antilles updated: (sprites 🎨) #4132
  • Resprite of Omelette, Mashed Potatoes, and Mashed Brains.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #4127
  • Spliced and normal mutations can now coexist in the Gene Booth. Charge the crew accordingly.

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Nihisohel updated: (balance βš–) #4045
  • Replaces Part Time Viceoffs token with Assistant token
pali updated
  • Books from the February monthly contest have been added into the game. Most are in the Books4u vending machine, two are in Cairngorm.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #4110
  • Bombini is back from their fishing trip in oshan. buzz buzz

Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Penny updated: #4012
  • Multitools now show the netid and wifi frequency of devices they're used on
Nefarious6th updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4055
  • Research on the NSS Destiny has gotten an overhaul.
Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3845
  • Significantly improved consistency of stimuli interactions across different artifact types. Enabled usage of flyswatters, igniters, and multitools for improvised artifact testing.
Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4000
  • Added the ability to make display cases out of sheets of glass that any item can be stored in.

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated: (balance βš–) #4019
  • Reduced stuns from plates and trays. Plates and trays respect helmet protection
Lythine updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #4000
  • Display cases can now be unanchored and anchored with a screwdriver.
  • Broken display cases can now be repaired by using a glass sheet or removed by using a wrench.

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: #3971
  • Removed the flip/rotate window for disposal pipes. Instead, you can click the pipe with a crowbar to rotate it and click the junction with empty hand to change its direction.
DimWhat updated: #4067
  • Added Hi-Vis to CE, mechanic, and engineer lockers. Safety first!
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #4061
  • Added disorient resistance to several suits.

Friday, March 19th, 2021

Sidewinder7 updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3980
  • Added a single-output mode to the mechcomp dispatch component.

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4052
  • Resprited lattices and catwalks.

Thursday, March 18th, 2021

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #4014
  • Pews are now deconstructaable

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

Zamujasa updated
  • Health analyzers will show a flying-chat-esque health readout when used, with the overall health percentage and oxy-tox-burn-brute numbers.
  • The readout in the chat panel is unaffected.
  • This also follows the "flying chat" toggle, if you want to turn it off.
  • Feedback is appreciated. I may add this to the stationary floor scanners in Medbay as well...

Minor Changes

kyle updated
  • epinephrine has a similar effect to salicylic acid where it negates some of the movement speed penalty from damage.
  • Werewolf thrash tries to keep you in the same place as where you start. Werewolf feast will rip out some of the targets non-vital organs for an extra snack!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Minor Changes

The Laundry (warc) updated
  • Ugh, that hat fuckin' REEKS dude, don't make me murder it off of you!
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #4030
  • Resprited disposal pipes.
Penny updated:#4002
  • The term_ping command now accepts a filter as the first option
  • The TermOS help command now documents the term_ping filter
Virvatuli updated: (sprites 🎨) #4028
  • The 40mm Riot Launcher has been given both visual and audio upgrades, have fun lobbing grenades around!

Monday, March 15th, 2021

Minor Changes

warc, or whoever you prefer, you pick updated β„’
  • Ranchers now start with a babby monitor on which they can look at they're burds. You can use this to uh, not make them died. Added the cams to most maps, minus those with pending ranch PRs.
Carbadox and Gannets updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3698
  • Added an ice dispenser to most bars.
TTerc updated: (sprites 🎨) #3957
  • Janitors can now turn their Head of Sanitation beret into a hat, similarly to HoS beret! Sprites by Arthur Holiday.

Sunday, March 14th, 2021

Kapu1178 & Virvatuli updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3804
  • Riot Shotguns now require racking between shots to fire

Minor Changes

Fosstar updated: (balance βš–) #3860
  • The detective's scanner (not their PDA) can now scan objects up to two tiles away.
ThePotato97 updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #4017
  • Fixed saving clone records to disks and alignment of damage indicators
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #4013
  • Stopped Boom Boots spawning in syndicate Surplus Crate.
Kapu1178 & Virvatuli updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3804
  • New shotgun sounds by Virvatuli

Saturday, March 13th, 2021

comradef191 updated: (removal β›”) #2523
  • Removed the Construction Worker job. Added QM crate containing most of their equipment.
TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #3885
  • Stun melee artifacts are now stamina damage based.
Flaborized updated: (bug 🎨) #3992
  • Updated the action bar sprite, added several variants.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3978
  • Splits the Infiltrator nuclear operative class crate in to two kits. Infiltrator & Scout, details in minor changes.

Minor Changes

Penny updated: #3997
  • Adds the tape drive to hacked CompTech vendors.
Kubius updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3985
  • Kondaru airbridge issue introduced in upgrade Tau has been fixed, partially by adding a new Book Nook, the home of the persistent bookshelf. See PR 3973 for Tau's changes.
Chickenish updated: (bug πŸ›) #3954
  • The Rad-Wick food effect works again.
Gannets updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3978
  • Infiltrator kit now comes with: tranq pistol + ammo pouch, pod beacon deployer, dna scrambler, voice changer, emag, chameleon jumpsuit, chameleon projector
  • Scout kit comes with: burst fire smg + ammo pouch, light breaker, cloaking device, emag, nvg

Friday, March 12th, 2021

AwkwardDryad updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨)#3740
  • reworked playing cards and gave them a makeover! have fuuuun!
Zamujasa updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Monkey Translator added.
  • Mask slot item that doesn't count as internals.
  • Monkeys wearing this will speak human.
  • Test Subjects start with one. There are also two in the Animal Control locker in Genetics, one in the monkey crate from cargo, and they can be scanned by mechanics.
Nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3756
  • Destiny has received some significant remapping; highlights include layout changes to Security and Medical and the addition of a Ranch. See PR for extended details.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3856
  • Added visual effect to plant helper artifacts.

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Comradef191 updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3724
  • Re-Added AI Displays to all currenty in-rotation maps.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3711
  • The floor and wall planner now has a mode for reverting changes to turfs, so you can undo the avant-garde redecorating of any construction worker you manage to catch!
Chickenish updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3922
  • Stowaways are no longer in the manifest.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3907
  • Added a cargo teleporter and recharger to the artifact lab on donut 3
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #3956
  • Most computer screens now glow in the dark.

Minor Changes

Camryn Buttes updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3909
  • Claw machines are now scannable by mechanics.
Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3907
  • Made a whole bunch of other smaller changes to donut 3, see if you can spot them!
TTerc updated: (balance βš–) #3955
  • Removed opossums from wizard polymorph list.

