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A story from a Something Awful user named Angry Diplomat describing strange and highly-explosive griefing committed using old-school material science. It dates back to around 2014 in the days of easy matsci infusions, custom bullets, Grab intent on self causing nipple-tweaking, and much more relaxed rules about griefing.

The Tale

A while back, an Arc Smelter was added to the game. This lets you combine materials to create new alloys with properties from both. You can also infuse chemicals into things. If your first thought was, "how many explosions did this cause," congratulations, you pretty much "get" SS13. Here is a picture of what happened when I created a weldfuel-infused shovel and accidentally hit some of my weldfuel-infused glass windows with it.


One of the minerals is called erebite. Erebite is highly volatile and explosive. People used to make themselves explosion-proof erebite-alloyed blast armour and then run around tweaking their own nipples to cause massive at-will explosions that devastated everything around them while hurting them very little or not at all. Yes, seriously. Weaponized nipple tweaking. That was a thing.

Nipplebombing was nothing compared to infinite self-sustaining bombing, though.

See, after discovering that a sufficiently resilient erebite alloy would not be destroyed by its own explosion, people started to get kind of carried away. This culminated in some jerk re-tiling the floors in the escape shuttle bay with sturdy erebite metal alloy. Eventually someone set it off - I think they just stepped on it or walked over it while smoking or something - and welp that round was over. The tiles all set one another off, and each one became an individual Big Bang of eternal recurrent explosions. Everything ground to a halt and the admins were forced to cut the round off and start a new one.

Erebite doesn't work in the arc smelter anymore. At least you can make bullets out of ants and meth to make up for it!!

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