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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

Character Creation

1 – Select your race as well as a job assignment appropriate to the setting of your session. Job assignments can be provided by your GM

2 – Rank your attributes.
Apply one of each of the following modifiers to an attribute listed below.
+3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma.

3 – Rank your archetypes.
These are skills corresponding to your attributes. Apply one of each of the modifiers to an attribute, just as you did above. Fighter, Rogue, Explorer, Sage, Artist, Diplomat.

4 – Give yourself 10 points of resolve. How resolve works is explained in “Playing the game”

5 – Choose a name and appearance.

6 – Start with whatever basic gear makes sense for your race and job assigment.

Basic gear identifies as a set or a collection of minor tools or items. For example, someone with a engineering assignment could possess a belt of tools, fire extinguisher and similar items. The plausability and limit of what items you could possess should be consulted with your GM.

Playing The Game

1 – Start a quest

2 – To take an action, describe what you want to do and then – if the GM asks – make a success check. If you fail, the GM can make a reaction against you.

Success Check or Reaction = 1d20 + Attribute + Archetype vs Difficulty Class

3 – If something attacks or acts against you, make a success check to defend.

4 – If you suffer harm, you lose 1 resolve. If you deal harm, your target loses 1 resolve.

5 – You can spend 1 resolve to roll with advantage or attempt an extraordinary feat.

6 – If you have 0 resolve, you are knocked out. You gain 1 resolve when you finish a long rest.

7 – You can carry 3 significant items at once.

8 – When the quest is resolved, the game ends! If you survive, gain a perk. Choose either +1 Attribute point, +1 Archetype point or +1 maximum resolve.
This ruleset is entirely based upon the Quick Quest system, with minor changes. The source material is made by GiffyGlyph, which can be found here.

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