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Nebulacrity updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3666
  • After a raid on [REDACTED], there have been several sightings of what appeared to be a deep space beacon far away from the station. Not much information is amassed on it currently.
Sidewinder7 updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3930
  • The term_ping command now accepts a filter argument.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3789
  • Artifact Guns can now sometimes have multiple different firing modes.

Sunday, March 7th, 2021

Comradef191 updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3934
  • Firedoors will once again appear in Hallways, Inner Engineering & the Customs Desk on Cogmap 1.

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Stonepillar updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3931
  • Added a rapid crayon creation device. It makes crayons. Purchase with spacebux or find in artistic toolboxes.
Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #3859
  • Clown cars now have a car horn and a brake and should move much more smoothly (along with most other non-pod/sub/truck vehicles)! HONK HONK HONK!

Friday, March 5th, 2021

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3692
  • You can now pick your PDA's ringtone in character setup! Comes with a free copy of that ringtone's parent program.
Walpvrgis updated: (sprites 🎨) #3872
  • Adds new clothing to Clothing Booth/Vendor (30 outfits, 9 shoes and 2 hats)! Time for a makeover?

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: #3776
  • Improve tour guide floating chat display.
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3855
  • Added 2x rubber shell cartridges to hacked booze vendor menu.
TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3903
  • Added medical eyepatches to medbay manufacturers.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #3837
  • Sprinting into railings will make you start the process of vaulting over them.
Fosstar updated: #3861
  • Reagents are now clamped to the nearest 1000th, or 0.001

Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›) #3852
  • Securitrons will no longer attack you if you're tucked away inside something.

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: #3841
  • The industrial cryogenic unit has been renamed to the industrial cryogenic sleep unit and the Medical cyrogenic cell has been renamed to the cryogenic healing pod. This should make it easier to distinguish them from each other.
Chickenish updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3749
  • Recovery over time from blindness, eye blur, deafness, stuttering, and drug haze is now lag adjusted.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3681
  • Revamped and rebalanced chaplain contracts. Replaced reversal contract with psychic meatcube contract. Monkey soul farming is gone too. RIP
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3377
  • Cog1 now has chemistry equipment in the actual pharmacy.

Minor Changes

Kyle updated (balance βš–)
  • Lizards now have a Regrow Tail ability. It lets you regrow your tail...
Zamuajasa updated (balance βš–)
  • Arse Nath/Rathen's Secret no longer causes clouds of smoke.
Sord updated: (balance βš–) #3797
  • Morphine, ether, and sulfonal now reduce stimulants active time
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3313
  • Magic missiles are now speedier, bouncier, and more electrifying.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #3836
  • The artlab folder on Dwaine now has some scripts that should make working with gptio less cumbersome.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3377
  • Added a dedicated Pathologist job. Snazzy clothing sprites made by nefarious6th!
  • Medical Doctors/Geneticists/Roboticists/Scientists no longer have access to the pathology facilities when Pathology is enabled.
  • Which it is not.

February 2021

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Stonepillar updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3781
  • Added the HoP's golden crayon, which can be found in their office on most maps. Beware of possible theft!

Minor Changes

DimWhat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3858
  • Many mutantraces can now wear underwear.

Friday, February 26th, 2021

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3818
  • Artifacts are now sellable, more details below in the minor entries.
Superlagg updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3419
  • Added an action bar to feeding other people things, and made organs take multiple bites to eat.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3818
  • Money depends on artifact rarity.
  • Artlab has these forms you can fill out. If you fill it out correctly and slap it on an artifact, you'll get a lot more money for it.
  • Sometimes cargo might get new artifacts sent in if they previously sent nice ones out.
Superlagg updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3419
  • Metachroitic factor now only has a 30% chance of being granted per point per bite.

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Azrun updated: #3807
  • Multitools now provide encoded information about the network a powered cable is connected to.
Anachroniser updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3423
  • Singularities now come in variable sizes and can generate more power as they grow. Keep in mind the risks of a giant singularity.
Luxizzle updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3777
  • You can now frost donuts with an icing tube!

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: #3717
  • Using a screwdriver / wrench on a credit transfer devices will now unanchor and let you move them.
Ludolf updated: (sprites 🎨) #3827
  • New sprite for soldering irons.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #2921
  • The RCD can now build light bulb and light tube fixtures.
Borkatator updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3728
  • You can now create a viewport window when watching camera feeds

Minor Changes

kyle updated
  • Ethanol is now a good bit more forgiving in terms of liver damage.
Azrun updated: (bug πŸ›) #3815
  • Resolve issue with alloys in TEG Semiconductor. Mix and match your favorite flavors!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3191
  • Material science interactions with TEG! The prototype semiconductor can be removed from TEG via screwdriver-> wirecutter -> crowbar and brought to an Arc Plater near you! Re-install by reinserting -> adding wire -> snipping excess -> screwing it back in place.

Minor Changes

Azrun updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3191
  • TEG Semiconductor added as High Priority bounty to SpyThief.
Sovexe updated: (rework πŸ”„) #3745
  • Reworked clown shoes to have shorter slip durations. Fixed a bug where slipping as a clown didn't actually make you fall over.

Sunday, February 21st, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3772
  • Donut 3: Made mineral magnet area larger, tweaked the mining office layout.
Luxizzle updated: #3794
  • Weapon vendor now shows the cost of a loadout option.
virvatuli updated: #3787
  • Added new welding tool audio to signal that it's been ignited!
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #3669
  • Telecrystal materials are less likely to warp when used on yourself/others. Self teleporting due to attacks has a 25% chance of dropping the item at the location you warped from.
Chickenish updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3775
  • Added an Implanter to the Security vendor.
Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #3760
  • Raised costs of power cells and 40mmPBR rounds in the sec loadout vendor.

Saturday, February 20th, 2021

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3563
  • Cog1: Added extra purge pumps to the TEG and moved the reactor statistics computer to the engine control room.
Batelite updated: (sprites 🎨) #3768
  • Health analyzer screens now indicate what they're scanning

Friday, February 19th, 2021

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)#3731
  • Lots of non-handheld artifact types now actually trigger the faults they might get, so artifact use may have some unintended side effects now. Stay safe, everyone!

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (sprites 🎨) #3739
  • Rechargers have new sprites!

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #3651
  • Blocks MRPT rocket ammo from being loaded into the zip gun.
Superlagg updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3276
  • Upgraded bot AI to be more responsive in general.
  • Buddy combat AI has been upgraded to allow them to move *and* shoot
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #3580
  • Syndicate riot baton now deals stamina damage instead of instant stun, two hits are required to knockdown. Now functions like an infinite ammo stun baton with extra blunt damage on harm intent.

Minor Changes

Sord updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3726
  • New taser smg security loadout. Sprites by Matheus
virvatuli updated: #3736
  • Added a new and unique pulse rifle/lawbringer pulse firing sound!
TTerc updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3627
  • You can now refill the flamethrowers by simply clicking the large tanks with them.
Superlagg updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3276
  • Secbots can be ordered to guard and lockdown specific areas.
  • Floorbots now eat loose floor metal by default.
  • Added actionbars to most times bot actions, like repairing floors and injecting people with drugs.
  • Ammofab now costs 1 TC.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3746
  • Spy Thieves can now print pictures of their targets out from their PDA!

Sunday, February 14th, 2021

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: (bug πŸ›, sprites 🎨) #3718
  • Added the ability to make industrial table parts with reinforced metal sheets.
BenLubar updated: (balance βš–) #3381
  • Attacking someone with a drinking glass while in harm intent now splashes your drink onto them.
Anachroniser updated: (balance βš–) #3409
  • Arrow shafts now apply effects while implanted
  • Can use organic material in arrows and spears

Saturday, February 13th, 2021

Sord updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3413
  • Reworked Security loadouts in the Security equipment vendors.
pali updated
  • Building new cloning pods now requires uqill (to make the pod sturdy) and beeswax. Little known lore: NT's cloning pods are actually a technology copied from spacebees and the beeswax is necessary to make the clone heal up!
BenLubar updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, tgui πŸ“„) #3163
  • Cloning consoles can now communicate with up to 3 total cloning pods.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3558
  • Increases "standard" burn chamber temperature and improve Molitz Beta drop chance. Research Director now has a briefcase with Molitz Beta in their office.
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3691
  • You can now save game logs in the chatlog menu (the cogwheel in the top right corner of the chatlog).
  • You can also enter 5 more words for highlighting, toggle emoji style and toggle deletion of old messages.

Minor Changes

Xyzzy updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3324
  • Tugs can now pull wheeled carts.
Flappybat updated: (sprites 🎨) #3584
  • Radiation blowout uses the battlestorm effect to show unsafe areas.

Friday, February 12th, 2021

pali updated
  • Increased cloud save limit for character profiles to 15.

Minor Changes

tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • RCDs and their ammo are more expensive to manufacture
Azrun updated: #3695
  • Removes escalation of pipe rupture. Too much busy work.

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

mbc and Sord updated: (balance βš–) #3418
  • Added short action bar to power cell swapping
BatElite updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3682
  • Engineers have found some dusty AI displays in storage, and upgraded them to better represent out beloved silicon friends! Until NT stations and ships are properly fitted with the displays, mechanics can find some blueprints for them in their lockers.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3456
  • Surgery trays and kitchen islands now have brakes. Toggle them by clicking the tray/island.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Pizza sharpener will slice an unsliced pizza when sharpening, and can now appear in surplus crates
Flappybat updated: (balance βš–) #3660
  • Reduced Old Hunting Rifle and Tranquilizer Rifle to a magazine size of 4.
pali updated
  • You can now crack coconuts by chairflipping onto them. Sound effect by KomradeJack
BatElite updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3682
  • Each AI status display now has an "owner", so it's possible to share them between AIs. You can still claim/steal any screen from other AIs by clicking on them.
BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›) #3639
  • The network cards in the security records and engine control computers have been upgraded to new models which can transmit PDA messages to distances greater than 0.4 millifurlongs.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3638
  • Enabled some new fault types for artifacts and changed distribution of faults a little.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3633
  • Atmospheric pipes have a new severely damaged state that requires replacement by rods (and then welding). Reduced chance of removing pipes from explosions in favor of new state. Can also achieve new state through extreme pressure...

Minor Changes

Anachroniser updated: (balance βš–) #3407
  • Lashers now do more damage and blooming lashers are a source of booster enzyme, these can be spliced. Good luck growing one.

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Flappybat updated: (bug πŸ›, removal β›”) #3578
  • Retired lawn darts from the traitor buy list.
Emily updated (balance βš–)
  • The cyborg force shield now more consistently drains battery across different sources of damage.
  • The cyborg force shield upgrade now has an "overheat" counter, making it less effective if you take rapid, repeated damage.
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New Chicken Breed! See Minor Changes for a hint.

Minor Changes

Arthur Holiday updated: #3628
  • Added icing tubes to the kitchen vendor.
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • This chicken needs a serpent's tail; you'll have to find something close enough. [Gen 3] [From Stone Chickens]

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3571
  • Heater type artifacts are now more interesting (and more dangerous). Good thing research has air scrubbers ready!
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New Chicken Breed! See Minor Changes for a hint.

Minor Changes

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • According to zjdtmkhzt, I always have an ulterior motive. They're right. [Gen 2] [From Cream Coloured Silkies]

Friday, February 5th, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•, bug πŸ›)
  • Incubators can now be disassembled using wrenches to transport them. You can screw or unscrew the nesting boxes with a screwdriver.
  • New Chicken Breed! See Minor Changes for a hint.
  • Peas

Minor Changes

Sovexe updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • New chicken carriers added in the garden gear vending machine. Ranchers also start out with one in their backpacks.
  • New Ranch Field Guide for Ranchers with details on how to make various chicken types.
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•, bug πŸ›)
  • Two words: Undersea Reefer [Gen 3]
  • Fixed bug where witchens weren't possible to make.

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

AwkwardDryad updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #1707
  • Added modular cakes - Create a cute cakes!・Frost with chems for fun designs!・Add toppings!
BenLubar updated:#3486
  • Cyborgs can now drag humans into the industrial cryogenic storage unit, and don't need to be holding an item to put themselves in.

Minor Changes

AwkwardDryad updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #1707
  • Items that are on fire now extinguish properly after being splashed with water or firefighting foam, fire extinguished, or dunked in sinks.
TTerc updated: (bug πŸ›) #3586
  • Traitors and miscreants can now roll the "Destroy the Captain's ship in a bottle." objective on Manta.
TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3589
  • Water pipes can now be found in hacked GardenGear vendors.
Superlagg updated: (balance βš–) #3579
  • The Wizards Federation has made a magical breakthrough! Rathens' Secret now has no problem severing light cyberlimbs.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #3602
  • Electroplaters should now only take one bar from a stack.
Stonepillar updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3592
  • You can put crayons into clown shoes and the shoes will automatically draw on the ground. Requires Klutz trait.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Three new chickens! See minor changes for clues.

Minor Changes

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Ixworth chicken egg feed now only extends the lifespan of chickens; it doesn't make them immortal.
  • My hour is almost come, when I to sulph'rous and tormenting flames, must render up myself. [Gen 2] [From Black Silkies]
  • Some call these glass cannons, I call them high wizards [Gen 2] [From Glass Chickens]
  • These chickens are rather chilly, and you better keep them that way lest they melt. [Gen 2] [From White Silkies]

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Minor Changes

Emily updated
  • Selkie chickens now come from White Silkies, not Black Silkies as they did previously.

Monday, February 1st, 2021

BenLubar updated: (feature πŸ†•) #2956
  • Added a new Chef traitor item: Pizza Sharpener.
Flappybat updated: (rework πŸ”„) #3363
  • Improved spy bounty target picking logic. Prevents duplicates, targets on the Listening Post and can find targets that were almost never shown before!

Minor Changes

Superlagg updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #3297
  • NT struck a deal with the Wizard Federation to tone down Rathens' Secret regarding tails and cyberlimbs, in exchange for shooting a lot more blood and guts out of peoples' butts.
  • Rathens' Secret will only sever tails if their owner is missing limbs.
  • It'll also fail to sever most cyberlimbs and exotic appendages.
zjdtmkhzt updated: #3548
  • Dragging crates onto traders to sell their contents should now work again for all types of items.

January 2021

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

Sovexe updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨,)
  • New chicken breed added! View minor changes for hint [Gen 2] [From Clown Chicken] (Don't let Emily find out!)
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Ixworth chickens added! Their eggs, when made into feed, prevent chickens from dying of old age. Give tomato feed to white chickens to make them!
ArbitraryKnapsack updated: #3169
  • Created a new radio channel, :d, for the detective's private use. Keep tabs on the station without annoying all of security.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • You can now suicide into the arc electroplater.
  • It is now possible to fish in spatial tears.
  • Chaplains can now sometimes notice a disturbance in the force when ghosts are using the ouija board.
  • You can now fish in closed deep fryers. (If it doesn't have an item inside you'll fry your rod. Don't fry your rod.)
Sovexe updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • They're quite popular, I think they're really going to take off!
pali updated
  • Vacuums now clean ants.
BenLubar updated: #3552
  • MedTrak has been updated to display allergy information.
BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›) #3550
  • Receiving a friendly pat on the head no longer counts as being attacked for the purpose of interrupts.
BenLubar updated: (sprites 🎨) #3547
  • Non-cheese burgers no longer have a mysterious yellow non-cheese substance on them.
ArbitraryKnapsack updated: #3169
  • Made a little chat icon for detective to visually identify them at a glance.

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3473
  • Made flamethrowers more configurable and shoot chem-loaded projectiles.
Nefarious6th updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #3491
  • Captains on the RP servers can now only roll conspirator as a potential antagonist type.

Minor Changes

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3473
  • Flamethrowers can now be added to gun components.
BenLubar updated: #3499
  • Marking a job as favorite no longer creates a second copy of that job as unwanted.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3504
  • Added a new type of bomb artifact that has a high chance of destroying either the science department or the economy.
Chickenish updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3529
  • It is now possible to anchor air scrubbers with a wrench.
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, bug πŸ›) #3537
  • Possessed canisters behave as expected in regards to gases. Possessed creates will no longer shuffle around when closed.
Moonlol updated: (bug πŸ›) #3542
  • You can no longer grab things from the other side of a thin window.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3509
  • Artifact activators are now more common, but not all of them will be universal anymore. Be wary of those of eldritch origin...

Friday, January 29th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #3496
  • Resprited personal computers.
Chickenish updated: (bug πŸ›) #3417
  • The cyborg weapons lock is no longer lengthened by lag

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Some artifacts now sometimes have slightly tweaked visuals to provide greater variety.
BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›) #3514
  • You can once again apply metal and glass sheets to several construction projects.

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #3367
  • Radio station voice synthesizer got a new cool UI!
Kyle updated: #3477
  • Tracking implants now alert security when they are removed from a person with their location.
pali updated: (balance βš–) #3455
  • Blob temperature damage rebalanced a bit. Sources which create "smaller" hot areas are likely less effective.
BenLubar updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #3206
  • GeneTek has released the next generation of their gene scanner computer interface!

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›, tgui πŸ“„) #3498
  • The new GeneTek UI no longer makes the port-a-gene explode. Sorry about that.
BenLubar updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #3206
  • Lab monkeys now have randomized ages and blood types.

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: #3484
  • The power issues aboard the Von Ricken have been resolved.
virvatuli updated: #3474
  • Added a new firing sound effect for the wavegun, that sounds appropriately sci-fi!
BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3449
  • Several fixes to the generation and contents of the mining z-level

Monday, January 25th, 2021

adharainspace updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3468
  • Ranchers now have a fishing rod in their backpacks. Fishing itself is pretty WIP but there's some content there for you.

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Miasma now has a status effect and it does slightly different things based on how much of it is in you.
ZeWaka updated (bug πŸ›)
  • If you get set on fire while laying down, you now properly roll in agony.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Stimulants are now a status effect

Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Flourish updated: (balance βš–) #3450
  • Authorizing the armory open now requires security equipment access (the access you need to open security lockers) as opposed to regular security access. This means lawyers, vice officers, and detectives can no longer help authorize it open.
Carbadox, Flaborized, and Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨) #3017
  • Added a new permanent security role, security assistant. This role will provide an entry point to players interested in the Security department without having to start off in a high pressure role like security officer. Please be nice to them!
  • Security PDAs now spawn with a special security alert module. When used, this module sends a "backup requested" PDA alert to the entire security department from the user's PDA.
  • Security departments now have a couple ticket writer devices laying around, which allow officers to issue tickets (and only tickets) without having to wrangle with their PDA.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Cyberappendices now only inject chems if you are hurt, and will damage themself slightly doing so if you are more than superficially injured, forcing you to replace it eventually.
DimWhat updated: (balance βš–) #3463
  • Security crates ordered through QM now require security equipment access.
Flourish updated: (balance βš–) #3450
  • Vice officers no longer have security equipment access.
BenLubar updated: #3462
  • Ion Storms can no longer open/close emergency shutters, such as the doors around the crusher in most maps.
pali updated: #3331
  • NTSO job is now only available after HoS has been picked.
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3334
  • Added a new Bartender job reward, the spectroscopic monocle.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3432
  • The cables in electrical toolboxes are now of a random colour. Go do aesthetic engineering.

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: #3411
  • Outgoing PDA messages are now shown in your chat log. The AI can take notes while looking at a camera. File sharing with groups is no longer broken!
Nefarious6th updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3424
  • Added recipes for chicken pot pie, chicken "pot" pie, stargazy pie, and chocolate mud pie.

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New silkie breed added! View minor changes for hint. [Gen 2] [From Black Silkie]

Minor Changes

AwkwardDryad updated: (balance βš–) #3378
  • Added sterile masks and latex gloves to public MiniMeds.
  • MiniMed items are now more affordable!
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • To sleep: perchance to dream; for in that sleep of death what dreams may come must give us pause: there's the respect that makes calamity of so long life.

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3415
  • Added bouncy mode to wave guns, moves old EMP mode to pulse rifles.
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3390
  • Added an "official" Stations and Syndicates rulebook to the game, the SS13 version of Dungeons and Dragons. It's been made to accommodate SS13 virtual environment with a much light ruleset. It comes along with a basic monster manual. Check out your local nerd dungeons for a copy or a book/gaming vendor.
Emily updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • New silkie breed! Be sure to give it a tank with lots of water, or you'll regret it.
  • Another new silkie breed! These ones are quite dandy. :) [Gen 2] [From Cream Colored Silkies]

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3354
  • Implants cut out of or reclaimed from people now come in disposable paper wads instead of mysterious glass cases. Implant cases should also now be coloured properly based on their contents.
  • Said wads also have a forensic blood trace of the implant's previous owner, in case you need to be mindful of your traces.
Flourish updated: (balance βš–) #3404
  • NTSOs now only have access to command and security channels on their headset.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3316
  • Made artifact cells a little bit more interesting.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

pali & Cookie updated
  • The handheld vacuum cleaner got new sprites and its special attack got rebalanced. Also fixed a bunch of things. Oh and also experimentally adding an overcharged version of the vacuum cleaner to janitor's traitor uplink.

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: (bug πŸ›) #3395
  • The CDC now has a more conventional understanding of how time and causality work.
Sovexe updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3412
  • Floor goblins now hide between the floor tiles and plating instead of under the floor.

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Flourish updated
  • The research radio channel is now purple and the medical radio channel is now blue (they were swapped before this!).
Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3370
  • Musicians now have a guitar.
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3397
  • Janitor closets now have a new handheld vacuum cleaner. It can suck up small items and smoke (like miasma). Temporary sprites unless you make me better ones.
UrsulaMajor updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • The Pathology Research test has concluded. Thank you for your participation! Please give your thoughts here: Pathology Feedback
pali updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3372
  • Enabled a certain locker-related random event.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • CPR now has a small chance to cure cardiac arrest, if the patient isn't too injured. Cardiac stimulants may help your odds.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • When you send a crate of credits out QM, the traders will now take a 10% fee. Meaning if you send out 100 credits, you'll get 90 added to your shipping budget.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3361
  • Devastating artifact bombs now give a stationwide message when armed or disarmed (you can use an activator artifact on them to do that!).

Monday, January 18th, 2021

pali updated
  • The bug report button (in the top right corner of your game client) has now an option for reporting exploits. Use this instead of the forum please.

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: #3384
  • Fixed a bug with APCs not exiting their "fully charged" status. See the pull request for technical details.
Chickenish updated: #3330
  • The time that the oil buff for cyborgs lasts is no longer increased by lag.
Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›) #3329
  • Fixed werewolf transformations not working properly with other mutant races.
  • Buffed werewolf transformation. Now also clears burning, radiation, and stagger, adds +10 stun resistance, applies twice as much regeneration than it did previously, and regrows any lost or robotic limbs.

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

Ursulamejor updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Be nice to the clown chickens. Or else.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3337
  • Pathogens can no longer reinfect a cured person
  • Spreading spreading symptoms reworked to use a new visual system instead of clouds. Details in the extended changelog.
Dions & Nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3133
  • Clarion now uses the 3/4ths perspective tilesets

Minor Changes

Asche updated: (balance βš–) #3307
  • Ship components have fallen in price. On the bright side, space traders are accepting some new items.
zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3337
  • The new pathogen visuals will slip people less, linger for a shorter period of time, and block clicks less.
  • You can protect yourself from pathogen stains via disease resistance (e.g. biosuit, spacesuit, certain foods), and particles via certain headwear (e.g. biohood, space helmet, sterile mask).
AwkwardDryad updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3346
  • Recent reports indicate that mimes are quiter than ever. They've even seemed darker and paler on occasion...
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Cows can now customize their hoof color with the mid detail option in character setup.

Saturday, January 16th, 2021

pali updated
  • Oshan ocean is now atmospherically inert instead of producing nitrogen. Wrenches can now be used to fiddle with atmos pump settings (instead of this being locked to multitools).
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3022
  • Added the cyborg screen head, so that emotionally inclined cyborgs can share their feelings with the world visually! Ask your roboticist to make you one, and check your Robot Commands tab to change expressions.
pali updated
  • Air scrubbers are now way more effective (for both gases and smoke) at the cost of a lot of APC power. Sponges and mops no longer work on smoke.
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3122
  • PDAs can now use different ringtones! Ask the clown if you can borrow their ringtone program.
  • PDAs can now block specific people, mailgroups, and alerts.

Minor Changes

Camryn Buttes updated: (bug πŸ›) #3357
  • Surstromming cans work again, stink your friends
BenLubar updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3338
  • Added an ABCU to Donut 3.
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3122
  • The Syndicate are dirty software pirates, supplying their agents with stolen copies of a certain PDA compatible sound effect library for a single TC.
  • The heads of staff have a new filesharing program, SpaceWire, which lets them automatically share PDA files to anyone who messages them a secret password.
glassofmilk updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3326
  • Signal components can now have their starting and ending strings set using MechComp signals.

Friday, January 15th, 2021

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #3325
  • Pathology fixes: cloud-based pathogens should now spread less and pathogens resulting from poor hygiene are now rarer and always non-contagious.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–) #3325
  • Plasma farts is now a higher tier symptom, trading places with Smoke farts.

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #3327
  • A person can now only have one pathogen at a time. Pathogens of a higher tier will replace weaker ones.
  • Nerfed most pathogen spreading symptoms. (Less clouds.)
Flourish updated: (rework πŸ”„) #3323
  • The motives system on RP has been slightly reworked. Instead of dropping clicks when your overall motives are too low, you now receive a maximum health debuff when your hunger is too low, and a stamina regeneration debuff when your thirst is too low.
UrsulaMajor and Nefarious6th updated: (rework πŸ”„) #3289
  • AI Law 3 now reads: "`You may always protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law."
Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3305
  • Cows now can't wear shoes (but are immune to stepping on regular and plasma glass shards) and have hemophilia, and also have a +3 damage bonus when kicking people.
pali updated
  • Experimental changes to how gases are rendered.

Minor Changes

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, sprites 🎨) #3327
  • Plasma farts are now a T4 pathogen, Smoke farts are now a T3.
Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #3302
  • Resprited syringes.
pali updated
  • Gibbing now expels your reagents in a puddle of fluid!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

UrsulaMajor updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3290
  • Botanists now spawn with a field guide in their pocket explaining the very very basic mechanics of the job.
BenLubar updated: #3319
  • AI "eyebot" shells now have access to all radio channels, just like AI cyborg shells do.

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

BatElite updated: (balance βš–, mapping πŸ—Ί, sprites 🎨) #3259
  • Almost all maps now have additional nuke planting targets!

Minor Changes

pali updated
  • Paint machine repair is no longer luck based. Paint application reworked to disallow obnoxious uses like "everything is now pitch black".

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3291
  • Conspirators now spawn with a secret radio frequency on their headset. You can access the frequency with the :z prefix to talk with your co-conspirators.
BenLubar updated: #3299
  • Cyborg arms, legs, and heads will now break properly rather than getting stuck in some quantum state.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Pathology on Oshan can now be found in the research outpost.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjusted stamina cost/damage of disarm shoves. Disarm shoves should also now be incapable of causing stamina KOs.
pali updated
  • You can now stuff ammo casings, paper and floor tiles into crates en-masse by clickdragging.

Sunday, January 10th, 2021

Minor Changes

Flaborized updated: (sprites 🎨) #3284
  • Engineering jobs now have yellow tools.
kyle updated
  • I put away my robe and wizard hat.
DimWhat and WALPVRGIS updated: (sprites 🎨) #3263
  • Added mime clothing to Geoff Honkington's list of wares. Comes with its own special box! Spritework by WALPVGRIS.

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated:#3288
  • The AI is once again able to interface with sleeper consoles.
Flourish updated
  • Space lube, organic superlubricant, oil, and butter, when applied to a turf, now also apply a temporary "wet" overlay. Should be useful for telling when a tile is slippery!
Keisuki updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprite 🎨) #3283
  • Added the "Letter Display Component" for mechanics.
pali updated
  • Toggle-Ghost-Radio verb to toggle if you hear radio as a ghost.
  • You can now clickdrag barcode stickers onto things to stick them. Useful for borgs.
BenLubar updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3274
  • The escape shuttle announcer now announces manual shuttle calls.

Friday, January 8th, 2021

Flappybat updated: (balance βš–, rework πŸ”„) #3205
  • Changed spy thief reward logic. Rewards are now more proportional to the target's job or difficulty of accessing the object.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3203
  • Certain computers (most notably the cloning & genetic consoles) can now be made to re-scan for equipment by using a multitool on them!
BenLubar updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #3181
  • Ported sleeper consoles to tgui.
BenLubar updated: #3213
  • Lizards and cows and roaches and skeletons rejoice! You can now see a preview of your character in the character setup preview.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3184
  • Capulettium plus now allows you to play as dead when you lay down, and appear alive and functionally normally when you stand up.
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3139
  • Katanas now sever butts and tails if they're in an accessible position.
BenLubar updated: #3160
  • Surgeons now pay more attention to their hand-EYE coordination. Sorry, that was terrible.
pali updated
  • Character preferences now contain a "Local ghost hearing" toggle - it switches between hearing all living-people chatter or restricting it to your screen. (Still also accessible as the confusingly named toggle-local-deadchat verb.)
Flappybat updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3199
  • Added cigar box to the cigarette vending machine.
TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3268
  • Added Beepsky's house and several pet and monkey spawns to Atlas.
BenLubar updated: #3261
  • The Power Monitoring Computer has been upgraded to a state-of-the-art 6-color screen.
kyle updated
  • I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

UrsulaMejor updated
  • A new chicken breed, with three variants. All are Gen 1 breeds: feed apples to white chikens! Two are obvious, and one you'll need to doctor to be an "opposite" of the other. ;)

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: #3252
  • Moved allergen information to the "Allergies" section of the medical record.
TTerc updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3227
  • Adds a new traitor item: poison bottle bundle. It lets you spawn 7 poison bottles at once.

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • (re)Added a full auto firemode to the Clock-188 (replacing burstfire) and the Antares light machine gun (in addition to burstfire). Toggle the mode by clicking on the gun in-hand.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3107
  • Medical patch boxes are now coloured the same as the patches they were made to contain!
Retrino updated: (sprites 🎨) #3234
  • PDAs now have shiny new sprites by Jinnerotto (Jinnerotto) #8229 on Discord)!
comradef191 updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2803
  • The Armoury & AI Core now use Plasma Glass windows, rather then Thindows, on Cogmap 1.
  • Overhauled the placement of items atop tables & racks on Cogmap 1
Gannets updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3241
  • Added non-slip combat boots and an inflatable decoy nuclear bomb as utility purchases from syndicate weapons vendors.
UrsulaMejor updated
  • Two new chickens! These ones aren't secret, so tell your friends if you find them! Hint in Minor Changes.
  • Another new chicken! Not a secret! Tell your friends! Hint in Minor Changes! Shouting!

Minor Changes

BobertBrockson updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #3251
  • You can no longer select tooltips generated by `:hover` or holding `alt+:hover`.
Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Lizards can have a little thermoregulation, as a treat
Kubius updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3072
  • Added a new electrical maintenance crate to QM. Insulated gloves have moved to it, and it also contains multitools.
BatElite updated: (rework πŸ”„) #3097
  • Reworked how stepping on shards works - wearing shoes doesn't save you if you crawl over them, but having robtic legs (or being in a chair with no legs) lets you go over them with no problem.
comradef191 updated: (bug πŸ›, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2803
  • Fixed a bug on Cogmap1 where standing under some APCs would act as if you were in another room
  • The Securitron in Cogmap1 Arrivals no longer resides in the Shuttle, and is now placed infront of it in the Hallway
Gannets updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„) #3241
  • - Operative's now spawn with sunglasses and a breath mask equipped and an emergency O2 tank in their pocket.
Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3232
  • Updated Guardbuddy weapon handling drivers: they no longer have trouble shooting someone at pointblank range.
UrsulaMejor updated
  • One chicken is vegetarian, in both senses of the word. The other chicken is synthetic, in a way the other one isn't.
  • This chicken is the result of voiding your chicken's stomach. Poor things. :(

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

ThePotato97 updated: (feature πŸ†•, tgui πŸ“„) #2988
  • Converted chemistry dispenser to tgui

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3226
  • Adds a routing depot camera monitor to Donut 3, letting the QMs monitor the cargo belts remotely.
Chickenish updated:#3209
  • Pills can now be thrown over tables.

Monday, January 4th, 2021

BenLubar updated: (balance βš–) #3178
  • Alerts can now be muted on the PDA's messaging app groups screen. The AI can now mute incoming PDA messages, and does not auto-join custom groups.
Ursulamejor updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Four new chicken breeds, our first four truly secret chickens. See Minor Changes for hints.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated
  • Item icons have been temporarily removed from manufacturer windows. As a result, game windows should now load a lot faster during game setup and when you first join.
BenLubar updated: (balance βš–) #2947
  • The AI's killswitch now lasts 3 minutes rather than 60 mystery time units, each almost but not quite equal to 3 seconds.
virvatuli updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3229
  • Added a mounted defibrillator to the Cairngorm's surgical suite.
Ursulamejor updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • It's not gonna be easy to find these birds; you might even need to go find some things from space.

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

PJB & ZeWaka updated: #3219
  • Fixed movement. It is no longer stuttery, and is now buttery smooth.

Minor Changes

DisturbHerb updated: #3211
  • Janitor vendors now contain two body bag boxes.

Friday, January 1st, 2021

Tarmunora updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Pod brakes will no longer slow a pod in a direction if you are holding the input key for that direction - i.e.: ( you can do 'handbrake turns' now.
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3063
  • You can now take stuff from loose heads. Or put things on them, if you're into head spike fashion shows.
Efi, Troasta, & Ben Lubar updated: #3098
  • Changed the ion storm murder law _in RP servers_ to be way less murderous.
  • Added new ion storm laws that may be more fun to play around, I hope!
TTerc updated: (feature πŸ†•,mapping πŸ—Ί,) #3176
  • Janitors are now able to clean up ants and spiders off the floor using space cleaner or the sponge.
Flourish updated
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„)
  • Happy New Year! In anticipation of all the new and wonderful things 2053 will bring, Nanotrasen has renovated parts of Oshan Laboratory's medbay and permanently hired a psychiatrist to ensure that the crew's mental and psychological health will continue to be in tiptop shape.

Minor Changes

Flourish updated: (balance βš–) #3183
  • Reduced the capacity of water cooler bottles to 500 units.

December 2020

Thursday, December 31st, 2020

Minor Changes

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Added the "Claw School Graduate" trait, which makes you infallible when playing claw machines! The super clever pun name is courtesy of Virvatuli.
Flourish updated (mapping πŸ—Ί)
  • Removed loafer blueprint from Manta.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Minor Changes

Efi updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3125
  • Glass recyclers now also accept processed crystalline material pieces.
Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • Added two new supply packs to QM; firefighting foamtank crate and firefighting supplies crate.

Monday, December 28th, 2020

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • Adjusted nitroglycerin stability.
kyle updated
  • Lower gang mode probability.

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Cyberorgans can now have their safeties disabled when exposed to certain (randomly determined per round) damage thresholds. Science is the art of hitting things until they break the way you wanted them to, right?
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3085
  • Deployable warp beacons can now be manufactured in ship component fabricators. Some assembly required.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Tweaked the way napalm interacts with humans (causes some direct damage on touch, and will make people burn more when inside of them as opposed to making people into ticking firebombs), and made it no longer melt floors (use ClF3 or something for that)

Saturday, December 26th, 2020

Minor Changes

MatheusIsNotAvailable updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #3142
  • Added both the golden and the clown's IDs to the agent card's color choosing option.

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

Minor Changes

kyle updated
  • Prayers are somewhat more noticable when sent from the chapel.
Nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3129
  • Adds an ice cream machine, espresso machine, and claw machine to the Afterlife Bar

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

Minor Changes

Efi updated: #3127
  • Added pride jumpsuits to the Uniform Manufacturer. They can now be obtained OUT OF THE CLOSET.

Monday, December 21st, 2020

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Tweaked shivering status to proc a little more often and last a little longer. @ me on discord if it's too much
  • Changed lizard mutantrace to no longer naturally thermoregulate. Keep some hot cocoa or a space heater handy!

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3075
  • Ghostdrones can now use deconstruction devices, and also have one in their inventory.
UrsulaMejor updated (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•)
  • Chicken Feed is now a snack you can monch on (and hand-feed to chickens)
  • Chickens now only show heart status for their favorite food

Minor Changes

UrsulaMejor updated (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•)
  • Bunch of changes to how chickens determine enemies/friends, please report any bugs!

Friday, December 18th, 2020

Minor Changes

virvatuli updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3088
  • The Salyut derelict now has an appropriately Soviet space suit.

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

Tarmunora updated: (balance βš–) #3074
  • Amount of reagent inhaled from an aerosol propellant smoke now falls off over distance
Kubius updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3065
  • Kondaru QoL: more multitools, Toxins heat exchanger adjustment, and "ingame documentation" of Research ejection and QM operation. Make sure to check out previous updates to see what else has changed!

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3071
  • A ranch ship has docked at NSS Horizon!
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3064
  • Ranch, and Owlery, installed into Atlas.

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

UrsulaMejor updated (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•)
  • Chicken aging and hunger should now be lag-compensated
  • You can now grab chickens without upsetting them
Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2410
  • Added ways to earn Job XP for Bartender and Chaplain.

Minor Changes

Carbadox updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2410
  • For Chaplain, you can earn it by innately resisting Wizards spells and Vampire abilities as well as using your Bible to heal (or smite) people.
  • For Bartender, you can earn it by shaking your cocktail shaker and applying garnishes to glasses.
  • Added a Golden Cocktail Shaker reward for the bartender
Erinexx updated: (sprites 🎨) #2973
  • New, jigglier blob sprites.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί, rework πŸ”„) #3061
  • Installed a ranch into Clarion's base variant. Due to space constraints, avid tabletop gamers will need to head up to the Aviary.

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • fluorosurfactant recipe changed to [1 oil, 1 fluorine, 1 sulferic acid -> 3 fluorosurfactant]

Minor Changes

TTerc updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί,) #3055
  • Donut 3, Cogmap 2 and Horizon have ranches and electroplaters now. Cog1 also has electroplaters.

Monday, December 14th, 2020

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•)
  • Roach mutantrace is now raditaion resistant, but more vulnerable to blunt force trauma
UrsulaMejor updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3053
  • Adds a rancher job to the jobs list; be sure to update your preferences! Uniform sprite by virvatuli

Minor Changes

Nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #3043
  • Adds a bathroom and cargo transporter to the old mining station in the debris field

Sunday, December 13th, 2020

BenLubar updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2980
  • Civilian and Brobocop cyborgs have some new toys to play with!
glassofmilk updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3041
  • Many wireless devices now respond to the command "help"
UrsulaMejor updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #3047
  • Add rods to railings to make reinforced railings that chickens can't pass through. Undo with wirecutters. Sprite by Varali.

Minor Changes

virvatuli updated: #3045
  • Changed the Syndicate poison bottle to be more believable when examined
Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•) #2975
  • Monkeys and non-monkeys can now share limbs

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

Kubius updated (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #3009
  • Significant rework to Kondaru centered on the southeast region, improving the flow of the detention complex and considerably expanding Hydroponics.
UrsulaMejor updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • Added 3.5 new chicken types! Collect them all! Reminder that they are closed source but NOT SECRET! Tell your friends!

Minor Changes

Flourish updated: (feature πŸ†•) #3031
  • Brains once again carry the names of their owners so that you don't have to sit around and try to figure out who "human's brain" actually belongs to.
UrsulaMejor updated (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨)
  • One chicken likes to honk, one chicken likes to get stoned, and one chicken is a bipedal theropod from the Cretaceous period. The 0.5 is a variant of one of those.

Friday, December 11th, 2020

Scaltra updated: (balance βš–) #2986
  • Athletic trait now makes you take 33% more brute damage instead of reducing maximum health by 40 points

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated (balance βš–)
  • sonic powder stamina damage and misstep will now fall off over distance
ThePotato97 updated: (tgui πŸ“„) #3010
  • Added <u> to sanitization whitelist to allow for underlining text in paper

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Superlagg updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2945
  • Added two new colorblindness mutations. Collect them all!
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2902
  • TEG instructions have been updated to capture latest changes. Circulators description and instructions will provide an indication when the TEG is a special variant. Circulators now have visual indication when maintenance hatch is open. New less random serial number scheme.
  • TEG target circulator blower pressure differential can be adjusted with a multitool. Just like the majority of other ATMOS pumps/gates!
BenLubar updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2929
  • Cyborg cleaner bottles now automatically synthesize space cleaner!
glassofmilk updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #2957
  • Using packets to force open lockers now requires security authorization!
Carbadox updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #2985
  • Medical doctors now start with medical belts.

Minor Changes

Tarmunora updated
  • reverted fullauto nukie LMG
Azrun updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2902
  • TEG circulators now support liquid electricity and hugs. Show the circulators some TLC!
  • TEG instructions added to a few maps.

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2990
  • Redeeming the science and medical labcoats when you've bought the alternative jumpsuit now gives you matching labcoat colours!
ThePotato97 updated: (bug πŸ›, tgui πŸ“„) #3008
  • Fixed paper; stamp scrolling, shift time and clipboard interaction.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

ThePotato97 updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨, tgui πŸ“„) #2775
  • Converted paper to tgui - This also means it now uses Markdown formatting!

Minor Changes

ThePotato97 updated: (bug πŸ›, feature πŸ†•, rework πŸ”„, sprites 🎨, tgui πŸ“„) #2775
  • Fixed note on canister bombs
Nefarious6th updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #2918
  • Adds Spacemas variants of Atlas, Clarion, Horizon, Manta, and Oshan maps
virvatuli updated: (mapping πŸ—Ί) #2993
  • Removed taser shotgun from HoS locker on Manta

Monday, December 7th, 2020

Camryn Buttes updated: (balance βš–, removal β›”) #2972
  • Removed the obesity mutation

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

Flourish updated (feature πŸ†•)
  • You can now send letters to Santa! Find their helper under the Spacemas tree.

Minor Changes

BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•) #2932
  • Crewmembers looking for early retirement can now use portable air pumps for that purpose.
Kubius updated: (feature πŸ†•, mapping πŸ—Ί) #2900
  • Further small Ozymandias fixes/changes, primarily QM flow improvements and pod bay controls.

Saturday, December 5th, 2020

zjdtmkhzt updated: (balance βš–, feature πŸ†•) #2459*
  • Trying to claim an item in the wrong area as a spy thief will now try to use the GPS system to show the way to the correct area.
pali updated: #2747
  • You can now adjust volume of emotes in the audio tab in the top bar.
retkid updated: #2690
  • Added a new song Dance On A Space Volcano to the collection of possible radio show host songs

Minor Changes

pali updated: #2955
  • The music record spacebux purchase now has a wider variety of songs!
BatElite updated: (feature πŸ†•, sprites 🎨) #2831
  • Updated portable air pumps, tank dispensers and the portable seed fabricator!
kyle updated
  • Lawbringer and E-gun now require rarer materials if you want to build more copies

Friday, December 4th, 2020

Minor Changes

Superlagg updated: (bug πŸ›, sprites 🎨) #2934
  • Kudzufolk can be visibly dismembered, and get gross synthorgans too.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Retkid updated: #2853
  • Added sounds for the Wraith antagonist.

Minor Changes

BenLubar updated: (balance βš–) #2905
  • Random events no longer occur once the shuttle departs from the